tagFetishWet Weekend Ch. 02

Wet Weekend Ch. 02



I watched as Martin swam up behind Traci in the shallow-ish five-foot end of the pool. She was treading water and watching Sue up on the diving board. He placed both hands on her shoulders and after allowing her a quick breath pushed her underwater. He climbed on top of her to hold her down. She fought him but he easily controlled her. After 30 seconds had passed, I wondered how she was doing (and how she looked!) so I swam underwater up to where I could see Traci. She was clearly squirming in Martin's grip as she tried to break loose.

The effort of holding her breath was apparent. She started to fight more anxiously but in vain to get to the surface. She started losing fat bursts of bubbles from her mouth that boiled to the surface. Martin released her at this point and Traci shot to the surface gasping - although with a grin on her face as she turned to grab at her brother. He promptly made his swift exit by swimming to the other end of the pool and treading water in the deep end out of her reach.


He was busy watching Traci and suddenly he was grabbed by his mother and Sue (Remember the older sister?) who grinned broadly as they took hold of an arm each. The mother placed a hand on top of his head and forced him underwater with a big bloop! The two of them held him down as the seconds passed without any indication that they were going to release him anytime soon. They loudly chatted about the weekend and were joined by Traci who swam on her back around them laughing at Martin's plight.

They held Martin mostly head down so that his legs and naked bottom churned the surface of the water. He tried to kick loose but he was completely trapped. Working together, they flipped him over but his head never broke the surface. Now that he was on his back, his manhood flopped and splashed above the surface and his rigid penis was evident! If I were he, I would be more than a little embarrassed!

The mom looked at me and called, "Look at the cock on this guy. He got THAT from my ex-husband!"

Martin was held underwater a lot longer than Traci was! I swam underwater to view his torment. Through the clear water, I could see Martin kicking and struggling desperately with enormous clouds of air bubbles gushing from his open mouth. The two women wickedly held him down until his lungs completely emptied. I looked like they were really drowning him for teasing Traci so inhumanly.

After they released him and he kicked back to the surface, Martin's frenzied gasp for air echoed round the pool area. The mom still had her hand placed on top of his head keeping control of him in case he tried to retaliate. After letting him take several short but much-needed breaths, she forced him down again for a second serving of additional breath holding. She was really pushing him to his limits.

Traci and Me:

Towards the end of Martin's second long dunking, I felt hands clamp on my shoulders and only had time for a quick breath before I too was plunged underwater. This was obviously by Traci who had crept up on me while my attention was diverted by the erotic underwater action at the other end of the pool. Her almost naked torso (except for a tiny triangle of immodestly dislodged fabric over her pussy) wrapped around my neck and held my head underwater. She had removed her top and her breasts were on top of my head as I tried – but not too hard – to get to the surface to breathe!

Since I was a lot stronger than she was, I was able to dive down pulling her with me away from the air that gave her the advantage. I could feel her take a big breath as she was wrenched from the surface and we sank down to the bottom locked together. I liked the feeling of her pubic region that was now pressing against the back of my neck. I wondered if she realized how much I could feel of her sweet little cunt!

I reached up with both hands running then up her legs to her naked bottom. She did not see it coming and with a twist was able to surface for a quick breath keeping HER submerged the whole time. Now the tables were turned!

I had my hands clamped around her upper arms to ensure she didn't come up for air until I decided she needed to breathe. I could feel her breasts in both hands as I held her and I really wanted to run one of my hands down the front of into her pants. I was afraid to do it though – she was a slippery nymph and likely to escape! Also, her mom was not 30 feet away!

Another huge, shuddering gasp echoed round the poolside indicating that Martin had been once again released to surface with totally empty lungs. He swam to the side and popped out of the pool and ran with his erect dick flopping off to get his underwater camera.

The mom arrived at my side and seeing her daughter being held under water grinned and said, "See how long you can keep her down before she starts drowning!"

I was amazed that her mother would advocate or even allow this treatment of her daughter but nevertheless I kept Traci underwater. After a total of about 75 seconds she was thrashing wildly and sending up a sexy column of air bubbles. I finally let her go and watched as she shot frantically to the surface in front of me. She hung on the side of the pool as she fitfully gulped air into her empty and aching lungs. My dick was so hard watching her that it was sticking almost out of the leg-hole on my little bunched up bikini!

Traci and the Mother

I moved away towards the deep end of the pool as I had a feeling I might be next to receive this sort of treatment. I watched as the mom grabbed Traci and pulled her away from the side of the pool. Traci was still panting when her mom wrapped her arm around her neck and plunged her underwater again. She had her in a face-upwards headlock so that Traci's body trailed behind her as she swam with her back to the deep end. Traci was almost losing her microscopic bikini bottoms as she struggled on her back only a few inches from the air she so desperately needed.

Sue swam quickly past me to assist her mother. She grabbed Traci's legs making sure that the poor girl could not escape. The two women smiled at each other as they wickedly held her under for another very long time. Traci kicked and bubbled but they would not give in!

The mom said, "I carried Traci underwater for nine month my womb so I should be allowed to control her underwater time with no problem even today". Sue said that Traci liked to be underwater and that sometimes she was a big faker about needing to breathe and all. Both of them laughed. She went on to say that, she should just hold her under until she went limp.

At nearly a minute and thirty seconds the surface foamed with bubbles as Traci was obviously at her utmost limit and was losing her lungful of air in an enormous column of bubbles. The mom hung onto her grimly as she kicked frantically. She counted to 'ten' slowly before releasing her and swimming back to let her surface.

Traci burst to the surface as though she had been shot from an under water cannon. Her eyes were wide and her mouth wide open like a fish out of water as she took a huge shuddering gasps. She swam slowly to the side and lay there resting. Somewhere in all the kicking Traci had lost her bikini bottoms and she was totally nude.

To be continued ...

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