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Wet Weekend



I had recently moved into the neighborhood and didn't know a lot of people as there didn't seem to be many kids of my age in the small town, but somehow I managed to get to know Martin Harris who delivered the papers and although he was two years younger than my twenty one years we became friends. Occasionally I called for him to go and play ball in the park.

His family had their own wonderful villa in Greece with a magnificent view of the sea and an indoor heated pool in a grotto that had a view of its own!

Apparently, it later turned out that his father had left home when he was very young and his mother had brought up the family on her own. She often left the kids with her eldest daughter while she went to work. Thing were good for her career and she retired at a very young age. This meant of course that she could spend much more time in the home, and that the eldest sister could concentrate on the more important things in life, like boyfriends.

Martin told me later that apart from his twenty-year-old sister he also had another sister aged nineteen, and confided in me even later that there was a lot of swimming and water play in their vacation house. Everyone enjoyed it.


Being young and a male, I was VERY interested in seeing women in swimsuits. In addition, the thought and sights of females in the water had caused a feeling of arousal within me for years. This was even more true if the women happened to be underwater and holding their breath. Dunking was a big plus!

I had saved this old picture from a Playboy Magazine with an article on "What Girls Like in a Swimming Pool". It was creased with age but little did I know that I would soon be living my dream.


My Aquaphilia started one Sunday morning when I was visiting his house and staying over night. His mom had gone to early Church Service. I took the dog out for a walk. Here is what triggered my obsession.

Martin's twenty two year old sister had a friend staying over and I heard them giggling away in her bedroom as I went out. When I came back about half an hour later they were still giggling but in the bathroom now and I could hear noises, which you would not usually hear downstairs. I crept up the stairs very quietly and saw that the bathroom door was open.

They lived in a big old house and the bathroom was a converted bedroom with a very large old-fashioned bathtub standing out in the middle of the room. Since there was also a huge mirror on the wall I could see the entire bath area in it.

The girls were playing some sort of game where one of them disciplined the other. His naked sister was chastising the other girl all around the room. She caught her and before long, they were both naked standing next to a plastic bucket of water.

His Sister:

His sister told her to hold her breath and she pushed her into the bucket so that her head was underwater and she could not breathe! She held her under for almost a minute and I moved closer to take it all in. The other girl was shaking and twisting trying to get away. Finally she released her and she ran to the far side of the bathtub.

She turned on the water and they resumed their game. This time she chased the sister and when she caught her she made her pay the head in the bucket penalty! They did this again and again with the friend and then with Martin's sister both taking turns. I could clearly see their naked twats as they bent over into the bucket as they extracted their mock torture! I had seen girls naked plenty of times before but never from this angle.

After a while the tired of that and both settled down and slipped into the now full bathtub of water. I moved closer to watch – still from the hall. I was pretty confident that they could not see me.

His sister and her friend were both in the bath at opposite ends of the tub with just their shoulders out of the water. They were giggling and wriggling about with the water splashing using their toes to tickle each other's breasts under the water. Every now and then a foot would come up out of the water and splash the opposing person's face with a mighty wave of water.

Her Friend:

Suddenly both her friends' feet showed above the surface and she splashed Martin's sister hard – a little too hard. They squealed with laughter as she did it. The sister gasped and spluttered and said, "Stop it!" The other girl only splashed harder and laughed more.

Unexpectedly the sister grabbed her friend's ankles and pulled them towards her while lifting lifted them up. As she did it the other girl's laughter turn into a short squeal that was cut off as she went underwater. Tons of bubbles came up. Martin's sister laughing as her friend grabbed the sides of the bath and tried to pull herself to the surface.

She just lifted her feet higher and kept her head underwater. Doing that, she sat up higher and hoisted herself out of the water to get better leverage. I saw her breasts glistening wet and wobbling with water pouring from her nipples. Of course I'd never seen a girl in person like THAT before and I just stared open-mouthed – and ridged cocked!

The other girl was bubbling frantically and waving her arms in the air so the sister lowered her feet. She came up wide-eyed while gurgling and gasping. She opened her mouth for a breath but the sister lifted her feet again ducking her underwater once more. This time it was only for a few seconds. She let the other girl come again spouting a stream of water.

Marin's sister pushed herself up to sit on the end of the bath shaking with laughter and now I could see all naked female beauty of her in the mirror. I'd never realized that girls would sit like that with their legs wide open before!

The other girl pushed herself up and got up onto her knees in the splashing water. She was facing me but she did not acknowledge that she saw me if she did. I saw that her breasts were bigger and bounced about more as she gasped for air. I looked at her slit between her long legs and I was just totally enthralled!

"Oh that wasn't fair!" she gasped, "I wasn't expecting that and I swallowed a gallon of water when you ducked me the second time!"


Martin's sister stopped laughing and slid off the side and back into the bath on her knees. "Alright, you can duck me the same way", she said.

She lay back in the bath with only her face showing and lifted up her feet as an offering. Her friend squealed and grabbed her ankles then lifted them right up so that the sister went underwater. The sister didn't fight. She just floated there underwater with her legs and cunt out of the water.

Her friend only let her up long enough to get a quick breath before ducking her under again. She was frustrated that Martin's sister was not reacting and fighting her. This time she lifted the sister's legs even higher and put a hand up between her thighs.

Martin's sister began to wriggle and bubble frantically so her friend let her face just come to the surface then ducked her again. I could see she was doing something with her finger before she let go and sat back. The sister coming up to spout a long stream of water before she struggled onto her knees spitting and gasping.

"Oh! I never did that to you!" the sister gasped.

"But YOU nearly drowned me!" the other girl grinned.

"I've swallowed gallons of water as well!" the sister said, "But it was worth it though! You really got my pussy going!"

I saw that her nipples had changed from pink to dark red and were standing up like little sticks. I was really learning about girls!

"Your turn!" Martin's sister grinned.

Hidden Finger:

The other girl nodded and giggled lay down in the bath like the sister had done. I could see in the mirror that water was trickling from her crotch. The sister stuck out her middle finger and pushed it in somewhere between her legs. The friend's legs started to jerk about. I could hear the bubbling while the sister was giggling and laughing and really wriggling her finger about inside of her.

Suddenly I actually saw water spurt up from the surface of the bath and heard a high pitched gurgle as the girl's legs went stiff. Her toes pointed straight up as Martin's sister shrieked with laughter. She gave another wriggle to her finger before letting the girl up. She took her under her arms to lift her onto the end of the bath. She sat with eyes tight shut and mouth wide open as her breasts heaved up and down. I could see that her nipples were sticking out hard as bullets too.

"Oh shit, that was fantastic!" the girl gasped, "And I only swallowed a little bit, just when you hit my G-spot."

"It's better than doing it to your-self, isn't it?" Martin's sister asked.

"Oh yes! And cumming underwater is the best of all!" the girl nodded.

It was only then that I realized there was a special significance in going underwater as for me it had been just something that happened sometimes but for these girls it was obviously quite something else!

"Come on then, let's have our customary breath-holding contest", the other girl said, "Last one up takes a freezing shower!"

The Contest:

They took deep breaths then both disappeared. I could not believe how long they could stay down the bubbles coming up every now and then but still they stayed underwater. I was sure they must have been drowning but Martin's sister bursting to the surface shortly afterwards mouth open and gasping. Her friend stayed underwater for a short while before she too came up with her breasts heaving as she took great gulps of air.

"You win! You always do!" the sister exclaimed then reached forward clamp a hand on the other girl's head and push her vigorously underwater while the other girl grabbed the sister's head and pulled her under too. The pair of them rolling about and taking short, desperate gasps whenever they briefly surfaced the gurgling as they were plunged under again and their open mouths filled.

I could not believe that girls were doing that sort of thing to each other as I thought it was an activity reserved only for boys! As last, they sat back on their heels gasping and laughing while spitting water.

"Go on, dive for the plug!" Martin's sister urged.

Martin's sister's friend took a deep breath and ducked underwater again with the sister's hand on the back of her head to keep her down. A few bubbles came up and when she straightened up she had the plug in her teeth. Standing under the shower which was at one end of the bath as the water went down while I watched spellbound as she turned herself about so that the water ran all over her just like a statue in a fountain!

It was then the sister's turn and she really did take a cold shower amazing me as I couldn't believe that any girl would be brave enough, especially Martin's sister. I watched as she stayed there turning about like her friend. In the mirror I could see her skin was all goose-bumps and she was shuddering so much the water from her nipples was flying in all directions.

When she stepped out and tried to speak her teeth were chattering so her friend wrapped her in a big towel then stepped under the cold shower herself for a few seconds squealing and giggling before she began to towel herself.

Suddenly downstairs, the dog barked!

Game Over:

"They're back! Quick, shut the bathroom door!" Martin's sister exclaimed.

It was lucky when the friend shut the door she didn't look outside or she would have surely have seen me. I could hear them giggling and laughing inside like I often had except this time I wasn't thinking, "Silly girls! I'm glad I'm not one!" as quite apart from the 'anatomy lesson I'd just had I was now thinking of girls in quite a new light!


Martin's mom came back from church and we sat down to breakfast just before the girls came down and joined us looking sweet and innocent.

"Did you sleep well dear?" the mother asked our guest.

"Oh yes thank you", she answered, "And I had a lovely leisurely baths this morning."

"Oh good, that was nice for you." the mother nodded.

Martin's sister seemed to have dropped something on the floor under the table and was trying to find it while I just had to look down at my plate and prayed no one would notice my color, specially the girls! Fortunately no-one took much notice of me at breakfast-time! However, that was how a life-long interest in ducking and underwater fun started!

The girlfriend stayed overnight for the second night and I told them that I had seen them playing around in the tub. They made me swear that I would not tell anyone and I agreed. I asked if I could watch them again that night and they said that I could!

Back to me:

They filled the tub with water and told me to climb in. I did not want to take my clothes off but in a way, I did. Taking off my shirt was not enough and soon they coaxed me out of my pants and underpants. I climbed into the tub expecting one or both of them to join me.

Martin's older sister got hold of me in the bath and dunked me underwater. She did this many times that night and I actually liked it after a while. She would gleefully hold me down until I was thrashing and losing my air. I think that she could have completely drowned me if she could have gotten away with it. When I was underwater she would reach down and hold onto my penis to keep me under.

A few years later she held me underwater for the longest time ever! When she finally let go of me and skipped out of the bathroom I shot to the surface frantically gasping but fully aroused. I knew that she saw my felt my erect penis under the water as I ejaculated into the tub all round me. I suppose I enjoy the thought and feeling of dunking games today because of her.

I vowed to get her in the tub with me someday. And then I would put my cock to good use!!!

The end – or maybe it isn't...

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