What Bad Boys Get For Christmas


Oh fuck, Tim thought. He closed his eyes and murmured in pleasure as she eased herself down his shaft. So fucking tight. Were all Lithuanian girls like this? He was seriously considering emigrating.

Three rapid up and down strokes was all it took to get Tim to start coming.

He closed his eyes and grunted as he felt his cum pulse up his throbbing erection. Fuck. Awesome.

The pleasure was tinged with a little regret. So soon. He'd wanted to hold on for a little longer than that. Couldn't be helped, he supposed. They were pro's after all. Their job was all about getting men off as quickly as possible.

Extreme Curls didn't seem to mind. She got off him, meticulously pulled his condom off, discarded it and then returned to clean him off thoroughly.

"Thanks," he said. "That was awesome. I'll be sure to get out the word."

Assuming they were done, he started to sit up. The girls had other ideas. Ms Cleopatra hopped onto his chest and wagged a finger.

What? More?


Ms Cleopatra looked over her shoulder to where Santa's Naughty Little Elf was rummaging through the big Christmas sack. Santa's Naughty Little Elf came back up with a fluffy pair of handcuffs in each hand and an extremely mischievous smile. She lobbed a pair to Ms Cleopatra.

"Kinky," Tim said.

He wasn't totally sure about the whole being handcuffed to the bed thing, especially as he didn't know any of their names. Ms Cleopatra bent down and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips to overcome his reticence. She leant over and handcuffed his left wrist to the side of the bed. Giggling, Extreme Curls did the same to his other hand.

Oh well, might as well lie back and enjoy it, Tim thought.

Tim felt moistness as Ms Cleopatra straddled his chest and ground her pussy against him. Her hands went up and ran through her hair as she bounced on his chest. He noticed she was wearing pointed ear prosthetics as well.

Maybe they weren't prosthetics. They could be real. It could be a Lithuanian thing. He looked over at Wavy Black Hair and saw the little pink points of her ears sticking out between her silky black locks. The girls did look a little like elves, he thought. Santa's naughty little bondage elves.

His vision was suddenly dumped in darkness as Ms Cleopatra lifted her hips up, moved forwards and sat down on his face. Naughty naughty, Tim thought as she ground the folds of her pussy into his face.

Why couldn't Denise be into this kind of thing? Tim thought. It'd make things fun. Instead of just lying back and letting him fuck her like corpse.

The fun continued all around his body. One girl lifted his leg and started to suck on his toes. Another—Extreme Curls, he guessed—dabbed at his nipple with a warm tongue. A buzzing vibrator was applied to his balls and cock. It didn't take long for blood to start flowing back into his erection.

Ms Cleopatra continued to buck and grind away on his face. She was light, but she had wiry strength. Down at his crotch, skilful hands rolled a fresh condom over his hard-on. He felt more weight settle on the lower half of his body. Then he was gasping into Ms Cleopatra's smothering pussy as he felt his cock slide up into the tight grip of another vagina.

Fuck. How could these girls work as prozzies and still be so damn tight?

He lasted longer this time. Both girls were sighing as they bounced up and down on him, riding him like experienced rangers as he bucked and thrashed beneath them.

Oh yes!

He pushed his hips up hard as his balls bubbled over. His cock throbbed and spat another thick load of cum into the tight clasp of the girl's cunt.

Fuck yes.

He crashed back down into the soft furs, wheezing and trembling as the orgasm ricocheted through his body. A fine sheen of perspiration rose up on his skin.

That was awesome.

The girls got off him. It was Wavy Black Hair, he saw, her hair no longer quite so cover-girl perfect. She smiled at him as she dismounted. Again there was that special attention as she removed the condom and wiped him off.

"That was really good," Tim said.

He waited for them to take off the handcuffs but it didn't happen. Instead they lay next to him and blew cool breaths across his flushed skin.

As he lay back and luxuriated in their attentions, Tim thought he heard a sound off in the distance. It was a happy jingle, like sleigh bells. Maybe someone had their TV on too loud. He also had the odd feeling of being in motion. A little bit of light-headedness from all of the activity, maybe.

None of the girls seemed in any hurry to take off his handcuffs. Did they intend to keep him here all night?

"How long's the session?" he asked.

Santa's Naughty Little Elf lazily bent over his crotch and took his floppy penis up between a pair of pillow-soft lips and sucked. Her spiky-haired head bobbed up and down in his lap as she worked on bringing his exhausted cock back to life.

Was it really for the whole night? For free? Sweet!

Could he keep going?

Santa's Naughty Little Elf got him to a semi and then slipped some kind of cuff over his cock and pushed it down to the root. A wire led back from it to a remote control in Ms Cleopatra's hands. She gave Tim a mischievous glance and turned a dial.


Tim bucked and juddered as an electric shock zapped through him. Once he got over the initial surprise it wasn't so bad. Stronger than a low level buzz, but not unpleasant. It was enough to get his cock back up to full hardness—with help from Naughty Little Elf's thumb and forefinger. She slipped another condom over his growing cock.

Her underwear was nothing more than a thin metal hoop held in place by strips of black vinyl. It was positioned over Naughty Little Elf's pussy like a target. As soon as she'd brought Tim back to full hardness she clambered on and steered him right through the bullseye.

She was just as tight as the others. If he hadn't come twice already he doubted he would have lasted more than a couple of quick strokes. Instead, he got to lie back and enjoy it as Santa's Naughty Little Elf bounced and gyrated on his dick. Ms Cleopatra teased him with blasts of current from the cuff around the base of his cock. The other two elves lay alongside him and tormented him by tickling up and down his sides with long nails and what looked like a feather duster.

Tim held on for much longer this time, but not long enough to outlast the girl on top of him. She was light and seemingly made of coiled up springs. She bounced, thrusted and twisted on top of him for what felt like ten minutes.

Finally his balls gave out. He grunted as his overworked cock pumped a load of cum into Naughty Little Elf's pussy. This time his cock throbbed with long and slow pulsations as his balls squeezed out their last dregs. Naughty Little Elf gave a little high-pitched cry of pleasure. Her face was flushed red and she pouted her black lips in delight.

Tim's head crashed back down into the soft furs. No more. He was fucking done.

Naughty Little Elf got off him. She rolled off the used condom and cleaned him off with tissues. She rubbed her thumb and forefinger up his limp cock, trying again to bring him back to erection.

Tim shook his head. "All done," he said. "No more left."

What was Lithuanian for empty?

The girls pouted and looked sad. Only for a moment. Extreme Curls shared a sly glance with Ms Cleopatra and went back to the big red sack. She returned with a large black butt plug.

Tim's eyes widened.

"Hey, wait!" he said.

Extreme Curls smeared lube across the plug and kneeled down between Tim's legs.

"I'm not into that," Tim protested. "Get that thing away fr—mphh..."

Santa's Naughty Little Elf cut off his protests by shoving some black panties into his mouth. Ms Cleopatra and Wavy Black Hair sat on his legs, pinning them to the bed. It was going in and there wasn't a lot he could do about it.

Tim felt something push against the sphincter of his anus. Then he felt a stretching sensation as the conical object entered his ass. Uh, that wasn't what he was expecting at all. It felt a little weird—he could feel there was something there—but it wasn't unpleasant weird. It was kind of pleasant weird actually.

Wait, did that mean he was really a fudge-packer?

He didn't feel any sudden attraction to cock, or that anything had changed. There was something in his ass, but it didn't feel that bad at all. It even—ooh!—felt quite good when she started to move it back and forth and push it up against his prostate gland.

Ms Cleopatra lay next to him and lazily wanked him off with her black-gloved hand. Tim thought he couldn't possibly come again, but after a while of Ms Cleopatra tugging him off and Extreme Curls moving the plug in his ass he felt a weird sensation. It was like a strong urge to pee and spunk his load all rolled up together. He groaned as it peaked within him. His buttocks flexed involuntarily and his hips jerked upwards. His cum didn't so much spurt as flow from his cock, and it kept coming and coming. His ass clenched around the plug and he felt muscles spasm in his groin.

Oh man. That felt so fucking good. Really giving his balls a good clean out.

He watched the milky liquid run down the fingers of Ms Cleopatra's glossy black latex gloves. Smiling, she brought the fingers to her mouth and sucked them.

Dirty bint, Tim thought.

He collapsed back onto the furs. Fuck, he was knackered. He suspected he might have pulled something during that last orgasm. That fucking was some fucking workout. He felt like he'd just played two football matches back-to-back.

That's it, Tim thought. Now he really was done.

Thankfully, this time the girls agreed with him. They removed the butt plug and the cuff around his cock, then carefully cleaned him up. They also took off the handcuffs and pulled the gag out of his mouth.

Tim yawned. The exertions and the night on the town had caught up with him. He felt sleepy. The fur bed was deep and comfortable. The girls didn't seem in a rush to get rid of him either. On the contrary, they were happy to snuggle up to him on the bed. Tim was happy with that.

Maybe the freebie was for the whole night. Maybe he'd get a chance for seconds in the morning.


He closed his eyes and dozed off with his arm around one of girls.

He was awoken by a soft bump. Odd, that felt like an airplane touching down. He opened his eyes. He was still lying on the fur bed, naked. Alone. The naughty little bondage elves had gone. Someone needed to turn their TV down. He could still hear those damn sleigh bells. He shut his eyes for a snooze.

A tugging sensation at his throat woke him back up again. What the hell? There was a collar around his neck. It was attached to a leash and the leash led to Ms Cleopatra. The diminutive girl stood next to the bed and looked a right sexy little dominatrix in her black vinyl corset—all icy and imperious. She cracked a whip on the floor and tugged the leash again.

Yeah right, Tim thought. Maybe if she grew another foot and a half and gained the physique of one of the Williams sisters. Until then he was staying right where it was nice and warm. Little Miss Whiplash could crack her whip all she liked. He turned his head away.

The elf pressed a button in the handle of the leash.

Tim was jolted by an electric shock. Not like the pleasant buzzes he'd experienced last night, but a full-on, legs-twitching, eyes-rolling, teeth-clattering blast.


Tim jolted from the bed like a sprayed cat. The girl with the elf ears and the medium length black hair watched him with dispassionate eyes.

Bitch! Tim thought. She was still tiny in comparison to him. All he had to—

She pressed the button again.

Tim fell down to his knees. Froth speckled his lips as electricity slammed through his body. After the current was shut off and the pain stopped, he thought he smelt singed flesh. He really hoped it wasn't his.

Tim shakily got back to his feet. He stared meekly at the floor. He got the lesson. Pint-sized Miss Whiplash she might be, but while she had a hand on that leash she was the fucking boss. He followed as she led him out of the room, back down the corridor and out into the—

Huh? Where'd the street gone?

He was steeling himself for the humiliation of being dragged, stark bollock-naked, out into one of the busiest shopping thoroughfares of town, when instead they walked through the curtain and he found himself somewhere else entirely. He was standing in a large cavern covered in thick layers of ice. The floor beneath his feet was as smooth as glass and deep blue in colour. Thick white stalactites hung from the ceiling.

It was fucking freezing. He stood on the spot and shivered. Ms Cleopatra, despite wearing barely more than he was, didn't seem bothered by the cold at all.

This was fucking bogus. How'd he ended up here? He remembered that bumping sensation. Like a plane touching down.


Tim didn't get a chance to stand around and take in his surroundings. Ms Cleopatra gave two sharp tugs on the leash and they were off. He followed her through an archway and into an ice-lined tunnel. He heard a steady thrum of activity. Giant cogs and gears, like the demented innards of an enormous Swiss clock, whirred away in the walls.

He followed her down several twists and turns until they stepped through another archway and into an enormous cavern. The sounds of industrious activity were much louder here. Tim stared around him in astonishment. He was inside a gigantic workshop or factory. Hundreds and hundreds of elves—not Lithuanians, he couldn't fool himself any longer—were hard at work behind countless rows of workbenches. They were making toys.

Tim couldn't believe it. This had to be a crazy dream. They were elves and they were making toys. Their raw materials...

Tim whitened. His stomach lurched. This wasn't a dream, it was a nightmare.

Oh god, the raw materials.

It was bodies, actual people's bodies. He watched as the elves carefully dissected the cadavers. They extracted sinew, bone, hair and reconstituted them into dolls, train sets and other children's toys.

Oh fuck, that was Danny. Or at least what was left of him. His body lay on a bloodstained work bench. His left leg was missing below the knee, as was half his face. Tim watched queasily as an industrious elf plucked out Danny's last remaining eye. The elf carefully teased away the remnants of the optic nerve. It held up what looked like an old-fashioned perfume bottle and sprayed a fine mist around the eye. The elf held it up and examined it. The orb gleamed a little like glass or plastic. Satisfied, the elf threw it to a companion and he inserted it into a large baby doll.

Numbly, Tim obeyed as the dominatrix elf tugged on the leash and led him down a wide central aisle. Waiting for them at the end was...

No, it couldn't be.

A giant sat hunched over a massive butcher's block. An enormous metal cleaver was embedded into the stained surface. As they reached the end of the aisle he stood up and turned around to face them. The man loomed over Tim's quaking form. He was easily over seven feet tall and broad around the shoulders. A long white beard flowed over a barrel-like chest. His considerable girth strained against a thick leather belt. Tim knew who he was even though he knew he shouldn't exist at all.

The man put on a pair of half-moon spectacles and peered at Tim.

"Oh yes, Tim isn't it," he said in a voice as deep as the rumble beneath mountains. "Have you been a good boy? Let's take a look."

He took out a tiny little book from a shirt pocket and flicked through it. The book was almost as thick as it was wide and seemed to possess countless thousands of pages.

They always thought it was red, Tim thought. His costume. In all the cards, pictures, posters and calendars it was always the same. Always red.

The man tutted and shook his head.

"Not good," he said. "Not good at all. Very easily led."

He wrapped a meaty hand around the handle of the gigantic cleaver.

It wasn't. His costume. It was white.


The man paused, peered at his book.

"Hmm, there is some evidence of trying to change his ways," he said. "Maybe not quite a lost cause."

Tim quaked and shivered before him. Water welled up in his eyes.

There were patches of white where the original colour of the man's clothes showed through the stains. This was the real colour, not the one they traditionally associated with him. Christmas was close but still a few weeks away. His clothes were partway there. Spatters already covered most of his body. By the time the day arrived, enough of the by-products of his labour would have soaked in to give his costume the deep red colour everyone was familiar with.

The man reached over and plucked a strand of Tim's hair. He rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger, examining both the colour and texture.

"Ho, but I am a little short of this type of hair."

He brought the heavy cleaver down with a dull wet thunk.


This is my entrant for the 2011 Winter Holidays contest. If you enjoyed it please vote (preferably a 5 ;) )

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