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What He Missed


* This is the true, no-exaggeration story of the first adventure shared with Annie; I only hope it is not the last...


Back in high school Mike and I were good friends and did a lot of hanging out together. He was the better looking one and got a lot of interest, including by Annie. When he did not return her interest ("too skinny"), she and I ended up getting together and many years later, it has worked out much better for us than for him.

Always tall at 5' 7" - at least compared to many of her friends - Annie was very thin in high school. Her small frame hosted a pair of soft B-cup breasts and some people even speculated that she had an eating disorder. Fast forward seven years and you would almost not recognize her. At 130 lbs she had developed a well-toned body that had very sexy womanly curves and her C-cup bra was now beginning to spill over just the slightest bit. Coppery red hair fell just below her shoulders in gentle curls and her eyes would vacillate between shades of blue and gray. My description doesn't really matter, but I'm still tickled by the idea I was able to get paired up with her before we left our little pond or I wouldn't have had a chance.

Mike... Well, things didn't go as well for him. One failed relationship after another finally led him to a stable if a bit frigid engagement. We joked about dry spells, but he was working on one a few months in the making, which does not indicate an ideal sexual future with your soon-to-be wife.

Annie and I had moved away soon after high school but returned for two of our old friends who were marrying each other. Mike didn't go to the wedding, but we made arrangements to meet up with him at a bar after the reception. Annie was already a little tipsy from drinks at the wedding and decided she was going to torture Mike's blue balls by not changing out of the dress she had worn that day. She was a knockout with all the hair, makeup, perfume, and heels to seal a deal with anyone, and the low-cut neckline made for great scenery as she continued positioning herself to give shadowy hints of the treasures down her top throughout the night.

We were shooting pool and shooting the shit, and every time Mike went to make a shot Annie would bend over the pocket so all he could see was cleavage. She made every effort to brush up against him, bend over with her ass toward him as her hem rode up, and was getting more and more frisky with me at the table. Aggressive kissing, rubbing up on my lap with her ass, and sitting next to me working my crotch with her hand under the pub table.

I warned her that if she didn't stop I might not only have to do my best that night but I might tell her to cure Mike's blue balls as well; she just sucked on her straw, chin down and full eye contact, batting her eyelashes in false innocence. We hadn't discussed it before that night, but I was suddenly very eager to have her as the center of attention for both me and my friend and it seemed that Annie was very much looking forward to the chance herself.

We finished the game we were shooting and as Mike finished his drink he once again started complaining about how he wasn't getting any at home and was probably going to go home and jerk off. Annie shot me a look and I volunteered to drive Mike home; I hadn't been drinking, just observing. After I assured him I'd pick him up in the morning and take him back to his car he relented and climbed into the back seat - just before Annie jumped in beside him.

We had barely pulled out of the parking lot when Annie said something about being sorry for teasing him and that he didn't have to go home to jerk off. I watched in the rear view mirror as she reached over and started massaging his jeans, then pushed her shoulder straps down and hoisted her beautiful tits out of the top of her dress. Mike was stunned and didn't know how to respond, but after checking with me in the rear view mirror and seeing I wasn't stopping or complaining, he started squeezing her breasts and kissing her. That was the part I hadn't thought about and even as I flashed through jealousy, embarrassment, and anger I also started getting hard watching his mouth go from her lips to her nipple to her neck.

No way was I going to drive him straight back to his house at this point, especially after Annie unzipped his fly. They kissed a few more minutes while she slowly worked him in her hand, then I saw her head lowering in the mirror and an "Oh!" floated up from the back seat. Annie had always been good at giving head and loved to get a reaction, so she did every trick - licking balls to head, gentle tooth nibbling on the shaft, full deep throat until her nose disappeared against his stomach, then a powerful hollow-cheeked suck as her head came up. Annie can do a good BJ but when she is really worked up and seriously wants to be impressive, she is fucking impressive.

By now Mike was enjoying himself and worked a hand up under her dress. I could smell her excitement from a distance and she made the sexiest whimpers as his fingers worked the outside of her panties. Deciding to push a little further, I asked if he wanted to fuck her mouth or slam his dick into her. Annie exhibits many submissive qualities and likes a bit of humiliation - I wasn't sure myself whether my comment was intended to cause him to pop and get her more turned on or if I was actually serious, but the decision was made for me when she made a very wet slurping noise, taking her mouth off him just long enough to whimper out, "Yes! Please fuck me! I want you both to cum in me." At this point in our relationship she doesn't usually talk like that even when it's just us and we are horny; saying that in front of a third party, I think she was probably game for anything at that moment.

I stopped at a motel and went in to get a room while they stayed in the car. I pulled us around to the room door and they straightened up just enough to get from the car to the room. As soon as the door was closed, Mike turned to me and said, "You're in control, man."

"Annie: I want you to strip for us, slowly. Dress first. Yes, that's good. Are your panties wet? Show me, little slut. Rub yourself through your panties for me." Annie stood in heels, hose, red lace bra and matching panties not three feet in front of us doing as she was told, plucking at her nipples under her bra with her left hand while grinding her right hand into her aching mound. "Yes, that's good. Are you going to be a good slut tonight? Are you going to fuck us with that little slut pussy? Show us those tits. Squeeze and pull on your nipples." She moaned her assent, loving it when I called her slut and especially while being put on display. She briefly dropped both hands down, pushing her soaked panties onto her clit while her other hand dipped beneath the fabric to insert a finger, but they both shot quickly back up to unfasten her bra and throw it off to a corner of the room.

She squeezed her breasts hard, taking turns pinching her nipple between thumb and forefinger before once again squeezing her whole breast while her other hand gripped and twisted her other nipple. She has the tight, quarter-sized areola and pencil eraser-sized nipples of a young woman and to this day they are the same. They were never overly sensitive but she was so aroused now that they stood firm and erect as I had ever seen them. And somehow she still managed eye contact with me, proud but meek, submissive but defiant, lustful and craving to be treated like a base, rutting animal ready to fuck anyone any way I told her. She was a goddess of sex awaiting instruction.

I started to undress and Mike took his cue from me. I had Annie turn away from us and bend over at the waist, then slowly lower her panties. I will never forget the mental image of how the center fabric that had been pressed against her sex clung to her labia, a damp layer of cloth that slowly peeled away as she lowered the waistband. "That's good right there. Show us that slutty pussy. Show me how wet it is." She had gotten the waistband down about to her knees but now abandoned it there as she reached her hands up between her legs and spread her labia. They were swollen and soaked, and moisture glistened on her upper thighs as she held her lips apart and cheated an occasional graze of her finger across her swollen, throbbing clit.

"Climb up on the bed. Give us a show." Annie brought her ankles together enough to let the panties fall, then crawled up onto the bed. Reaching the top, she flipped over onto her back and spread her legs. She positioned herself on the pillow, making sure she was centered to give us both a premium view and making eye contact with each of us as she placed her palms over her nipples, then crept one hand down to her ginger nest. One hand desperately clutched at her breasts and gave her nipples almost violent pinches and pulls while the other became a blur on her clit, swiping back and forth on her clit as wet slapping noises reported the drubbing she was administering, periodically dipping her fingers into her sopping sex to re-lubricate with her juices.

Mike and I, now naked ourselves, watched as Annie - still in hose and heels - bent one knee and moved her hand from her breasts down behind her ass, using fingers to penetrate kitty and starfish in one panicked, frenzied frigging. Her back started to arch and the sloshing wet noises became louder. An involuntary moan escaped her lips, a deep moan I doubt she would have been able to control if it hadn't shortly evolved into a high pitched "ohgodohgodohgod ohfuckohgodohshitohshit ohshitohyesyesyesyesyes" that faded into a high pitched, nearly inaudible whimper. Her body thrashed and we watched the wetness soak her thighs, avoiding our own orgasms as we slowly stroked and admired the sight of her disheveled hair splayed across the pillow, flushed skin on her chest, and the throbbing pulse visible as her pussy echoed her orgasm in smaller and smaller waves. Even with her eyes still glazed over from the orgasm and panting as if she had run a marathon, I knew she was going to continue to amaze me when I ordered her, "Now come suck us."

She rolled to her left and crawled to the foot of the bed as Mike and I stepped forward. Annie propped herself on an elbow and took me into her mouth, reaching for her other flesh toy with her left hand and stroking him full shaft. Every few minutes she alternated the elbow propping her up and switched hand and mouth, and Mike and I took turns reaching down and fondling her breasts, petting (or gathering a handful of) her hair, and fingering her pussy from behind with our palms cupping her ass. She turned over onto her back, giving us easier access to her body and reducing the strain on her neck. It also allowed her to stroke and suck even as her arm - now free from needing to support her - to return to its vigorous drubbing of her clit. She throated Mike to the hilt and moaned from deep in her chest as she got herself off yet again, and the vibrations must have been amazing for him as he rose to his tiptoe in response.

Gasping for breath as he withdrew from her mouth, she made her first demand of the night: "Fuck me." She once again turned herself over and crawled up to the pillows, making sure to blatantly flash her treasures as she did so. Rather than flying straight in, I dove face-first into her wetness as Mike walked around to continue the blowjob with her turned head on the pillow. I was lost in the slickness of her, the smell of her excitement. I licked and sucked her labia; I nibbled and lightly bit at them as I groped her breasts; my tongue probed deeply into her as I used my nose to drub her clit and my fingers penetrated everywhere they could.

After yet another wave of wetness escaped her, I scooted up and rammed my aching cock into her. I was rewarded with a gasp and moan, the vibrations of which again got to Mike who was constantly cussing as my succubus tried every trick with her tongue. I fucked with quick, sharp thrusts then gripped her hips and raised her off the bed to drive deeply and savagely (Annie likes a little pain) making her whimper as the head butted up against her cervix. Splashing, moaning, slapping - the sounds and smells filled the room.

I determined she was so wet I might not have enough friction, so I pulled out and backed off the bed. Mike pulled out from her lips' suction trap and climbed over her legs to lay on his back in the center of the bed, shaft pointing straight up to the ceiling. Without a word, Annie rolled over herself, throwing a leg over his and positioning herself above him. I watched as his bare cock entered her wet cunt inch by inch until she had lowered herself completely down to rest her ass on his balls. She sat straight up for the deepest penetration and raised and lowered herself a few times to get the full length of him, then Annie leaned forward. Mike alternated kissing her and sucking on her nipples, which were more swollen than I can ever remember them being, and as he clutched her hips and began to fuck up into her she started grinding herself on him, rotating her hips to work her clit against the flesh of his groin. Lower and lower she went, bouncing quickly then slowly, shallow then deep, but always leaning closer to him until her breasts were on either side of his face.

All this time I stood at the foot of the bed slowly stroking myself and watching as my Annie transformed into the hottest damned porn performer in the world right before my eyes. I drank in all the sights, but could not tear my eyes away from her crinkled hole as it bounced up and down. Anal was an infrequent part of our sex life, and I know I loved it more than her for the pure tightness factor, but this was an opportunity anew. She was showing off, trying to make him regret every minute he had not been able to fuck her since the day he declined a date. This was Annie reveling in two men who wanted her. This was the meek girl who was getting to live out a fantasy most people never experience. And now, this was the ultimate stroke. Mike had never had ass, much less seen it in person. His girlfriends were always vanilla, sex rarely varied. Annie knew it. So when I crawled back up onto the bed behind her, near Mike's legs (he had a momentary freak out that stiffened his legs when he felt my legs brush up against hers) she raised herself off his chest a bit and peeked back over her shoulder with a wicked smile. I held the tip of my cock against her, my urethra feeling her anus pucker and release to match his thrusts from below. "Yeah," she said, "fuck my ass. I want both of you in me."

Mike slowed and I slowly pressed forward, lubricated only by the juices from her vagina but still so slick there was only the slightest friction as I slowly pushed in. Past the initial tightness of her sphincter, past the second ring of tightness in her rectum. She moaned low and long and animalistic as I pushed on the bottoms of her ass cheeks with my palms to lift and separate them, burying my cock into her until there was no shaft remaining to be seen. Then I put my hands on her shoulders, slowly backed most of the way out of her, then pushed back in with a slow rhythm Mike began to counter with thrusts into her pussy from below. I don't know if the sounds she made were gasps or cries, I just know they quickly turned so high pitched they were inaudible. As we churned her insides, I pulled her hair and Mike sucked greedily at her nipples. She collapsed forward onto him, drooling into a pillow as her whole body tensed. When her thighs began to quiver I knew she was having perhaps the hardest orgasm of her life, and when her ass clamped down on me I blew my shot deep into her. I continued to pump as I spurted again and again into her ass, and Mike damned near went into frenzy mode from below, fucking so hard our balls were colliding against each other and against Annie's taint.

As her legs started to give out, I slowly withdrew until I finally emerged with a soft popping noise. Annie rolled onto her back, flushed and gasping, but Mike hadn't finished yet. He adjusted so that he was standing at the side of the bed, then reached for her legs and dragged them toward him. She was still trying to catch her breath when he once again entered her, and her wet, swollen pussy eagerly took him in. I went to clean myself off and returned to see he had now positioned her on elbows and knees on the mattress, driving deep and hard into her as she buried her face on the mattress. After a couple of frenzied minutes he slowed down. "Sorry," he said, "but I don't think I'm going to be able to cum. It may be too much whiskey or something. Sorry." He pulled out and began to back away from the bed.

I could not have been prouder as Annie slid off the bed, spinning around so that she was kneeling in front of him. "Let's try this," she said as she grabbed his cock by the base and plunged it into her mouth. She began to give her best, turning her head, working her hand, sucking so hard her cheeks hollowed which also caused a brilliant outline of her tongue, which was busily licking at his urethra.

"I appreciate it, but I've never been able to cum like this. Never from a handjob, never from a blowjob," Mike admitted in an attempt to let her off the hook.

Annie, though mostly submissive, has a competitive streak that is actually much higher than my own. When she heard him attempting to disengage, it became personal. She was determined to show how dirty she could be, what he turned down, how good she was. And she was still so fucking turned on. Today she wanted to be a slut; she wanted to be a whore; she wanted to be just a fuck toy passed between cocks that would use her in every way, and that cum belonged to her. "Today's going to be your first, then," she declared, taking her mouth off him just long enough to say that before swallowing him again. As I said, I was so turned on / jealous / proud that I could not tear my eyes away. She fucked her face onto him, driving her nose into his belly to get him as far down her throat as she could. She bit the shaft, she tightly fisted the base as her tongue lashed the tip, she licked at his balls as she furiously jacked him off. Then she did her finishing move: she worked him with her hand, thumb sliding along the most sensitive underside of his glans, as she licked the perineum behind his balls while looking him right in the eye.

"Okay. Oh shit! Fuck yeah! I'm gonna cum!" he declared in fairly short order, and she switched up tactics. Kneeling in front of him, pushing her ass out behind her and her tits out in front, Annie arched her back and spread her lips. The tip of his cock was put directly above her open, waiting mouth. His shaft rested on her lower lip as she worked it with her right hand. Her left hand cupped and massaged his balls. His view looking down was direct eye contact, her beautiful blue-gray eyes looking up to his just above where the head of his cock aimed at the inside of her mouth. It was too much and with a groan he began to unload, sending loop after loop of sticky semen onto her tongue as it flicked at the glans. It's burned into my memory: five spurts, short pause, two spurts and a slow drip as I watched my wife, my sub, my Annie milk every drop from him into her mouth while never losing eye contact. Twelve seconds. Then she closed her lips, swallowed, and showed him her empty mouth before once again putting it deep into her throat and continuing to suck.

You glorious slut.

Eventually his legs began to buckle and he literally had to grab her hair and pull her off his cock. She asked if he wanted to stay a little longer and put some cum in her pussy because she was ready to fuck more, but Mike - seemingly embarrassed or intimidated - said he had to get home. We got dressed, took Mike back to his car, and made sure he got home. Then I took Annie back to our hotel and ... Well, no need to go into that; after all, it's pretty standard after a three-way. Let's just say I was still very worked up, almost as much as she was, but she was much more exhausted than I. After a couple of orgasms apiece, we lay back and cuddled. Annie fell asleep on her side, her leg wrapped over my thigh, her hand on my chest, and my hand gently stroking her beautiful auburn hair.

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by Anonymous

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by Notime4thinking10/12/18

There are some real jackasses on here, huh?

This was straight-up hot.

Some people can't understand the concept of a hotwife/stag relationship, or are so insecure in their own partners/relationships that they're too threatened to (a) let theirmore...

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by 26thNC09/06/18


Not much here. Just another slut wife missing on her marriage.

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by tazz31707/17/18


or a new life style has evolved, TK U MLJ LV NV

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by sexymeup07/17/18

made her point

she made her point when she got mike all worked up and that should have stopped and let him go home to jerk off instead of making her hubby a cuckold by fucking mike, she had no respect for her marriage,more...

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by Anonymous07/13/18

What he missed, but

will miss no more, thanks to a stupid and wimp husband!

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