tagLoving WivesWhat If? Pt. 05

What If? Pt. 05


Chapter 18 - The Line Is Crossed

Don couldn't believe his good fortune. He had come to the beach when he had the chance always fantasizing that maybe he would find some kindred spirit who would see him in his tiny swimwear, be turned on by it and want to fuck. And now it seemed like it was going to happen. Because he had fantasized about this for some time, he had a few ideas of his own as to how this could be done safely.

"Oh, I definitely want this to happen. It's a dream come true!" said Don.

"Then let's begin by standing here and putting some tanning oil on one another. Let's strip so we don't get too much oil on our suits," she said.

Ted served two functions. He kept his eye out for anyone who might be coming their way on the beach, and he took pictures.

"Might I suggest that we go into the water first and rinse each other off so that we're squeaky clean before we apply the oil?" suggested Don.

"Good idea," said Carol.

She understood what he was talking about. "Let me do you first," she said as she took particular care to rinse off his cock and balls, his ass and especially his asshole. When she was done she invited him to do the same to her.

They came out of the water and dried off. Then Carol oiled his back, and he oiled hers. They turned around and mutually oiled up each other's fronts. When they were done, Carol mashed her body against his and said, "Now kiss me."

They were about the same height. As they came together their oiled up bodies felt extremely sensual rubbing against one another. Carol opened her mouth and started probing his with her tongue. Soon they were tongue wrestling as they rubbed against one another and teased one another with sensuous kisses. Carol now had one hand on Don's ass, the other on his cock. Don had a hand on Carol's ass and another on her left tit, playing with her nipple.

Carol was getting hotter and hotter. Don was rock hard.

"Fuck me," Carol said. "Fuck me with your big hard cock."

"Not here," said Don, "Up in the grass."

Behind the sandy beach there was a section of sand that was slightly raised above the water line. It was covered with tall grass. As Don had fantasized about a moment like this, he realized that fucking right on the beach could possibly be interrupted by someone walking along the beach. But if they went up into the grass, they could spread out a blanket in the grass and no one would know they were there.

"Grab your blanket and let me show you," he said. He grabbed his blanket and his few other belongings. Ted grabbed the stuff he and Carol had brought and followed Don into the grass. They went in about twenty feet, then made a sharp turn to the left for about ten feet and that is where Don had them spread their blankets. Once the blankets were spread, Carol and Don continued where they had left off, rubbing their bodies against one another, kissing passionately, and fondling each other's privates. Carol dropped to her knees and took Don's cock into her mouth as she fondled his balls.

"I love that," said Don, "but I haven't had sex for so long, I'm afraid I'm overly sensitive and I'll cum too soon."

"We can solve that problem," she said. "Instead of me eating you, you can eat me. Lie down." He did and she straddled his face with her pussy so he could eat her out. He was a pretty good pussy eater even if he was out of practice. Ted was standing in front of Carol and offered her his cock, which she took and now started sucking Ted's cock and playing with his balls. After a little while of this Carol looked back to see that Don was fully hard.

"You ready to fuck?" Carol asked Don as she raised her pussy from his face so he could answer.

"Anytime you are," he responded.

Carol moved back, and inserted his cock in her so that she was riding him in the cowgirl position. She started moving up and down on his cock.

"Slut!" said Ted, "You're a dirty fucking slut. No denying it now. My wife's a slut. You look so incredibly hot. I've never seen anything this dirty and sexy. This is incredible!" At the same time that he was exclaiming how extremely hot this whole scene was, he was taking pictures and video with his camera.

Don closed his eyes for a moment. "Can I call you by my wife's name as I fantasize fucking her?" he asked.

"Didn't you ever have a generic pet name that you used? That would be better for me," replied Carol.

"Of course. In the heat of passion I'd call her 'Baby' all the time and she used the same term for me. Sorry, I don't know why I didn't think of that."

Just that little conversation was enough to slightly dampen the mood, but it came back when Carol said, "Fuck me, Baby. Fuck me with that big hard cock. Fuck my naughty pussy and make me cum. Fill me with your fuckslime and make me shout your name you dirty fucker."

As she was saying this and other things like it he could not help but fuck up into her harder and harder and in no time he was shooting a big load up into her pussy. He had not masturbated for a couple of days looking forward to this day at the beach and then hoping that he would have seen a couple of hot women or girls to think about and fantasize over when he would masturbate at home that night. So he was filled with jizm and shot spasm after spasm of his goo into her as he came.

She could feel his cum as it shot against her walls and the sensation brought forth her first orgasm of the afternoon as she shouted, "I'm cumming, Don, I'm cumming on your big fucking cock. Don! Don! Don! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! You feel so good. I love your cum in me!" She lie down on his chest, rubbing her oily tits against him and smothering his mouth with her kisses and his cock became softer in her pussy.

Carol was ready for more. "On your knees, slut," said Ted. You can kiss him with your ass in the air. And spread your legs Don so that I can get in there."

With Don's legs out of the way and Carol's ass raised, Ted moved in behind her and inserted his cock into her used pussy. "Keep on kissing him, slut," he said. Carol felt so dirty, so slutty. She was kissing her lover and rubbing her tits against his chest while another lover was fucking her doggy style.

"I love the feel of fucking your hot buttered bun. That is so sexy to know that another man's spunk is the lube for my cock. We've used lube before, but this is different. It is hotter and dirtier and sexier than anything we have ever done before." He continued to pound Carol's pussy and could hear his cock making slurping noises as it entered and exited her fuck hole. He would pull it all the way out and see it dripping cum, then plunge it all the way in causing white foam to come out of her pussy. Carol was on a sexual high and came again, hard, expelling some of Don's spunk as well as her own female ejaculate.

"Roll over, Baby," Ted said, "and Don, take your folded up your blanket place it under Carol's hips." That did not take long and now Carol was on her back with her legs spread, Ted was still on his knees and again fucking Carol in her already well fucked pussy. He started playing with her clit. If the change of positions brought her down from her sexual high a little bit, the re-entrance of Ted into her cunt and playing with her clit, brought her back. "Now, Don, feed her your cock. It's time to get you up for round two." Ted had been extremely excited by watching Don fuck his wife, and had been working hard to keep from cumming too soon. But now the sight of Carol on her back with her big shiny tits bouncing with each thrust, the sight of his own cock plowing her pussy, the sight of her sucking another man's cock, and the moans of pleasure that were coming from her were enough to push

Ted over the edge, and he came in her hard, letting out an almost primal yell, "Oh Fuck!" followed by a softer and much more tender expression, "You are so hot!" as he looked into her eyes.

His cum had brought out another one from her. She took her mouth off of Don's Cock. She convulsed a number of times in orgasm and squirted all over Ted's cock. She looked directly at him just in time to hear him say, "You are so hot!" She broke into a huge smile.

Don was ready to go again. He put Carol on her right side and raised her left leg and held it as he straddled her right leg. He entered her well used but well lubricated fuck hole. He loved that he could see so much. He could see Carol's pretty face and long blonde hair, her big bouncing tits and her hungry cunt swallowing up his hard dick. He could also reach down with his left hand and stimulate her clit. With that Carol climaxed in orgasm again. He fucked her for quite a while in that position, able to keep from cumming since he had already shot one load in her.

When he seemed to be tiring, Carol suggested that he get on his back. She then mounted him reverse cowgirl, but bent over with her chest to his legs. "This makes for a great visual in porn, and Ted says he likes it in real life," she said as she bounced up and down on his cock. She then put her hands on her ass cheeks and spread them so that as she bounced up and down, her slightly gaping shit hole winked at him. He almost lost it, but by tremendous willpower, kept from doing so, just because he wanted to make the pleasure last longer. He gathered some fluids on his fingers from around his cock and her fuck hole and then inserted the tip of his middle finger into her asshole. Carol came again.

"Can we do just a plain old missionary?" he asked. Carol flipped over and he entered her. He started to pound hard. It wouldn't take long now. Memories of a better time, when he had been fucking his wife regularly, and the present reality of being able to fuck this beautiful Amazon, combined with the sensations of her velvet pussy massaging his cock, and his own vigorous fucking were quickly bringing him to a climax.

"Fuck me, Don," she said in little more than a sensuous whisper. "I want one more load in my slut pussy. Can you do that for this slut, Don. Can you give me another load of your cum in my slut pussy?"

He came. "Fuck you!" He exclaimed. "I don't know why you want to be a slut, but you are by far the finest slut in the world. You can make any man in the world want to fuck you and can make any man in the world cum better than he has ever cum before. I love your dirty fuckin' slutty cunt with all my cock!"

His cock softened quickly. He did not notice that Carol was still on a sexual high. He quickly excused himself, saying that he had to have been home a half hour ago, but he didn't care. He thanked them profusely and said he hoped he would meet them again. He put on his thong and a cover up and was gone. Ted lie down next to his wife. "You have no idea how beautiful you are or how sexy you are. But I do." He started making out with her. Soon Carol was ready for more. Ted was, too. He spooned her in their "talking" position.

T: That was by far and away the sexiest I have ever seen you. I was totally turned on.

C: No regrets?

T: No.

C: Me either.

T: We're still good?

C: We're even better.

They sat up, Ted with his legs spread, Carol with her legs spread and her thighs over his thighs. His cock was in her pussy. They leaned forward and kissed and repeatedly told one another that they

loved one another and would always love one another and have one another and would never leave one another. Ted was fondling one tit and stimulating her clit as his cock moved gently in and out. She was gently playing with his balls as they sat there.

When they were both fully satisfied that they were totally good with one another, Ted said, "Big finish?"

Carol nodded her head. They uncoupled. She moved onto her back. Ted took her legs and rested them on his shoulders and then hovered over her ready to enter her pussy. In this position, he would be pounding straight down into her depths. He started slowly, but it did not take long to get going strong. Carol was close to being all fucked out. She started diddling her clit. She came. With her other free hand, she reached around and started feeling for Ted's asshole. She found it and inserted a finger. Ted noticed what she was doing right from the start and figured two could play that game. Supporting himself with just one arm (which he would not have been able to do for a long period of time) he reached around for her asshole as well. They inserted fingers almost simultaneously, with a resulting climax almost immediately following. It was a big one for Carol, caused not only by the physical sensation but also the total emotional high she had been on all afternoon. Ted drained all he had into her pussy. He rolled off of her and they relaxed for some time.

Then, it seemed, they both had the same type of idea at about the same time. Ted moved down to kiss Carol's very messy pussy as Carol moved down to clean up Ted's very sloppy cock with her mouth. "69" they both said together. Then they cleaned one another up and kissed, sharing and swallowing their fuck juices.

They put on what they considered to be their barely legal beach bikinis and went back to the truck with their things. Walking through the crowds they had both been quiet. It would have been difficult to talk above the noise of the people. But it had given Carol a little time to think. As they got into the truck and started driving home, she said to Ted, "I think there is one more slutty thing I would like to do today."

Chapter 19 - Frosting on the Cake

"And what is this additional idea you have?" asked Ted.

"Can I disclose it to you piece by piece?" asked Carol, "I think it will be more fun for you that way."

"I like your idea of fun. Just clue me in when you need me."

"Oh, I'll need you all right. When we get home, change into those Daisy Duke shorts you got when we first went to your parents, and a shirt that is open all the way down to the waistband of the shorts. I'll change into something I can wear to quickly go to a discount department store."

"Can do," said Ted.

When they got home Ted headed for the upstairs shower, but Carol stopped him. "No showers," she said. "I'll explain later." Carol rummaged around in her dresser pulled something out and headed for the bathroom. "I'll change in here, put on makeup and be right out." Ted was in the living room when she came out. She had on a pair of four inch wedge sandals and a long men's "wife beater" undershirt. She had a wide brown leather belt cinching in her waist. She couldn't possibly be wearing any underwear. Her makeup was what she usually reserved for when they went out clubbing. "Let's go," she said. Ted would have gone with her anywhere.

On the way to the department store she wanted to stop in at a fast food place to pick up a bite to eat. She picked out the one that had the fullest parking lot, hoping that when they went in she'd be able to stand around and draw a lot of attention to her slutty appearance. It worked, and she especially listened to what the young guys had to say about her. It sounded like she could have pulled a train right there in the restaurant.

They went into the store, and Carol went right to the juniors department where she found the tube tops. She looked at them, picked out two, then put one back and said, "That's it. Let's go." They paid for the merchandise went to Ted's truck and went home.

"Now put on your black lace up ankle high boots, your cool bicycle shorts, and your cutoff sweatshirt while I get ready. When I come out I'll tell you the plans for the rest of the evening. The cool bicycle shorts were cool because they were black mesh on the sides and half way around the frond and back. Then there was a solid black panel that covered his crack in back and his equipment in front. Even at that, in front it was cut so that there was a very pronounced pouch that picked him up and thrust him forward. He sweatshirt was a sweatshirt he had from high school that was too small for him. Carol had cut off the sleeves and had cut off the bottom of the sweatshirt below his pectorals so that his tight abdomen was completely exposed. If there was such a thing as a male slut, Ted was it. He had gotten dressed in the bedroom while Carol was getting dressed in the bathroom.

Carol came out dressed in the bandeau top she had worn to the beach that just barely covered her nipples and areolae and that was pinched together in the middle by a strap that tied around her neck, giving her tits bare minimal coverage. The tube top was not a top at all, but was wrapped around her hips. It was supposed to be acting as a skirt. But in order to do so, it had to hang very low on her hips. Even then it barely covered her pussy and left the bottom of her ass exposed. There were two pieces of jewelry like earrings visible below the hem of the skirt. Even while Carol was living at home, she had her inner labia pierced and a ring put in each one. Carol was one of those girls who had a fairly large clit and inner lips that protruded beyond her outer lips. The rings in her two lips were capable of having additional jewelry suspended from them. Carol had purchased the jewelry, but had never worn it except for herself when she first bought it to see how it looked. But now the jewelry was visible below the "hem" of her skirt. While it was not visible to Ted yet, she had put rouge on her outer lips to make them look red as though she were in heat. She wore a pair of clear acrylic two inch platform

pumps, the heel in back being six inches. She had on long dangling earrings with matching navel jewelry.

"Here's the deal," she said. "I'm still feeling marvelously slutty. I want to go across town to the show bar. Tonight is amateur night. I want to go into the bar and sit at the bar and flash my slutty pussy. That's why I haven't taken a shower yet. So I'm still leaking a little bit of your cum and Don's cum and I want to flash my cummy pussy. Then tonight is Monday, so they let us amateurs get up on stage and dance. Because this is a bar that doesn't serve booze, the girls are allowed to strip naked. I want to strip naked and show everybody my slutty body and my slutty cunt. That will be sooo hot. It will be like frosting on the cake of my day."

"Like frosting on the cake of OUR day," said Ted. "Let's go."

They were not expecting a large crowd seeing it was the Fourth of July. They figured a lot of the regulars would be spending the evening with family and friends. As they entered the showbar they were pleasantly surprised to see quite a few guys there. They sat at the bar and Ted order a very overpriced cola for each of them. He mentioned to the bartender that the crowd seemed bigger than he had expected. "Yeah," said the bartender, "the young college crowd is not here - spending the fourth with family. What we have here tonight is a number of older guys who just got dumped by their girlfriend, or just dumped their girlfriend, or just got divorced from their wife or just divorced their wife and because it's Monday, the wife has custody of the kids, and the guy doesn't want to be alone. They'll be pretty well behaved. The girls will get good tips tonight."

"Speaking of girls," Carol popped up, "how do I sign up for the amateur strip contest?"

"You've just done it," said the bartender. "You talk to me. The men know they can look but cannot touch. You can touch yourself but no penetration. Any tips you get while you are dancing, you can keep. The hired girls are the only ones that can do lap dances. They've got to make a living, even on amateur night. I play three songs. Most girls leave their clothes on for the first dance, take off their tops for the second, and then, either tease with their bottoms or strip their bottoms off for the last number. What you do is up to you. Just no penetration. Got it?"

"Got it," said Carol.

Being a holiday, there were only three dancers in the contest. Carol was the last to sign up so she was the last to dance. Half way through the first song she had her bandeau top off. By the last quarter of the song she had lost her skirt.

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