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What Movie?


A pull up at your house and knock on your door to pick you up on our way to the movies. I see that you listened to my instructions and your outfit includes: a nice short skirt showing off your long sexy legs, and then you picked out a nice sexy low cut shirt that showed off your incredible DD tits to go along with my request. I take your hand and lead you towards the car, but then stop and twirl you around as I admire my sexy toned Haitian beauty. I stop you when you're turned away and whistle as I admire your tight ass just barely hidden from my view for now at least.

"You ready?"

"You have no idea how ready I am for you" you say breathlessly to me as I open your door and you have a seat in my car.

When we get to the parking lot I lean over, and kiss you as my hand wanders up your skirt.

"You won't be needing these," I whisper in your ear as I hook my finger into your thong.

You lift up your ass and I slide the thong down your knees and off of you.

"Feels like someone's already wet for me," I smile and your heart melts and your pussy gets wetter as I put your thong into my pocket and nip your ear.

We get some snacks and a couple drinks, and we head into the theater and we get tickets to the next movie that is going to play. We both already know that the movie itself won't really be a part of the entertainment. We get to the theater and it's only full to the middle row. We sneak off into the back corner and cozy up in the comfy chairs. We just sit and drink our drinks and snack on the popcorn as we wait for people to stop coming in so we could have the real fun.

The movie starts and you slide closer to me pressing your tits against my arm, spreading your legs slightly. I put my hand on your thigh and slowly start sneaking my way up under your skirt to your naked pussy. As it gets closer, you sigh into my ear and I can feel the heat from your pussy as it waits eagerly for my attention. My finger just grazes your pussy lips and you press your body to me a little more and spread your legs further to allow me better access to your pussy. I slowly, slowly stroke my finger along your pussy lips stopping just short of your clit. Then I slowly start sliding it in further and further between your lips as I feel you losing your breath in my ear.

After an excruciatingly long inch by in teasing of your pussy my finger is finally buried in your pussy to the knuckle. You're getting antsy because after all that time I haven't even touched your clit yet. I slide my finger out of your pussy and it's soaked in your pussy juice and I use it as a lubricant to rub circles around your clit, again and again and again. You moan into my ear, quietly so we don't draw to much attention. I turn my head and I kiss you as I keep stroking your clit.

Then I pull my lips away and whisper, "Don't moan to loud, or everyone will end up watching me fuck you."

I lower my lips to your neck and I start lightly kissing it as I start alternating between fingering your pussy as deep as my finger can go to rubbing your clit. I slide my finger out of you and then just as I gently bite your neck, I take your clit between my finger and tongue and start massaging your clit, up and down. Pushing the hood back and exposing even more of your sensitive clit. You suddenly cover your mouth with your hand and I feel your whole body shudder as I continue to work your clit between my fingers.

I let you come down from your orgasm and then I feel your hands fumbling with my shorts trying to get my cock out so that the real fun can start. Finally you get it undone and you slide your hand down into my boxers and pull my already hard cock out. You lean over and take it in your mouth all the way down your throat and you get it nice and wet while I gently stroke my fingers down the middle of your back and then I draw my nails delicately across it on the way back up. It's a good thing we are the only ones back here, it already smells hot with sex and we haven't even started fucking yet.

I put my fingers below your chin as you take my cock one more time all the way down your throat. I bring your face up to mine and I kiss you with all the passion that I'm about to fuck into you. Then I pull your head away.

I look deep into your eyes, and you see a fire, an insatiable lust burning behind my eyes as I whisper, breathlessly, "Get that naughty pussy on my cock, now."

Your heart flutters a little, you're a bit taken aback by the forcefulness of what I'd just said, but you can feel your pussy getting soaked as you realize how badly I want you right now, right here in the theater. You think about how hard it will be to keep quiet, and you think about what if someone catches us, and your pussy just keeps getting wetter and wetter the more you think about it.

You feel my hands on your hips, gripping you tightly as I pull you from your daze and you slowly follow along until you are standing in front of me. You reach down with your hand and grab my cock and stroke it slowly as you lower yourself down. My cock touches the lips of your pussy and you stroke it up and down along your clit until it hits your clit. You feel the extra wetness from the tip of my cock and you rub the precum all over your clit. Finally I can't take anymore and I move my hips slightly and line up my cock with your pussy and pull you down onto it. A little sound escapes your lips and you quickly cover your mouth again as I start slowly fucking your pussy in the back of the theater.

The pace is excruciatingly slow for you, you want to go faster, you want me to pound the cum out of you, but you know I can't. We can't draw to much attention to ourselves or someone might interrupt. Just then you jump as you feel my fingers slip under your skirt that is hiding our hot little fuck from plain view, then my fingers hit your clit, and you cum again. I keep stroking your clit as I slowly fuck you up and down the full length of my cock.

I use my other hand to pull you back so your back is against my chest, and I bite your neck and you cum again, even harder than the last time. You can feel the hot cum running from your pussy as you squirt a little with the last orgasm. We keep going, each orgasm that washes over you is stronger than the last. You know it won't be much longer before you can't hold it in anymore. Especially if I keep licking, kissing, and sucking on your neck and ears.

Then you hear me say in a low tone, because even I am having trouble keeping it down as your pussy squeezes my cock, milking me for my cum, "I'm so close, you're going to make me cum so hard."

And you cum one last time, you bite your knuckle to keep from screaming out as you feel the wetness flood from you pussy.

After you finished cumming you look back at me and you can see that I'm struggling to hold back my cum. You want that cum so bad. You think about the feeling of it flooding into your pussy and your pussy gets even wetter with anticipation. You start grinding your pussy down in circles on my cock, as I continue to rub your clit faster and faster. Suddenly you cum and squirt again and you bite your knuckle again as you look back at me and you see me lose it completely. My fingers grip your hips so tightly as I pull you down onto my cock burying myself as deep inside you as possible and you feel the rush of hot cum being pumped so deep in your pussy. You slide your pussy off of me and you can feel my cum drip from your pussy as you lift off my cock.

We both drop back into our seats panting and deeply satisfied. We try to watch the rest of the movie, but seeing as how we missed the first half, and our post orgasmic bliss, most of it was lost on us.

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