tagLoving WivesWhat Possessed Me - David's Story

What Possessed Me - David's Story


This story is part of a series of separate stories that are related. They are not specifically chapters or parts of a larger story. Each story stands on its own. These stories are accounts of a single event as experienced by three different people. If you like any one of these stories, look for the other two. The stories are; Amanda's, Blake's and David's view of this one event and what led each one to participate. If you find yourself disliking David in this story, it is okay you are supposed to. Read the other stories.

David's Story

My name is David and I am like many other 44 year old men. I have a decent job, but I wouldn't call it a career and I will never be rich. I have two teenage boys, and I am divorced. My wife and I divorced soon after she found out I was having an affair, but she didn't file. I did.

After years of marriage my sex life had hit a dead end. My wife, Amanda, seemed to have little interest in sex. Maybe it was because she had gained some weight or maybe it had something to do with her inability to have more children, but we rarely had sex. Even when we did have sex it was boring. We never tried anything new and, she just didn't seem to be into it. If I didn't initiate, nothing ever happened. On top of that she made initiating a nearly impossible task. Eventually I got tired of trying, and quit putting in the effort. There really weren't any other problems in our marriage, just not enough sex. In fact everything else in our relationship was nearly perfect.

I know I shouldn't have done this, but I was bored with my marriage. So I made an effort to befriend and new woman at work named Kristy. She was recently divorced and was starting a new life in a new city. I found her to be wildly attractive and deep down I was hoping something would happen between us. We started emailing each other; mostly work related stuff, and then some jokes. Over time the messages got more and more suggestive. Of course Kristy and I eventually started fucking.

Our first time was in a supply closet at work where she gave me the first complete blowjob I'd ever had. Unlike my wife, Kristy was sexually adventurous, horny and fun. One afternoon she rented a hotel room and we ditched work and made a sex tape. I couldn't get enough of her. Kristy and I eventually started video chatting from home late at night while my family slept. I also hid our sex tape on my computer so that I could watch it when Kristy and I couldn't chat.

Then the walls came down. Amanda had found the fuck video and chat logs on our computer. I honestly didn't she had enough computer skills to find anything, let alone something I had hidden. She was really pissed at me. She wanted a divorce right away. I'd seen my friends get divorced and the one constant is that I see in a divorce is that men always lose everything.

I wasn't prepared to lose everything I'd worked so hard for, so I tried to talk Amanda out of the divorce. I told her how sorry I was and that I would never do it again. I tried to point out all of the good things in our relationship. I don't really know what possessed me to do this, but I also told Amanda that she had my permission to go out and fuck anyone she wanted. I thought that maybe if she had a way to get even she wouldn't divorce me yet. If we were going to divorce, I needed time to prepare.

After Amanda found out about the affair I started moving any money I could to an off shore account. I also transferred ownership of every personal asset I could into a dummy corporation. I learned from my friends that if all you have is debt, it is hard to take anything away from you in a divorce. I know all of this sounds mean, but I wasn't being mean. I left enough out in the open for Amanda and the boys, but I definitely protected my financial future. Then I went on seeing Kristy, but with much more secrecy.

A couple weeks later Amanda started into me about wanting a divorce again. I wasn't ready for that. I wasn't done hiding assets yet. I needed more time so I pulled out all the stops to try and talk her out of it. She wasn't buying a thing I was saying. Finally she offered an option. She told me she was taking me up on my offer to fuck another man, and to make up for her seeing the sex video I had to watch while she did it. When she said that I figured she was just trying to get under my skin. She was much too conservative to do anything like that. I figured it would blow over so I just ended the conversation reminding her I didn't want a divorce. In my mind our marriage was already over. I just needed more time.

That next Saturday morning Amanda informed me that I was to stay home all day because this was day I was going to take her to a hotel and watch her fuck. Damn, that didn't take her very long to set up. I never thought she would actually do it. I wondered if I knew this guy. In a way I found it amusing. I didn't know who she duped into this, but he was about to find out my wife could be the most boring fuck on earth.

Amanda went out for the afternoon to get ready for the night and I used the time to work on my asset moves. About 4:00 Amanda got home and went to take a shower. I could hear her singing. I hadn't heard her singing in the bathroom for years. She must have been really excited about this. After she got ready she informed me that it was time to go watch her fuck and she tossed me the keys to her car. She really was making me drive.

Amanda gives me turn by turn directions until we pull up to this expensive hotel downtown and I wonder who she thinks is paying for all of this. We go into the hotel and I expect we will be meeting the guy she is about to disappoint in the lobby. Instead we trod up to one of the hotel's suites. Okay, she is just spending her own and much needed money here.

Once inside the room Amanda starts setting things up. She rolls a chair over by the bed yanks down my pants and tells me to sit. I know that playing along will buy me much needed time, so I comply. Amanda gives me some rules like no talking and I have to watch everything and most of all no touching my dick. She was adamant about the no touching rule.

Then she pulls out this silky 'fuck me' outfit and makes me watch while she stuffs herself into it. I notice how big and hard her nipples are and realize she is pretty horny. At that point I started thinking that that there isn't really another guy. She is going to have sex with me to show me that she can be sexy and adventurous like Kristy is. I start thinking this could be fun. Then there is a knock at the door and my stupid mind immediately thinks, 'She got room service, who the fuck is going to pay for that?'

Of course it wasn't room service. It was the man who was there to service Amanda. She introduced him but I really didn't listen to his name. It was Hank and Blaine or something. I really didn't care to know him either. She actually had done all right for herself in the looks department, but I couldn't help but wonder what sort of loser would want to fuck a chubby 42 year old mom in front of her husband. He had to be a total moron.

They greeted each other by kissing and caressing, and then they kissed while they undressed each other. When Amanda took off her panties she brought them over to me and made me look at them. The crotch of her panties was soaked. When we were first married Amanda used to get really wet, but she hadn't been like that in years. Damn she must have been excited. Then she stuck her tongue out at me like she was ten and went back over to her toy, kissing him and fondling his cock.

Amanda's fuck toy then bent her over the bed and started rubbing his cock on her pussy. She was moaning and wiggling her fat ass all over. She looked up at me and told me he was going to fuck her, like I couldn't see that for myself. I figured she was just putting on a show for me, but as soon as he crammed his cock in her and she came. I was actually kind of sexy watching Amanda come like that and I got a little aroused. Then the fuck toy put Amanda on her back and started fucking her some more.

Amanda started telling him what a great cock he had. She was going nuts with this guy. I was wondering where my shy boring Amanda had gone. Pretty soon she was begging him to fuck the shit out of her and when he did she came again. I was happy to see that second orgasm because Amanda had a strict two orgasm limit... on a good night. I figured that we would be going home and that I only had to watch about ten minutes of sex. But Amanda didn't stop there.

Amanda and the fuck toy laid there for a while and he just caressed her. He played with her fat tits for a bit. Then he moved down between her legs and started eating her pussy. Boy was he in for a surprise. I'd done that for Amanda a few times and she barely came. She didn't really like having her pussy eaten all that much. And even worse for him, she has a pretty smelly pussy. I can't say it was ever stinky, but it did have really strong scent.

So the fuck toy starts eating Amanda's pussy and she is going crazy. I wonder what he is doing but all I can see is his head rolling around in her crotch. Amanda is grabbing her tits and rolling her hips and moaning in a way I've never heard her moan. Then she grabs this guy by the hair, jams his face into her pussy, and starts having the most incredible fucking orgasm I've ever seen.

Amanda was gritting her teeth and grunting and thrusting all over this guy's face. She hit the peak of her orgasm and pretty much stopped breathing. She had a handful of bed covers and seemed to be trying to yank them off the bed. In her other hand was her toy's hair holding his face firmly to her pussy. I have no idea what that guy did, but whatever it was made Amanda come for a really long time.

So after the 'super orgasm' I figure we had to be done. There is no way that Amanda will come again and her pussy had to be on fire with sensitivity. Amanda and her stud just laid there for the longest time while he played with her pussy hair. I was sure he is thinking about fucking her some more, and I was thinking, 'Good luck buddy'.

When Amanda finally came down from orgasm mountain, I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She mounts her stud and starts fucking him again. At this point I was thinking this is going to go on all night and I wondered if Amanda had taken some sort of sex drug. I really didn't want to sit there just to watch her get off over and over, but there she was fucking him again. Of course she came again. That was number four in one night. Shit, she hasn't had that many with me in a year.

What happened next will forever be imprinted on my brain. Amanda and her toy started whispering to each other. Then they looked at me grinning. I'm thinking things might get wild and they will invite me to join them. But that wasn't the case. Instead they come over right in front of me and her stud sits on the edge of the bed. He tells Amanda to get on her knees so she can give him a blowjob.

Amanda even hated just the idea of giving a blowjob. I knew that there is no way she is going to do this. I was amazed when she got down on her knees. He starts jacking off with his cock in her face and I figure he wants to come on her tits or something. Then this guy grabs Amanda by the hair and pushes her head into his lap. I can see his cock go into her mouth and I can tell she is sucking. Damn, Amanda was actually sucking his cock. I wished she would do that to me. Why didn't she ever suck my cock?

The thought of her sucking cock gets me excited. The thought that she might let him cum in her mouth turns me on even more. For the first half of our marriage I used to ask her to suck me. She always said no way. Of course the more she said no, the more I wanted her to do it. Now I was watching her suck on this guy's cock.

Strange as it seems, I wasn't thinking about how good it made him feel. I could only think about Amanda finally having to taste someone's cum. I imagined my own cum streaming into Amanda's mouth. Then I started thinking that if she decided to suck this guy, then she would have to suck me too. I was so fucking turned on, but I didn't dare touch myself.

At some point I realized that she hadn't really decided to do this at all. It was clear that the toy was making her do it. His hand was on her head and he was literally jacking himself off in my wife's mouth. But why was she letting him do this? I knew she had to be hating this. Why didn't she just stop?

It looked to me like this guy was getting ready to come and he pulled his cock out of her mouth and picked her head up. I though, okay he just wants to cum on her face. But Instead of coming, he just made her lick his entire cock in front of me. Then he put his cock back in her mouth and told her to suck it hard while he came.

As I expected Amanda pulled away. I knew she wasn't going to let him cum in her mouth. I figured it was back to just her getting some cum on her face. But to my surprise she let him push her head back down while he came in her mouth. It looked like he was coming really hard too. I could see Amanda having trouble taking it all and I heard her gag a bit. I couldn't believe how she stayed with it and let him finish.

It seemed to me that she was swallowing and I was so fucking turned on by that, but as soon as he was done coming I found out that she hadn't swallowed a thing. Amanda immediately came over to me, spit this huge fucking load of cum out in her hands, and showed it to me like she was proud of it. Then she started jacking me off using that guy's cum as a lubricant. She was looking me right in the eyes the whole time with a 'take that you fucker' look on her face.

I was so turned on from watching my wife suck out a mouthful of cum that the fact she just smeared another man's cum on me didn't even register. I was so turned on that she didn't have to me much and I was ready to come. I should have known that she would quit before I came. She was being such a vindictive little bitch about the whole thing. Then she tried to make me kiss her while she still had some of that dude's cum in her mouth. She even threatened to make me eat cum if I ever cheated again. Little did she know I had fucked Kristy at work just the day before.

Then Amanda went to rinse her mouth out and her fuck toy laid back on the bed and closed his eyes. The site of Amanda sucking the cum out of his cock flashed through my mind and I had to finish what she started. I quietly jerked myself off.

In the two months following that night Amanda and I kind of tried to patch things back together. I knew that if I was going to stay with her she was going to have to start sucking me off once in a while. One day I tried to broach the subject by asking her to tell me what it was like when he came in her mouth. She just said it was gross and that I shouldn't even think about asking her to suck my cock. That was the final straw. I had to move on to a relationship where my desires could be fulfilled.

A week later I had my finances in order so I filed for divorce and moved out. Amanda asked me if watching her getting fucked was making me leave. I told her that I was actually okay with the fucking, but I was upset that she let a near stranger come in her mouth, when she would barely even kiss my dick. Her response was that her stud had forced her do it. She even made me out to be the bad guy because I didn't put a stop to it knowing full well how much she hated it.

Okay so I let her suck that guy off, but it was her fucking rule that I couldn't talk that evening. Even though letting her do that was the last nail for our troubled marriage, I'm glad I didn't stop her. Because now I have the memory of watching Amanda sucking out a mouthful of cum and that is better than watching any sex tape, ever.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/19/18

well done

I liked the story with each of the main players giving their recollections and motives. This was a dying marriage waiting for the big event to trigger the divorce. full grades on all parts.

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by tazz31701/30/18


needs to be in the insanity ward of the nearest facility. TK U MLJ LV NV

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by Anonymous01/30/18

5!! Wel annony

if anyone knows assholes, it's you!!! you're the king of assholes on LIT and all of humanity!!

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by Anonymous01/30/18

he was a dumb asshole

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by Anonymous01/30/18


another cocksucking WIMP posting DUMB cuck SHIT.

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