tagLoving WivesWhat She Didn't Know

What She Didn't Know


Sorry, no sex in this story. I hope you like it, anyway.

It all started as such a cliché cheating wife story. I was on my way out of town for a business trip, and as I headed out to the runway, I got the call that I wasn't needed. So, I headed my private plane back into the hanger and tucked it in. I was sure that I'll need it in the next few days, so I just parked it and headed out. I checked in with my boss and he and I came to the conclusion that I would just take the rest of the day off. It was almost four o'clock and by the time I get back home, it'll be almost five thirty, the time my wife usually gets home. I'll just surprise her and take her out to supper.

I was right about surprising her...but she surprised me more. It seemed that as soon as she heard that I was heading out, she and her friend made a date for the evening and sneaked off work to get an early start. I was puzzled when I saw her car and a strange car next to it in the garage—my garage! Now fearing what was pretty much a foregone conclusion, I cautiously and quietly entered my home.

Sure enough, just like all those stories, I found four shoes scattered by the back door, a blouse on the steps up to the bedrooms and other assorted clothing items leading to the spare bedroom. The door was left open in their hurry to consummate the dirty deed, so I saw them there—naked. He was standing next to the bed and she, my "loving" wife, was on her knees, holding his cock in one hand with her mouth wrapped around the head of it. His moaning told me that he was enjoying her efforts, a feeling I knew well.

The time walking in from the garage had somewhat prepared me emotionally for this sight, but I still stood there in a bit of shock and disbelief for several minutes. For those of you who think I might have enjoyed this on some level, you are totally mistaken. My wife, the object of my love, trust, respect, and admiration, was on her knees happily sucking off another man! I had the beginnings of a plan however, it still took everything I had not to get my gun and blow this carnal intruder's head off!

It was actually when he decided that was enough fun for him—as he didn't want to blow his load in her mouth—that brought me out of my reverie. He was instructing June, my wife, to lie on the bed and spread her legs, when I cleared my throat.

"Cliff! Holy shit! What are you doing here?"

"No, June, the question is: what are you doing here? And who the hell is this jerk?"

The look on lover boy's face had rapidly changed from extreme pleasure to extreme panic. "He's your husband? I thought you said he was flying out today for an overnighter?"

I caught her eye and looked into her head deeply for the first time since I've known her. I had resisted doing this for many reasons, and I'll get to those shortly. I commanded her, "Grab him by his dick and follow me downstairs—now!"

I grabbed his pants from the floor looking for his cell phone, as she got a death grip on his cock and got out of bed. Removing his cell phone from its leather case on his belt, I tossed his pants to the floor carelessly and headed for the living room. I was looking through the contacts list on his phone and found one for 'home.' As I hit the send button to initiate the call, I spoke to him, "What's your name?"

"Mark," he responded slowly, not knowing what my game was yet.

A woman answered on the third ring, somewhat out of breath. "Hi, Mark," she answered, obviously having seen the caller ID. "I just got home, so don't even try to tell me you're going to be late again tonight, or else!" Evidently, Mark had failed to make his excuses; I guess he was in a big hurry to jump June's bones.

"Mark won't be giving you any such line of crap this evening. Perhaps I should explain why Mark isn't calling you from his cell. Don't worry; he's not injured—at least not yet anyway," I chuckled. "It seems to me that you might want to come over to my house, where I just caught Mark with his dick in my stupid wife's mouth."

"What the..." she trailed off her sentence in shock. After a moment, she formed words again, "That lying bastard! Who are you? I kind of thought something might be up, but this... Are you sure? Who is the stupid slut that... Tell that two-timing son-of-a-bitch that I never want to see him again! Never mind, I'll do that myself! Where do you live?" I didn't say they were intelligent thoughts, just groups of words—but who am I to talk.

I told her to take a deep breath and then gave her my address, which is only about ten minutes from where she was, according to her. "We can be properly introduced when you get here, and please calm down and don't drive too fast. We wouldn't want to make Mark a widower. After all, if anyone deserves to be hurt here, it's definitely not you."

Clicking the end button, I turned my attention back to the pair of unwilling nudists in my living room. "Stand over there—in front of the window."

"I don't think so," Mark objected. June just calmly walked over to the place where I indicated, dragging him along, painful cries emanating from his mouth. "Damn, June, let go already!"

"She won't be letting go until I command her to. You see, there are things about me that you don't know...hell June doesn't even know." I smirked in a slightly sadistic way. "It seems that we have a bit of time until your wife gets here, so I'll enlighten you both. I have no fear of either of you being able to tell anyone." Their faces showed quizzical looks, followed by a bit of fear.

"Until I was about eighteen years old, I had a perfectly normal, average life. To this day, when you look at me, I don't stand out in a crowd. I'm average height, average weight—maybe a tad on the slender side, brown hair and eyes, and medium skin color. I'm not handsome, but not ugly, either. Wouldn't you agree?

"It was about that time that I discovered that if I could look someone in the eye for a few seconds, I could plant a thought in their head. This thought could be as innocent as 'your name is now Bert,' to 'if you don't obey every word I say, you will be swallowed by a fire so hot that hell would seem air-conditioned.' The last one is what I just put in June's head.

"As you could imagine, I had a lot of fun with this power, especially after I got used to it and finely honed my skills. For example: I knew a guy that bullied me around all through high school. On graduation day, he went up to get his diploma and I had planted a thought that made him think it was accepted behavior to moon the entire crowd. I have enjoyed many a good prank using my power. I even used my power to get out of minor trouble with the cops a couple times.

"Also, many a young woman came under my spell for an evening of mutual pleasure. First, I would try to score as a normal person would, and if she turned me down in anything but a nice way, she would suddenly change her mind, and start doing things with me that would make a porn star blush. You get the idea.

"It was during one of those romantic interludes with the daughter of the general, who commanded the local Air Force Base, that her Mom walked in on us. She starts getting in my face and yelling, and then I realize that she is one fine looking Mom and I 'persuaded' her to join us. Mom had her thighs wrapped tight around my head, coming and screaming in pleasure, when the old General strides in, so I didn't notice he was there. He knocks his little girl off of my groin, where she was bouncing happily, pushes his wife off my face in mid-orgasm, and throws me off the bed before I can give him 'the look.'

"He knocked me around pretty good, dazing me, so I couldn't get into his head. During the questioning and yelling that followed, I admitted that it wasn't his wife's fault. I said that I can crawl inside a person's head—given the chance—and plant a suggestion. The suggestion worked like hypnosis, but it could go much deeper than hypnosis. It didn't take a military genius—no pun intended—to figure out that Homeland Security could use my skills for interrogation and to send the detainee back in to gather further intelligence.

"It seems that I could plant a belief in their head that those famous 'seventy-two virgins' waiting for them in heaven, if they committed a selfless act for their religion, are actually seventy-two virgin succubae. Just imagine how cooperative they become when they believe that such a large number of demonic women are waiting on him to die, just to suck his life force slowly, agonizingly away. I can make him believe that I can summon them to start on him within a minute, unless he tells us everything he knows. Since they are creatures of magic, I convince him they will be brought forth just as soon as he does anything that we don't want him to do—like neglect to keep us informed of his cell's plans and activities.

"So, I negotiated a deal with them, for a six figure salary. They taught me to fly and gave me a small plane—it's all mine. They fuel it and maintain it as long as I use it to fly here and there to do their dirty work. I told them that I won't do any overseas work, unless I just wanted to, as I wanted a normal life. So, officially, my job title is troubleshooter. That way, it's no surprise if I get a call in the night to fly out suddenly.

"Another part of their deal is that I would quit using my power for fun and pleasure, after all—I'm 'top secret' now. After a while, I discovered that I liked being around people that liked me because they wanted to, not because I told them to. I never used it on June, or several of the girls I dated before June, for that same reason. I wanted to be with someone because they loved, respected, and trusted me—for me.

"June, I see now that is just not the case. I met June and we dated for a year and a half before we married, and in two months, we would've had two years of a happy marriage—at least for one of us." I flashed an angry look at June. "We even started talking about having kids soon. As there is no sense in having you tell your tale twice, I can hardly wait for Mark's wife to arrive, so I can find out just what's been going on here," I glared at Mark.

While we were waiting, I thought I'd gather some photographic evidence of their affair, in case I wanted it later. So I told her to kiss him and lick his chest passionately while I took pictures. I had about a dozen shots when I heard a car pull up in the driveway. I commanded her to quit, and to go back to standing by the window. I set my camera down and went to the door.

As she was about to ring the doorbell, I opened the door, greeting her, "I take it that you're Mark's wife. I'm Cliff Derringer, and I believe that is your husband Mark, standing next to my loving and devoted wife, June."

"I wish I could say it was nice to meet you, Cliff; I'm Darlene," she stated, looking at the nude pair. She strode over to them, looked at Mark, who cast his eyes downward. Then she stood in front of June, who also suddenly found herself inspecting the carpet in shame. She smacked Mark across the cheek with enough force to make his head whip to the side. "Have you no shame? Couldn't you at least put some clothes on?"

"Darlene, that's my fault. I thought that they should stand there, naked and in front of the window. That way they might find some shame and regret what they did—not just in getting caught."

"Look at that! She won't even let go of him! What kind of shameless slut did you marry, Cliff?"

"Again, that's my fault. It makes him easier to control. Watch this, June, squeeze his dick—hard!"

"Oooooow! Why did you do that? What did I do to you?"

"Mark, that's a really stupid question. June, ease up on the grip, but hang on."

I caught Mark's eye for just a moment; that was all I needed. "I want you both to tell us the truth, now. You will put no spin on things to make yourselves look better, and you will tell us the whole truth—no half-truths.

"Let's start with Mark. What is the story here?"

"We first met back in high school," Mark revealed, as the possibility of this affair having started before our marriages entered both Darlene's head and my own. "We began dating just after the second semester started in January of our senior year. June and I hung with different crowds, so we hadn't really met before that. When we sat near each other in the second half year science class that we both took, we hit it off.

"We were going steady almost from the beginning; and whenever we could make time, we were happily spending it with each other. It was just after Easter break in late March, that we went "all the way" in the back seat of my car, for the first time. After that, we were inseparable. We almost never even had an angry word for each other, we were completely in love.

"Then, she left. It was the second of May; I will always remember that day. I went over to her house in my car to pick her up for school, and her Dad told me that she was gone and not coming back. Then he told me to leave and never ask about her again. I was heartbroken; I thought she ran away from me. I couldn't think of anything I had done to make her angry with me.

"Of course, I didn't listen to him; I went back many times, begging to be told where June had gone, why she left, who she left with...any detail that would help me find her and talk to her one last time. I knew I would make it right with her because I loved her so much! Her Mom and Dad wouldn't tell me anything and threatened to call the cops if I went back again.

"That didn't stop me; and they did call the cops. They told the cops that she left and didn't want to see me again, and they wanted me to quit coming around and harassing them. The cop took me down to the station and we had a long chat about lost causes and hopeless situations, and how one sided relationships could turn into dangerous stalker affairs. When my folks got there, he released me with the understanding that I would be arrested if I went back there again.

"I was crushed; and I was alone and frustrated at every turn. I went through the motions of the last month of my senior year, and graduated. After that, I joined the Army for four years to distract me from my pain and loneliness. While I was in the Army, I met Darlene and married her, thinking I'd never see June again.

"When I got out, we moved back here. That was about six months ago; it was about three months ago when I bumped into June in the grocery store. We had coffee a few days later to catch up. That's when I found out what really happened to June. We kept meeting every week or two, and it was totally innocent—well maybe a little flirting, but nothing happened until two weeks ago.

"I got off work early and came over one afternoon when you were gone on a trip until late that night, and things got out of control. The next thing we knew, we were naked, out of breath, and had both just climaxed. We both swore that it could never happen again, but it did about a week later—again—in this house. Today was only the third time. We're both very sorry and didn't mean to hurt either of you."

"Okay, June, now let's get your side of the story."

"The first part is just like he said; we met during our senior year of high school. We dated for several months and graduation was just about a month away. Everything was wonderful, until that day. I thought Mom went out on a couple of errands when I took the pregnancy test I bought because I missed my period. Sure enough, I was pregnant.

"I sat there on the end of my bed crying my eyes out with the stupid test in my hand, when my Mom walks into my room to see why I'm crying. I panicked and tried to hide the test stick from her, but she saw it. She was upset, but held and comforted me until Dad came home.

"Dad was not so compassionate—quite the opposite. He went through the roof! After he calmed down a little, he said that he would arrange for an abortion and that we would say nothing to anyone—especially Mark! I said that I couldn't kill a baby, and that it was my body and my decision. That statement got things heated up again very quickly. After a while, we compromised; I could carry the baby to term and put it up for adoption, but I couldn't tell anyone. I had to leave that night for my Aunt Janice's home in South Dakota, which is a seven hour drive. She had orders that I couldn't call anyone here. I couldn't evem call Mark to say goodbye; that was one of Dad's terms that he wouldn't budge on a bit. If anyone found out, he would disown me and throw me out of the house and family."

"So," I inquired, "you have a child out there somewhere that you never mentioned to me?"

"No," June replied, lowering her eyes, "I went to Aunt Janice's and finished out the school year. Obviously, I couldn't go to any classes that fall, as I would be showing for most of them, and that would have violated our agreement. After I started to 'show,' I became a prisoner in her home. I could have no contact whatsoever with any of my friends from home, or any other family member, except Mom and Dad, and I was so pissed, I didn't even speak to them. My whole world became my Aunt, myself, and the child growing within me.

"I think it was the depression that came over me that caused—at least partially—me to miscarry when I was about six months along. If I wasn't depressed enough before that, I surely was after. After I got over the miscarriage, I returned home, only to find that Mark had joined the Army, and his family had moved away (they only stayed here until he graduated as his Dad already had a job in Ohio). I felt so bad that I just moped around the house for several months, until Dad convinced me to at least get a job to get out a little.

"I got a job at Dr. Jenson's office, and began dating after a few months. I had been dating for about a year when I met you, Cliff. Our life together was great and you made me forget all about Mark, until we ran into each other in the grocery store, like he said."

"Well, isn't that just sweet and innocent?" snidely remarked Darlene. "Such a sweet tale of teenage love, lust and betrayal of others you both promised to love. If this is how you show your love, I should return the favor by kicking you in the balls!"

"So, you two were having quite the little affair, weren't you? Have either of you cooled down enough from your pubescent lust, to consider when you were going with this relationship? Were you going to leave us for each other, or what?"

"No, Cliff," June replied quickly, "I love you. I didn't want to leave you."

Mark looked shocked that he was not her first choice, but said nothing.

"So, did you think I would be accepting of your affair? Or did you think that you could quietly have your cake and eat it, too?"

"Cliff, I didn't want to hurt you. I wasn't sure how long Mark would be with me; after all, he and Darlene have a son."

"So, you were willing to cheat me, giving Mark what is rightfully mine and mine alone, as long as he wanted? That makes it sound like this could last for years—if Darlene and I were blind enough to let it, and he was horny enough to fuck two women regularly. That also leads me to believe that you are in this emotionally as well as physically, and that if he was willing to leave Darlene, that you would leave me in a heartbeat. Does that sum it up, June?"

"I hadn't really thought it through like that..."

"That sounds like you meant to say that you didn't want to leave me unless Mark left Darlene. Shit—that sounds like you really love me, what do you think, Darlene—do I have a loving wife, or what?"

"I can't say that I'm any better off, Cliff. Dipshit here and I were dating for about a year when I got pregnant with Joey, our son. Now, I'm thinking that's the only reason he married me. He was obviously still carrying a torch for June. I noticed a surprised look on Mark's face when June said that she didn't want to leave you. Mark, tell us what you were thinking when she said that."

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