What She Says Ch. 05: Home Visit


You blush: you hadn't realised that an erection was something to be maintained. If anything, it was often unwelcome, especially given the size of the bulge you often had to hide.

Tiffany turns to Helga. "I tried to get one of my boyfriends to serve us drinks naked once," she says, "And he just wouldn't do it. I know he would have loved it, but he couldn't go through with it." She turns back to you. "I guess you get more used to it after a while."

You wonder if I've been telling everyone about our antics. "Well, I..." you say, and then trail off.

Kelly stifles a giggle with a hand over her mouth and I flash a warning glance towards her.

Tiffany turns her head in my direction. "When you've finished with him," she says, "Let me know and I'll take him off your hands."

"Oi!" says Kelly, "I think you might have to get to the back of the queue." She looks over at you and bites her lip with that mischievous look still in her eyes.

Your penis waves in response and you try not to notice it, although the girls certainly have.

Just as you're wondering what to say to relieve your embarrassment there's a knock at the door. "Taxi's here!" I call across. I open the door a crack and tell the driver we'll be out in a minute.

Helga, Tiffany and Kelly stand up, and you stand automatically. Helga steps over to you and stretches out a hand. "It was good to meet you," she says as she looks you in the eye. You fight every impulse to glance down at the bare strip of skin where her blouse gapes. Only another inch, you think, and surely a nipple would be in sight. Your handshake seems very formal, given the circumstances. Helga turns and walks to the hallway to put her shoes on.

You prepare to do the same for Tiffany, but she's been emboldened by the champagne and leans up to give you a peck on the cheek. You instinctively put your hands onto her waist. She feels tiny in your hands and your fingers wrap almost all the way around her. You imagine what it would feel like to pull her just a little closer, but then the moment passes as she steps back with a smile. As if to give away your thoughts your penis waves and she glances down at it, her smile broadening again.

"I hope to see more of you again," she says. You smile in response and I feel suddenly jealous: that smile is supposed to be saved for me, not dished out to any pretty young thing that flirts with you. It's my own fault, I suppose. She gives a petite wave of the fingers to you before turning to join Helga in the hallway.

Finally, Kelly comes over and steps forward as she wraps her arms around you in a tight embrace. Your cock presses into her stomach, rubbing against the smooth fabric of her top, and you're not sure what to do with your hands as she holds onto you. Just to stop them waving purposelessly you put them around her back. You feel her shoulders flex beneath you.

Her hands slide down your bare shoulders and back and come to rest on the tops of your buttocks. She leans back slightly, and looks into your eyes. "I think I might have a new favourite uncle," she says with a wink that renders you speechless. Now I can't help but smile.

Kelly takes a step back and looks down at your swollen cock. She turns her head towards me. "And you're going to leave him like this for the afternoon?" she asks me. "You sure he's going to be okay."

You turn bright red. "Ssh, away with you," I wave at her, "He'll be just fine." Kelly pauses, still staring down at you with a half-smile. "Go on with you. Shoes on!" I order, and she takes a couple more steps backwards towards the door, before she also waves, turns and goes to join the other two, her pleated skirt bouncing as she springs across the wooden floor.

I walk over and put my arm around your neck, glad to have you to myself for a minute.

"Thank you, again," I say, "I definitely owe you now." I love how your cock feels against my stomach, and I can tell by the way it pushes against me that it's enjoying the texture of my cocktail dress.

"Now," I continue, "I'll only be a couple of hours, so you make yourself at home." You nod, still dazed by the afternoon's experience. And you've only been here for a little over an hour.

Not wanting to lose too much of my lipstick, I give you a quick peck on the cheek. Not satisfied, I realise I have to give you a proper kiss before I leave, and as I do so I reach down and wrap my hands around your balls. Your lungs feel with air as I do so, as you try to maintain the kiss at the same time as I stimulate you. After a few seconds I stop and step back. I wish I didn't have to go out now, but I won't be long.

"Wait for me, will you?" I ask. You wonder what else you're supposed to do as I join the girls in the hallway.

A minute later we head out to the cab, talking as we go. It's only as you hear the engine retreating down the driveway that you realise I never told you where your clothes are. What a shame.

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by Anonymous08/20/18


I read this story in Literotica, and I got so horny that I had to relieve myself …

What I like the most is when she orders him to throw the clothes for her, and he gets completely naked, only with themore...

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by Anonymous04/29/18

More please :)

A delicious series, wonderfully erotic. Please let us have more.

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