tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWhat She's Having!

What She's Having!

bySean Renaud©

It was the summer of two thousand twenty when Rena stretched her lovely nude body out across a towel at her local park. National Nude Day had become an official banking holiday nearly a decade earlier so Rena and her family were enjoying the summer holiday like all Americans do. With a barbeque. Her husband, Ken was sadly a little less nude than she would have liked. He was still shirtless so she could let her eyes hungrily graze on his broad muscular shoulders and his jock strap left his perfect little but visible but covered what she was really hungry for. Of course it was a small concession for not starving and as much as the sight of his sausage turned Rena into a salivating salacious slut she didn't want him singed at the barbeque. "Is it almost ready yet?" Rena rolled onto her stomach kicking her feet up playfully.

"Just about hon." Ken smirked as he maintained the food on the grill . He'd been just a kid when Nude Day had first started catching on, his earliest memories of it were just girls he'd always wanted suddenly flaunting their bodies. Most of them didn't have much of anything on Rena. She could have been a model if that had been what she wanted from life. Instead she'd chosen, as a lot of women increasingly did after the Great Recession of two thousand ten, to be a house wife, the shrinking of the labor force by nearly half drove wages up overnight. Rena kept busy with a combination of dance and gymnastics that kept her body toned. "Don't burn." Even with the attire she preferred to wear the red head had never really tanned, and a day out sunning her heart shaped rump could easily lead to severe burns.

Rena grinned as she brought her arms up beneath her chest pushing her breasts out. "Just don't burn the food. I'm sure someone here will be happy to lotion me up. Isn't that right?" She called out. It was a family outing and most of the males perked up but quickly lowered their heads from a combination of scowls from their significant others or the threat of Ken. "No takers?" She purred as she twisted onto her back. "There isn't anybody here who wants to rub me?" She practically oozed sex shaking her breasts at no one in particular.

"I got it Aunt Rena." Jacob answered rising to his feet. He'd just turned eighteen a few weeks ago so it was his first time with the adults. He wasn't supposed to be drinking but he it was clear just by his color that he'd drank at least a beer already. He was part of his high school's track team and had the slender body one would expect of someone who could run a ten k marathon in the morning and not even feel it in the afternoon.

"Well don't just stand there." Rena giggled calling him forward with a crooked finger. She had to close her eyes when his hands touched her. It was a strange feeling, she'd known him since he was a boy and in many ways he was still one. There wasn't anything sexual about him spreading lotion over her body, certainly not the way it would have been if Ken had been the one, or his brother Duke or almost any of the other males. The only thing that was even remotely sexual was the unavoidable detail of his cock. When he straddled her thighs to rub the lotion into her back and shoulders his prick was nestled right in the crack of her ass. Since she hadn't even really noticed the new comer she didn't know until she felt his warm cock flesh just how large he was. Despite herself she felt a slight warmth pooling between her thighs.

"Food's ready." Ken called just as Jacob finish rubbing lotion onto his aunt's globes. He didn't share his Aunt's lack of interest or her ability to hide it so effectively. There were some quick glances towards his rock hard flesh but the rest of the adults were more interested in hot dogs and hamburgers than in his sausage, impressive as it was. "What are you having?"

"You already know.." Rena shouted and Ken was quick to oblige his wife with bacon burger slathered in ketchup and mustard just as she liked.

Ken headed back for his own burger balancing the plate on top of his plastic cup of rum and Coke. "So I gotta joke. Who's the most popular man on Nude Day?" Ken asked as he stripped out of the jock strap he'd been wearing. It wasn't just Rena who watched him. Long time friend Heather was visibly salivating over him.

"I don't' know. Who?" Rena replied not really trying to feign interest in her husbands sophomoric sense of humor.

"The guy who can carry a dozen donuts and two cups of coffee!" Ken exclaimed. Jacob humored him with a bit of a chuckle but that was it, everyone else had fallen silent. "Get it. . .it's cus his dick is long enough."

"We get it. It's just not very funny." Rena replied as her attention started to wander. Considering she hadn't noticed he was a man until a few moments ago she realized she was searching out Jacob. Unfortunately he was positioned away from her.

"Okay well try this one. Who's the most popular girl?" Ken quirked his eye brow.

"The one who can eat the last donut. Are we done with bad jokes for the day? I don't know if any of us can survive much more of this." Rena groaned. A big bit of her burger ended with a splatter of ketchup splattered over her breasts. "Oops." Ken was quick to respond with a warm mouth. Rena couldn't quite stifle a whimper when his mouth lingered longer than needed. The ketchup hadn't been anywhere near her nipple but that's where Ken's mouth was when he gently bit down. "People watching." She managed to gasp. Ken didn't seem to care, or if he did he liked the idea of his friends and family seeing him in action. Prying her food from her Ken forced his wife down to her back. Any concern Rena had about the crowd of friends and family faded when Ken's lips settled between her thighs. It only took him a second to find her clit and coax it out between his lips.

Rena's legs were quivering within just a few moments. Here eyes slid shut as she bit down on her lower lip determined not to put on a show for the rest of the family. If she'd realized how erotic she looked twisting and slowly turning red in face she would have just let it out. She was oblivious to them, only able to focus on the tiny part of the universe where her husband's tongue was working it's magic. Her body was working on its own when it wrapped her thighs around his head. Rena didn't mean to arch her back until on the top of her head was touching the grass while the rest was supported by her husband's shoulders. It wouldn't be until her orgasm passed that she even realized she'd dug her fingers far enough into the grass to pull out clumps. Rena wasn't aware of anything Ken's tongue mercilessly lashing her clit and driving her orgasm until she collapsed.

Sara flushed with desire whispered. "I'll have what she's having."

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