tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWhat You Wish For

What You Wish For


Whilst being driven back to the hotel in the taxi after a party with friends, Tom was thinking smugly of his great life. Six weeks before he had just turned down £8 million for his I.T. Company, pulling out last minute from a deal with a South Korean firm.

He had taken no notice of the warning not to do so.

The price for that would be devastating for both him and his wife

Nobody told Tom what to do he thought to himself.

At 40 yrs. old Tom was four years older than Ellie. He had gained some weight while Ellie was still what most men dream of. Looking a few yrs. younger than her age, she had shoulder length brown hair and a figure that would make a Bishop smash a stained glass window. Dressed in a simple but very expensive cocktail dress, her nipples now noticeable because of her aroused state, Tom was also kneading them. The dress she wore was actually two pieces of cloth not one. They were held together by studs which started at her left shoulder and wound down across her breasts, around her back and down her body to her left thigh and then down the left leg to 4 inches above her knee.

She wasn't wearing the panties she had on going to the party because they were in Tom's pocket.

This was Ellie and Tom's naughty dress.

He had designed it and had it made for this purpose. Aghast at first, she now loved it. Ellie had arrived at the party with only 4 studs open showing modesty. Two at the top and the bottom two. As usual she had been noticed. However he had removed her panties as she came from the bathroom about 1 hr before and he had opened two more studs either end. A number of guests noticed this. Ellie was the sort who got noticed. Just before getting in the taxi he had nodded to her and put up two fingers. Ellie discreetly pulled open another two studs top and bottom and as she entered the taxi , the driver got a stiffy. Opening the door for her he saw loads of cleavage and plenty of thigh.

During the 20 min drive , Tom's right hand pulled open more studs. The click easily audible in the quiet car. Then he ran his hand up and down her leg. He didn't touch her pussy. He didn't have to. He knew she would be wet as Manchester. Tom whispered to her to remember to "tip" the driver. On arrival the driver rushed to open her door. There was plenty of cleavage on show and as she got out her legs opened and he clearly saw her pussy. It was heavily trimmed and he glimpsed the cameltoe. She knew and looked up at him blushing slightly and smiled. Ellie also shook a little with lust

Tom paid the taxi and then whispered. And here's my tip. Within ten minutes I will have come in her mouth. Handing over his wife's panties, he said, enjoy wanking into these and keep your mouth shut. You never know your luck next time.

They were hardly through the door to their room before he had his cock out and Ellie on her knees. He didn't last 5 minutes. She swallowed it all.

When he finished he called her a hussy and slut, led her to the bed and he spanked her hard. She always accepted harder spankings when under drugs and drink and really excited. Though she never knew Tom spiked her drink with just enough Speed to do the job. He thought it was just drink and lust. He accused her of being a whore and disgracing him. All part of their games. Then they 69'd before he fucked her to orgasm twice. The first time in doggy position. The second he penetrated her with her vibrator and fucked her with it hard. God they both loved playing these games.

Overnight a man who had felt Ellie's breasts at the party, which Ellie failed to disclose to Tom, and the taxi driver, filed their detailed reports by email To Bangkok.

On waking the next morning Tom looked forward to their forthcoming vacation in South East Asia, Starting in Bangkok. He had plans for them. They had discussed it . Maybe another woman to join them as long as Ellie only had to "receive, not do". Certainly Ellie "accidentally" exhibiting herself in the sleazy bars for men to ogle.

This vacation however would become an absolute nightmare from which there would be no return. Had Ellie known what lay in store she would have jumped under a bus rather than take what lay ahead.

They had tried for children with no success even undergoing IVF 3 times. It was their only regret up to now. That was about to change.

Three days later they were in their hotel suite in Bangkok. They had visited the Rose Gardens in the day and now Tom and Ellie were going to visit the Pat Pong. A taxi there, they drank, watched girls strip on bars and pole dance, before being rented out to clients, and in one bar and they watched visitors grope each other brazenly in front of anyone who cared to watch. The taxi driver had recommended it and said it was safe for tourists and they might like it.

Ellie wore a pretty flowery button through dress with its own built in "lift". At the back of the bar Tom had buttons open on the dress and was openly feeling her tits and pinching her nipples. Again the speed and alcohol made her horny. Tom saw an Asian man stare at them. Good looking and slim. In his 30's. Tom softly told Ellie and then told her to open her legs for him. Ellie did nothing. She asked Tom, do you think it's safe. He didn't answer. Just opened two more buttons so the dress was almost open to her thigh and pulled the material apart. Ellie shuddered excitedly. He whispered spread yourself wide for me and him. Ellie slowly opened her thighs and the Asian could see the triangle of thong and Tom's fingers rubbing against the front of the thong. The material was soaking wet. Finish your drink Ellie then go the bathroom. Take off the thong. She stood up and Tom turned her to face him. She said I'm very nervous about this and a little scared as well as excited Tom. He said trust me. Your safe and your gorgeous. He opened another button top and bottom. Now go. Ellie just said Christ Tom I will be almost naked. She went.

While away the Asian came over and offered to buy a drink for them both. Tom said she'll have a vodka and tonic. I'm ok for now. He had just got it and sat down when Ellie returned. She sat between them. They introduced themselves and Tom said tell Lao what you just did. She blushed and hesitated. She said Oh Tom I'm not certain about this yet. Tom thought he was in control and would not let Lao touch her. Lao said tell me Ellie, tell me. She said I just removed my panties because Tom asked me to. Lao said show me your panties Ellie. Tom nodded and she opened her bag. Lao grabbed them before Ellie could move. Lovely he said as he sniffed and also very wet. Lao placed the thong in his pocket and said it is much better upstairs in this bar with an interesting show. It's also a little too public here. It's nicer upstairs. A little darker and more quiet. Going up the stairs Tom led and Lao stroked Ellies arse through the material. Tom never saw a thing.

Once seated on a large half moon bench seat in a corner at the back of the room with Ellie in the middle drinks were ordered with a waitress. Lao gave the slightest of nods to her. Before the waitress returned Tom had Ellie's cleavage on show and the dress pulled wide to expose all Ellie's thighs.

A small stage had two girls dancing on it. Young and slim they were already topless showing pert little tits. Lao made a little small talk and soon the stage girls were naked and lying down open legged and touching themselves at first then each other. Ellie was shaking a little with lust as she did at seeing such sights. Lao said it was such a lovely sight always to see women open like that. You must agree Ellie because you are shaking. Wouldn't YOU love to dance so sexily for others to see you. Maybe, she said she had a fantasy but that was all it was. And no way in a public place like this.

Although others were in the room Tom, Ellie and Lao were at the rear and reasonably out of sight. Tom stroked Ellie's left leg. Lao put an arm around Ellie which made Tom look at him uncomfortably, Lao just said quietly, I am in charge here now Tom and you both will do as I say. Lao then undid the buttons nearly down to Ellie's waist. Ellie just stared at the stage and the girls pussies while Tom spread her thighs and Lao played with tits.

Lao's boss would be happy as everything was going to plan.

Lao tested the rohypnol, put in the drinks by the waitress, was working. He said undo your pants Tom and get it out and play with it. Tom looked at Lao and Lao said DO IT. Tom nor Ellie batted an eye as Tom did as he was told. Now Ellie stand so I can take off your dress. She did so. He removed the dress by opening another two buttons and just sliding it down and ordered her on her knees under the table. Ellie now naked slid down the seat and onto all fours under the table. Those in the bar watched on. Nearly all were working for Lao's boss. He owned the bar. Wank all over her hair Tom he said and cover your slut. Ellie play with yourself. In a few short minutes her hair was matted in cum. Now Tom. Tell Ellie to suck my cock dry. Tom did just that and Ellie licked, slurped, and sucked at Lao until he held head and fucked her face hard causing her to gag before spewing his heavy load into her mouth and throat. Ellie went to take a drink but Lao stopped her and said, you are having nothing to take the taste away.

Others had watched this while one man filmed as much as he could on his phone. Lao told Ellie to stand and while she displayed herself naked in the bar, Tom was told to dress her, although only a few buttons from thigh to above waist were fastened leaving much of Ellie's body exposed.

Lao loved the power he had. Take your slut to the bar Tom and ask if anyone wants to feel her Tits and cunt. Tom looked at Lao but did what he was told. He took his beautiful wife to the bar and asked who wants to feel my wife's tits and cunt. For the next 10 mins Five men and one woman took full advantage. The dress was opened and hands pulled, pushed, pinched and entered every hole. When Ellie went to complain Lao told her to shut up and open her legs and stand still. She did just that. Even as the Older Asian woman stuck 3 fingers into her she said and did nothing. All was recorded on phone.

Satisfied with what he had done Lao stopped the" show" and told Tom to fasten a few buttons and then led them away and into a taxi. As they walked out in the street the market was still open and many stared at the beautiful Ellie walking with her dress only half closed. Lao gave no address in the taxi because the driver already knew where they going.

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