tagNonHumanWhat's in a Name? Ch. 01

What's in a Name? Ch. 01


With many, many thanks to LissaSue for editing my stories! Without her, I would not have come far.


Blackness enveloped her like a suffocating blanket. Struggling for air, her chest rising but inhaling no comforting oxygen, her body convulsed, trembling in its bindings. The pain made her mind numb. She couldn't remember how long she had been left there, chained to the ceiling. Her body screamed and she felt like she was on fire. Stars started dancing before her eyes, tempting her to give in to the fatigue. Desperately she tried to shrug the all-consuming darkness, but her strength failed her. Then again, the blackness was painless, thoughtless, and she was so tired. So tired. A new wave of the thick cloud hit her. She welcomed the overwhelming depth of the numbing pool, immersing herself in it this time. She didn't care anymore.


A searing pain shot through her back, pulling her from the comforting void. Voices started entering her mind. They sounded angry and exited, words indiscernible. She tried to remember where she was. The burning sensation from her wrists and arms told her she was dangling from the ceiling again.


The memories hit her. They had tortured her. For days or weeks or years. Time had no meaning anymore. She had cried, screamed, begged, told them everything she knew but it had not stopped. All she remembered was pain. She didn't know what to say anymore, drained from every emotion she had ever had.

She tensed at a whooshing sound behind her.

Pain exploded from her back as the sound changed into a sharp crack and a moan escaped her lips.

"Boss," a low male voice behind her called, "she's come round."

"Start questioning her again."

Her eyes shot open to the familiar voices, her heart quickening in fear. The two men stood before her, smirking at her pain and anxiety.

"Are you ready to answer us yet my dear?" the dark taller man asked her.

She was in the same room again. Windowless concrete walls surrounded her and her captors, a heavy steel door right behind her. The rough poured floor scraped the soles of her feet as she tried to reposition her weight. She had difficulty focusing her mind on the man before her, the pain distracting her from his words.

The taller man nodded to the blond one, gesturing him to begin the questioning. He moved up to her, his eyes holding hers. With a slight smile he extended his hand to her right shoulder, softly stroking the tender bone.

"This has been going on long enough, little girl. Why don't you tell us what we would like to know?

His hand slowly tightened on her shoulder. She felt the bones scrape sickeningly beneath her skin, pain radiating where his hand pressed the joint. Suddenly he turned his hand, twisting the broken bones. A moan escaped her lips again. Heaving, the emptiness of her stomach prevented her from throwing up.

"Tell me your name."

Dehydrated, she had no tears left. She did not know. She had told him everything. Every name she had ever used in her life. Her pen name, avatar, alias, e-mail, pseudonym, her login. He wanted to know another name. She could not remember other names. Could not remember ever having had one.

A name.

Her name.

She shook her head in desperation, looking at him beggingly.

He backhanded her. Her head lurched sideways as the throbbing pain in her cheek marked his hit. Stars danced before her eyes and it took her some seconds before she realized that warm blood trickled down her nose and cheek. The feeling distracted her, surprising her that her body had blood left to bleed.

He roughly grabbed her hair, forcing her to look at him again, regaining her attention.

"Tell me your name!"

"I don't know." The words left her mouth trembling, her throat straining to produce them.

His fist again collided with her cheek, pain radiated from her face as well from his hand in her hair.

He released her, thoughtlessly throwing strands of her long blond hair to the floor.

Before she was able to catch her breath his knee connected forcibly with her stomach. She lurched over, breath forced form her lungs as he continued to torture her body. His hand and feet kept connecting with her, at her back, her stomach, her shoulders. Pain took over her mind, forcing all thoughts from it.

Unable to sustain her weight she slumped in the chains, blood trickling down her body. She tried to scream but no sound came from her anymore. It was too much. She could not take it anymore. Brokenly she waited for the darkness to envelope her again. To immerse her in nothingness.

The taller man looked at the man's work approvingly. She was broken, the information he wanted in his reach. Leaning against the wall he watched the mangled girl before them, desperation leaking from her pores.

They would have to start thinking of a way to dispose of her.

The blond man grabbed her hair again, forcing her to stand. "Tell me your name!!"

She sobbed: "I don't know."

His lips pressed together in a thin line. Taking her naked body in his hands, he turned her facing the door with a swift movement.

He recovered his knife from his pocket, trailing it slowly over her body. He felt her skin shiver beneath him, her pain and despair arousing his manhood. His erection strained in his pants. He looked forward to taking care of that later, the memories of her whimpering fuelling his desire.

Softly he whispered in her ear. "Last time little girl. Tell me your name."

No reaction came, he had not expected one. He pressed his knife in her back, braking the soft skin. Her screams echoed in the room, her body trashing trying to escape the ministrations of his knife in her back. Lust covered his eyes as he slowly traced a roster in her skin, blood seeping from the cuts.

She fainted. Smirking he looked at her body, dangling from the chains. One or two more days and she would spill. Then he would have his way with her.

He looked over to his boss. An approving nod confirmed they would wait for her to come round again. That would take a while, he smirkingly thought. He turned to exit the room, walking to his own quarters. Time he'd use to thoroughly sate his lust.


He closed the door behind him, locking it automatically. He had a few hours off until they would continue working on the girl, which he planned to use to relieve his straining cock. Now back in his room he no longer could contain himself. With a swift movement he released his penis from its breeches, stroking it as he walked to his bed.

His clothing now just being a memory on his body, he replayed the interrogation techniques he had used on the girl in his head, lingering at the screams and moans he had produced from her. He caressed his balls and penis, using the memories to fuel his lust.

Breathing heavily he felt the feverish warmth spread from his low abdomen to the rest of his body. Slowly he pumped his cock with his fist, moaning at the delicious sensations this produced. How hot her tears and begging had made him, his cock painfully hard, trying to break out its binds.

Moving his hand up and down his cock, he led his thoughts trail of to even more explicit fantasies. He imagined how he would take her. How he would slide his penis up her thigh, inside her dry warmth. Her screams would fill the room and he would rape her until she bled from her raw fucked pussy.

She would trash in her bindings, unable to get away from him and unintentionally squirm her body against his, fuelling his desire. He closed his eyes at the fantasy. He thought of how he would brutalize her, force her to receive him, his breathing spiking from uncontrolled arousal.

He grabbed his blanket, holding it like he was holding the girl, imagining that the friction it caused against his skin was her skin caressing his heated flesh. He felt his penis respond to his mental pictures, felt his balls contract.

His fist tightened around his shaft, moving faster, caressing himself. The pulsing need tried to break out of him, to drown him in bliss. Suddenly his orgasm hit him. His balls contracted deliciously, his penis exploding in sweet agony.

Warm seed pulsed from the tip of his cock, coating his abdomen as he rode the bliss of his height. The picture of his cock sliding in and out of the girls cunt was etched in his mind, draining his cock from his seed. He decided he would do that do her in real life soon, coat his cock with her warm pussy.

The aftermath of his orgasm coursed through him and he heaved a content sigh. His lust satiated for the moment, he grabbed a towel from the floor and cleaned his stomach from the results of his erotic fantasies.

Drowsy warmth enveloped him and he made himself comfortable in the bed. He fell asleep thinking of his next session with the girl, a smile curving his lips. It would be the best they'd ever had.


His alarm woke him some hours later, his body comfortable from the warmth of his bed. He swiftly rose and dressed himself in jeans and a shirt, not bothering with any underwear. He looked forward to another session with the girl. His cock already stirred in his pants, it anticipated a sweet evening.

He grabbed his knife and keys and left his room heading to the cell they had left the girl hanging some hours earlier. He walked from the living wing of the building past the brightly lit offices. His badge opened the door to the closed section, a hallway covered in reflective steel behind it.

His anticipation rose as he neared the door of the cell. Today they would take the questioning to another level, aiming to break the girl and retract the required information. He felt his lust slowly rising, breathing heavily through his nose as he thought about the techniques he would to make the girl talk.

He entered the cell, his boss already there. A shiver ran down his spine. The dark haired man always creeped him out. His eyes black in an unnatural beautiful face. He let him play with the business relations who needed some persuasion, which easily made up for the fact he always looked at everything like he could kill something any minute. But he still was creepy.

The girl was still unconscious. Her chest barely rising as she breathed in and out. Although she was emaciated and covered in bruises and cuts, he still found her beautiful. Her natural beauty still shone through her mangled form. His eyes trailed her body as he walked to the chair in the corner.

She was blond and petite, standing only five foot three. She used to have luscious womanly curves until they decided to put her on a diet. She had lost her curved but the echo of her radiant beauty still enchanted him.

He used the chair for support as he started undressing himself again. He folded his clothes and left them in a neat pile on the chair. Naked, his erection standing from his hips he took his position in front of the girl. His hand grabbed her hair, roughly forcing her head up.

"Time to wake up little girl".

She opened her eyes, her eyes connecting with his, struggling to focus. With a shock she realized he was naked, lust burning from his eyes as his hands moved to her body. He stroked the sides of her naked form, roaming the damaged skin. He looked questioningly to the taller man.

"Go ahead," he snarled, "fuck her." The dark man turned from the room leaving the two behind. Before he closed the door he barked his last instructions: "you will inform me of any changes."

He nodded to the dark man and turned to the girl as he heard the door closing behind him. Slowly smiling, he roamed his eyes over her body, lingering at the triangle between her legs. He moved himself to her body, pressing her tightly to him. Her cold body cooled his warm skin, causing a tingling sensation that made his cock jump.

Panic fluttered through the girl. She felt his erection press against her stomach, his body-heat nauseating her. She tried to squirm away but he tightly held her in his arms, his head moving to the juncture between her chest and neck. He started licking her there, his tongue trailing a wet path from her shoulder to her ear. Lingering there he breathed softly in her ear: "I'm going to fuck you little girl. Impale you on my cock until you beg me to end your miserably life."

"Tell me what we want to hear little girl and I will gladly oblige."

She shuddered, trying to close her mind from what was happening. He moved his body around her, his hands on her breasts, pinching them painfully. One hand trailed her abdomen and hip, leaving her body after stroking her ass. His body moved against her back again, pulling her in his arms. His erection straining against her bottom.

Her heart raced in her chest, her mind clouded by fear and fury. He would rape her. After all the pain he had inflicted on her, this would be his final act.

She was surprised by the intensity of the rage that built in her. She felt the fury rise in her body, a red wave that clouded her mind and vision. She felt it pulse through her, beating against her chest, trying to get out.

It suddenly changed into something she no longer had control over. Waves of energy, fuelled by her hatred crashed through her, tingling her insides. It became more and more intense, concentrating in a single point inside her stomach, pulsing there like a supernova waiting for release.

She exploded.

The energy crashed from her body, cutting her senses from her surroundings. Waves of heated force pulsed from her, one after another, beating against her surroundings. Draining her from her energy. From everything she had left. She felt exhausted. A peaceful cloud entered her mind, comfortable warmth spreading to all her limbs.

With a start she realizes she felt happy. White light covered her mind, driving her unconscious and she contentedly felt herself falling in to its deep depths.



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