Wheels Up!


Operating a business in an early 1900's house is accompanied by a battery of sounds that predict the arrival and departure of my colleagues. I was clearly too wrapped up in a project with looming deadlines to notice that my colleagues had called it a day and departed for their respective homes. The house was uncharacteristically quiet when I heard a soft voice calling out a melodic 'hello?' The sweet soft voice seemed surreal and I waited to hear if it was real or my mind begging for a break from the task at hand.

I was briefly startled as she slowly entered my office. She was truly beautiful. Her shoulder length blonde hair was shimmering as the late day sunlight cascaded down on her shoulders. With a slight smile she apologized for startling me and explained that she was to meet at leasing agent to look at an upstairs suite that was for rent. Extending her hand as she introduced herself, I could not help but notice that Krisa had sparkling blue eyes that communicated her warm and friendly nature. Her skin was soft and at the same time unyielding, an early signal that she was confident and self-assured.

I turned to face Krisa as she slowly sat on the edge of my desk. Whether for effect or the simple result of her body position, her deep neckline revealed that Krisa had large breasts. I clearly lingered too long because when our eyes met she had an all knowing smile that triggered a moment of embarrassment. Krisa explained that she was a flight attendant and an in-flight instructor for an airline and just finished a busy travel week. She wondered if she had gotten the day or time wrong as she fiddled with her mobile in an attempt to recall the number of the leasing agent.

I suggested to Krisa that I could show her the suite, ensuring that it did not result in a wasted trip if the agent did not show. Krisa quickly agreed and suggested she was in my hands and would appreciate me showing her the suite. The suite is on an upper floor and I gestured towards the flight of stairs that led to the suite. Krisa slid past me and slowly began her ascent. Her tight jeans accented a beautiful ass, shapely hips and long slender legs. She stopped on the landing and I moved past her to open the door. The stairwell was narrow and my forearm lightly brushed against her breast as I opened the door. Her breast was very firm and I felt that I was becoming aroused.

It was essentially a bachelor suite with a small living area that doubled as a bedroom, an efficient bathroom and small kitchen. Krisa lingered in the kitchen area as I took the opportunity to enjoy the view form the large window in the front room. As I took in the horizon, I felt a hand rest gently on my hip. I slowly turned around and our eyes met. Krisa said that it would be appropriate for us to become comfortable with each other if we were going to be neighbors. She pulled me forward and firmly kissed me. Her soft, full lips were inviting and I felt a wave of excitement envelope my body. Krisa forced me back against the window sill, gently biting my lower lip with her hands on my hips. She slowly slid her left palm down and firmly grasped my aroused cock. Her right hand was quickly unbuttoning my shirt as we kissed. She ran her hand along the inside of my legs and continued to fondle my cock. As she finished unbuttoning my shirt, she slid the garment off my shoulders. Kissing my chest, she gripped my ass firmly and pulling my hard cock towards her. She continued to kiss and nibble my chest as she rubbed my cock through my pants with her hips. As I closed my eyes and my head rolled back against the window, I felt Krisa begin to unbutton my pants. She slowly pulled them down and took a moment to survey my state of arousal. I felt her gently bite my diamond hard cock through my boxers as she pulled my hips towards her face. Almost effortlessly, she whisked down my boxers and circled my pelvic bones with her soft thumbs. She softly blew on my hard cock, sending a knifing pulse of excitement through my loins. She gripped my hard cock by the base and slowly tongued my balls; taking one in her mouth at a time as I arched my back and moaned with delight. She slowly stroked my cock as she flicked her tongue on my engorged tip.

Reaching down, I pulled Krisa up by the elbows and began to kiss her neck. I slowly pulled her sweater over her head, revealing beautifully firm breasts. I cupped her left breast as I took the nipple of her right breast into my mouth and then gently flicked my tongue against her hard nipple as I caressed her other breast. Squeezing her nipples, I kissed her neck and then softly kissed her waiting lips. I backed Krisa to the couch and she slowly sat on the edge of the cushion. I quickly unbuttoned her jeans and slid them and her skimpy panties off. Krisa's pussy was smooth with a very small trace of blonde welcoming me to her sweet treasure. I pulled Krisa toward me and kissed her; our tongues explored and our eyes met, exchanging fervid desire. I kissed her neck, breasts and slowly flicked my tongue on her flat belly, kissing her hips as I gently cupped her ass with my hands.

As I pulled Krisa's hips towards me, her upper body nestled into the couch and she moaned softly in anticipation. I began kissing her hips and inner thighs, occasionally flicking my tongue at her waiting pussy. I can wait not longer and begin to devour her wet sex. My tongue explored her pussy and I locked in on her clit. I slowly stimulate her clit with my tongue as Krisa's head rolls back, eyes closed while she runs her tongue along her full lips. She is caressing her breasts and gently squeezing her nipples. This is a turn on for me, and I increase the pace with which I am licking and kissing her moist pussy, stimulating her clit with increasing pressure. I increase my focus on her swollen clit as she reaches a cascading orgasm; pulling my tongue deep into her sopping wet sex.

Sated for the moment, Krisa guides to my feet and our lips meet in a passionate kiss as she reached down and stroked my semi-hard cock. Slowly, she kissed my chest as she began to move down towards my sex. She kissed and bit my nipples, as she trailed her fingers down my arching back. Kissing my stomach as she stroked my hardening cock, she knelt and took my cock into her mouth, caressing my taut balls with her hand. As she was running her tongue along the shaft of my hard cock, I closed my eyes in pure enjoyment and time seemed to stand still. Her mouth moved the length of my hard cock. She stroked my cock as she took my balls into her mouth again. Stroking, licking and sucking my sex, I felt as though I would climax at any moment.

Pulling Krisa to her feet, I forcefully kiss her neck and lips. She pushes me to the couch and with a mischievous smile inquires as to whether I might feel like fucking her. The very mention launches a tremor of excitement through my body. She slid her wet sex down my chest and slowly straddled my hips and stroked my hard cock. As I lay back on the cushion, Krisa straddled my hips, rhythmically rubbing her soft, moist sex along my hard cock. As she increases the pace, I burn with the desire to plunge my cock into her sopping wet pussy. Sensing my yearning, Krisa slowly positions her wet pussy atop my hard cock and glides my stiff shaft into her waiting sex, yielding a soft a moan from both of us. Her eyes are a window to her burning desire as she slowly and rhythmically rode my stiff cock as my hands caress her breasts. She leans down and kisses me deeply, our tongues meet and I pull her hips down and into me. Krisa continued to feverishly grind her wet sex against my stiff cock, and I meet her with powerful thrusts. Our excitement builds as my cock glides in and out of her sopping wet sex. Krisa softly urges me to take her from behind and I quickly lift her off my hips and spin her around to expose her beautiful ass. I teased her wet pussy with the tip of my glistening cock, rubbing her clit and partially penetrating her pussy. She reached back and pulled me deep into her waiting sex, moaning as I thrust fully and slowly. I moved between stimulating her clit and fundament as I continued to pound my hard cock into her sopping pussy. As my cock glides into her, she eagerly meets every stroke, reaching underneath and stroking my tight balls.

Our excitement builds as my cock pounds into her wet sex. I can no longer restrain and as my back arches it is clear we are approaching a thundering orgasm. We reach a rolling climax that sends a mutual shudder through our hot, glistening bodies. We collapse to the mattress, a pool of sated desire. I kiss Krisa's back and shoulders and run my hand along her damp skin. Our breathing returns to normal as I pull her close into my chest, running my hand through her hair and kiss her neck. With a glimmer of mischief she suggests that now would be a good time to test the shower. I could not argue and joined Krisa in the waiting shower, desiring another opportunity to become further acquainted with my new friend.

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