tagGay MaleWhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 03

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling Ch. 03


By Tom Collins and Jushorny


It seemed as if Devlin were trying to be honest with me. I was wondering if he meant it when he said that he was open to the possibilities of a deeper relationship as he pulled me back down to him, capturing my lips in a slow, coffee flavored kiss. I held back a little as I thought about his words, trying hard to ignore his hand stroking my hard cock. It wasn't easy.

Risk, I decided, is what it all came down to in the end. Life, and everything it entailed, was a gamble. The only reason people get out of bed every morning is that they didn't really believe that anything bad could happen to them. The simple act of breathing wasn't without risk, so why should I be so scared to lay my heart on the line? I knew the reason; I'd die from a broken head, but I'd have to live with a broken heart. What I was beginning to realize, as Dev pulled me closer, was that if I didn't take any risks I wouldn't make any gains.

I'd discovered last night that I couldn't close my eyes without seeing his face, and my bed had been such an empty space for too long. I needed someone filling it, not just anyone, him, Devlin. Beautiful, confidant Devlin, who made me feel like trying again, like those grey clouds really could have a silver lining if I was just willing to look for it.

Having decided to take the chance, I relaxed and let myself sink into the kiss. It was so easy to lose myself in Devlin's taste and textures. Before I knew it, my whole world revolved around the joining of our mouths and the mingling of our breath. The smooth softness of the skin on his back and the inside of his thigh tantalized my fingers, while his firm, skilled hand slowly stroked me closer to orgasm.

Lifting my foot up onto the rail of the stool, I pulled his knee up onto my hip, slid my hand up the back of his thigh and as far into the baggy leg of his shorts as I could. He immediately rocked his hips to meet my fingertips as they grazed along the crease where thigh meets ass, and whimpered loudly into my mouth. I knew I'd just found a very sensitive spot and would use that knowledge to my advantage.

He increased the pace and pressure of his hand on my cock, forcing me to return his moan with a groan of my own. It became impossible for me to keep myself from matching the rhythm of his strokes with my own thrusts. I felt a tingling spread from my groin outward, down the insides of my thighs and up into my abs, as my balls started to tighten and pull up a little.

Grabbing his wrist, I broke the kiss, "Stop...you have to stop," I gasped. Resting my forehead on his, I gently pulled his hand away from me. Lacing my fingers with his, I tucked the back of his hand against my chest.

Closing my eyes, I concentrated on calming down and slowing my breathing, but opened them and looked into his when he stammered, "Wha—why?" His wide-eyed expression and the tone of his voice were incredulous. I thought I saw a tinge of hurt in the set of his mouth and brows when he pulled his head back from mine, breaking contact with my forehead.

"Because, I need to calm down, Dev. There are too many things I wanna do to you, with you. No matter how good you are at giving hand jobs, I wanna save it for when it'll really count. Besides, the longer you wait, the more intense it is when you finally let yourself come," I replied, grinning crookedly and giving him a slow wink. His expression softened and the corners of his mouth turned up in a smile of relief.

My breathing and pulse were coming back to normal, but my throat had gone dry. I gave him a quick kiss before straightening up and shrugging my robe back up onto my shoulders. I let it hang open as I reached past his shoulder for my iced coffee. I pulled it out of the cardboard drink tray and stirred it with the straw, before taking several long sips from it to quench my thirst. The fact that he'd ordered my coffee exactly the way I took it told me he'd been paying attention to me for a while and I hadn't even realized it. He'd also gotten a pastry that I would have picked, a cream cheese filled, cranberry muffin.

He pushed himself upright as I reached past him again and picked up the muffin. "Is this for me?" I asked, and he confirmed that it was. "You're awfully thoughtful, Devlin. Have you been stalking me? That's the only way I can think of that you'd know my preferences so well," I teased, as I set my coffee down and carefully pulled the top off the muffin, exposing the filling.

"No, but I do make a point to learn about those who stalk me," he replied with a grin and wink.

I shook my head and chuckled, "I wasn't stalking you. It was more like..." I paused to think of just the right phrase, "Bird watching. Yes, it was akin to bird watching," I nodded, affirming my choice of words. His hearty laugh turned to a quiet groan as he watched my tongue glide across the underside of the muffin cap, gathering some of the sweetened, cream cheese and bringing it into my mouth. His unexpected reaction gave me an extremely wicked idea. "Want a taste?" I asked, arching my brow and smiling.

When he nodded, I took another lick and set the muffin on the counter then leaned in, wrapping my arms over his shoulders. I kissed him slow and deep, sharing the cream cheese back and forth until it had completely dissolved. While we kissed, I slid my hands down his chest and pulled the elastic waistband of his shorts and underwear down, exposing his achingly beautiful cock. I wrapped my left hand around his shaft as I reached for the bottom part of the muffin with my right. Peeking through my lashes, I could see he'd closed his eyes; he seemed totally focused on the kiss and my hand on his hot flesh.

I gave his shaft a couple of slow, hard strokes before pushing the muffin bottom over the head of his dick and smearing it around. The sudden, strange feeling and cool temperature surrounding the head of his dick made his entire body twitch violently and his head jerked back, breaking the kiss with a startled gasp.

"What the—?" he started to ask and cut himself off when he looked down and saw what I was doing, "Oh...shit, man..." he groaned, bracing his elbows on the counter behind him and lifting his ass off the stool a bit, his hips grinding slightly in midair as if he couldn't control himself. I crouched, bracing my knee on the foot bar of the stool, smiling at him before using my lips to pinch off a bite from the side of the muffin. "Goddamn, Joel!" he exclaimed.

I took my time consuming the muffin, making sure I didn't touch his skin with my lips until it was all gone. I looked up at him while I swallowed the last bit. His face was flushed and his breathing had become ragged. I smiled impishly and watched him while I slowly cleaned the cream cheese off with the flat of my tongue. I loved all the sounds and exclamations he was making, I loved the way his fingers felt, running through my damp hair, the way he tried in vain to thrust deeper when I took his head into my mouth to suck and tongue the sweet filling out of his slit.

Once I'd gotten it all and tasted pure pre-cum, I pulled off with a smacking sound and gave his shaft one last lick before standing. He tried to keep me down there, but I had other ideas. "I think it's time we moved into my bedroom, Studmuffin."


I could barely breathe when he suggested moving into his bedroom. The seductive, teasing way in which Joel decided to share his muffin had my hormones raging. I knew he had a healthy dose of my pre-cum already and I was more than ready to give him a full load. My shorts fell to the floor as I stood up and gave him a quick passionate kiss.

"Lead the way," I whispered in his ear as my hand slid down his back to squeeze his ass.

Once inside his bedroom, I moved behind him and slid the robe off, letting it fall to the floor while my hands returned to rest upon his shoulders. The only thing I saw was the king size bed, and the strength of his upper back. His muscles were stretched to direct me to the center and his spine beckoned me lower. Joel pushed back against me and my mouth descended. My lips opened and closed against the crook of his neck, sucking his skin in until I bit down on him.

His head tilted, letting me continue sucking and nipping at his shoulder, my hand moved around to his chest, pulling his body tight against mine. My cock found its home, nestling between his round, soft ass cheeks. He reached back and held my hips, while pushing his ass against me. We moaned together, finally being able to feel skin against skin. I found his nipple and teased it, squeezing and pinching until it was as hard as his cock. I licked behind his ear, nibbled on the lobe, and whispered for him to lie down.

I smiled into his eyes as our bodies came back into contact on the bed, my legs fit nicely between his. Supporting myself on one elbow gave me a free hand to run over his chest and the side of his body. Our tongues rubbed against each other just as our cocks were doing, mixing our pre-cum for the very first time. I could feel his hand on my back, running his fingers slowly up and down the center.

"Fuck, you feel so good, Joel."

I slid lower, finally having the chance to spend time with his furry chest. My tongue traveled slowly from his neck. His scent was intoxicating, and feeling his hair against my tongue forced more pre-cum to leak from my already throbbing cock.

His chest hair was wet, plastered against his skin by the time I paused. I licked across his chest to his nipple, feeling it harden against my tongue. Humming, I bit down on his hardened nubs, back and forth, letting neither soften. He arched against me, squirming under my weight.

Today promised to be a delightfully long series of explorations. I kept telling myself to keep it slow, that we had plenty of time. From the corner of my eye, I could see his armpit and felt my cock twitch as my tongue instinctively licked its way over. With my head, I nudged him into lifting his arm to gain access, where I resumed licking and tasting. Joel's free hand held my head, running his fingers through my hair. "Damn, you taste delicious," I managed to moan between licks.

I needed to kiss him again. Placing his arms over his head, I caught the look of lust and excitement in his eyes. I lowered and pressed my lips tightly against his. Joel opened his mouth as my tongue slid in, his tongue stabbing against mine. We played, letting the other take over, but for only seconds at a time, neither of us willing to let the other have complete control.

Joel licked my chest while I slid up his body, taking his fingers into my mouth. Switching from one finger to the other, I sucked and licked until they were all wet. I groaned as his teeth sunk down onto my nipple. In reply, my body arched, pushing hard against him.

"How about rolling over, Joel?" he looked into my eyes and I sensed something was about to change. Before I realized what he was doing, he was on top of me. He did roll over, only he pinned me beneath him, his gazed still locked into mine.

"It's my turn to taste you, Studmuffin."


Devlin arched beneath me, panting in anticipation of my exploration of his beautiful body. I'd spent a lot of time becoming acquainted with his front the evening before, but I'd yet to play with his ass. Bending my knees so that I was above him, I worked my way down his body. I paid attention to all of his erogenous zones that I already knew about, and discovered a few more, but didn't linger for long in any one location. Avoiding his cock, I spent a little time licking and sucking the velvety skin of his inner thighs. He kept trying to encourage me to move back up and suck him, but like last night, I wouldn't let him rush me.

Straightening up and sitting back a bit, I let my ass rest lightly on my heels and looked at him for a minute, trying to wrap my mind around the fact that I finally had a man in my bed again. His impatience got the better of him; he reached for me just as I took hold of his hips and rolled him over onto his stomach. He exclaimed in mild surprise. I couldn't keep from laughing as I crawled up his body.

I took my time exploring his back, starting with his shoulders and the nape of his neck. Deciding that now was a good time to test the waters, I settled my hips onto his, letting my cock snuggle into his crack. I couldn't tell if his gasp was from pleasure or surprise because he pushed up for a split second and hesitated before he tried to pull away from the contact.

"Joel, don't," he said, trying to get out from under me.

Holding very still, I whispered into his ear, "Take it easy, Devlin, I won't do anything you don't want me to." He didn't seem reassured, so I slid down his body enough that my cock dangled between his thighs and continued exploring his back, searching for more hot spots and sensitive areas. He relaxed and began enjoying the pleasure I was giving him.

I was busily giving him a hickey on his tailbone, to match the one around his navel, while massaging his glutes. He panted loudly, grinding his cock into the mattress and clutched a couple of goose down pillows. Moving further down, I licked the length of the underside of his cheek. Moving back and forth between them, I occasionally lapped between his legs and into the bottom of his crack, while skimming my fingers along the split. Finally, he lifted his hips off the mattress, spreading his knees for balance, and pushed his ass at me as he physically begged me to do more than tease.

Spreading his cheeks with my hands, I dipped my tongue back between his legs and ran it along the bottom of his fissure, pausing to flick his pucker before completing the trip to the top. He made a strange grunting sound, and thrust at me. I'd nearly forgotten how much pleasure I got from giving a rim job. I reveled in the slightly bitter tang and listened to Devlin's groans and shudders as I sealed my lips over his pucker. Sucking gently, I licked and flicked it, occasionally grazing the soft flesh with my teeth. I moved my head with him as he squirmed under my ministrations, probing with a stiffened tongue to test his tightness and resistance.

Either he was resisting me or he was incredibly tight because I couldn't make my tongue stiff enough to get past the outer ring of muscle. I suspected that this was a new experience for him. Straightening up, I pushed on his hips, rolling him onto his side and then to his back. He looked at me questioningly as I moved between his legs. Leaning over him, bracing myself to either side of his shoulders, I tested him again. I'd just been rimming him, would he be willing to kiss me now? I leaned down slowly, giving him a chance to pull away, but he actually reached up and pulled me down to him, kissing me hard and eagerly opening when I sought entrance to his mouth.

He surprised me by clutching my hips and pulling them down while rocking his. He had me lying on top of him, cradling my hips between his legs as we humped against each other's stomachs, our aching cocks rubbing together. I almost lost myself in how perfectly we were moving together until it occurred to me that this might be his way of asking me to take him. I wasn't going to ask because that could break the mood by causing him to think about what was happening. Instead, I slid lower and rubbed my shaft just under his balls.

He reacted the same way he did before, pushing into me and groaning into my mouth before pulling away from the contact and breaking the kiss to say, "Joel, I don't..." I didn't reply this time; I just kept sliding further down as if that were my intention the whole time. I placed open-mouthed kisses down the length of his torso until I settled my chest between his legs, propping myself up with my elbow next to his hip. Kissing and licking along the groove between his hip and leg, I coated two of my fingers from pool of our combined pre-cum around his cock.

Licking and sucking along the underside of his shaft produced the desired effect. He rocked his hips up, sank his hands into my hair and gripped it. He was pulling on my hair, trying to force me to take him into my mouth, so desperate to come that he had stopped caring if he hurt me. I resisted as I slid my slick fingers into his still damp crack and found his hole.

"Oh fuck...oh god...shit, man," he cried as I mixed the pre-cum and spit together, massaging his pucker. I kept mouthing his shaft as I pushed my index finger past his resistance. It was easy enough to distract him, all I had to do was run my tongue over the head of his dick while I loosened him up to get him ready for a second finger. He grew accustomed to the invasion and relaxed around my finger faster than I'd expected. By the time I slipped my middle finger in next to my index, he was thrusting his ass up, clearly wanting more.

Using my free hand to untangle his fingers from my wavy hair, I lifted my head and raised myself a little higher on my elbow. "Joel, c'mon man, what're you doing?" he growled, sounding extremely frustrated.

"I'm not going to suck you." He took my hand and put it on his dick, trying to get me to jack him. When I moved my hand away and grinned at him, he reached for his dick to jack himself and I grabbed his left hand with mine, holding it in an arm wrestling grip. "Don't, Devlin, I want to see if I can make you come without touching your dick." I told him, looking him in the eye.

He snorted, "I'm not sixteen, man. I won't come if you don't—Jesus fuck...holy shit...Ah God..." his words trailed off into unintelligible grunts as I worked the pads of my fingers over his prostate in a circular motion. His hips bucked against my hand, his neck and chest bowed up from the bed while his legs spread further apart and he gripped the brass bars of the headboard with his right hand. While his eyes were open, I knew they had glazed over completely. The entirety of his awareness had focused inward. Smiling, I watched his cock jumping on his abs and his nuts drawing up.

He suddenly took in a huge gulp of air and froze just as his balls separated and rode up to either side of his shaft. The first blast of semen shot right over our joined hands to land in the middle of his chest. A long groan, so loud it had to have hurt his throat, accompanied it. Watching his hips buck into the air as he shot stream after stream onto his chest, our joined hands and his stomach, while hearing his cries of pleasure made me want to sink myself balls deep into him so badly that I almost gave into the temptation.

He collapsed, going completely limp like a rag doll. He lay there, eyes closed, chest heaving, his body trembling and twitching from the occasional aftershocks. I moved next to him, lying on my side and propped my head on my palm while watching his slow recovery and licking his come off my hand. I'm certain that the grin I wore made me look foolish, but I couldn't stop and didn't care.


When I stopped shaking and could breathe again, I saw Joel alongside me, grinning and licking come from his hand. I know I had a silly grin on my face, having just come down from a very intense orgasm.

"That was fucking incredible. Never in my life have I felt anything close to that. Thanks, Babe."

I rubbed some come over my chest before I reached around behind him, pulling him to me, and giving him the best kiss I knew how to give. The wheels in my head were turning, stopping, reversing, and spinning. There were so many new thoughts to file, and I needed to reorganize some old ones as well, before I could find a way to express how I felt. I held him, keeping him engaged in the kiss to give me the time I needed to clear my mind. My previous experience was limited. Sure, back in college, my relationship with my roommate did include finger fucking, but it was my fingers and his ass. I never rimmed him, yet I did fuck him. I wondered if what I had done to him was even close to what Joel had just done to me. Did the fact that I enjoyed the rimming so much mean I might enjoy more?

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