tagErotic HorrorWhen Moonlight Shines Ch. 04

When Moonlight Shines Ch. 04


Sorry this took a little longer to write and that it's a bit shorter than previous part's but you'll see why I made it that way in the next part. Anyways enjoy and as always I love comments, good or bad.

I do plan on making this a lengthy series so if anyone has suggestions I welcome them in them.


Garrett was about a block away from his house he realized that he had pretty much given himself up to Paige. Thankfully she doesn't know what I'm thinking or else, he thought to himself, she'd probably drain me of all of my bodily fluids. Depending on which order she takes then I'd be fine with that.

He opened his front door with a smile on his face and a spring in his step, one that has been missing since the start of college. He threw his bag on the kitchen counter and went to take a piss. He kept expecting to hear a pair of heels or Paige calling for sex but he heard neither.

"Oh Paige?" No answer so he went and found his bed made and his curtains pulled back. He went into his study it was as he'd left it; the living room was the same with the exception of her laptop on the couch. Garrett was surprised to find himself a little disappointed at Paige's absence but decided to take the time to do a little school work. His monthly topical essay was going to be due in about a week so he sat himself down at his computer and started thinking of topics covered in class. He decided to do something that was fresh in his mind, Vampires. He sat back and thought about a Thesis for his essay and smiled when he one popped into his head. "The Logical Non-Fictional Vampire" Hell maybe Paige could help him write it; at the very least she should provide all the research he would need. He got the title written before he heard the door open.

"Speak of the she-devil." He said quietly.

"What was that?" He heard her say as he got up to greet her, Paige was standing there, bags at her feet smiling at him.

"Isn't the guy supposed to help the woman with her bags?" Paige said, her eyebrow raised. "I thought that was the gentlemanly rule."

"Ahh that is the general rule, but with each rule there are exceptions. Like if the woman has fangs or can lift the man above her head with ease, she carries her own damn bags."

"Woah tiger, no need for the attitude."

"No need for you to be moving in either." Garrett replied as he headed into the kitchen for a drink.

"Who says I'm moving in?"

"The curling iron sticking out of your bag."

"Oh well, there's more than enough space in here for both of us."

"I guess there is more space here than in the crypt you crawled out of."

"It's called a motel smart-ass. Besides which, where's my welcome home kiss?"

Garrett turned to her and had to laugh as she was standing in his hallway, eyes closed, lips out waiting for a kiss. He debated about throwing an apple at her but decided not waste good fruit. Besides if she returned the favour it might really hurt when the apple exploded against his head. He just gave her a light slap on the face and went back into his study; he wanted at least a few hundred words written before he got too distracted.

"What are you working on now?" He heard Paige ask from the hallway. He turned to yell a response but she was right there smiling down at him expectantly.

"Uhh," Garret stuttered, trying to regain his composure, "Just an essay for philosophy." She looked at the screen, read the title and looked back at him. "I was actually wondering if you could give me a hand with it. It's about Vampires and well you are a Vampire, or so you say, and I."

"I 'Say' I'm a Vampire? Do you really need more convincing?"

"Not really, anyways want to give me a hand?"

"When you so rudely made me carry my own bags in? Not a chance." Paige said as she walked out of the room.

"If you help me, I could do it faster." Garrett yelled to her as he turned to face the screen.

"So?"Paige shouted back from the kitchen.

"So I would really appreciate it and you know you really want to help." Garrett could hear her moving her stuff into his bedroom so he added. "And I'll let you move in with me."

"Let me?" Garrett heard Paige ask as she ducked her head into his study. "I don't really need your permission."

"And why's that?"

"Because I could rip you in half if I wanted to." Her words rung true, but caused Garrett to smile.

"Just get over here, sit your ass down and let's get to work." He stopped typing and listened for Paige's heels not realizing that she stood right behind him.

"Since when did you grow a pair?" Her lips suddenly beside his ear caused Garrett to jump, to which Paige just laughed and hopped into his lap. She lay there with an arm around his neck for support, her legs draped down his left side. "What do you want to know?"

"I don't know, I was just going to split it into three parts. How Vampires could live amongst us, They're possible abilities, and Why they remain in the darkness. Or something like that. So let's start off on how you have remained in the shadows for however long you have been." Garrett looked at her expectantly.

"Very 'Interview with a Vampire' of you my dear Garrett. Without going into too much detail, I'm pretty much a ninja when I want to be." Her smile broadened as Garrett looked to the ceiling for some idea of how to deal with her.

"Ok get off me, I need to work." He tried in vain to move her for a minute before giving up.

"If I want to sit here I will." She said smiling at him.

"You're not sitting though. Why can't you just help me out for once?"

"All I want to do is help you. Help your cock into my pussy." Her sly smile was getting Garrett hard again for instead of arguing he decided to try a different tact.

"Can you just sit like you did yesterday morning? Please?"

"Aww is this uncomfortable for you?" Paige asked him, her words dripping with sarcasm as she pouted at him. Garrett was about to slap her look off her face when she laughed and slid around his lap until she was straddling him, with her head resting on his right shoulder.

"Thank you. Now I'm assuming you drink a lot of animal blood, not enough to kill them but enough to satisfy you. You prefer human blood though, so I'm guessing you get it either by a willing playmate or by stealing it from the morgue."

"Eww, dead blood is like drinking hot, flat coke. Plus it's the equivalent of you drinking motor oil, it's pretty much poison to us."

"Okay, then the blood bank."

"Ha, there's more security there than there is at a real bank, surprisingly."

"So? Just animal blood and the occasional, willing donor?"

"Aren't you the expert. Next you'll be asking what style coffin I prefer, wood or stone."

"So you do sleep in a coffin occasionally."

"Yeah if I want to be buried alive. Idiot." She stated slapping Garrett's head with the back of her hand.

"How long can you go without blood?"

"Is this an essay or are you trying to find a way to kill me?" Paige looked Garrett right in the eye, suspicious of her new 'plaything' for the first time.

"I'm curious and I want to do this essay." Garrett responded, returning her stare.

"Oh are you? Well curiosity did kill the cat." Paige said she slid her legs between Garrett's back and the chair, before squeezing the air out of him.

"Wait...I.....Don't want to kill...you...just ....learn." Garrett struggled to get the words out as he kept his hands on the keyboard trying to stay calm as the life was squeezed from him. Paige studied him with a blank expression for a few seconds before easing up on her grip, allowing air to fill Garrett's lungs.

"I really want to believe you here, but..."

"Relax; I don't think I'd be able to kill you even if you are a Vampire."

"Aww how sweet." Paige said her tone as sweet as before.

"No, because you're a girl. I can't hurt a girl who has no real intention of hurting me."

"How noble." Paige replied, letting her legs fall to the floor, and her putting her head on Garrett's shoulder again. Garrett took a minute to refocus on his essay and try to forget how close Paige came to nearly killing him. Taking a deep breath, Garrett got back to typing his essay, writing a few sentences about how Vampires could sneak around. He talked about possible bite clubs that operate underground and about animal blood being a good substitute for human blood. Paige just sat there, sometimes running her hands through his hair or along his stubble.

"You should shave; I like the feeling of a smooth face between my legs. Stubble just tickles."


"Aww are you mad at me?" Paige emphasized the 'me' by running her tongue along the inside of Garrett's ear. "I could make it up to you..." She whispered as she grinded herself into Garrett's crotch.

"Not now."

"Later then, do you prefer a wake-up fuck, shower fuck or..."

"Let me work, for Christ's sake."

"Easy there, I think you need to take a break from this paper for a few minutes. It's not healthy to work in front of a computer day in and day out." After saying this, Paige forcibly grabbed Garrett's head and shoved her tongue into his mouth. After a few seconds of fruitless struggle Garrett just gave in and went with it, kissing Paige back. Garrett's hands found Paige's perfect ass about the same time that she broke the kiss for some air. After a moan of approval, she dropped her head and began kissing and nibbling of Garrett's neck and shoulder. The fear of having her teeth so near his veins was quickly eclipsed by the sensation of her lips, tongue and teeth working together on his skin. She quickly found a sweet spot on his neck that had Garrett moaning in pleasure and his cock pulsing in his jeans.

"Easy tiger, maybe we should take those jeans off so you don't ruin them?" Paige asked playfully after a full 5 minutes of nibbling on Garrett's neck.

"Nice try, and thanks for not opening up a vein, but I think it's time to get back to the work."

"Party pooper," Paige pouted and she put her head back down on his shoulder, "And I don't need a vein to draw blood." As Garrett thought about the comment, Paige emphasized her words but running the nail of her index finger up the side of his face, nearly cutting him.

"And you call me a tiger." Garrett said with a laugh, to which Paige responded by purring softly into his ear. "Anyways, I think this paragraph is good, on too...Possible abilities. Now I really don't want to rule out metamorphosis into a bat but..."

"You're an idiot, might as well say I can walk upside down on the ceiling and turn into mist. Really how do humans come up with this stuff?"

"Maybe ancient Vampire could turn into mist and bats but the ability was lost as you evolved. Or maybe it takes a lot of energy which would require lots of blood, like two or three people a night?"

"Maybe you just watch too many Dracula movies."

"I'm just saying, but you're most likely right. Let's just say, inhuman strength and speed plus extremely long life."

"You mean immortality."

"That sounds tackier than transforming into a bat. I'll also say extra-sensitive senses and great balance."


"The whole rooftops in heels thing?"


"Now why would you have all these abilities? Because of the extraordinary properties of human blood, plus the whole undead thing."

"Of course."

Garrett spent the next few minutes writing the third paragraph and starting the fourth, Why Vampires remain in the darkness.

"We stay hidden because it's just how we roll. There you're essays done, now let's have fun."

"One, it's not done and two I still need a conclusion paragraph. I don't know what they taught in the dark ages but now essays are usually 5 paragraphs."

"Dark ages? Even a Vampire would be old as dirt, nowhere near as pretty as me."

"And how would you know that," Garrett said, typing away as he talked, "You been hanging with 600 year old Vampires?"


"Well considering that you go rough I'd say there'd be no way a Vampire who's been around that long could be up to your standards or even survive a night with you. So no, I'm not jealous of any old as dirt Vampire."

"Liar, you know you want to be the only male in my life, Vampire or Human."

"I think you're the one who wants me to be the only male in your life."

"I could walk out that door and fuck any guy I wanted, anytime."

"To quote a Vampire I know, 'You'd come crawling back to me within a week.'"

"Cute, now is there anything else you need me for?"

"Not unless you want me to write you down as a reference."

"Nope, I'm going to go move in." Paige got up and gave Garrett a wet kiss on the cheek and headed into the hallway. Garrett found himself missing her presence almost instantly. 'She may act like she owns me,' he thought to himself, 'But she's still nice to have around. She's also completely gorgeous and fun and has a great ass.' He looked out into the hallway after her before sighing and getting back to his essay.

Meanwhile Paige was putting her things away in Garrett's room when she discovered a picture of his ex-girlfriend. It was in an expensive looking silver frame with rather thick glass which was cracked. Upon more careful examination, Paige discovered a bit of blood on it. "Bitch, what could you have done to make him break this frame with his fist?" She whispered, thinking to herself. 'That would explain the trust issues and why he hasn't gotten any in months. He hasn't wanted any because of whatever this chick did to him. Hmmm, he needs me more than he knows.' She smiled to herself and put the picture back where she found it. Why should she be jealous of some girl who was stupid enough to break Garrett's heart? 'He's definitely one of the nicest guys I've met, and I've met thousands of guys his age, but he's also got a bit of fire in him. This might turn out to be more than a simple fling, maybe he'll even let me turn him.' Paige thought to herself, smiling at the thought of turning Garrett. She looked around his room, nice clothes strewn everywhere, like a man, nice wooden furniture and a big comfy bed. 'He must have come from money, actually considering there are no family pictures, the more likely scenario is that he inherited money after his parents died. Even more reason to turn him, he has no family to worry about.' Just then she heard the sound of Garrett's printer and she went to see what he wanted to do now.

Once he was in the hallway, Garrett was immediately greeted by Paige's smiling face.

"Finished? We should celebrate with a nice long..."

"I'm hungry."

"Ok so after you eat we can head to bed a little early."

"No after I eat I want to just sit and relax, watch a movie or something."

"I've got a good movie we can watch."

"Yeah," Garrett said as he went into his cupboard for a can of soup, "What's that?"

"One night in Paris, starring Paris Hilton." Garrett turned to see Paige smiling at him.

"Seen it."

"Really, let's watch it again. They always say you need to watch it a few times to really appreciate it."

"No thanks, you want anything?"

"No, I made myself some eggs and bacon when I got up."

"Alright, if I give you some money, could you rent a movie and grab some snacks?"

"Umm Garrett, sweetie, I own you. Not the other way around."

"Alright then I'll go after I eat, which means less time later for..."

"You know what kiddo, I'm feeling generous. Why don't I go get the movie, some chips and coke? See you in a little bit."

Once she left Garrett got to thinking, 'I think I just implied that we were going to fuck later. Whatever, I guess I can stomach sex with an Undead babe. She is bendy..."

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