tagNonHumanWhen Worlds Collide

When Worlds Collide


Happy Halloween everyone. I normally write good versus evil stories in the nonhuman section, but I really wanted to write a fun and entertaining one for a change. This story contains characters from 'Secrets of the Forest Nymph' and 'They Walk Among Us'. Two separate worlds, coming together for one sex and fun filled night. For the nonhuman readers, I have a -- special -- trick or treat for you during the party. This is a submission for the Halloween contest so don't forget to vote. I'd like to dedicate this to the -- ladies -- who made it possible. JC, TJ, MT, DP, you four know who you are.

Large colonial style home, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

It was three days before Halloween, and Chad Franklin was lounging around his beachfront property. As he read the daily newspaper, he saw an ad for the annual costume party at September's. His wife, Susan, worked there on some nights as a blackjack dealer.

He laughed to himself as he thought of the irony of the idea. Every time she worked at the table, they were having a costume party of sorts. Finding out the truth about his Forest Nymph Princess was an eye opening experience, to say the least.

Chad put the paper down and leaned back in his recliner. He thought back to the journey to rescue his lovely wife from the evil ogre Marrow. Never in his wildest imagination would he have believed a mystical world existed in parallel with the human world.

"The club manager would freak if he ever found out one of his dealers is a one hundred and seventy five year old Princess, whose real name was Shea," Chad thought.

While Chad was thinking about his wife, he caught a glimpse of a bright flash of light that exploded in the other room. He jumped up thinking that a light bulb shattered, but immediately stopped when Susan's friend, Feather, strode into the living room.

"Hi there you handsome devil."

Chad glared at the petite woman, whose beauty equaled her abnormal thirst for sex. As Feather walked forward, her long blond hair flowed around her like a mist. Chad wondered if there was a man alive that would be able to resist her charms, human or forest dweller.

"Can't you knock or something before you pop into someone's home?"

"You know the Tulok root doesn't work like that you silly human," Feather said, as she wrapped her slender arms around his neck and hugged him.

He knew all too well how the Tulok root worked. The strange root was the only way to travel between the forest and the human world. He smiled at the memory of when Susan and Feather first took to the forest, then using him sexually while in a drugged state.

Chad wrapped his arms around her shapely waist and picked her up off the floor. As he squeezed her back, he knew that no matter how annoyed he got with her, it didn't last long.

"It's good to see you again Feather. As a matter of fact, I was just thinking about you and the others."

"Mmmmm, I like it when you think about me."

Chad put her down. "Christ you horny elf, can't you ever stop thinking about sex? Besides, I think my wife might get the wrong idea if she found us together."

"Speaking of which, where is Shea?"

"She's still at work and you know she goes by the name Susan when she's in the human world."

Feather walked over to the couch and sat down. "You're not going to start lecturing me on human world rules again are you?"

"Would it do any good?"

"Never has yet," she said, as she placed the small piece of Tulok root on the coffee table.

"To what do I owe this unexpected pleasure?" Chad asked as he sat back down.

"I came to check on my adorable little nephew. Where is the little prince?"

Feather was really just a close family friend, but she grew up with Princess Shea in the forest. They were now closer than any sisters were, in either world. During the battle to regain control of the forest from Marrow and rescue Shea, they created a special bond with each other that was unbreakable.

"John's upstairs sleeping. He went to bed about an hour ago."

Chad suddenly remembered the vision of Artemis, the Goddess of the forest, as she told Susan she was pregnant. True to her word, Susan Franklin gave birth to a healthy boy, who would one day take his place as the ruling king of the forest.

"Would you mind if I just went upstairs and checked on him? I really miss him, and it's been so long."

"You just saw him last month Feather, but go ahead. Try not to wake him up while I fix us some drinks."

The small framed elf jumped up and gathered the hem of her long white gown. As she darted for the stairs, Chad saw the bright gleaming smile that always made his cock jump in his pants.

Once Feather had returned from tucking John in, the two of them sat and talked about the forest. Chad had grown fond of the world that he visited with the use of the Tulok root. As Susan's husband, he always received royal courtesy. He never grew tired of meeting the forest creatures, and they accepted him as one of their own.

Feather brought him up to date on all the happenings in her world. She told him about his mother-in-law, Bolara. How she took care of her subjects with a soft hand, and large heart. Chad asked how the mermaids were getting along. Feather informed him that Larry was doing a great job keeping their sex drive under control.

At the mention of his friend's name, Chad became a little sad. He had not seen Larry for some time. On every visit that Chad and Susan made, he was never around. He had not seen the winged Tengu since the large celebration, in honor of the brave creatures that saved the forest from total darkness.

"I have to get the family back there and stay for a few weeks. I really need to catch up with Larry. That is if I can get those horny mermaids away from him."

Chad saw that Feather's drink needed freshened up, so he walked over to take her glass. As he did, Feather reached up with her free hand and pressed it firmly against Chad's noticeable bulge.

"Now what would my wife say if she walked in and saw you groping my crotch?"

"She'd tell that horny husband of mine to behave himself." Susan walked into the living room and put her purse down on the coffee table

Feather got up and ran over to her long time friend, hugging her tightly. Chad could only watch in amazement at the affection the two had for each other.

"Honey, I can explain everything. I wasn't doing anything that..."

"Oh Chad darling, I was just giving you a hard time. It's so nice to see you Feather, what brings you to the human world?"

"I missed my precious little nephew, along with you two of course."

"I could see that when I walked in. You weren't trying to seduce my husband while I was at work by any chance, were you?"

"Maybe, but now that you're here I guess I'll have to get permission first," Feather said with a laugh.

"Um, I'll just go get some drinks for everyone while you two catch up," Chad said, as he made a quick exit from the room.

He fixed Susan a strong salty dog and poured Feather another rum and coke. When he walked back into the living room, he found only Feather sitting on the couch.

"Where did Susan run off to?"

"She went upstairs to change into something more comfortable. Should I go and check on her?"

"Oh no, you stay right down here. The last time you two went upstairs together, you came back down and lit that damn Tulok root on fire, and drugged me."

"I didn't hear you complaining when we were in the forest that night."

"You two took advantage of me and I..."

"Loved every minute of it Chad," Susan said as she descended the stairs.

Susan changed into a shimmering blue floor length robe. Her large breasts accented the clinging satin material. As Chad stared at his wife, he couldn't help but think.

"Even in the human world, she still carries herself as a princess."

"Can it be possible that you get more beautiful everyday -- Princess Shea?" Chad said.

"Why thank you your majesty. I think I'm aging gracefully," Susan said with a slight bow.

She took her drink and sat down next to Feather. "Honey I was wondering, you know the club is having a costume contest for Halloween."

"Yeah, I was reading about it in tonight's paper. Man if they knew you were actually a Forest Nymph Princess."

"What if they did, just for one night?"

Feather broke into the conversation. "Shea -- I mean Susan -- are you getting sick or something? No one in the human world can ever know about us. You didn't see how shocked Chad was, when I told him who you really were. Humans just aren't ready to find out that a parallel world lives within their own."

"I know that Feather, but there is a way to do it without giving away our secret."

"I feel a headache coming on," Chad said, as he rubbed his head.

"Just hear me out for a moment before you get all human on me," Susan said sarcastically.

"I can't help it -- Shea -- I am human."

"How many times do you see a ghost, or a vampire, maybe even a werewolf running around?"

"Uh -- never, because they don't exist."

"They do on Halloween Chad. Everyone dresses up and heads out for trick or treating. Clubs have costume contests and families even put on haunted houses."

"Susan I understand you hate not being able to tell anyone about your real self, but those are just costumes and everyone knows it not real."

"Chad, I think I know where Shea's going with this," Feather cut in as she used her friend's real name.

"You and I could dress up as an elf archer and princess. Everyone would think it's a costume and I could use your real name all night long in front of everyone. It's a brilliant idea Shea."

"Ok honey, I don't see the problem with that. I think the two of you could pull it off."

"Um -- actually I wanted to know if it's ok if Mother joins us."

"Come on Susan. Let's be realistic here for a moment. She's never been to the human world before. She won't know what's going on, someone might think she's weird or insane. We can't take that chance."

Susan lowered her eyes, as the frown spread across her face. Chad knew his dear wife missed her mother, and she often used the Tulok root to visit her in the other world. The first time Chad and Susan used the root to take John there, he was nervous. His fears subsided, when his young son laughed and squirmed for another ride through the portal.

"Ok, let's give it a try, but you have to promise me that it won't get out of control. If anyone starts to think badly of her, we have to bring her back to the house right away."

Susan and Feather both jumped up and darted towards Chad, as he saw the large smiles. Knowing he was about to be molested by the happy women, Chad placed his drink down just before they slammed their beautiful bodies against him.

"Thank you so much Chad! I know Mother will be so excited!"

"How can I ever deny you anything when you give me that little pout face Susan?"

"I think my loving husband needs a special treat for being so understanding."

"I think he does too Susan. Would you mind if I stay awhile and help out?"

"It wouldn't be a special treat if you didn't, my dear friend," the Forest Nymph Princess said.

Susan stood up and untied her majestic robe. As it fell free from her body, Chad moaned softly in approval. After John was born, she worked hard on her body to get back her shapely form. The sight of her naked body always made him hard.

While Chad devoured her body with his eyes, Feather removed his pants and freed his pulsing cock. She wasted no time in taking it in her warm mouth and swallowing it to the base.

"Jesus Feather, I forgot how talented you are at that," Chad moaned, as he tossed his head back.

Susan leaned in, running her wet tongue across Chad's sensitive nipple. She knew it drove him wild with lust, as Chad reached down and pressed her mouth harder on to the budding nub.

Feather removed her mouth and started jacking the slick meat slowly. "It's been awhile since the three of us have played together Chad. I was starting to think you forgot what it was like with two hot women."

"It's not that I forgot -- oh fuck that feels good -- it's just a matter of survival. I don't want you two to kill me. Hell it's -- yeah a little faster -- hard enough when it's just one of you alone."

Susan pulled her mouth off his nipple and looked down at Feather. "Speaking of hard enough, is he ready yet?"

"Oh I think he's more than ready."

Feather straddled Chad's hips, as Susan kissed her husband hard. As she lowered herself down, Chad felt the tightness engulf him. Grabbing the back of Susan's head, he moaned deeply as their tongues fought with each other.

"Jesus Chad, it's been awhile since I've had this monster inside me," Feather said as she pulled herself off but left the head inside , then slammed her body down.

Susan pulled her mouth away and looked at her loving husband. The look on his face told her everything. He enjoyed having two willing women at his disposal who loved sex as much as he did.

"How does she feel baby?" Susan asked him.

"You two are going to kill me."

"I just thought since it's been awhile since the three of us had sex, fucking her instead of me would be a nice present."

Feather picked up speed as she began rocking her hips back and forth. She had one hand on Susan's shoulder, and the other was rubbing her clit with experienced dexterity.

Susan leaned in and pressed her lips against Chad's ear. She knew what her husband liked and he really did deserve a special night. She nibbled his ear, as Feather moaned loudly.

"Sounds like she's having a fun ride sweetheart, how does your big cock feel inside another woman? You know I enjoy watching you fuck her."

"Oh please don't start saying things in my ear. You know what that does to me damn it," Chad said pleadingly.

"Then maybe you want to watch me with Feather. Would that be more to your liking? If you want, I'll suck her firm tits while she rides your thick piece of meat."

Feather was well aware of Chad's fetishes. She overheard Susan's comments and leaned forward to join her in teasing the human.

"I really enjoy fucking another woman's husband, but what's even better is when she does me too."

Chad was holding her hips as she ground her clit against his pelvis. The nasty talk was driving him closer to the point of no return. The sex fiends were pushing his buttons with a great deal of pleasure, as Susan placed her own hand between her legs and pleasured herself.

"I want to suck your cock Chad. I want to suck -- oh damn my fingers feel good," Susan moaned into his ear.

"Do it Susan! Suck me off the rest -- oh fuck I'm..."

Feather quickly lifted herself up and placed her drenched pussy against his mouth. As she held the back of Chad's head, his lovely wife plunged the entire length of the slick cock down her throat. When Chad felt it slip in, he moaned loudly against feather's clit.

"Oh yesssssssssss!" Feather screamed as she began to cum hard.

With Feather's juice streaming into his mouth, and Susan bobbing her head quickly, Chad released his pent up load. The first blast of hot cum went straight into Susan's stomach. A naughty thought flashed in her mind, and she pulled her lips up to encircle the throbbing head.

It took just a few seconds to fill her mouth to overflowing. She pulled off Chad's dripping cock, as Feather slumped down in his lap. Susan grabbed her friend by the hair and pulled her head back, as she kissed the elf deeply.

Chad watched as Susan fed his cum into Feathers mouth. Through the whole ordeal, she never stopped fingering herself. Sharing Chad's cum with Feather pushed her over the edge, as she felt the juice run down her shapely thighs.

Susan was always the forceful one when it came to girl on girl sex. When she broke the steamy kiss, she replaced her tongue with the dripping fingers of her hand. As she finger fucked Feather's mouth, she looked at her panting husband.

"Thank you for agreeing to let my mother come to the human world. Now as soon as you get your second wind, we're going to drag you upstairs and abuse you my dear."

Chad could only nod his head in approval. The only reason he did, was he knew he had no real choice in the matter. When his wife got like this, it was best to just shut up and go along with it.

Naval Special Warfare Group Two, Naval Amphibious Base, Little Creek, Virginia.

Electricians Mate Second Class (EM2) Kevin Dvorska looked through the SEALs spotter scope, as Alpha's sharpshooter took aim. At eight hundred meters, the playing cards looked like miniature replicas. He wondered how in the hell V-man could see them.

Aviation Ordnanceman Second Class (AO2) Dan Vasquez let his breath out slowly, and squeezed the hair trigger of the .50 caliber rifle. It bucked against his shoulder, but V-man kept his eye to the scope.

"Ace of Spades, nice shot V-man," Kevin said.

"That makes three Aces and a King Wolfie. Don't let the pressure get to you rookie," Vasquez told Mark Wolfhorst.

Gunners Mate Third Class (GM3) Mark Wolfhorst was new to SEAL Team two. After assignment as a sniper to the new Bravo squad, he was constantly proving his worthiness to the team. The original Bravo fire team died in action during a mission on the outskirts of Predjama Slovenia.

Wolfie took careful aim. He knew of V-man's skill with a weapon back at Coronado when he received his orders to SEAL Team Two. Trying to top him in a marksmanship contest, was like trying to climb Mount Everest in your underwear.

As the report of the rifle sounded, Kevin looked down range. "Ten of Diamonds, he's working on a flush V-man."

Dan Vasquez took his time. There was only one more Ace up on the side of the hill. If he could get that one with a King kicker, he'd have the kid over a barrel. As the round left the barrel, V-man felt a small breeze kick up. When he looked through the high-powered scope, he saw the corner of the Ace of Clubs explode.

"Bingo baby! Four Aces and a King kicker!"

"Last shot Wolfie. Remember, this is just practice for you. During training its ok to screw up, not in real life when it counts," Kevin told the rookie shooter.

A small breeze kicked up again slightly and Wolfie held his shot. When he thought it calmed down enough, he let the .50 caliber weapon settle the score. After refocusing on the far hill, he saw his targets for the day.

"Not bad, another Diamond," Wolfie chuckled.

"Sorry rookie, my four Aces rule the roost."

Kevin continued to peer through his scope. "I think you better put your four Aces back on the eggs V-man. That last Diamond was the King, which gives the newbie a Royal Flush. It looks as if we have a new rooster in the yard."

V-man was about to make a smart comment when Adam Dawson pulled up in a Jeep. Adam was the Lieutenant in charge of Alpha squad. It was his job to check up on his team's post deployment training. Even though they were state side, SEALs trained constantly to keep their skills honed to the highest level.

"Are you done showing off Vasquez?"

"Hey L-tee, actually we just finished up."

"Sorry Wolfhorst, you know the rules. Look on the bright side, it's only three miles back to the compound," Adam told Bravo's sharpshooter.

"That does make me feel better Lieutenant. I wouldn't want V-man to get a blister on his way back. You want me to check your weapon in for you, Petty Officer Vasquez?" Mark Wolfhorst asked with a smile.

"You're shitting me! V-man, you haven't had to walk back since joining the teams. You're not getting a little rusty in your old age are you?" Adam asked.

Dan Vasquez stood up and handed his rifle to Kevin Dvorska, then turned towards Adam Dawson. While looking his team leader in the eyes, he raised his hand and flipped him off quickly. As he started to walk away, Wolfie stopped him.

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