tagErotic HorrorWhen Zombies Attack Ch. 07

When Zombies Attack Ch. 07


It had been a couple hours since Teresa fell asleep. She was off in dreamland as the zombie doctor made his way towards her. He had a few other zombies with him as they staggered and went in search of the blonde. Little did anyone know, the military was called in and they began to flood the town with soldiers that was wiping out the zombies and trying to save the rest. Out where Teresa was, was not in their search yet.

The doctor stopped and looked at an old farmhouse. He sniffed and waited as the breeze blew. He didn't smell Teresa's scent and pushed on. Inside, the woman laid asleep with her gun. She didn't Know how close he was.

The sun came up and Teresa sat up and stretched. She looked out her window and didn't see a sign of zombies anywhere. She went to the bathroom and took a nice warm shower and got some clean clothes on. She zipped up the skin tight jeans and put her low cut tank top on. She had her pink bikini top and thong under the tight clothes. She brushed her hair and went to the bedroom.

She reloaded her weapons and went downstairs. She found some food and ate. She saw car keys on the counter and grinned. She went out to the garage and saw it sitting there. A shiny, four wheel drive truck was waiting for her. She got in and put the duffle bag of guns on the passenger side seat. She started it up and left the house. She got to the edge of the drive and looked towards the town, she saw helicopters and heard gunshots. She turned the other way to escape the town.

She was cruising down the road and heard a thud. She looked in the mirror as he shattered the glass. Teresa screamed and locked up the brakes. He was tossed into the pickup beside her. She felt him grabbing her breasts and between her thighs as she fought. She was letting the truck roll in idle. She didn't care as he tried to rip her clothes off. The doctor had caught up with her.

Teresa felt her tee shirt give and it was torn off showing her black bra. He groaned and punched her stomach. She held her belly as her bra was popped off showing her nice tits. She grabbed her gun to fire but he gripped her jean shorts and pulled. The old jean fabric ripped right off of her waist and ass showing her pink thong. She looked down as he buried his face and licked the thong. She looked up as the truck smacked a telephone pole. Not hard but hard enough to force her forwards and his head was forced between her thighs by the steering wheel. Her thong snapped and he was sucking her pussy.

Teresa sat naked and was getting ate out by the zombie doctor. She had cum flowing as he licked and used the tongue to violate her body. He groped her nice tits and teased her hard nipples. She has lost her gun and was stuck. He was winning.

She was done getting off but he was still at it. She grabbed his head and pulled him out of her lap. He grinned and latched onto her bare tit. She gasp as her nipples sent the sensation to her brain and she was wet again. He groaned and pulled her hair and had her on the seat. He fought her legs and won as he stuck it deep into her wet pussy.

Teresa felt the rock hard cock enter her and then he thrust deep and hard. She let out a yelp as it was the deepest yet. He smiled and pounded the hot blonde as hard as he could. She had lost another battle with the undead. He was forcing it deeper yet! Teresa felt her snatch rip a little and cried in pain. He grabbed her throat and got a tight grip. She looked wide eyed as she struggled to breath. He kept the attack going as she grew weaker.

He smiled as he exploded inside her and filled her pussy up. She was looking at him as he tightened the grip and then released. Teresa sat up gasping for air. He watched and then went for the kill. He buried his teeth in to her neck and ate it away, She screamed as blood ran down her arm and chest. He smiled and went down n her again.

He ate her pussy out and left the sexy blonde without one! She looked down in shock as he ripped her skin away and ate her clit. Teresa heard a car pull up. In seconds two soldiers ran up and killed him. She sat looking at them as she bled all over. They looked at each other, nodded and shot her dead. They got into the Hummer and drove away.

Within an hour, the town and country side was blasted with bombs. The buildings were now heaps of bricks and the town that was full of history, was history. Not even Teresa and her blood soaked truck was around. They had nuked the place. The zombies all were killed.

About one hundred miles away at a murder scene. A crime scene investigator walked in and began her investigation. She checked the man's body over. She stood up and bent over as he looked and saw her nice little ass. He stood up and walked up to the sexy woman. She turned as he struck her and made her fall to the floor. She was pinned to her back and her skirt was torn off. She struggled for her gun as he rammed into her tight pussy.

He tore her top open and sucked her twenty eight year old breasts. She felt her cum flowing as the zombie ravaged her body. She was getting fucked by the dead guy. She looked as her body betrayed her and let him have his way with her. She was fucked unconscious as he escaped and began his own fuck fest on the city. The woman was found by the officers and taken to the hospital.

The officers found the zombie fucking a rookie cop and killed him. They secured the body and there officer. They had heard of the town a hundred miles away and wondered....has it hit there town?

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