tagInterracial LoveWhere The Ribbon Leads

Where The Ribbon Leads


This story is part of a series of short stories I wrote about Anita and her boyfriend Jason. This is someway into their relationship, but if you enjoy I will post others in the series.

Anita walked through the house making sure everything was ready for the return of her boyfriend Jason and his friend Gary. Having decided she wanted to have sex with them again following her mock ravishing by both. She devised a game plan to ensure that she would derive full pleasure from the evening.

When she had first accidentally acceded in anger, to Jason's persistent request that she had sex with his friend Gary, her hasty plan had left her dangling close to frustration. It was when she released Gary's hitherto unrealised passion that she came to achieve full pleasure.

The emotions stirred by that evening had left her with a lot of unresolved questions. She had carefully avoided the temptation to meet Gary again alone, instead she had developed new roles to keep Jason amused. Unwittingly each of them returned to hankering for the threesome again. By being uncertain of her feelings they had denied each other the good society they had previously kept. Anita had found she had enjoyed transferring the responsibility for her seduction to others. By playing the role of captive she had become the puppet to others reactions. The plan she had devised still placed her wantonness and arousal upon the two men but this time she could leave each a route to ensure she gained the maximum pleasure.

For as long as she lived with Jason, she would always consider his enjoyment first. It had been part of her upbringing with mixed cultural parents. For your man you must always give your best, it was the seductive nature of the reward for pleasure, that had encouraged her western mother to marry an eastern man. The game Anita devised was intended to offer Jason rewards by including several things that were especial to his desires. With Gary she was still learning, she wanted to discover him more, she would try to lead to let him reveal his potential self.

Trisha, Gary's girlfriend had often confided she found him lacking in spark. He was too gentle, too loving, he lacked the aggression she liked in her sexual chemistry. Trisha had trips to her 'mother's', evenings when she was away, to supplement her diet of gentle loving for something more exotically wild and dangerous. If only she had Anita's knowledge.

Anita dressed and in final position, arranged her shoulder length shining black hair into a fan beneath her head. Making the final adjustments to her guides she slipped the blindfold over her hazel eyes making herself secure. Behind the blindfold she heard the key turn in the lock and heard the two men enter. She listened as they made their approach as she planned.

Gary and Jason stood at the foot of the stairs reading the notice Anita had placed. Each of them had a ribbon to gather which would lead to her. Noisily they crashed up the stairs unwinding the ribbons as they went. Jason had a gold ribbon, Gary a red. The trail led them to the bathroom and the next note attached to the upraised toilet seat.

"Take your clothes off here, then piss out any beer. I want erect pricks, not limp dicks when you reach the end of the trail."

Dutifully the two men stripped standing each side of the bowl to urinate. Gary shielding his penis, whilst Jason, having peed pulled a few long strokes on his foreskin testing the strength of his curved erection by tapping it with his finger.

Flushing the toilet the two men unwound their ribbons following the trail, which led to the bedroom. Anita lay spread eagle on the bed, a single spotlight illuminating the scene. Both her hands were cuffed to the bed, as was one leg, the other being tied. She was wearing a black cocktail dress that was moulded to her slim figure. Gary's ribbon was pinned to the breast of her dress before trailing to pair of dressmaker's scissors. Jason's ribbon led to her leg where a smaller ribbon disappeared beneath her dress.

Both men edged closer to the bed, Anita pensively licked her parted glossy red lips. She could hear their breathing; she tried to imagine their excitement and surprise. She imagined their thick white stalks, with purple glistening heads jutting from between their hairy thighs. The scrotum sacks pulled tight over their dangling cherry balls. She began to act out her role.

"Did you bring me here? Someone said if I came here I would get a lovely surprise. Then they tied me up. I feel so vulnerable like this. Anyone could take advantage of me. Invade my body and I would be unable to resist. Are you going to be nice and release me?"

The two men stood over her, each at the end of their respective ribbons. They looked down upon her body, seeing the shape of her ribs and breasts pushing through the stretched fabric. Jason sucked in his breath sighing as he traced the etched lines of her underwear, he could see the outline of a suspender belt framing her pelvic Vee.

"Take a look at that Gary, it's fucking Christmas, she's wearing bloody stockings." Jason sat at her feet unravelling the thin gold ribbon that was twined around her leg, easing his hand up her dress he revealed the gold flecked stockings beneath. His hand stopped at the cool flesh of her thigh releasing the ribbon from her suspender. Anita wriggled.

"What are you doing?" Why are you touching my leg like that? What are you going to do to me?"

Gary had watched Jason's hand slide up Anita's skirt; he had seen the fabric rise and fall as he had stroked her inner thigh, playing around the stocking top. It had been a long time since he had seen her, touched her. He remembered the feeling of exhilaration, when she had driven him to take her. He missed her; he had begun to hate hearing Jason's stories of the things they had done together. He had feared he would never see her again. Trisha had commented though, she said he had got more confident, she spent more time with him less visiting her mother. He almost wished it were the other way. He picked up the dress making scissors there was a note tied to the handle. Unwrap me.

"I'm frightened someone talk to me. Tell me what you are going to do? You're not going to ravish my poor darling body?" Anita could feel Gary's heat it seemed very close, she turned her head towards it, she quickened to the smell of his salty prick. Gary's face came down to hers he pressed his lips close to her ear. He looked down the line of her body watching the rhythm of her cleavage as it rose with her breath. He could see Jason's hands trying to push her skirt back to reveal the top of her thighs. Gary's attention focused on Jason, a small triumphant smile had spread across his face as he slid his finger onto the crotch of Anita's pants. Mesmerised Gary spoke into Anita's ear.

"We are your surprise. You are our little gift. As my friend said an early Christmas present. We are going to free you from this very pretty wrapping. Then we are going to play with you. If you are very good we may even let you play with us. Then we are going to shag you, screw you and fuck you. We are going to fuck you till your body aches and every orifice is running with our come. Your pretty tethered body will reek of our spent fluids just as ours will stink of yours."

Anita could feel the excitement as he spat the words into her ears. Poor Trisha to think she trawled the streets for this. Anita's plan was working, already her nipples were aching as her sensitised skin thrilled to every touch. She could feel Jason's hand stroking the damp material at her crotch whilst his tongue circled her exposed thigh. Gary pressed his mouth down onto her lips pushing them apart with his searching tongue, she lay reeling with the bliss as his lips worked along hers pressing them then sucking them back against his teeth. He withdrew and she felt the cold steel of the scissors blade placed against her cheek. The cold raced down her skin, making her nipples stiffen. The blade travelled to the vee opening at the front of her dress where the fabric restrained her cleavage. Gary's hand froze with the scissors jaws part shut.

"Cut it." She whispered and the cloth seperated. Anita pushed herself down into the mattress sucking her belly flat as the cold edge travelled over it. She felt her released breasts grazing Gary's flesh, as his hand travelled down her body. The scissors halted when he passed her pelvis. She heard the joint whisper of desire when the two men looked at her gold panties composed of embroidered flowers, the pattern put in relief by the light brown of her skin beneath. She felt Jason continue to tear the skirt apart, whilst Gary's mouth returned to her chest.

His chin nestled into the ridge of her breast bone, he began licking at the round base of her breasts. Circling over the crest and fall of each he continued in spiralling swirls till he reached the nippled peak.. Extending the rounded teat between his teeth, he stretched and stiffened the pliant flesh, his saliva making them more slippery for his fingers to roll and pinch. Anita could feel the rising waves of her orgasm flowing as streams from the walls of her aching cunt, she could feel Jason now eager between her parted legs she knew it wouldn't be long before his urgent entry.

Kneeling over her Jason ran his thumb down the line of her concealed crevice, feeling the moisture running from her swollen labia. His finger slipped inside her gold pants. Anita shuddered urging her pelvis against his searching hand.

"You are not going to pierce my poor defenceless pussy with your prick?" Jason dragging her pants to one side placed the head of his penis, against the parted slippery labia lips.

"No I'm going to ram this hot cock right up your love passage, and you are going to love it. I'm going to stick it so far it's going to bulge out of your little flat belly."

Gary felt the shock wave of the first lunge, as Jason's penis made its entry, with the third stroke Jason's length had disappeared inside of Anita. He watched as her head went back, the neatly arranged fan of her hair falling into disarray as she tossed from side to side, riding Jason's increasing strokes.

Anita's mouth parted wide revealing the white sparkle of her teeth within the luxuriant frame of glossy red lips, her lower lip trembling from the pressure of her tongue as she mouthed silent oaths. She worked her slender arms against the restraint of the chain stroking her fingers along its length till she reached the attached cuffs the tense excitement causing the black hair on her forearms to rise.

Gary his back turned to Jason continued to work her malleable breasts twisting and re-shaping them to the rhythm that shuddered through her body.

"Come on mate take the bitch, don't play with her. Give it to her. Get that dick of yours working. Ride her like this."

Jason's hands scooped up Anita's tensing buttocks, his thumbs resting in the indent of stretched muscle. Gary watched as Jason part withdrew then stabbed forward pulling Anita into his groin, with a resounding slap of flesh. Jason repeated the action striking time with his percussive thrusts.

"Leave her tits alone and watch this." Anita's breasts twirled and gyrated upon the tide of his growing passion, flowing then rising her brown extended nipples ever righting upward, upon the crest of her rippling breasts. Small droplets of perspiration sprayed from her body, the energy of her union having made the couple damp with their exertions.

Gary watched the fixed ecstatic grin on Jason's face as his eyes followed the quivering dance created by his lunging rhythm. With Jason controlling the reactions of Anita's body Gary sat at her head stroking her damp hair his knee masking the declining urgency of his erection. From within her darkened cocoon of sensual pleasure, Anita felt Gary's arrival at her side. She was surprised at how much she was aware of by sense alone. The flexing and tensing of her vaginal wall had sent vivid images of Jason's enlarged prick. She could feel the throbbing vein fuelling his missile head. She could hear the sucking and the slurping of her fluid as it slid along his length, lubricating it deeper into her depths. She crushed her vulva against his hairy groin forcing the abrasive hair against her impatient clitoris. She needed him deeper, more urgent, filling inside her.

"Oh god you're so big, my precious flower is so defenceless against your powerful body." Jason pushed even deeper rubbing her juices back into her lubricating cunt. She was missing Gary's hands upon her breasts, she needed something to flick her over the edge. Gary's hand traced along the edge of her glossed lips, she drew them in with her tongue, her head bobbing in and out against the stretched fingers. She bit at the finger joints feeling the bone with her teeth. His nose nuzzled at her ear then he pulled the lobe into his mouth, kissing it sucking it, as his other hand traced down her neck. She could feel the semen gathering in Jason's balls, she sensed the urgency in the helmet pushing and rubbing along her pelvis.

With a juddering single exclamation she came as she felt his prick slide to the top of her thighs. His weight had shifted, then she felt the first gushes of his fountaining come spurting onto her spread thighs from where he had withdrawn his prick. With rapid jerks of his hand he showered the creamy fluid into the exposed brown flesh. Spent he sat back, massaging his come with slow circular motions into the cooling brown skin.

Anita lay feeling his sperm slowly drying between her legs. Her body ached from the tension of her climax. The soft massaging of Gary's kisses, restored her desire.

"Are you going to invade my defenceless body. Claim it for your pleasure? Will you re-take my poor precious crushed flower? Or will you do more, force yourself into my mouth, make me drink from your lustful flow?" Gary's hand worked in and out of her mouth. She felt him kneel over her face, felt the brush of his penis trail over her lips. His hand pinched her jaw puckering her red lips into an open kiss. She felt the rim of his knob graze her teeth, the pulse from his pumping vein pushed back her lower lip, the helmet sliding to the edge of her teeth. She could feel his hand slowly working at his shaft, her tongue licked the hot round end. Jason's hand was now stroking at her breast, whilst the second played with his own prick.

Her mouth opened as Gary slowly slid in his now stiffened shaft. He tousled and ruffled her hair whilst supporting her neck and head. He pushed himself against her face. She smelt his skin, felt the heat of his body the fast rising spunk gathering in his balls. She felt the twinge and buck, felt him start to pull away, her mouth locked around his velvet shaft, pulling him deeper as he shot against her throat. Greedily drinking it down, gobbling back the pulsing flow.

Gary lay her head back down onto the pillow as the first inklings of reawakening stirred within her body. Jason's weight had shifted she felt the change of pressure against her breast. Without seeing Anita followed the movement of bodies. Her head was pulled around she smelt the savoury scent of her own cunt, the stale semen on Jason's prick.

"Lick your honey off sweetie, while I play with Gary's favourite toys." Anita's tongue slid along Jason's semi erect tool. His rough moulding of her breasts re-sensitising her cooling body. She had enjoyed the pleasure of them both, deliberating teasing Jason's tensing balls she tried to slow his rising reaction, once he had come the game would be over.

The sudden release of her tied foot explained where Gary had gone, her back arched as she pressed her shoulders into the mattress. The cold touch of the scissor blade shocked and excited her. Gary had lain the open blade across her flattened pelvis. Trailed it to the waist of her pants. Jason's cock stiffened, Anita slowed her lapping tongue.

"Cut 'em off cop a look at a well fucked cunt."

Jason pinched down hard on her nipple making her gasp, and damp her drying knickers. Gary's trailing hand felt her vagina twitch, as he rubbed her mound through the holes in the crotchet front. Gripping her by the upper leg he twisted her lower body to one side. The scissor blade slide over the satin back of her pants, following the round of her tensed buttocks, resting at the edge of her arse cleavage.

"Oh man better still take her arse. Cut a hole and plug her butt. Give the bitch a real dogging."

Jason's hand had now left her breast, and was sliding his prick back and forth into her gaping mouth. "We're going to fuck her both ends. Right mate?" Gary looked up to see Jason driving his shaft in and out of Anita's gaping mouth. He wasn't ready yet he just hoped Jason didn't finish the game.

He slid his hand along the back of Anita's thigh, pinging the elastic of the suspender belt down onto her covered buttocks. He wished he could have her to himself to enjoy the full pleasure in her choice of dress. Trisha would never go for this. Everything was so on and off with her short skirts with no knickers, nudity was her seduction. Her body was probably better than Anita's she just didn't do sexual confection.

Anita tensed her body waited for the thrust of Gary's erection, instead the shock of steel sliding along her still slippery spine, gave her the reaction she desired. Gary's mouth hunted along her twisted body, seeking the points where her nerves were exposed. His hot lips removing the layer of sweat, leaving a cooling sinuous trail. He rested his head close to her shoulder, his cock pulsing against the round of her buttocks as he cut the back of her dress away. Sliding his body down, he pulled the fabric away leaving only the tiny layers of lingerie as a shield for her body.

Jason was bursting to come, but was desperate to enjoy the full thrill of the strip show. He rested with his cock still in Anita's mouth, his hands coming down to massage her breasts. Anita felt as if she had found some new form of heaven. It was better than she imagined. Listening waiting for sound or touch to tell what may happen next. All of the beautiful surprises welling up, it was like being fucked by several different men.

Gary resting between her legs discarded the scissors, gently he undid the suspenders, dragging her golden pants down, leaving them like a lowered flag, attached to the mast of her tethered leg. He looked at the pink prize of her parted cunt, ran his fingers along the slippery edge. Spreading her leg wide, he peeled back her labia lips. His finger circled her exposed clitoris, before squeezing it between his thumb. His other hand entered between her legs, feeling the territory inside. His mouth came down engulfing her throbbing mound, licking sucking, till she came.

She came with a force that rocked the bed. It had torn like a whirlwind through her insides. She had screamed and danced from her clinking chains, a captive to her ecstasy. Then she had felt the prolonged nudging drive of Gary's prick working into her, and wondered if he could better it still. She was surprised by the strength of her vaginal muscles. The amount of energy she could sustain. Driving, riding working with his rhythm she bucked towards the final explosion.

Jason's come showering over her breasts, was the hot trigger for her release. Her joyful, grateful cries being stifled by the entry into her mouth of Jason's prick for the final pump of his spunk which he had retained by pinching the head of his dick.

Gary slept over , in the bed Anita had prepared on the sofa. Anita and Gary secretly made love while Jason slept. Gary whispered the words Jason had never said. Anita told him he must never repeat them or she would never see him again. She knew that Gary had said them once to Trisha, and she had ignored them the same. Anita didn't know what it was she wanted, she just knew it wasn't love yet.

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