Where's Waldo? Ch. 03


Steve walked up. “Hello.” He said holding out his hand. I introduced him.

“We have to get out of here.” She said looking around. I knew she was nervous someone would approach and say the password.

“Would you like to have a cup of coffee with us in the restaurant?” Tom asked. I looked at Steve and he smiled back. “Sure.” I replied.

We walked into the small restaurant that was almost empty and into a small booth in the back.

“You look a lot better.” I said to Pat.

“Well, I feel better. I was just so nervous.” She said looking at Tom to see his reaction. He put his arm around her and gave her a hug. He wasn’t such a bad guy after all.

We ate some lunch and told each other about our jobs and families and it seemed like we knew them for years.

I thought I would bring up the Waldo subject to see if they would talk about it. Maybe we could find out more about the organization.

“So, why are you two wearing the same shirt?” I asked. Steve elbowed me in the side.

“Well. It’s a long story.” Pat started to say. Tom grabbed her arm put she pushed him away. “I don’t care about all this secrecy stuff.” She said to him. “Please don’t think we are bad people.”

She started to talk. “We belong to this club.” I stopped her. “I know.” I said looking into her blue eyes.

“You know? But, how?” She asked. Suddenly it hit her. “You guys are….oh, my god.” She said putting her hand over her mouth. She laughed.

“Holy shit.” She said. “If I knew you two were the other couple I would have been alright.”

Tom looked at us. “The last couple we met was pretty rude.” He said trying to explain Pat’s nervousness. “We almost quit the club but decided to give it one more try.”

It suddenly hit me that the WW club wanted this couple to be receivers with us as senders. I guessed we have a good record with WW.

“Let’s hope we don’t get them.” Steve said. We all laughed. Suddenly we all realized that the connection could still happen.

I looked at Steve and we both turned to them and said, “Where’s”.

Pat and Tom stopped laughing. They looked at each other and both turned to us.


Our talking was over. We paid our bills in silence and walked ahead of them. They follow us to the small conference room. Steve closed and locked the door. We were the Senders so we were the aggressors.

Tom and Pat moved over to the table and sat back against it. Steve whispered to me. “Let’s have them for desert.” I understood as we moved over and pushed them gently to lie back on the table. Tom moved back until only his knees hung over the table. Pat moved back to lie next to her husband. Her skirt was about halfway up her thighs. I looked up to see them holding hands. How cute.

Steve and I removed their shoes and Tom’s socks. Pat’s legs were bare which made it easy as Tom’s hands moved up her legs. Pat giggled as his fingers inched higher. I could feel Tom’s muscles on his thighs as my hands moved up towards his crotch. His large bulge waited for my hands. Steve’s hands moved under Pat’s skirt. I couldn’t see which upset me. I moved one hand over and lifted her skirt to her waist. Her black thongs barely covered her pussy lips. Small strands of blonde pubic hair escaped out from under the tiny strip of cloth. I moved my hands upward to unbuckle Tom’s belt. I unzipped his fly and he lifted his hips to allow me to pull his slacks down his leg. I stopped when I saw his underwear which was black bikinis that barely contained his shaft and jewels. I guess his prick to be a shorter length than Steve’s but maybe thicker. I would soon find out.

Steve was anxious to pull her panties down but I stopped him. I wanted to save them for last. We moved to the other side of the table above their heads. Tom and Pat both sat up and helped us remove their Waldo shirts. Pat was wearing a small bra over her small but perfectly rounded breasts. Steve fumbled with her clasp so I gave him a hand as I pulled it from her body. Her small breasts and pink tips pointed upward as she lay back down.

We moved back to their knees and placed our hands in the waistbands of their black panties and briefs. We pulled down at the same time. My eyes moved back and forth between his hard prick and her blonde bush as their skimpy undies moved south. Tom was not circumcised which would be a first for me. We moved their last article of clothing down and off. We both stood and looked at naked couple lying before us. Tom and Pat looked at us and smiled. Pat’s legs spread slightly to show her pink lips and hard clit. Tom’s prick moved up off his stomach. Her pussy lips and the tip of his uncut prick glistened with moisture. They were ready.

Tom and I helped each other to strip while Pat and Tom watched. In less than a minute we stood naked at their knees. Tom’s eyes never moved from my full breasts. I had Pat by at least 3 bra sizes so I knew what Tom wanted. I leaned forward and touched the top of his knees with my nipples. His prick jerked as I moved my soft breasts up his hairy legs. Steve moved his lips to Pat’s knees and his tongue moved out to create snail tracks up her thighs.

As Steve’s lips moved into Pat’s pussy my lips moved over Tom’s balls. My tongue moved up his shaft at the same time Steve’s moved up Pat’s slit. My fingers pulled his foreskin down until his red tip came out. Cool. So that’s what it looks like I thought as my lips surrounded his tip. Tom sucked in Pat’s clit. Our eyes looked at each other as we provided oral gratification to another couple. I moved my lips off and raised my body until my breasts smothered his balls and shaft.

“Ohhh.” Tom moaned.

Good. I wanted to get Tom off before Steve did Pat. It became a contest.

“OH GOD!” Pat cried as Steve moved his tongue in and out of her pussy. His lips gently nibbled on her clit.

I knew I could get Tom off quickly with my mouth but I wanted to fuck him in front of Steve. I moved my lips up his stomach and across his chest as I moved my body up on the table and across his front. As my lips met his, my pussy opened to rub across his shaft. I moved it up and down slowly. His hips rose to meet my motions. I glanced over to see Pat’s legs spread wide as Steve moved his body up between them. They wrapped around his back and he aimed his arrow at her bull’s-eye. He waited until I was lined up with Tom. He winked as we lowered our bodies.

Tom’s hands found my breasts, as I knew they would. He milked my nipples as my hips moved up and down his shaft. I glanced down to see Steve’s meat sliding in and out of Pat’s tunnel. Our bodies were slapping together and we were all moaning as we raced for completion. I had to beat him as my body prepared itself for an explosion. Blood raced to my pleasure points as I exploded.

“OH YES. NOW!” I cried as I felt Tom explode at the same time. He grunted out loud and I could feel his hot liquid hit the back of my pussy.

Pat and Steve were right behind us.

“OH SHIT.” Steve cried as Pat’s hands scrapped his back.

“YES!” She cried as she came.

I moved off of Tom and Steve moved off of Pat. The four of us lay naked side by side on the table face up. I wished we had a photo.

Steve and Tom got up first and put on their clothes. I looked over at Pat and smiled. She moved over and pulled my body to hers.

“Thank you.” She whispered.

“Your welcome.” I said as I kissed her on the cheek. Our breasts crushed against each other and our legs intertwined. Her soft body felt so good. I remembered kissing and touching Macy’s body and wondered if Pat would be interested. There was one way to find out. I moved my face back and looked into her eyes. Her dripping pussy rubbed against my thigh. I slowly moved my lips to hers. Her mouth opened as my tongue moved inside.

“Damn.” I heard Steve say as our hands explored each other’s bodies. We forgot about the men as we kissed each other’s breasts and nipples. Our finger found each other’s clits as we brought each other to another explosion. Our mouths locked together as we came. Of all the missions, this one was the most fulfilling. It was exciting, with strangers, and in front of our spouses. And, I climaxed twice. Nice.

Steve and I headed home. When we arrived Macy and Allison were sitting in the kitchen.

“Hi Mr. and Mrs. Duncan.” She said with a big smile.

“I think you can call us Ann and Steve now.” I answered.

“OK.” She giggled. “I received another letter and will be a receiver tonight at the boat show at the Arena.” She said. “I’m kind of scared to go alone.”

“I want Allison to go with me.” She said looking at us for permission. Allison just looked at us. I thought about Macy going alone to meet some man and to let him fuck her. It could be dangerous if the man got real kinky or forceful.

“Allison can go as long as long as I go as well.” I said looking over at Steve. He just nodded his head in agreement.

“Can I borrow your shirt again?” She asked. I told her I had purchased two more shirts. One was for her and one for Allison. Steve disappeared as we dressed for the show. A funny thought entered my mind. What if Macy, Allison and I all wore our shirts to the show? The man would be messed up seeing us walking around together. We would stay close to each other so he would have to say the password for all of us to hear it. The girls agreed and we headed down to the boat show.

The boat show was going strong when we entered the large room. There were over a hundred boats of all shapes and sizes. I noticed some of the larger boats belonged to the same company and anyone could board and look around. It would be a perfect place for a connection.

We got quite a few glances from the men as we walked around in our short skirts and Waldo shirts. One man wanted to show us all the bedrooms in the larger boat. He was all bark because when I said “yes” he backed off. We made it down the first aisle when I saw a large boat with a steep ladder leading up to its deck. It was perfect to draw some attention.

“Girls. Follow me.” I said as I started climbing the steep steps. The girls followed behind me. I turned and saw a half-dozen men standing at the bottom of the stairs looking up our skirts as we walked on board. Allison looked back and giggled as one man made it obvious as he moved his face to the stairs to get a better view. We took our time getting up the steps. We were all wearing transparent thong underwear that was wedged in our ass cheeks. When we got to the top platform we all turned and stood next to each other. The men could now see up the front of our skirts. Our dark bushes were on display through the invisible panties. One guy even motioned for his friend to come over. We pretended to be looking at the other boats while they checked out our hairy mounds.

We turned and entered the boat. Two of the men clapped. We giggled as we walked through the large boat. We were only there a couple of minutes when I noticed him. When I looked in his direction he looked the other way quickly. I knew he was the sender. But, the three shirts together really messed him up. We moved off the large boat and into the ladies room.

“I think I saw him.” I said to the girls.

“Really?” Macy asked. “What does he look like?”

“He is a small oriental man about Macy’s height.” “He’s been following us for a while and looks the other way when I look at him. Our shirts must be confusing him.” I laughed.

“I’m just getting hot just thinking about it.” Macy said. “I won’t even know his name while he does it to me.”

“Lucky you.” Allison replied.

“I was nervous on my first mission.” I said. “But, I realized he was probably more nervous because he had to perform.”

“Let’s tease him some more.” I said. “But, not too long.” Macy replied.

We moved back into the showroom and he had his back to us looking the other way. We took our time walking around and stopped as one man gave us a demonstration of how the seat cushions hid away when not in use. I turned to look for the man and his face was only inches from mine.

He whispered. “Where’s”

I just smiled at him and looked the other way. He was sweating. I pulled the girls along until we stopped at another boat. He moved up behind Allison and whispered. I didn’t hear him but knew what he said. Allison giggled and turned away. He now knew Macy was his connection.

Allison and I moved aside so he could get his body close enough to Macy’s. We all heard him say, “Where’s”

Macy giggled and said, “Waldo.”

He smiled at all three of us and walked away. It was Macy’s job to follow him. We followed right behind her as she kept about a 10 foot distance. The man moved quickly through the crowd until he moved up the same large boat we flashed our beavers. He moved inside and Macy stopped at the door.

“We will be here if you need us.” I whispered. “Go enjoy yourself. Let yourself go and experiment. If it feels good do it. If not just say no.”

Macy gave me a hug and entered the door. Allison and I stood guard outside. No one was going to enter this doorway.

I could hear Macy’s giggles for a few minutes and suddenly silence. I put my ear to the door and heard the man moan loudly. He was moaning and she wasn’t. I figured she was giving him some pleasure. I took note to tell her she was the receiver. His moaning stopped and silence again. Macy’s giggled some more and the man even laughed. They were having fun playing this sex with stranger’s game.

A man and woman came up to the door and look around me. “It’s closed right now.” I lied. They looked at me strangely but didn’t complain. They moved away just when I heard Macy’s moans and cries. He was fucking her and the boat was rocking. A woman walked by and looked at her friend.

“Must be the special effects.” She laughed.

“Yep. That’s it.” I laughed back.

Macy climax must have lasted at least a full minute. Her screams had both Allison and I giggling. Finally, the noise and motions stopped. A minute later Macy came out of the room. Her hair was messed up and her face was flushed. “Oh my god.” She whispered. “He’s a fucking machine.”

“Really?” Allison asked. “That little guy?” I asked.

“He might be short but not down there.” She giggled. “He didn’t come.” She whispered.

“Too bad I didn’t get him.” I whispered.

“Well, he told me to tell you and Allison that he is ready if you are.” Macy replied.

I looked at Allison. This was not part of the Waldo thing. This man wanted to fuck us all.

I could see it in Allison’s eyes she wanted to go inside. I just smiled which gave her permission. As she opened the door I could see the man sitting on the small bed. His prick was at least eight inches long and pointing upward. He looked at me and smiled. I smiled too as I moved away to allow Allison to enter. I closed the door behind her.

“Tell me what happened.” I whispered to Macy.

“Well, at first he was real shy and I had to make all the moves. I took off my clothes and he just looked at me. He didn’t try to touch me or anything. I moved closer to him and took off his shirt. He lay on his back when I released his pants. I could see he was pretty big from his bulge but when it popped out I jumped back. He and I laughed. I moved my lips to his prick and sucked him inside my mouth. I thought he was fully expanded but he even got longer as I sucked him. I….” She started to say when we heard Allison’s first moan. “Ohhh.”

“I moved next to him on the small bed and he moved on top of me. He was in me in a flash and his prick moved in fast motion as he fucked me.” She stopped and caught her breath.

“I was waiting for him to come because he…..” Macy stopped.

“Ohhh yes.” Allison exclaimed.

Macy continued. “He just kept going and going and fucking and fucking me.” I never felt it like that before. He moved his body upwards until his prick rubbed directly against my….you know.” “Clit.” I said. “Yes.”

We could feel the boat rocking again as he fucked Allison faster and faster. Her moans were so loud anyone on the boat could have heard her. Luckily, no one except Macy and I were there.

We looked around to see if anyone else could hear Allison’s screams as they finished their missions. Allison came out while pulling her red and white shirt over her red bra. “He wants to know if you want to come in next.” Allison said looking at me. I was almost in the door when I saw a group of people coming up the stairs. I grabbed the girls and waited as they walked past. They were about 6 older ladies. We hurried down the stairs.

“What about Waldo?” Allison asked as we moved quickly out the front entrance. I laughed as I pictured the man sitting naked on the bunk bed when the senior ladies came in.

“I’m sure the women won’t be that upset.” I chuckled as we drove back to the house.

“Well?” Steve asked as we threw ourselves down on the large sofa. “Tell me.”

We all took turns telling our story of what happened. By the time we were finished we were all rolling on the floor laughing. The day was soon over and we all headed for bed. Too tired to think about messing around anymore.

The following week started off slowly. We were all still exhausted when another letter showed up on my bag in the gym. I took it home and didn’t even open it until Steve came home that evening. As he took a drink of wine I whispered in his ear. “We have another WW mission.”

“What?” He said almost choking on his drink. “What is it?”

“I haven’t opened it yet. I’ve been waiting for you.” I said. Allison and Macy were out with Marcus so we had the house to ourselves. We quickly ripped open the letter and read it to ourselves. I had to read it again to believe it.


“I can’t do it in my office.” Steve said looking at me. “If we are caught I’ll loose my job.”

“It’s your decision.” I said with a smile. My mind started thinking about all the men I knew who worked with Steve. My first choice would be Ken. He was one hunk of a man and liked to show his hairy chest and tight ass whenever he could. Another candidate was Jerry who even made a pass at me at last years Christmas party. At that time I was upset he could think I would fool around. Ha.

“Do you think someone in my office is in the WW club?” Steve asked.

“Probably. It makes sense you know. Who do you think it might be?” I asked.

“It could be Mary downstairs. We did a thing with them in the movies.” I said thinking out loud.

“Yes. But, we already did something with them even if we didn’t know we were both in the club.” I reasoned.

“Maybe it’s Paula. She always flirts with me at work.” Steve said.

“Why does it have to be a woman? It could be a man you know and his wife.” I said sharply.

“I know who it is not.” Steve said jokingly. “Who.” I asked.

“Collin.” He laughed.

Collin is his boss who he did not get along with at all. He is a young stud that joined the Company less then five years ago but rose quickly to the top spot. Steve felt he should have gotten the top job and always resented Collin. But, Collin had always been super nice to me.

The week went slow as Steve came home every night trying to guess who the other couple would be. He mentioned a new secretary Alicia, who was really built. Again I mentioned to him it could be a man who worked in his office. He hinted to his secretary to see if she was the one but she only looked at him strangely. Finally, Friday morning came. I laughed when he walked into our kitchen wearing his Waldo shirt. His prick was pushing out his pants already.

“You better calm down. It’s not good having an erection showing all day.” I chuckled.

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