Where's Waldo? Ch. 03


“I can’t control it. It has a mind of its own.” He said looking down at his bulge.

I somehow got him out the door and took my time soaking in the bathtub. With lots of creams and lotions to make my body as soft and smooth as possible. As I was exiting the tub I decided to really mix things up. I took my shaver and took off all my pubic hair. I was sure it would be noticed my Steve who had asked me to do it for some time now. I had to look twice as I stood in front of the large mirror. It looked so weird seeing my swollen lips without the padding. I was getting wet thinking about someone going down on me without hair down there. I quickly got dressed and tried to keep my mind on something else. I arrived at his office at 1:30PM to make sure I was on time. I picked my sexiest underwear which consisted of a sheer bra and sheer thongs. My bare pleasure lips could be seen through the transparent material.

I tried not to hurry but when I looked at my watch when I arrived at the lobby I was 30 minutes early. The receptionist, Kerri, recognized me right away. I tried to hide my very sexy clothed body from her but, she noticed right away.

“Wow!” Kerri exclaimed. “You better be careful looking like that around here.”

I smiled and looked down my body to see my breasts half way out of my red and white blouse and the outline of my thongs under my tight skirt.

“Just my usual.” I said as a matter of fact. I was really quite embarrassed standing in an office dressed like I was.

“You can go in if you want. Mr. Montgomery is expecting you.” She said.

At first I missed what she had just said. It suddenly hit me. “Mr. Montgomery?” I asked.

“Of course. You have an appointment with him today. His wife Helen is already in there. Do you know the way?” She asked.

So, Collin was the Waldo and together with his wife were the Waldo couple going to have sex with us. I thought. I was secretly hoping it was Collin. I had seen him playing tennis at one of the company outings and couldn’t help but notice his muscular body.

“Do you know the way?” Kerri asked again.

“Ah, yes. It’s down the hall from my husband.” I said as I gathered my purse and my composure. I headed first to the ladies room to dry off my dripping pussy. Kerri was busy when I walked back across the front of the desk. I thought about calling Steve but decided I wanted to see what they would do if only I appeared. I moved quickly down the hallway and to Collin’s secretary.

“I’m here to see Mr. Montgomery.” I somehow managed to say with my knees shaking.

“Oh yes. You are Ann. Steve’s wife. Mr. Montgomery said to send you in right away.” She said while turning and calling on the phone.

“Mr. Montgomery. Ann is here. OK, I will.” She said as she hung up the phone.

“He said to come right in.”

I moved to the door and tried to open it but it seemed to be jammed. It would not open. Shit. I was looking foolish. Finally, someone on the other side moved the knob and it opened. Helen stood smiling in front of me.

“Ann. How great it is to see you again.” She said as she pulled me into her body. Our breasts crushed together.

“Steve said you were coming in today and I told Kerri I had to see you first.” Helen said with a big smile.

I was ready for one of them to say “where’s” but they started asking me about my family.

“Should we tell her?” Helen asked as she looked over at Collin who was sitting behind his huge desk.

“I don’t know Helen. I think we should wait.” Collin said. It seemed he was against whatever it was she wanted to tell me.

She pulled me over to a long sofa in his office and jerked me down next to her. I was ready for the “where’s” but she didn’t say it.

“I don’t know how to say it so I’m just going to say it out.” She said holding my hand tightly.

“WHAT?” I finally shouted at this woman. I was getting somewhat pissed.

“OK.” She said as she took a big breath of air. “Steve is getting promoted into Collin’s job. The big boss from New York is in his office right now offering it to him.”

“But, what about?” I started to say as I turned to look at Collin.

“Collin has been offered a job in New York. We are going home.” She said. I had heard she was not happy living away from her family.

“That is fantastic.” I said smiling at Collin and giving her a big hug. “I’m sure Steve will be very happy.”

With all of this going on I had forgotten about the Waldo connection and looked down to see my skirt high on my thighs. I peeked to see Collin’s eyes aiming down at my legs. From the position I was in as I hugged Helen I knew he could see up to my sheer panties. I tried to pull away from her and fix my skirt but she held on tightly. All at once we both fell off the sofa and landed on a large soft rug on the floor. As I fell, my skirt moved up to my stomach and I lay on my back with my transparent panties fully exposed for both of them to see. My bare pussy lips were open to their eyes.

“Oh my God.” Helen said as she looked down at my panties. “Are you OK?” She managed to say as I frantically tried to push my skirt downward.

I moved up to my knees which allowed me the opportunity to cover my dampness.

“I’m so embarrassed.” I said covering my face in my hands.

Collin moved quickly over to pull me up to his body. “I’m sorry.” I started to say as he held me close to his firm body. I had confused their happiness for Steve and I being their receivers for the WW club.

At least I thought I had until I heard Collin whisper in my ear. “Where’s?”

I froze as the word moved through my ear canal, into my brain, down my spinal cord and into my wet pussy. Helen whispered in my other ear. “Where’s” Both my brain and my pussy had the password. My pussy sent a signal up my spinal cord to my brain. A signal moved down the base of my brain to the muscles of my mouth.

It spoke. “Waldo.” The connection was made but I was alone with the two of them. I waited.

Both of their lips moved to my ear and sucked in my earlobes. Helen’s lips were so much smaller and gentler than Collins. Both techniques were driving me wild. I turned my head until my lips found Collin’s mouth. His mouth opened and engulfed mine. Our tongues danced together. Helen’s face forced itself between our cheeks as her tongue pushed out until it found ours. The three of us French kissed. It was a first for me.

I forgot about Steve as they quickly pulled my clothing off my body. I stood naked between them as they threw their own clothing in a heap next to mine. I took a deep breath as Collin removed his tight briefs. His huge rod pushed outward as the material squeezed by. His prick was at least 10 inches long. Helen saw my reaction, took my hand and guided it to his massive tool. Her hand wrapped around mine as I moved it up and down his rigid shaft.

Helen’s hands left mine and began to explore my body. Her touches were like small flames as she used her knowledge of a woman’s body to set me on fire. I felt her soft mounds crush against my back as her hands moved under my arms to cups my breasts. Her lips moved up and down the back of my neck giving me shivers as I jerked off her husband.

Helen’s fingers moved down my stomach and into my unprotected pussy. She quickly found my hard knob and massaged it between her tiny fingers. She knew how to drive me crazy. I was panting as I lowered my body down to the soft carpet. I was on my knees looking up at Collin’s eyes as my lips opened to take his prick into my mouth. My tongue tasted his wetness as the crown moved inside. I was lost in my passion when we all heard the intercom.

“Mr. Montgomery. Steve is here.” His secretary said. I looked up at him with his prick still in my mouth. He didn’t say a word as he turned to the phone.

“Tell him to wait a few minutes. I’m busy at the moment.” He said with a big smile as he took my head in his hands and pulled until the tip of his tool hit the back of my throat. My lips tightened as he fucked my mouth. I was ready for his explosion but he suddenly pulled my mouth away. He took his and my clothes. I turned to see Helen completely dressed sitting on the sofa. She smiled at me and waved. They must have had this planned.

Steve put his polo shirt back on and pulled me and the clothing to his large desk. He motioned for me to crawl under while he threw the clothing under before me. I did as he motioned. I moved under his desk and turned to face his chair as my knees rested on the clothing.

“Pat. Please send Steve in.” He said on the intercom. He was naked from the waist down but Steve could not see it from across the desk. It hit me what he wanted me to do. As he moved down in the chair he pushed his knees forward until my breasts touched his legs. I moved my head forward until my lips captured one of his balls. I sucked it in my mouth as I heard the door open and Steve walk in.

“STEVE!” Congratulations.” Helen said from the other side of the room. I heard footsteps.

“Thank you.” Steve said. “I thought my wife was in here.”

“She was.” Helen lied. My tongue caressed Collins’ balls.

“Congrats Steve.” Collin said without standing up. He did lean forward to shake Steve’s hand. As he did my head moved up and hit the bottom of the center desk draw.

"Ah.” I moaned. But, it was not loud enough for Steve to hear.

As Collin sat back down I reached and pulled his prick down to my lips. I sucked it in again when I heard Steve laugh out loud.

“What’s so funny?” Helen asked.

“Well, it’s a long story. I guess I was mistaken about something.” He laughed again.

“I recommended you for the job.” Collin said to Steve. “I’ve relied on you more than anyone and we both knew you should have had this job instead of me anyway.” My tongue flicked across the tip. What a nice thing to say I thought as I gave my best blow job ever.

“Collin. I don’t know what to say. I guess I have read you wrong.” Steve said. “Where did Ann go?” My lips froze around his shaft because of the silence in the room.

That’s when I heard Helen say, “Where’s”. Almost a minute went by until I heard a low sound came from Steve. “Waldo.’

Collin’s penis grew harder and harder as he watched his wife and my husband remove each others clothes. No one was allowed to speak as my mouth moved slowly up to the top of his 10 inch pleasure rod and back to the base.

Steve broke the silence. “Helen, we can’t do this in front…”

“Shhhhhh…” She laughed. I could hear her sucking sounds as she gave my husband a blow job like I was doing to Collin.

“Oh God, I wish Ann was here.” Steve moaned as Helen brought him to his peak.

“Your wish is my command.” Collin said as he pulled my head up as he stood up by his desk. My mouth remained on his rod as my head rose up into Steve’s view.

“Ann.” He said. I kept my lips locked on Collin’s pole as I turned my head to look into his eyes. Helen’s head was bobbing up and down on his lap.

It was too much for all of us. Steve climaxed first. “OH SHIT!” He grabbed Helen’s head and held her tight as he climaxed into her mouth. She didn’t pull away. My head moved faster and faster until Collin groaned loudly. “I’m Coming!” He shouted as his fire hose exploded.

Steve and Collin were both exhausted. Collin and I moved to sit with Steve and Helen on the sofa. We all laughed as we looked at each other sitting naked in the bosses’ office. Helen and I had not climaxed so we tried our best to get the men going again but we had drained their juices and their energy. I was ready to give up when I felt Helen’s hand moving up my leg. I turned and looked at her.

“Where’s.” She giggled. “Waldo.” I said back at her laughing.

We took each others hand and moved down to the large soft rug. Her lips moved to my thighs and I turned my body until my tongue flicked across her navel. We both moved quickly into a 69 in front of our exhausted husbands.

We lost track of time as our tongues explored and probed our joy holes. My lips surrounded her clit and sucked it in and out.

“OH YES!” She moaned.

She copied my movements and I was moaning along with her. She screamed first and I was right behind her. Her thighs remained locked around my head for almost a minute before I had enough energy to push her away.

“I guess we will be leaving the WW club now.” Helen said with sad eyes.

“It has really sparked our sex lives.” Collin announced as he stroked his hard prick. It seemed so weird sitting on his sofa watching him masturbate.

“Ours too.” Steve said as his hand moved down to stroke his own rod.

“Do you mind if I do that for you?” Collin asked looking over at Steve. Steve was speechless but somehow managed to shake his head yes. His ex-boss was going to jerk him off. He hoped he didn’t want Steve to return the favor.

“Go ahead honey. Helen and I just did it.” I said wanting to watch two men go at it.

Collin’s large hand moved off his prick and slid next to him to land on Steve’s thigh. Steve twisted his body slightly which made it easier for Collin’s hand to move up Steve’s hard-on. Steve moved back on the sofa and closed his eyes while Collin started a slow up and down motion.

I moved my lips to my husband’s ear and whispered, “Touch him too.” Steve didn’t open his eyes as he did as I asked. His hand moved next to him to find Collin’s prick. I watched as my husband jerked off another man.

Steve never opened his eyes as Collin sped up his hand motion.

“Ahh.” Steve moaned as he got closer to coming. I was shocked to see Collin lower his face to his moving hand. His lips opened and sucked in Steve’s crown.

“OH SHIT!” Steve moaned as he looked down to see Collin’s head moving up and down his shaft.

Steve climaxed into his ex-bosses mouth. He gripped Collin’s prick tight as he unloaded his juices.

Collin swallowed the load in his full mouth and moved his head up to smile at Steve. “Just my way of saying congratulation.”

Steve’s hand was still wrapped around Collin’s hard-on. Collin moved his body back and waited to see if Steve would return the favor.

“Go ahead.” I whispered in Steve’s ear.

“I can’t.” Steve whispered back.

“Let me finish what I started.” I said as I moved across my husbands lap and engulfed Collin’s large shaft. Steve’s hand held Collin’s prick as my mouth move up and down.

Collin was close to coming when I pulled my head away to watch as Steve’s hand moved up and down to replace my missing mouth. Collin’s explosion shot his spunk up over his bare chest and on top of Steve’s hand.

“Thanks Steve.” Collin said as he slapped Steve on his back. “We better get dressed because the big boss is coming in here in ten minutes.”

Steve and I got dressed, kissed Helen and Collin and walked down to his office.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” Steve said as I closed the door.

"At least I got the promotion before I jerked off my boss.” He laughed. I laughed as well.

We celebrated that night with Allison and Macy at one of the finest restaurants in town. I went to the restroom during the meal and noticed a man wearing a red and white shirt. He was standing outside on a wooden pier and was obviously looking around. I knew he was waiting for a WW connection. I thought about moving next to him to see his reaction but waited and watched.

The restaurant was located on a fishing dock with numerous size boats tied up. I waited until finally an older woman walked by the window I was looking out. I could only see her from the rear but she looked to be at least sixty years old. Age and race did not make a difference in the WW club. I knew she wanted a clear coast so I moved back into the main restaurant. I moved over to our table and told the girls to be quiet. I whispered to them that a WW connection was about to be made. I told them where to look but not to be obvious. We watched as the older woman walked up to the younger man.

We could see her gray head move towards him to say something which we knew was “where's.” He turned and looked at her. At first he was surprised to see a woman that much older than he was. We could read his lips as he whispered “Waldo.” She moved around him and he followed her down a row of small boats tied up. We could see him follow her into a mid-size boat with open fishing seats.

“I’ve got to peek.” I said as I moved quickly out the back door. I turned around to see Macy and Allison behind me. Steve stayed to pay the check.

“Shhh.” I whispered to the girls as we inched out onto the pier. We moved behind a large sign and down a small ramp that led to the boats. Macy was wearing the large heel shoes that made a clunking noise. I stopped and told her to take them off. We moved slowly down the ramp until I could see the woman’s grey hair on her head moving up and down behind the main bench on this boat. I could tell they were so locked up in their fucking they would not hear us or see us. We moved quickly down the dock until we were even with the small boat. I moved behind some wooden crates and the girls followed behind me. We looked down to see the elderly woman’s dress lying on the floor of the boat. Her panties were lying next to it and her big white ass was sitting on top of the man who was lying under her. His pants were down around his ankles. Too bad we didn’t have a camera.

We still had not seen the woman’s face but we could definitely see her grey pussy moving up and down his hard prick. Macy giggled and Allison elbowed her in the side which made Macy drop one of her shoes. “BANG.”

We quickly lowered our heads behind the box.

“What was that?” I heard the woman asked.

“I didn’t hear anything.” The man answered.

“I heard something.” The woman said.

“Come on. Let’s finish.” The man begged. There was something about the woman’s voice that sounded familiar. I couldn’t place it until she spoke again. “I’m getting out of here.” Damn. I knew who she was. She was my mother! I peaked through the two crates and could see her face as she pulled up her black panties. She kept looking around as she pulled her dress over her head.

While the dress was over her head I grabbed the girl’s hands and pulled them quickly but quietly back up the ramp. We ran into the restaurant and found Steve still sitting at the table.

“Have fun peaking?” He asked with a smile.

“Sure did.” I said. I was still in shock to have seen my Mother fucking a complete stranger. She had always seemed so shy and prudish. I stood up and looked around the room. Sure enough, over in the far corner was my father. He was eating his salad and probably wondering where his wife had gone to. I wonder if he had received his invitation letter for the WW club yet.

“There’s my dad.” I said for Steve and the girls to hear. I didn’t think Allison recognized her grandmother out on the boat and I knew Macy had never met her. “Let’s go over and say hello.”

Steve had already paid the check so we all walked over to my father.

“Dad.” I said as we walked up to his table. He looked up from buttering his roll.

“Ann. Steve. Allison and who might you be?” He asked looking at Macy.

Macy giggled. “I’m Macy.” I noticed his eyes moving down to her short skirt.

“Where’s Mom?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“She didn’t feel well so she went outside to get a breath of cool air.” He said. I noticed Steve as he put two and two together. He looked at me and knew from my expression he was right. He smiled.

“I thought you and mom played bingo on Thursday nights.” I said.

“Yes. But, for some damn reason she had to come here for dinner tonight.” He answered. “I don’t like the food here and never did.”

“What are you saying?” I heard my mom asked as she walked up behind the girls.

“How much I dislike this place. They never give you enough to eat.” He answered.

“You dislike any place where you have to pay.” She laughed back at him. She peaked over at me to see if my face showed any reactions. She was not sure who was peaking at her.

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