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Which is Worse?


Danny Devine, whose real name was Daniel Delston, was balls deep in the naked blonde who was on all fours in front of him. All through his set that night, from her front table seat, she had been flashing legs, tits and finally pussy and in spite of a polite but firm turn down as he left the stage that night, she had followed him to the dressing room area, passed a lot of cash to the security guards and got into his room.

Years before the gossip magazines had played up his "addiction" and she had made it her mission in life to find out if it was true. Now, here she was, living the truth or more accurately, "fucking" the truth! As the articles had predicted, in spite of his love for his wife and his family, he would not be able to turn down a chance to get laid.

Danny had two main problems just then, the first, and interestingly, the most significant to him, was hating himself for being so weak and giving in to his addiction and the second was that his wife, whom he loved a very great deal, had just come in through the dressing room door.

Danny cut short that gig and headed for home the next day.

At 37 he had seen it all. Two number one hit records and a number of top 10 hits, 5 movies, all of which were panned by the critics and all of which had been box office hits and had made him what he called "an obscene amount of money" and numerous tours including 2 "farewell" tours and at least three others that were either called, or inferred to be, "comeback" tours.

One of his favorite lines with close friends and family was that Harrison Ford, the star of stars, would have to make at least 5 movies to gross what Danny had already invested.

Still, he loved to sing and perform and usually accepted one or two gigs a year at a major Las Vegas or Atlantic City hotel. Each time he promised Liz and perhaps more importantly, himself, he would stay away from the casual sex Dr. Cranston had told both he and Liz he was addicted to.

He often did!

This time, as in all too many others, he had failed!

There was nothing Liz could say or do, that could make him feel worse than he already did. Clearly she was upset, hurt and again, humiliated, but her vitriol couldn't even come close to the shame he heaped upon himself.

For the next several days he brooded over his failure to stay out of trouble. His only respite from his self inflicted shame and humiliation was the chance to play with his three kids, Angela 12, Robert 9 and Sylvia 7. As they played together on the vast lawns of their estate or in the huge pool out back of their home, it was obvious to anyone who saw, most particularly Liz Delston, that he adored them and they, him!

Aside from this affliction, he was as good a father and husband as anyone could ask!

On numerous occasions Danny had tried to tell her that it was "just sex" and that he "loved only her" but he still was ashamed and still wanted some way to go on the road periodically, perform and entertain people and avoid the shame and embarrassment of the casual sex that seemed to pursue him no matter where he went..

Deep in her heart Liz felt he was trying and rejoiced on those occasions when he would return home free and clear of any infidelity. After a while, her public persona was one of reluctant tolerance. In fact, she was convinced long ago by Dr. Cranston, that Danny was addicted, every bit as much as a drug addict or an alcoholic, and regrettably, the resources available to deal with those two addictions were a great deal more accessible than any there was to deal with Danny's problem.

He had added, however, that there was a center in Los Angeles that had been doing some experimental work in this area but no solid results were yet published.

In opposition to the classic scenario in cases like this, it was ultimately Liz who worked to convince Danny that they could get past it and that he could do better next time.

Danny was becoming increasingly depressed that he had once again given in. That he had once again failed. That he had once again hurt the one whom he loved more than life itself!

Years earlier and many times since, he had offered a divorce with a financial settlement that would make her one of the richest women in the US, but he knew if she took it, life as he knew it would be over for him. Liz loved him back ten times over and wanted no part of a divorce or a financial settlement. She wanted her family and Danny, whom she loved with all of her heart and whom she knew to be a better father and husband (aside from his affliction) than anyone else she could name.

About two weeks after this latest incident, Liz had initiated some intimacy into his current brooding ways.

Although he was deep into himself and his failure to avoid casual sex, his love for his wife and his desire for intimacy with her, overpowered his self inflicted celibacy.

One delightful evening with the children they had played "World Cup Soccer" on the lawn and where the men's team, in spite of being short one player, had successfully beaten off a last minute challenge by the "women's" team and had held on to win 2 – 1. After an exciting victory celebration through which the children had lost track of who won, they had put three exhausted but totally delighted children to bed then retired to their own bedroom.

There, Liz proclaimed that "to the victor go the spoils". Then, dressed in a brand new scarlet red teddy, she proceeded to offer herself to Danny.

His love and desire for her overtook his shame and he slowly and deliberately teased her by kissing, first her lips, her neck, her breasts and her pussy. He was infuriatingly slow to move on and lifted both her excitement level and her love for him to new heights. He did all he could think of and some things, that he had no idea where they came from, to make her experience this night special and exciting, beyond imagination.

Later that night, having experienced countless orgasms, and never knowing when, or even if, Danny had gotten his "rocks off", Liz fell in to an exhausted sleep that lasted until late the next morning when she woke to find Danny had fed and dressed the kids and sent them off to her mother and father's where they were to spend the weekend.

Liz was excited!

It certainly looked to her as if Danny had got past that incident in Las Vegas and that she had "her Danny" back. She was about to find out that was not the case!

Danny was unusually serious when he brought her breakfast in bed and she knew he needed to "talk".

After pointing out the special breakfast he had prepared including champagne and orange juice, fresh fruit, crepes with strawberries and whipped cream and coffee laced with her favorite liqueur, Danny finally got to the point.

"Babe, I want to look in to that experimental procedure Dr. Cranston told us about."

Although having a faithful husband would be marvelous, Liz was not too quick to agree.

"Honey, I know we both want better for our marriage but I'm not keen on experiments. You have always bounced back from these events and we have survived and I believe things are getting better each time. Maybe it would be better if we waited until more research information was available."

After more than an hour of discussion, it became apparent to Liz that Danny was determined to further explore this possibility. Having verbalized her fears of the unknown she finally gave in and agreed to at least explore it with him.

His delight was immediately apparent and for the rest of the weekend, until her parents returned the children late Sunday afternoon, he looked for and did all the things that would please her both physically and emotionally. If she thought she had experienced countless orgasms that Friday night after the "World Cup" match, she had yet to learn the meaning of "countless".

Danny spent the weekend kissing, caressing and licking her entire body. At times the level of sexual excitement had been overwhelming, at times it had been quiet and comforting. If she had been allowed to design her own, extremely selfish and personally satisfying weekend, she believed she could not have come close to the one Danny gave her.

At times she found herself watching a favorite movie with Danny eating her pussy during the erotic scenes. She experienced a full body massage that rivaled any that a "registered massage therapist" might have provided, particularly the massage of her tits, ass and pussy which took her "over the top" more times than she could count.

The highlight for her was in their bed that evening where Danny made slow, passionate love to her. Her most favorite time was looking into his eyes as he reached the point where he could hold off no more and had finally allowed himself to cum into her.

Five days later, having safely seen the children off to summer camp and armed with a referral letter from Dr. Cranston, they were at the "Center for Addictions" in Ralston, California speaking with the Director of Programs, a Dr. Ronald Brown. Dr. Brown had read the referral letter with great care and had taken the unusual step of speaking directly with Dr. Cranston to become more familiar with the circumstances of this case. After seemingly endless interviews both together and separately, they were given an appointment time three days later when the center indicated a response to their application for assistance would be given.

Danny was almost impossible to live with during that time. Liz began to see first hand how much he wanted to get past this condition, how much he wanted to be true to her and their kids and if at all possible, she felt she loved him even more.

When the day finally arrived Danny was relieved to hear that the center was interested in his case and although still in the experimental stage, they believed they had a treatment protocol that would help.

Liz was pleased with Danny's excitement but was shocked at the paperwork that had to be reviewed and signed before any treatment would begin. There were seemingly endless interviews with Doctors, researchers and most frightening of all, lawyers.

They were told that this particular addiction was to be treated with a combination of drugs and a quasi-hypnosis therapy and that they would be briefed, both together and separately. Although skeptical about any form of hypnosis, Danny wanted this so badly that he quickly agreed to everything.

Liz was much slower to agree but finally, seeing Danny's desperation, she came around and signed the documents.

After leaving the centre on the first day, Danny was disappointed!

They had given him a hypodermic with some sort of drug and had tried to hypnotize him but he was sure they had failed.

Liz, as always, was there to love and support him.

In spite of his trepidation, that night he fell into deep sleep and woke the next morning with a vague recollection that he had had an erotic dream about Liz. Liz seemed more than pleased, even excited, when he had told her about it. Dr. Brown was very, very pleased.

His skepticism returned as they left that second day as he once again felt that their attempt to hypnotize him had failed.

That night he once again fell in to a deep sleep and the dream returned. In it, Liz was aroused. He could clearly see it in her expression. She was dressed, but in a very sexy outfit that somehow left no doubt that she was wearing neither a bra nor panties under it.

When he woke the next morning, Danny was horny as hell but Liz was firm. The doctors had told her this would happen and she was to refuse him any sexual intimacy until further advised. Regrettably, Danny recalled that among the many articles in the documents he had signed, this condition was one of them. Although he was sexually frustrated, his excitement at the prospect of a cure was aroused.

The third day at the centre was much like the first two. Danny got a shot of some drug then he went to the "relaxation" room where once more, from his viewpoint, without success, they tried to hypnotize him.

Unknown to Danny, Dr. Brown was explaining the process to Liz as he lay on the sofa in the "relaxation" room, completely under hypnotic suggestion.

"Mrs. Delston," Dr. Brown began, "the drug we are giving Mr. Delston is known to induce dreams. That much we are very sure of! Although he is totally unaware of it, he is an ideal hypnotic subject and my researchers tell me they can put him under as fast or faster than many of the other subjects we have experienced. During that hypnotic state, we "suggest" the content of the dreams. In this case, what we are doing is suggesting he experience what you feel, when he is unfaithful. We expect to induce the sort of emotional pain you experience upon discovering his infidelity."

He continued, "All this we know we can do. The issue however is whether it will work. Will the experience of your pain from his actions help him prevent falling into that trap again? We believe it will. We ask that you continue the treatment for a total of 10 days and that during that time; the two of you refrain from any love-making or other sexual contact. I do want to caution you that we believe the dreams will become very graphic and disturbing for him but then that is the point and you must try not to be alarmed. We expect that by the last few days, he will be having what will amount to nightmares."

Which is Worse?

Liz was visibly upset when she met Danny after his treatment that day but once again he reassured her that he wanted this cure. Liz wondered if the cure might be worse than the disease.

In his dream that night Liz was facing him but someone was behind her. Danny knew, instinctively that it was a man, his hands caressing her breasts through the very sexy dress she was wearing. Her face was a mask of lust. She seemed to be saying something to him but he could not make out what it was and try as he did, he woke before managing to make out her words.

The night of Day 4, Danny once again fell into that same deep sleep. This time, the hands from behind Liz slipped into her dress at her cleavage and mauled her breasts under the thin dress. The look of lust on her face was unmistakable. She seemed to be unaffected by his pleading that she put a stop to it and again she was trying to tell him something.

Next morning, fearing it may interfere with the treatment, Danny said nothing to Liz.

Night 5 was worse!

The hands pushed the straps of her dress off her shoulders revealing her almost perfect breasts. The man who at this point, seemed to have no face, moved in front of her and began to suck at her nipples. As Danny knew so well, they grew out almost a half inch when she was excited and clearly in this case, she was.

The dress fell to the floor confirming she was wearing nothing else but her shoes.

Danny tried to move toward her, to put a stop to this but, although not bound, he seemed to be unable to move, as if neck deep in water or oil, and it kept him from getting to her. As he tried, the man's hand went to her pussy and, after a few moments of rubbing it gently, he inserted one, then two fingers into her. Danny could see how wet she had become from this stimulation. Through it all, Liz never lost contact with his eyes and she continued to talk to him, but Danny could only see her lips moving. Try as he did, he could not seem to get to her but he could see she was visibly headed to an orgasm and she kept on saying something to him, but as it was the previous night, he could not make out what it was.

That morning he woke with a start, screaming out her name, "LIZ!".

Liz was horrified!

Danny's expression was one of anger, fear and frustration and he was initially incoherent. When he calmed down and realized he had been dreaming or more correctly having a nightmare, he pulled himself together and proceeded to convince Liz he was O.K.

Although warned by Dr. Brown that nightmares would occur, she was still alarmed at Danny's reaction but once again he insisted that he wanted to continue.

Danny was working in his private recording studio the night of Day 6 and did not finish until late. Truth be told, he found himself trying to avoid sleep or at least to put it off as much as possible. He finally went to bed around 1:40 AM.

Now the unidentified man was on his knees in front of the still naked Liz, his mouth clearly on her pussy, the effects of which were written all over her face, which was contorted in orgasm. As she recovered somewhat from it, Danny could hear her moan and, although he could just barely make it out, she was saying, "It's just sex Danny! I love only you!"

Again, Danny tried to go to her, to pull that bastard away from her, but as in the nights before, although not bound in any way, he could not seem to get there. As he tried, a second man somehow came into the picture and began to fondle her breasts as the first man continued his oral assault on her pussy. Danny pushed himself with all his might to get to them but seemed only to exhaust himself in the process. After a while Liz seemed to push the two away but then knelt between them taking one cock in each hand and stroked them before putting one of them in her mouth.

As she started the blowjob, Danny again struggled to get to her, to pull her away, to save her from them, but nothing worked and he could only watch as she continued blowing each of them in turn.

Danny woke in a cold sweat to see Liz's worried face over him calling his name. "Danny. Danny. Are you O.K.?"

Once again Danny calmed himself as he realized where he was and that once again he had been dreaming and although he continued to insist that he would be alright, Liz could see that he was tired and haggard looking and the beginnings of black circles were developing under his eyes.

Liz again spoke to Dr. Brown as Danny went to the lab for his treatment. The Doctor could only remind Liz that this was in fact the "treatment" and that so far all indications were that Danny was feeling what he should, upon discovering the simulation of her infidelity, and that those strong feelings would be what would cause him to avoid his addiction in future. He further reminded her that Danny, in spite of the nightmares, had insisted they continue with the treatment.

On the seventh night, unlike the previous evening, Danny did not try to avoid sleep. In his view, there were only four nights left and he would tough it out for the love of his wife.

This time they were on a bed, all three of them. Liz was on her back with her face turned toward him, still projecting what could only be lust, as one of the mysterious men knelt at her head, his cock hanging obscenely near her face, while he kneaded her breasts. The second was about to push his erect cock into Liz and fuck her while his friend continued to maul her tits.

Every fiber in his being pushed Danny to get to them, to pull the son of a bitch from between her legs and kick the other bastard away from her head. As before he could not get to them and he could only watch as she was fucked by the first man, then watched further as the two switched places and she was fucked again. Her face, which remained locked on his, reflected the repeated orgasms she was experiencing and as she recovered somewhat in between, he could hear her saying, "It's just sex Danny! I love only you!"

Before they entered the Center on Day 8, Liz asked Danny to come to see Dr. Brown before going to the lab. She needed to be sure that he fully realized the extent of Danny's physical deterioration in just one week and had asked which was worse, the disease or the cure . Liz saw that Dr. Brown too was taken aback by the sight but was disappointed to hear him say that in spite of it, all indications were that the procedure was taking effect and that it would be a shame to stop now.

One man was on his back, his legs spread wide with Liz kneeling between them, sucking his erect cock, her ass pushed high above her head. The second man had his face in her ass and seemed to be rimming her. Danny could see her body react now and then, as the second man's tongue touched a sensitive place.

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