tagGroup SexWhile John is Away Ch. 06

While John is Away Ch. 06


It has been a long time since I wrote Part 5 so I will apologize in advance for the long gap. If you haven't read the previous chapters, you may want to go check them out to better understand how we got to this chapter although you can just read this one as a stand-alone.

Several months ago, I lost a bet to my husband and his poker buddies that changed the course of our marriage. It started out as just taking advantage of my exhibitionist tendencies but resulted in my husband not only allowing, but encouraging his poker buddies to have sex with me.

Now, my husband is in Kuala Lumpur for the next few weeks. While he is gone, he has given me a hall pass to have sex with his poker buddies. Not only that, he let them know it was OK for them to "take care of me" while he was gone. That seems to have expanded now to his poker buddies and some of their buddies but I'm not complaining. He calls me every night and wants to know in detail what kind of mischief I have gotten into for the day.

The Bachelor Party

I am just sitting down to eat lunch when there is a knock at the door. It's James, one of my husband's best friends. I am surprised to see him since he works downtown and I usually don't see him during the day.

"Hi James, what are you doing here at this time of day?"

"Hi Tabby, I'm meeting a client out here later this afternoon to play golf so I thought I would just drive out over lunch and then do a little work from home. I... I stopped by because I wanted to ask a favor."

"Okay, what kind of favor?"

"Well... I have a buddy of mine that is getting married and I am the best man. And... well, the bachelor party is in Las Vegas next weekend and I was wondering if maybe you would consider being the... hostess?"

"The hostess huh? What exactly did you have in mind for me to do as the hostess?"

I can tell that James is really nervous asking and then it just starts pouring out.

"I would just want you to dress, you know, kind of sexy and just serve drinks and you wouldn't have to do anything you didn't want to do, and you would have your own room and everything, and I will pay for everything, and you could just make sure everybody is having fun, and they are really a good group of guys and there is only six of us and ..."

"Okay, enough. Just let me make sure John is OK with it and if he says its okay, I'll do it."

I can't help but think about how my role as a hostess for my husband's poker night after I lost the football bet had turned into me being a "hot wife". I have been pretty bored and lonely without my husband and I could feel myself already tingling between my legs. The one problem is that my husband's rule is that I can only have sex with his designated friends, the guys that were at the poker nights and it sounds like James is going to be the only one that fits that description.

"Uh, I kind of already ran it by James and he said it was okay with him but it was up to you."

"Oh, he did, did he? What exactly did he say was okay?"

"We didn't get too specific but he said that he was okay with anything as long as you were, and as long as I made sure nothing happened that you didn't want to happen."

"I see."

I look down at James' pants and can see a tent forming as he thinks about what that would be. I remembered that he was the one that had picked out the naughty school girl outfit that I wore at the second poker night. It was pretty much obscene. A tiny little plaid skirt that barely covered my pussy and my ass and a white blouse that was three sizes too small and gaped open so much that it barely covered my nipples. Just thinking about it pushed me beyond tingling to dripping. If I was wearing panties, they would be soaked. The little cut-off jean shorts I am wearing would soon soak through and I don't even have to look to know that my nipples are hard little pebbles pushing through my bra and t-shirt.

I can tell that James is thinking the same thing because he is testing the strength of his zipper as his cock looks fully erect now and straining against his pants.

I look James in the eye and then down at his crotch. "Is there something that I can help you with before you go play golf?'

James looks embarrassed but manages to say, "I was hoping you would."

I pull him over to the kitchen island and drop to my knees, quickly unbuttoning and unzipping his pants. There is a wet spot on his boxers. I work the waistband over his hard cock and it comes flying out and almost hits my forehead as I push his pants down to his knees. Now his cock is jutting out at a 45-degree angle and I duck down and run my tongue underneath the swollen glans and lick the drop of pre-cum that leaks out of the tip. His cock twitches at the touch of my tongue.

I take another lick, this time starting at the base and worked my tongue all along the underside of his veiny prick. Just as I start to put the tip of his cock in my mouth James gently pushes me away.

"Tabby, would you take off your tee-shirt and bra? I want to see your tits and if it's OK with you, I want to cum on them."

"Of course baby, you can cum on my tits any time you want. Just make sure to hit my nipples with some so I can lick it off. I want to be able to taste it."

"You are so fucking hot!"

I take him and pull him all the way to the back of my throat in one fell swoop. I hear James moan which only encourages me more. I start to slide my mouth up and down on his rigid pole. I look up and see that his eyes are closed. It's only a few minutes before I feel him starting to tense up and I pull him out of my mouth.

"Pump you cock and cum all over my tits."

James mumbles, "awwwww, fuck." as he jerks his cock, aiming at my tits.

I hold my tits together waiting for him to cum. I don't have to wait long as it's only a few seconds before he starts sending gobs of his warm cum all over my tits. After 4 shots of his cum coat my big tits, a long string of cum extending from the end of his softening cock to my left nipple finally breaks and lands on my belly.

I wait until James recovers a little and look down before I make a show of lifting my coated nipples to my mouth and licking off his creamy cum. I lick as much as I can reach and then scoop some from the upper part of my left tit and bring it to my lips before sticking my tongue out and letting it slide from my fingers onto my waiting tongue.

I look up and see that James is watching intently as I suck his cum off my fingers. Once I finish licking every drop of his creamy cum I reach down and tweak my nipples, tugging on them and gently twisting them.

"You aren't going to leave me like this are you?" I ask as I look up at him.

"I... I don't think I can get it up again that quick," he says, turning a little red.

I stand up and lean over the kitchen island and look back at James.

"That's okay, just use your fingers. Sucking your cock made me so wet. Please finger-fuck my wet pussy and make me cum." I say as I stick my ass up and out and spread my legs open a little more.

James just nods while he looks at my swaying ass and gaping pussy while I reach for his hand and pull it towards me.

He sticks his fingers along my wet slit and feels how warm and willing my pussy is. He slides his fingers over my clit and then carefully inserts one of his long, thick fingers in me and slowly starts to fuck me.

"Use two fingers." I moan.

He readily complies and I feel the second finger slide in easily. I start pushing back against his hands as he starts pumping and twisting them with each stroke.

I am really starting to feel it and I coach him to curl his fingers slightly, brushing my g-spot with each stroke.

I reach behind me and find his other hand and pull it to my chest, holding it against my soft tit. I start to encourage him.

"Fuck me harder! Use three fingers. That's it, stretch my pussy. Now, squeeze my tits and pull on my nipples. Harder! Harder!"

James follows my direction and pounds my cunt with his fingers and pulls and twists my aching nipples roughly while I brace my hands against the granite top of the island, preparing for the coming orgasm.

A few moments later and my nipples are on fire and my cunt is making squishing noises, my juices are running down my legs as James continues his finger fucking assault. I start to cum and squeeze James' fingers, holding them deep and tight in my spasming pussy. With his other hand, James is pulling and twisting my nipple.

"Ahhhhhhh, I'm cumming," I scream as my orgasm starts at my toes and rolls through my whole body. My cum is soaking James' hand and I can feel it running down my legs as wave after wave rolls through me.

It's almost a minute before I un-clench my pussy and allow James' fingers to slide out slowly. I reach for his hand as it exits my stretched and still gaping pussy and pull it to my mouth.

I lick and suck each finger clean while I look James in the eyes and before either of us says a word I ask, "How many guys did you say would be coming to Vegas with us?" emphasizing my double entendre.

"I guess that means you will do it?"

"I guess it does."

"There will be me, the groom and four others, so six altogether."

"Have I ever met any of these guys?"

"No, we were all friends from college and most of them are from Michigan, one from California. Would you be okay if I sent them a picture?"

"If you want me to have that sexy freshly fucked look you might want to take it now."

"Really, can I take a picture with your top off?"

"You are such a pervert. How about if you take it from my nose down?"

"Sure, whatever you say, Tab."

"I don't want my face in the picture if my boobs go viral." I laugh and give him my best pouty look.

"Tabby, you are awesome." He steps back and I purse my lips in a kiss and hold my tits out with my hands, my nipples still hard and dark pink, while he takes several pictures.

He shows me the pictures. My tits look huge and my nipples look outrageous. I pick the best one and he deletes the others, reluctantly.

"Okay, now get out of here, I have work to do."

As I walk James to the door, I think about what I would be wearing.

"James, what do you want me to wear?"

"Whatever you want as long as it is incredibly sexy and shows off those incredible tits and that delectable ass."

"Okay but that might get us in trouble."

"I hope so," he laughs.

"Seriously, what else should I pack?" I ask.

"As little as possible. Tab you always look sexy. We're going to have a blast?" James smiles and then he pulls me in for a kiss before he heads out the door.

I spend the rest of the afternoon daydreaming and giving my toys a workout as I fantasize about what might happen.

At 11:00pm, I am getting ready for bed when my iPad buzzes and my hubby is Face Timing me from Kuala Lumpur.

"So, James dropped by today and..."

"Oh, I was going to talk to you about that."

"So, now you're pimping me out?"

"Tab, if you don't want to do it, I will tell James it's off."

"No, I think I want to do it. At least today when he was cumming all over my tits, I wanted to do it.

"Oh, really. You better tell me about it."

I spend the next 30 minutes telling John about James' visit, embellishing only a little. I could see John stroking his beautiful cock while I told him what happened and just as I finished, he finished.

"John, you know that if I do this, there is a good chance that all six of those guys are going to fuck me. Are you sure you are okay with that?"

"Babe, I know you and I know how much you like sex. I want you to be happy and I want you to know that I am okay with it."

"I'm kind of looking forward to going to Las Vegas but I wish you were here to go with me. John I know you love me and I want you to be happy too. I want you to know it's okay if you find someone there... I want you to know it's okay with me if you ... you know."

"Tabby, you're right. I love you very much and I appreciate you saying that. I have been kind of lonely and my hand is getting sore if you know what I mean. I'm not sure what I would do but if I do, I promise to be honest and tell you."

"Good, it might be kind of hot hearing you tell me a story once in a while."

I really do want him to be happy and I think I am okay with him getting some too. At least I think so. It's only fair when you think about how many cocks I have had since he left. "Yes," I tell myself. I will be okay with it.

I gave John a virtual kiss and said goodnight. For me, it's a bittersweet end to the day. I miss him so much but I know he still won't be home for weeks. Seeing him makes me miss him that much more.

Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a slut. I'm horny all the time. I can't ever seem to get enough. I wake up horny and go to bed horny. After talking with John and telling him about one of his friends finger fucking me and watching him stroke his perfect cock leaves me wet and wanting. If I don't masturbate myself to sleep, I almost always have very vivid sex dreams and it's no different tonight. I wake up disappointed that my dream wasn't real and seeing that it is only 3:00am, reach for my thickest vibrator and easily slide it into my wet pussy. I turn on its throbbing vibrations and rub my swollen clit. It only takes a minute before I start to cum. Although it helps, the rest of my night is fitful sleep and I finally roll out of bed at 7:00am, my head filled with the possibilities for Las Vegas.

After getting my coffee I check my email and find the itinerary from James. I thought we would be going together but it looks like he is leaving two days earlier. I am scheduled to arrive early on Friday afternoon and I'm supposed to meet him at the Venetian. I don't leave until Monday, late morning.

I was a little disappointed. I had hoped for a little fun on the airplane. Oh well, it's still Vegas.

I give James a call on his cell and he answers right away.

"I just wanted to let you know I got the itinerary. Are you going earlier?"

"Yeah, the guys are meeting at a golf resort on Wednesday and we're playing Wednesday afternoon and Thursday. It's about 2 hours outside of Vegas."

"Okay, I got it. I still don't know what I'm supposed to wear."

"Well, if the weather is good, I thought we could meet you down by the pool. I think it's called the Tao pool or something. I'll call ahead and reserve a cabana poolside and we'll join you when we get there."

"Cool, I will get a little sun while I'm waiting."

"You should wear that white bikini; you know which one I'm talking about. Oh, and tops are optional so it's your choice."

I could feel him smiling over the phone. "I'll see how I feel. What about the rest of the time?" I ask.

"I have dinner reservations and then after, I thought we could all hit one of the clubs. For Saturday, the groom's boss is a pretty high roller and he got us a huge suite for the bachelor party. I thought we could all do a little sight-seeing and some gambling on Saturday and then meet at the suite for dinner. There's a table in the suite that fits like 10 people and I am having it catered by the restaurant downstairs. After dinner is when I though the actual bachelor party would start.

"So, what are you thinking you want me to do?"

"Tab, I want you to be part of the whole thing, be one of the guys like you are when we watch football. Then Saturday night it's up to you how far things go. Does that sound okay?"

"Sure, I like the idea of being one of the guys. I get to go to Vegas with 6 hot guys. I don't see any issues with that."

"Tabby, you are really awesome. John is a lucky son-of-a-bitch."

"Ha! Thank you and yes, he is. I'm really looking forward to this. I'll see you on Friday."

I am really looking forward to this trip. I need to get away. Everything here reminds me of John and I have been feeling really lonely so this will be good for me. I have to admit that I am also looking forward to some male companionship. My girlfriends are great but I like hanging out with guys. I know they are looking at me like they want to get into my pants but I like that too. I just feel comfortable around men, I always have. I was a tomboy growing up and all through elementary, middle and high-school, I had just as many, if not more, guy friends as I did girlfriends... and I didn't have sex with them. Well, not all of them.

I have three days to prepare. I think I will go shopping for a new dress and maybe a new bikini. I better check the weather in Vegas just in case global warming causes a climate change and it's not going to be hot and dry. Ha!

I don't have much time but I thought I would start on-line, looking for a new bikini since all of the stores already have their fall and winter wardrobes out. It will be tough to find swim suits in the stores. I google sexy bikinis and find lots of them. One site particularly catches my eye. The bikini.com site has the smallest bikinis I have ever seen. They barely cover anything and most of them become virtually transparent when wet.

I sift through the various styles and fabrics, all of which are very sexy. I see one that looks familiar and then run into the bedroom and pull out the white bikini John bought for me. The tag has been cut out but I think this is where he got it.

I keep looking through the on-line catalog, looking at the models and the pictures of them in the different styles and how they look when they are wet. I actually stumble across a one-piece that is white. It's crazy sexy and the pictures when the material is wet are like looking at the model nude. It just about disappears when wet.

When John and I first got together, I thought that just being naked was what men really wanted. I thought that lingerie was just something that got in the way of the process of getting naked and in my mind, I wanted to give him what I thought he wanted. So, I really didn't have any sexy lingerie.

One night, John presented me with a gift. It was a transparent little negligée and he asked me to put it on. I was already naked at the time and I didn't really understand. At first I thought maybe he didn't like seeing me naked. Admittedly a stupid thought but I was really insecure about my body back then. John very gently explained to me how a little bit of lace, can be a lot of sexy. I put it on and we stood together in front of the full-length mirror while he held me and gently fondled me. That's when I got it.

I look at the one-piece again. It has a tiny string that goes around the neck and then turns into two narrow strips that would just barely cover my areolas. The strips of material narrow as they join just above where my pubic hair would start, if I had any. Then, it's just another narrow strip of fabric that just covers the pussy of the girl in the picture, and then turns back into a string that goes up between the butt cheeks, splits into a Y, and then connects around to the two strips of material down the front.

If James wants to impress his friends when they first meet me in person, this will definitely do the trick. I check to see if I can actually get it in time. If I spend almost as much on shipping as I pay for the suit, I should get it the day after tomorrow. A couple clicks and it's done.

Now, a dress. Sexy party dress brings up a ton of pictures of "club dresses" that really look sexy but many of them also look kind of cheap and I don't want something that is poorly made. I dig a little deeper and find a pretty metallic silver dress that has a halter style top that will allow me to go without a bra and still have some support and that is really short and super sexy. I already have a pair of 5" heals that will match and I order it. This one is guaranteed to be here tomorrow.

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