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Whispers In The Dark


Hell's Kitchen, not the nicest part of New York City. Not safe during the day and it is certainly not the place to be at night. But, on this night, a guardian "angel" prowls the rooftops of this run down section of town. A guardian in a blood red outfit with rippling muscles that pop through the suit. He is sightless and yet, he sees without seeing. He has seen things that no other man has. The man who wears the costume of a devil has the heart of a hero. Yes, this man is Matt Murdock. Defender of the constitution in a court of law by day but at night, he is Daredevil. The scarlet vigilante who prowls the streets like an avenging angel of death, except that this angel soars from rooftop to rooftop thanks to years of physical training. However, this night would see Daredevil have an encounter of a different kind.

A woman in a tan trenchcoat was walking on the sidewalk trying to get a cab with no luck. As she pursued her luck, two men standing in an alley decide to pay her an unwanted visit.

"Hey lady. You look lost. Me and my friend can help you find your way," the thug said with a sinister grin.

"No thanks. I can handle myself," said the lady.

As the two men try to press the issue, the woman throws a sidekick to the ribs of one of the attackers. The other tried to take her down but she let him have her trenchcoat. What was in front of both men was a lithe, fine-toned Asian looking woman with long purple hair wearing a revealing purple/blue costume.

"Hey, you want trouble lady, you got trouble!" screams one of the attackers.

"You sure do," said a surprise voice. The thugs turn around to see the form of Daredevil standing in the dim light. The costume looked almost demonic in that light. They tried to run from him but Psylocke leaped into the air and threw a knee into the chest of one attacker and pushed the other one back into DD's direction. DD took advantage and used a spinning back kick to knock the thug down. With both thugs down, DD grabs one in a hammerlock/crossface hold.

"Now, do you have something to say?" asked DD.

"Yeah, I'm sorry miss," said the thug who is scared shitless now.

DD throws him away to his partner. They both pick themselves up and run away. Psylocke and DD both watched them run and then looked at each other. At first, DD thought he was looking at an outline of Elektra, his former lover. The styles and physiques are about the same but DD had known Elektra too long. He knew that it wasn't her.

"Excuse me for asking but who are you?" asked DD.

"My name is actually Elizabeth Braddock. My friends call me Besty and my code name is Psylocke," explained Besty.

DD has heard the name of the X-Men member before but this is the first time that he has ever met her. He has ran into other members of the X-Men in the past. He has also heard stories from his friend and sometimes partner in crimebusting Spider-Man as well. Particularly his encounter with Jean Grey.

As his mind wandered, Betsy came up to him and brushed her hand across his well-developed waist. Even through the spandex, she could see that he kepts in shape. "You work around here often?" asked the seductive telepath.

DD then shocked himself back to reality and backed up a few steps. "Yes, I do. Why'd you ask?" questioned DD.

"Well, I just never saw you as the 'save the ghetto' type," responded Betsy.

"The ghetto, as you call it, still has good people here. People with lives," remarked the scarlet swashbuckler. "And I wonder what kind of life do you have when not in costume?" mused Psylocke as she approached him again.

DD simply backed away again and leaped into the air. He grabbed a ledge to a building near them and pulled himself up. Psylocke had a big smile on her face as she watched him leave. "We will meet again Mr. Daredevil," said Psylocke.


Betsy is in Manhattan shopping for some clothes. She is wearing a red two piece outfit with flesh-colored pantyhose and red high heels. She is wearing a white blouse and has on a red hat with a black feather attached to it. As she is walking, she noticed some tourists looking up at the sky above them. She glances up as well to see Daredevil and Spider-Man swinging through the air together. Psylocke decides to follow so she quickly goes into an alley and changes into her X-Men uniform. After all, it wouldn't do to be following men like this in her more fashionable clothes.

She follows them across the rooftops until they come to a law firm building. She hides nearby and manages to mask her presense from them. She then listens to their conversation.

"Spidey, what do you know about this Psylocke?" asked DD.

"Well, Matt, not much. I've only ran into her a handfull of times. She's a hot number though," said Spidey. That last comment brought a little grin to her face.

"Why did you ask?" inquired the web head.

"Nothing really. It is just that I ran into her about two weeks ago in Hell's Kitchen. She helped me run off some muggers. She also approached me in a seductive kind of way," said DD.

"Well, did you take her up on her 'offer'?" asked Spidey.

"No. Why should I? I don't really know her and I don't really want to get involved with another woman right now," asserted horn-head.

"Look, Matt, I know what you are saying but sometimes chance encounters are the best kind. I know that your relationship with Karen went sour and that you still have nightmares about the night Elektra was killed but you have to live a little," remarked Spider-Man.

DD starts to remark but then thinks better of it. He knows that his friend speaks from experience, having lost someone that he was involved with himself. Still, it bothered him to mess with someone that he didn't know.

"I know you are trying to help but I don't know about this," said DD.

"Well, you won't know until you try. Had it not been for my "one-nighter" with Jean, I might not have never gotten with and married Mary Jane or even dated The Black Cat before that. All I am saying is let go DD," encouraged Webs.

DD nodded in understanding. Spidey then said goodbye as he swung away. As DD was about to change into his civies, a slender figure appeared into his view, picked up by his radar sense. He knew immediately who it was.

"What are you doing here?" said an anxious Matt.

"Well, now, this is where you are when you are not in that costume. Not bad, being a lawyer by day and the "scarlet swashbuckler" by night," remarked Besty.

"You still didn't answer my question," said an insistant DD.

"Okay, I came here to give you this," said Psylocke as she handed him a card. DD read the card with his sensative fingertips. It read: "DINNER. MANHATTAN COTTON CLUB. 8PM. BE THERE." As he looked up to respond, Psylocke was gone. He then noticed the scent of sweet sunflower perfume on the invitation. Common sense told him not to go but another "sense" demanded otherwise.


Matthew Murdock pulls up to the Manhattan Cotton Club. He is dressed to the hilt with a traditional black tuxedo with white shirt, red sash (the belt that goes around the waist), and black bowtie. Some of the people going in recognize the famous lawyer and shake his hand along with some exchange of plesantries. Matt then scans around for Betsy. He goes inside the Club to a room full of people dancing and eating. "Excuse me, has a Besty Braddock arrived yet?" asked Matt. The reserver does tell him that she is waiting at a table reserved for them. A waiter showed him to the table. When he gets there, he sees the unmistakable outline of Psylocke. He sits down to greet her.

"Well, not a bad looking face without the mask," compliemented Betsy.

"Thank you and, from what I can tell, you don't look so bad either," replied Matt.

"So, you really are handicapped. You get around well I see," remarked the seductive Psylocke.

The two then ordered dinner and spent the next hour talking about themselves as well as other topics. Matt told of the accident that made him blind but enhanced his other four senses. Likewise, Psylocke told of the incident which left her mind trapped in an Asian body at the hands of The Mandarian. They both surprised each other so far so, Betsy thought to herself, "why not one more surprise."

She got up from the table, went to the stage where the band was playing and whispered something to the conductor. With that, the band started playing the music of Sade. The tune was "Your Love Is King" with Betsy singing vocals. Everyone's attention was on Betsy but her eyes was on Matt Murdock. She sung with great passion and skill as everyone in the room was watching her perform. When she finished, the crowd (including Murdock) gave her a standing ovation. Murdock then went to the steps leading to the stage, gave her his hand, and guided her down the steps.

"That was amazing. You have an excellent voice," said Murdock in the most sincerest way.

"Glad you liked it. Oh, that's a good piece of music. Shall we dance?" asked Psylocke.

Murdoch nods in agreement. He takes her hand, kisses it, and leads her out to the dance floor. The music playing is "Strangers In The Night." The two dance with uncanny skill for two people who have only known each other for a short time. During the song, Murdock lightly kissed Betsy on her neck. Betsy lets out a light sigh. She then looks at Murdock and moves her face closer to his. Their mouths meet in a liplock as they passionatly french kiss each other. "I haven't been with a woman this brazen since.....Elektra," thinks Murdock.

Psylocke "heard" Murdock and thinks, "Hmmm. Maybe I can see about making you forget about your old flame."

After the kiss, the song ended with everyone applauding the band. An hour later, the two are headed out of the club.

"I had a wonderful time. I haven't had this much fun in months," Murdock said.

"I had a splendid evening as well," remarked Psylocke. As she starts to say something else, a cab pulls up.

"I guess I better take it Matt. I'll be seeing you," said Psylocke.

Murdock waved goodbye, not knowing what was on Psylocke's mind. "I only told you a half truth Matt. I have had a splendid evening so far," remarked Betsy. In her seductive mind, the evening wasn't over yet.

Later, Matt arrives home at his brownstone in East Manhattan as Daredevil. He opens up the skylight to his apartment and walks down the steps. When he gets almost to the bottom, however, he senses that he is not alone. Instinctively, he readies himself for action by drawing out his billy club. He senses someone in his bathroom. As he readies himself, the figure comes out in a robe. He lets his guard down because he already knows who it is.

"Besty! How the hell did you get in here?" demanded an angry Matt.

"Hello, Matt. I'd thought I would take a shower before you got here but I guess I took too long," said Betsy.

She sees that DD is pissed and decides to be more frank. "Okay, I came here because I wasn't finished with you. As for how I got in, let's just say that I have my ways."

"You know, breaking and entering is still a felony," remarked DD as he walked closer to her.

"Give me a fucking break Matt. Maybe if you let up a little, you could enjoy life instead of being a damn prick!" snapped Psylocke.

Psylocke then thought about her words and apologized to DD.

"I'm sorry about that Matt. It's just that.....well, do you?" said Betsy in an unspeakable but unmistakable question.

"Psylocke, it's just that....I don't know about this. I mean, I barely know you," explained DD as he has his costume off and is in his briefs.

Betsy walks over to him with her silk robe half open now. "All the more reason to do it Matt. Don't think, just follow your instincts," encouraged Psylocke.

At this point, a light rain started to fall. The window to the skylight was still open. Matt walked up the stairs and motioned for Psylocke to follow him. Curious, Betsy followed him up. When she got there, she has seen that Matt has removed the briefs and is standing in the rain naked. His body looking more tempting than before. Psylocke then removed her robe revealing all of her physical gifts. She walked over to Matt naked as a jaybird. The two embrace and kiss in the rain. It is a steady rain as they taste each others lips. The two kiss each other as they go to the ground on the rooftop. The roll over top of each other kissing with the rain pounding their bodies.

Psylocke then rolls Matt on his back and starts kissing his neck. She then slowly goes down him to his chest, licking his nipples while stroking her hand across his ripped abdomen. Matt, meanwhile, is running his hand down her back and on her firm, shapely ass. She then looks up at Matt, her face and hair wet from the rain, and smiles at him. She then immediately goes to giving Matt a blowjob on his hard penis. Matt lets out a moan as she begins her work. She is working the head with her open mouth as she alternates from head to shaft. She is also caressing Matt's nuts with her hands as she sucks him off. She does this for about ten minutes until Matt let's loose his cum. Through the rain, she takes all of Matt's "cream" from his dick into her mouth and down her stomach. Matt's body is quivering from pleasure as he is loving it. He grabs her shoulders and lays her on the wet concrete. He goes to her huge breasts and sucks the right nipple while playing with her left nipple with his fingers. He slowly moves down to her stomach and then her crotch. He kisses her clit and begins eating her pussy.

Besty's wet legs are now scissoring Matt's head as she gyrates her hips to help with the sensation. The pouring rain dripping off of Matt helped with the feeling as she felt it tingle her clit. Matt does this for about seven minutes.

Psylocke then lifts Matt's head up so that she can face him. Besty is on her back while Murdock is on his knees. She reaches out for his cock and strokes it.

"Matt, give it to me," requested Psylocke. Matt's response was in the form of action as he put her feet on his shoulders and entered Betsy. A rush went through both of them as Matt began to penetrate her in the popular Missionary style known as "The Buck." He does it slowly but with feeling. Psylocke is also moving with him, responding to every stroke with one of her own. After about five minutes, Matt moves her to her side and enters her from there with him still over her on his knees. This new position energized both as they cried out with moans and groans of pleasure. The thunder and lighting was almost a backdrop for the activity that was taking place on the roof. They continued this for about ten minutes.

"Oh, Matt. Damn this is good. You know what I want you to do?" asked Psylocke through some bated breaths.

"What is it?" responded Matt.

"Fuck me from behind; as hard and fast as you can," requested Besty.

Through the rain, Matt turned her over and slid right back into her. He began to fullfill her request with powerful and quick thrusts. He also added to it by grabbing her long hair and pulling it with his right hand while slapping her ass with his left. This kinky approach turned Betsy on even more.

"Oh, shit! Goddamn, that's good! Do it Matt! Oh," Betsy cried out as Matt continued with groans of his own. He continued this for about six minutes and then, "Oh, I'm coming right now," said Matt.

"So am I, baby. Come inside of me Matt. It is okay," said Psylocke as she assured him that she was fixed. The both came at the same time, bringing this electric session to an end. Both were frozen for about 15 seconds as the last of their orgasms leaked out of them. Matt then took himself out of Besty, grabbed her by the waist and leaned her back to kiss her.


The two were in Matt's bed still going at it by candlelight. The music of Sade was playing in the background. Then, the song that Besty sang to Matt earlier in the club came up on the stereo. The two looked at each other, grinned and laughed! They then continued to make love until the break of dawn, enjoying everything that had happened. For Matt, this was break from it all. For Psylocke, it was an evening that she won't soon forget. For both, it was "Whispers In The Dark."

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