White Wife for BBC


"Just got through fucking this," Ray said, jerking the sheets off her, exposing the middle-age wife's curvy body to his gaze, "you want some?"

Ray reached down and spread apart the hot housewife's soft thighs with a hand, showing Dwayne her hairy pussy oozing his load of cum. She made no attempt to cover herself. She just lay there, letting this young black stranger inspect her naked body.

"That is, if you don't mind sloppy seconds."

"Yeah, she'll do," the young black replied, passing judgment. Reaching down with a dark hand, he squeezed one of the woman's huge white tits, thumbing the stiff pink nipple. She said nothing.

"She's all yours then," Ray said, rising naked from the bed. "I need to leave. I've got a deal coming down. Just know this bitch is married. You might consider getting her home before hubby gets off work."

"Whatever," Dwayne replied, unzipping his pants allowing an enormous black cock to flop out. "Suck it, whore. Make me hard," he said, looking down at the white housewife.

Grasping his black meat in one hand, she hesitated briefly. She sized it up and then lowered her face, kissing the mushroom-like ebony cockhead before popping it into her hot wet mouth.

"Oh, that's good," Dwayne groaned in pleasure, cupping a controlling hand to the back of the blonde's head.

Dwayne gave Ray a wink accompanied by a grin from above the cute wife's head. She was bobbing up and down barely halfway on his thick black shaft, coating it with her saliva.

"What's this white bitch's name, anyway?"

Ray shrugged, tugging on a sock. He had no idea and didn't care. She'd show up back at the grocery store. She'd find him.

Continuing to dress, he watched with indifference as Dwayne face-fucked the middle-age woman, making her gag. His younger cousin's black cock was almost as large as his. Dwayne was equally thick, but a bit shorter. He did, however, shoot a copious load, spurting a much bigger quantity than even Ray. A donation Ray was sure this married white wife would love.

He watched as Dwayne pushed the curvy housewife flat on her back. The married bitch automatically opened her thighs, making herself ready to be fucked. She lay there with her legs spread. She watched Dwayne disrobe and crawl into bed.

When Ray finished putting on his clothes, he moved alongside the bed, its springs squeaking from Dwayne already powerfully riding the housewife's soft white body. His younger cousin was pumping his black cock in and out of her cum-filled vagina.

Ray stared down at her attractive upturned face with make-up now smeared from having sex. "Listen to me bitch," he told her, "the next time I see it, have that fur-box of yours shaved bald."

She looked up at him and nodded her head while Dwayne pounded her.

It's not that it was Ray's fetish or even a turn-on. The importance was to dominate her and make the filthy bitch do what he wanted. Besides, he thought, he was helping her by making the dark pubic hair disappear. It was proof that she wasn't a true blonde.

To him, the older white wife was simply a piece of meat. He had no qualms about sharing her, pimping out the bitch, or dumping the cheating slut flat on her ass when he was through using it. For now, her destiny was to become his personal property until he said otherwise.

Ultimately letting many others fuck the curvy whore was a foregone conclusion. At the same time, it wasn't time for that yet. Why he gave her to Dwayne so quickly, Ray didn't know. Why he decided to do it so soon bothered Ray.

Bending down and picking up the housewife's red thong panties from the floor, Ray saw the crotch material was soaked with pussy juice. He smirked. It proved that the bitch had been hot from the start.

Opening a nearby dresser drawer, he tossed the flimsy underwear atop a pile of rumpled panties already inside. Her thong was his latest trophy. It was evidence of yet another conquest and possession of a married white woman even though accomplishing it hadn't been difficult. It almost never was with a white bitch in heat for a big black cock.

He left his apartment, closing the door on the scene of Dwayne fucking the naked housewife with those big tits. Knowing Dwayne's past habits, the young black bull would go back for seconds, banging the phony blonde one more time. That could cause the cheating bitch to get home too late to greet her loving hubby as he returned from work.

It's not my worry, he thought. Making an excuse for not being there was "what's her name's" problem. It was a situation he was sure the cheating bitch would handle adroitly. Lying straight-faced to her husband as her white married pussy seeped black man's cum.

Of course, she'll also need to explain why the milk is warm and frozen stuff thawed from sitting too long in the trunk of her car.

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by Anonymous04/24/18

Prefer Respect

My middle-aged, curvy white wife (34D-28-38) has had big black cock from several different black lovers over the years but, from what she has told me, they have treated her with respect. And because shemore...

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by Anonymous03/29/18


Would love to prepare my wife for a BBC, see her get fucked in all her holes and see his seed flowing out of her unprotected pussy...and then being told to clean her up after...

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by Anonymous12/22/17

write for fun much??

Apparently the author is typical of the societal breakdown we see on the campuses all over. The disrespect and racism being evident in the crass lack of responsibility and deviance in topic.

Too bad themore...

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by Anonymous07/08/17

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000000000

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