tagLoving WivesWho Is Jody?

Who Is Jody?


Hello, My name is Jody. I have no last name, I just like to give women what they want. What do women want? A man that will fuck them, without any hang ups, or who want get serious with them. They just want to fuck on the side and have some fun. I will go and meet them somewhere and fuck their brains out.

Men, when they talk about me, they sometimes will be joking about it. If you don't do your home work, Jody will do it for you. He is right about that, I will ask her or she will ask me, I will go to your house and fuck your wife on your bed.

There is no woman I will turn down. I don't care if she is single, married, divorced, engaged to another man. I will fuck her if she wants me to. I don't always use a condom, sometimes I do.

You can find me anywhere there are women around. In the towns and cities, every country on the globe. I am everywhere, even in rural places, and out in the country.

I will fuck your girlfriend, your mother, your wife, your sister. It doesn't matter what race or ethnic group that you belong to. You want a cock, call a Jody.

Maybe you have thoughts about your virgin girlfriend, that she is holding out until you are married. I have got a lot of cherries from women that wanted the experience, but didn't want to have sex with their soon to be spouse, until their wedding night. You may have wanted her cherry, You didn't get it, I just got it. Hehe..

I love to fuck your wife while you are at work. In your bed, eating your pussy and fucking your woman. I will give her a cream pie, you can eat it when you get home.

I love finding wives that aren't getting enough loving and cock at home. They are hungry for some attention and loving. I am not always a stranger, they may know me, work with me, be my neighbor. They just want a cock in their pussy. To feel alive again, and to have what you want give to them.

I may even know who you are, we may even be fishing or hunting buddies. Your pussy that you fuck at home, isn't always safe from me, even there. I may know that you are at work, and I will go to your house and work on fucking your wife. My cum may be the sticky stuff you eat before you fuck her that night.

I will fuck any woman that wants another cock. She may have been thinking about doing it and she made up her mind. She called me and now my cock is in her pussy, her ass, and even in her mouth. Your pussy you say, its been had by me a lot, I could say its my pussy, and it would be true. I get it more than you do.

Don't ever think that your woman can't be had by another man. You may be fooled, she may want you to think like that. She may even says things to help you to think like that. I have fucked a lot of married women whose husbands had made the statement, that their wives would never put out to another man. She asked me to fuck her, and she was a wild woman in the hotel bed.

But that's alright keep thinking that your wife want fuck. I will just keep on giving her my cock. She does have some good pussy, but you know that already. Don't you?

I fucked a woman on her wedding day. She was nervous about being with her soon to be husband and making love to her that night. She needed a cock before then, she needed some experience. or so she said. I took her cherry that he thought he was going to get that night.

She told me later, when they got back from their honeymoon, that she told him that she had done the split as a cheerleader in school and had lost her cherry that way. He believed her and accepted her story. It didn't bother me what she told him. I knew I had got her cherry and she knew it to. She wants to meet me again, I guess its true what they say. If you ever fuck a virgin, she will let you have her pussy again.

Speaking of honeymoons, I fucked another woman on her honeymoon, her husband had got stone drunk and she wanted to fuck. I helped her get him to their room and onto one of the beds. She joined me in my room that night and I fucked her. I had her three more times before they left. He couldn't hole his liquor and got drunk. You could say, I broke her pussy in for him. He had got her cherry the night before. But three nights in a row, I fucked her. At least she didn't have to do without cock. I was there for her.

I like it when a wife calls me and says that she has decide to fuck, and that she wants me to be the one to fuck her. This one wife, had been thinking about putting out to another man. I was chosen because she knew me. I had even asked her for it one time. She had said no, and now she was calling me to see if I would meet her somewhere. If I was still interested in fucking her. I am always ready to fuck a married woman. I like it when she tells me, that I am the second man to ever fuck her.

So remember where ever you are in this world, there is a Jody ready to fuck your girlfriend, or your wife. We men aren't always the one asking, they are asking us to fuck them.

Emails and computers have made it much easier for a woman, to get her some cock. Gone are the days when a wife couldn't find another man to fuck her. She may have been in a rural place, with no available men there to fuck her. That's changed, Jody will come to her.

I like it when the men call me Jody, they don't know who I am or anything about me. I think Jody is fucking my wife, I heard one say today. You are right there, I am fucking your wife. She loves my cock in her mouth, pussy, and ass. You are so busy with your friends and doing what you want. I have taken your place in your bed. I am the one getting your pussy.

Seems to me that more women are calling and emailing me more. Wanting me to meet them and fuck them. I can't tell you the number of cream pies, I have put in women, that want to take them to their husbands. The wives say that their husbands loves to eat cream pies before they fuck them. I will give them all the cream pies they want. Keep those emails coming.....

Women and men are going to fuck. It just getting the two together that hard sometimes. Like the other Jody's all you have to do is let me know you want another cock. I will meet you and fuck you. You don't have to do without cock any more. I am ready to fuck, day or night.

If you are a married woman and you are reading this, and you have been thinking about getting another cock. Email a friend or someone you know and let them have your pussy. Your second cock should be with a Jody that you know. Then branch out to fucking a Jody that is a stranger to you.

I love being called Jody. Only thing, though, I think another Jody is fucking my wife. That don't bother me any, she has to have her fun to. I sure have had my share of another man's pussy. I have even suggested to her that she needs another cock besides mine.

Oh well, she is a good fuck. I bet her Jody knows that by now. I hope her Jody or the next Jody that fucks her leave me a creampie..

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