tagErotic HorrorWho Killed Jake Mullett?

Who Killed Jake Mullett?

byDG Hear©

This story belongs in Horror but not necessarily Erotic. It could go in different categories. There is violence in this story and some non-consensual sex. I want to thank my editors, LadyCibelle and Techsan, for making my stories a much better read.


Part 1 The Story:

I'm Ray and I work for the local Sheriff's Department in our small community. We usually don't have a lot of trouble here other than the drunks, family squabbles and accidents. Every now and then something big happens. This is one of those stories. It all began in October of 1971.

Almost every town has some kind of celebrity - someone who became famous. Jake Mullett, I guess you can say, was ours. He became a professional football player and was the only one ever from our community. They even had a sign posted outside of town saying "Home of Jake Mullett" along with the Kiwanis, Lions club and other community signs.

Personally I couldn't stand the guy. He was an arrogant asshole in my book and in many of our other classmates' books as well. His father was the bank president and acted like he owned the town. I guess his son took after him.

Jake, of course, played football for our local high school. I have to admit he was good in sports. He was our quarterback and was All-State his senior year. He got a full ride scholarship at a University in Michigan. He eventually was drafted into the pros in the fifth round. He also made it to back up quarterback. Of course it went with a half million dollar salary; something that was unheard of in our part of town, especially back then.

It was at our ten year reunion that the death of Jake occurred. The reunion committee decided to have a combination reunion and Halloween celebration at the same time. Everyone was notified months in advance so we were getting a big turnout. The committee rented out the local grange hall which could hold a couple of hundred people. It was an old converted church with a cemetery out back. It made the perfect place for our reunion/Halloween party.

I was on duty the night of the party so I wouldn't be attending, but I did stop by and say hello to my old classmates. Amy, my wife, was there and said she wished I could stay, but she knew I had a job to do. After saying my hellos and goodbyes I headed out on patrol.

About midnight I was called back to the hall. Someone called in and said they thought Jake Mullett was dead. At first I took it as a prank, since it was my old classmates and a Halloween party, but when Amy came running out to my cruiser I knew something had happened. My partner Jean and I got out to investigate.

We were taken over to a grave that was dug for a funeral the next day and in it laid the body of Jake Mullett with a three prong rake sticking out of his chest. I had to jump in and investigate and at the same time try not to mess up any possible evidence.

I checked his pulse and he was dead. There was blood under his head; I had to leave the rake in his chest till the crime team could investigate. Jean helped me out of the grave and we told everyone that no one could leave the party till we could get their name and address.

Jean had called it in and a couple of crime experts were on the scene in no time. It wasn't like it is today with all the special equipment. They scoured the area and gathered up any possible information they could.

Jean and I spoke briefly to everyone there and got their personal information. There was no way we could question everyone right then. It was already one in the morning and people needed to get home. To my surprise, Jake had brought his wife to the party. I never met her before. She was a model and somewhat of a celebrity in her own right. Her name was Simone; she didn't seem overly saddened by the demise of her husband.

She was staying at the local motel and we took down her information and told her we would see her first thing in the morning. Bob Sees, a vice president of the bank that Jake's father ran, offered to take Simone back to her lodging. The overall reaction from everyone was a little shock but all in all they were more put out about having to be questioned the next day.

Most of the party-goers looked upset. We'd have to talk to them one at a time and see what we could find out. We knew this wasn't going to be an easy task. There was not a lot of evidence and the whole area around the grave was trampled. We had to hope that someone had seen something.

I should mention that one of the reasons that so many of the party-goers were upset is because earlier in the evening the committee announced the members of the class that had passed away since the last reunion five years ago and two of the five deceased class members had violent deaths. John Beal was killed just two days after the last reunion and Dan Abrums was killed about a year later. Two others were killed in action in Vietnam. The fifth person was Lucille Wright who lost her bout with leukemia. A lot of the class members didn't know much about the murders but they were both still unsolved. Now another member of their class was killed and at the reunion.

I dropped Amy off at our house and told her we will get her car later. Then Jean and I went back to the grange hall and possible murder site. We were quite sure Jake was killed there.

The crime people said they didn't have much to go on. They would learn more after an autopsy which they were going to make top priority. Other than that they had gathered up some cigarette butts and a few beer cans. There were two spades and the rake. We wanted all the information we could get before the news people got hold of the story.

Jean and I divided up the list of the people who attended the party. We called the chief and he assigned a few extra people to help us with the investigating interviews. We would start first thing in the morning. We needed to get as much information as soon as we could while it was still fresh on the peoples' minds. Jean asked me if I wanted her to question Amy. I told her that I would ask Amy what she preferred and let her know. Amy and I have been married for six years at that time. We got married when I came back from being overseas in the service.

Amy was still up when I got home. Our best friends, Ron and Susan, were there also. They asked me all kinds of questions but I told them we didn't know anything and that I would have to question them about what went on that night.

"You don't think we had anything to do with it?" said Ron.

"Look," I said. "This is a murder investigation. I don't think the three of you killed anyone but you will have to be questioned. We need to know what everyone saw. The smallest clue might help point to the killer. If you prefer Jean, my partner, can talk with you or I can."

"Honey," said Amy. "You can question me. I don't have anything to hide from you."

"Yeah, Buddy, you can ask me anything. Hell, you know just about everything about me already," replied Ron. We'd been friends for a number of years.

Susan was hesitant. "I'm sorry, Ray; but I'll talk to your partner. I don't want to discuss my personal life with you. I know you guys always want to know about our past and things like that. I just wouldn't feel comfortable talking with you since we dated before you started going with Amy," replied Susan.

I was a little taken aback but she was right. I would have to know if there was ever anything between her and Jake. I know she dated him while we were in high school. We were just friends and I got pissed when I found out she was going to go out with Jake. If any girl would stay still long enough, he'd try to fuck her.

Susan and Ron had only been married for three years. Ron was the best man at my wedding and Susan was the maid of honor. Ron lived in Indiana but came back and joined the fire department. Amy reintroduced Susan to Ron when he moved back and they started dating and before we knew it, they were going to get married. The four of us headed off to Las Vegas for the wedding. We wouldn't have missed it for the world. Susan was one of Amy's best friends. I know they talked a lot and probably had their own secrets.

Ron was two years ahead of me in school, but also lived in another school district. He didn't really know Jake except by reputation. He had told me many times how he despised the man, probably because of his history with women and knowing that he had dated Susan before they met.

I decided that it would be best if Jean questioned both Amy and Susan. That way no one could say that there was bias on my part. Both Amy and Susan agreed with me. I decided to question Ron myself. As he said, I knew a lot about him already.


The next day was like a madhouse. We had five of us investigating the homicide. We talked with everyone who was at the party. We looked for any sign of suspicion and put those names on a special list which we would discuss later. We couldn't believe how many people hated Jake; some because he was famous and others because he was an arrogant asshole. I fell into that second category.

We, the crew of investigators, divided up the lists of party goers and called them in or visited everyone on our list. We would put the information into one of three folders. The ones who we were quite sure could be eliminated or were of no help. A second list was people who might require a second talking to and the third was those who could be prime suspects or that had information we could use.

One thing could be said about the majority of party-goers. They really didn't care much for Jake. There were a few women who had a thing for celebrities so they were on our recall list. We figured their husbands might not be too happy with them. As a whole we eliminated most of the people. We did leave it open that we might need to talk to them again. No one gave us any trouble with that.

It was funny that no one seemed to see anything. I think it was more that no one wanted to get involved. Some were talked to five years earlier about the death of John Beal. He wasn't that popular but he was murdered just outside of our little town near the shopping mall. It was only two days after the reunion. This time I believe the people from out of town just wanted to get home.

I should tell you about the other two murders before telling you more about this one. As I mentioned John Beal was found dead in his new van parked behind the mall parking lot. John didn't have a lot of friends. He and Dan Abrums pretty much hung around together. The girls from our school knew they were pretty perverted and didn't have much to do with them. They usually went out of town for dates.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I wasn't on the police force at the time of the murder. I was away for a few months at a police academy. I had returned home from the service and married my high school sweetheart, Amy. I was an MP (military police) while in the service. When I returned home I tested out for the police academy and made it. Amy was working as a secretary at a local business and at the time of the reunion she was three months pregnant with our daughter, Cindy.

According to the records, John was found dead in his van. His pants were around his knees and it looked at though he might have been having sex at the time of his demise, seeing his cock was out. According to the report he was lying on his back on the bed in his van. He was hit between the eyes with a meat cleaver. The cleaver minus any fingerprints was still imbedded in his skull. A number of people were questioned but the killer was never found. There were way too many prints in his van since he had taken it to the reunion and gave everyone a ride in it.

It was back at a time when people remodeled their vans with beds, couches and stuff. He was found late that night after a security guard had seen his vehicle parked there after mall closing hours. He didn't pay attention to it earlier since John worked in the record store inside the mall.

He wasn't a well liked person but the old classmates still didn't care to see him dead. He was known to hang around a pretty shady crowd and went with a number of prostitutes. The leads in his case were pretty dried up.

I was on the force a year later when the body of Dan Abrums was found. It happened up in Cleveland, Ohio, which is over a hundred miles away and out of our jurisdiction. I caught the name when it came across our desks. We didn't have much to do with the investigation other than question a few family members and a few of his friends in our area. Our investigation turned up nothing.

Again, like John Beal, Dan wasn't the most popular either. He opened an adult video store in Cleveland. It was in a real seedy part of town. He was found dead in one of his video booths by an employee the morning after he was killed. He was missing his cock and had a butcher knife in his neck.

According to the police report he must have let a woman in at or near closing. A video camera in the store showed a red-haired woman wearing a hat and coat entering and leaving the store. She was probably wearing a wig and never looked toward the camera.

The police surmised that the woman entered a video booth with a glory-hole in it. Dan locked his doors and entered the booth next to the one the woman must have entered. The report went on to say that he must have put his cock through the glory-hole and the woman chopped it off. His cock was found lying on the floor in the adjacent booth. The person must have left the booth and went into Dan's booth and embedded the extremely sharp knife into his neck.

With the quick loss of blood, Dan apparently passed out and never made it out of the room. The woman, if it really was a woman, left the shop leaving the doors open. Of course the place was totally vandalized and most everything stolen by morning. The police looked through the customer list but couldn't find any information to help them in the case.

Most of the party-goers were shocked to hear about the two murders. Many knew about John's death but not too many heard about Dan's.


Getting back to the murder of Jake Mullett, we, the investigators, got together and started our second round of talks. I'll only mention a few here. I don't think you want to read the answers to all the questions of over two hundred people.

We talked with some of Jake's old dates. Some were still in awe about him. I really don't know why. He was a first class prick when it came to women. He treated them like shit and used them. I guess some women must like that.

Mary said that she danced with him a few times till her husband got pissed at her and told her to stop acting like a slut. We talked to him later and he admitted that he didn't like Jake and told his wife to stay away from him. He got pissed off when he saw Jake grabbing his wife's ass and she didn't stop him. He told us he went outside and had words with Jake but he didn't kill him.

Ellen was outside letting Jake grope her when her husband came outside and caught them. He cold-cocked Jake and told him to stay away from his wife or he would kill him. He told us he was glad he was dead but he didn't do it. He hoped we didn't catch the guy who did it. According to Ellen's husband, Jake was a first class prick.

Jo Ann told us she gave Jake a blow job at the grave site. She was always in love with Jake and didn't know who knew and didn't care. She mentioned she gave him a blow job at the last reunion also. Her husband caught her that time and they were divorced a few months later. We questioned Ed about what his ex-wife Jo Ann had said.

"Yeah, I caught her blowing the cocksucker. I filed for divorce the next week. I would have beaten the shit out of the guy if I was able. I'm just not big enough; he told me to give it a shot and he would kick my ass. I was mad enough to kill him, but that was five years ago. I went on with my life without the damn slut," replied Ed.

Of course Ed was at the Halloween/reunion party since he was part of the graduating class. He said he was mad when Jake showed up because Jake grinned at him. He wanted to get revenge on the prick but he didn't. He was glad someone did.

This was how most of our interviews were going. We got a slight break when one of the interviewers said we should talk to Elgin Moore. Elgin was still single, never married. We weren't sure if he was gay or not but we did know he was a peeping tom. He got arrested for it twice. The investigator told us that Elgin could verify a lot that went on that night. He spent the whole night watching everyone.

"Okay, Elgin, tell us everything you saw," I said as Jean and I listened.

He started mumbling all kinds of stuff when I finally told him to narrow it down to Jake and what he observed.

Elgin related, "Jake made a grand entrance with his wife. My God, that woman was dressed wicked. She had on a low cut dress that showed her tits and was very short. There were no sides to her dress. It was just like string tied in little x's holding the front and back together. All you could see on the sides were skin. I watched her most of the evening, whenever I wasn't watching everyone else.

"Jake didn't really have a costume either. He just wore one of his jerseys with the number twelve and his name on the back. He was always such a showoff. He always called me queer and I didn't like it. I'm not queer, I like women and his wife got me hard looking at her."

"So, what did Jake do most of the evening?" I asked.

"He danced with a few of the women. He also danced a few times with his wife. He tried to get the cheerleaders to dance with him but they told him 'No!' and to leave them alone," replied Elgin.

I thought "cheerleaders?" Amy, Susan and their friend Molly all dressed like cheerleaders. I remember Amy telling me that they had to get new outfits because their old ones didn't fit anymore.

They had white sweaters with a big R on them and all three wore an orange skirt. Amy showed me that she had on orange shorts underneath. I remember her saying, "We have to keep our modesty," as she smiled. Molly had gotten them all little white gloves with a little orange R on the back. Molly had said she couldn't pass them up since they went with their outfits.

Elgin continued, "He was a mean man. Did I tell you he always called me a queer? He's an evil person. I'm glad he's dead."

"Is there anything else you can tell us, Elgin, outside of him calling you names?" I asked.

"My God, yes. He was talking to that guy, Bob; his wife was dancing with him all night. Did you know he was dressed as a death angel? Maybe he's your killer. Anyway, I overheard him tell that death guy that he was going to get him a cheerleader that night. Your wife was dressed as a cheerleader. Maybe she knows something."

My stomach curdled when I heard that. I knew that Amy despised Jake. If I saw him trying to put the make on her, I'd have killed him myself. I know that Ron probably felt the same way. I knew I'd have to talk to Amy later.

"What else did you hear or see, Elgin?" Jean asked.

"I saw Molly dance with Jake and he kept trying to feel her up and she pushed him away and went back to talk with other people. I was on the porch and saw him stop Susan as she was walking by. I don't know what he said to her but she hauled off and slapped him right across the face. After that I saw him grab Susan by the arm and she looked mad. Her husband, who was dressed as Crocodile Dundee pulled a knife on him and said if he ever touched Susan again that he'd cut his throat. Maybe he kept his promise."

"Thanks, Elgin. You have been pretty helpful," said Jean.

"Don't you want to hear about his sexy wife and the dead angel guy? It's pretty juicy," asked Elgin.

"What about them, Elgin?" I asked.

"He was the only one that the sexy lady danced with other than Jake. When Jake wasn't around he had his hands all over her and I could tell she really liked it. I heard him ask her to dump Jake and marry him. He said he loved her and would be willing to kill Jake for her. He wanted her so bad. Later in the evening I saw the two of them sneak into one of the back conference rooms and I followed them. God, the woman was beautiful bent over that big chair and he took her from behind.

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