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Whoring Her Mother


Living in Nevada has its drawbacks and Lucia Hagen had found one very fast. It isn't very hard to lose all your money fast. Especially if you're a gambling addict.

After her husband's death, Lucia had begun going to the Casinos as well as playing on-line poker just to alleviate her boredom. A few days a week, nothing serious.

In two years, "nothing serious" had escalated to a Quarter-Million dollar debt. She had taken out a second mortgage on her house. She had borrowed her last dime and maxed out her Credit Cards. She was still 50 thousand dollars in the hole and no way to get it with her job hostessing at a local diner. Lucia knew what she had to do and she dreaded having to do it.

She picked up the phone and called her daughter, Sandy. They hadn't talked much over the past 8 years. Sandy had left home at 17, she and her father hadn't gotten along and Sandy struck out on her own. She got a job in Vegas, banked most of her money, worked harder, banked more money and soon, was living nicely. She'd bought herself a large, 10-bedroom house which she rented out to College students. Lucia was pretty sure Sandy would be able to help her someway.

Sandy was surprisingly sympathetic. "Mom, Mom, Mom," Sandy sighed over the phone. "You have got yourself in a mess, haven't you? Okay, here's what you do. Put the house up for rent and use that money to pay off the second mortgage. Put most of your stuff in storage and come stay with me. We'll figure out a way you can pay off the rest of the debts." Sandy sent Lucia the money for a bus ticket when everything had been arranged, Lucia felt calm again for the first time in months.

Sandy gave her mother a hug, but there was an odd look in her eyes when Lucia arrived. All of the girls in Sandy's Boarding House were stunners, Lucia noticed, and all of them treated Sandy with the utmost respect.

"Come with me to the Den mother, that's my office. I have a few things to discuss with you," Sandy said in a cool tone.

Sandy sat behind a large, expensive-looking desk that Lucia believed was a good quality oak. She put her long, stiletto-clad legs on the desk and looked at her mother.

"Okay Mom, there is no way to sugar coat this or to hide the truth, it'll come out sooner or later. I'm going to pay off the remainder of your debt, I have more than enough and it's the least I can do for your keeping Daddy away from me all those years. What you saw in him I'll never know." Lucia wanted to say something, but Sandy continued. "You're going to pay me back Mom, every cent. You're going to earn it back, you might as well give up the other job, you won't have time."

Lucia had no idea what her daughter was talking about, before she could ask, Sandy filled her in.

"This isn't a Boarding House Mom; it's a Bordello, one of the better ones. It's known as Le Chat Noir and all the girls here work for me. I take 20% for their room and board and to insure their clientèle are good, respectable people. You're going to be one of my whores Mom; you're going to fuck your way out of debt."

Lucia's dark eyes went wide, she was horrified. Her blonde daughter went on. "Mom, don't worry ... all of my clients are interesting, sensual people. I screen them carefully, you won't get hurt."

Lucia found her voice, saying "Sandy, in addition to my thinking it's wrong, I've never been with another man since I married your father. I ..."

Sandy cut her off. "Don't sweat it, Mom ... you won't be with men. A great deal of my clients are women, I specialize in that area and I know a lot of them will flip for a dark, sensual bitch like you." The cool tone in which she said it sent shivers down Lucia's spine.

"Darling, at my age, I hardly think ..."

Sandy was in complete control. "Stop thinking so much Mother, you don't really have a choice. You have nowhere to live, no money, little education. What you DO have is maturity, a killer body and a sensuality my female clients will be unable to resist. I'll give you a couple of days to adjust to the thought -- your first client will be here Friday night, I've already made the arrangements. Your room is upstairs, first door on the left." Sandy left the room, leaving her mother in by herself, stupefied.

Lucia had never been with a woman, in the nearly 2 years since Jerome's death, she hadn't been with anyone. True, she was a sensual, earthy woman who at one time had enormous sexual appetites, Jerome had never truly sated them, but what Sandy was asking her to do was beyond the scope of her knowledge.

Friday afternoon came and she was going downstairs to tell Sandy there was no way she could go through with it when there came a knock at the door. When she opened the door, there was a cool-looking blonde holding some packages and smiling at her.

"My name is Marlena and I am here to help you prepare, I will help you with your makeup and you are to wear this dress and shoes. Damn, I wish we had more time, but the Miss says I am not to touch you. Some other time, nein, you are very beautiful."

The pretty German girl fussed over Lucia and when done, Lucia couldn't believe the transformation. Her jet-black hair had been brushed till it shone, her eyes were dusky and inviting and the dress clung to her every curve. She looked to be in her mid-30's, at best. Marlena took her hand and escorted her downstairs.

"Miss, is this to your approval?" Marlena said, showing her work to Sandy.

"Superb job, as always Marlena, you may choose your reward later tonight," Sandy's voice dropped to a purr. Lucia was trembling. Sandy walked over to her mother and took her hand.

"Don't be nervous mother, you're going to embark on a new life and it's one I think will suit you. Ah, here's Desiree now."

A beautiful black woman walked in, she had to be over 6' tall, perhaps 6'4" in the heels she was wearing. She had a presence to her and was dressed all in tight leather, vest, mini-skirt and boots, she was imposing looking.

"Here she is Des, did I lie?"

"You did not girl, she is gorgeous," Desiree grinned. Lucia would have bet the woman was in her early 30's. "When do you want her back?"

"You can have her as long as you need her Des, just call me if you're keeping her overnight, we like to lock up around 2," Sandy said. Lucia still couldn't believe this was happening to her.

"Okay baby, gimme some sugar," Desiree said, kissing Sandy passionately, surprising her Mom. Was Sandy herself into women?

"Come one with me, lover-doll, you're mine for now," Desiree said. She escorted Lucia to a Limo that waited outside and they drove a short distance to a rather impressive looking mansion.

They weren't inside 5 minutes when Desiree led Lucia upstairs to her bedroom. She stripped naked; her body was powerful looking and lean, with gorgeous full tits, long legs and a shaved pussy.

"You ever eat black cunt before, baby?" Desiree asked.

"I-I've never been with a woman at all," Lucia answered nervously.

"Oooh-eee, lucky me, naughty Sandy not telling me that. Okay baby, strip outta that dress, come over here and play with Desiree's big black titties!"

Lucia showed off her body, trying to take pride in her looks and superb figure. Desiree seemed to notice, when she joined Desiree on the bed, her lips found Desiree's dark nipples and she began to suck.

"Oh yeah, white bitch, suck Mama's titties. You got a nice touch, feels good." Lucia noticed the mirror on the other side of the room and saw how the tall woman towered over her 5'6" form, but there was also something sexy about their bodies pressed together. She began warming up.

"Time for you to eat some cunt bitch, don't look so scared, you're gonna love it. You do a good job, Des is gonna love you back and you'll be seeing stars, promise. Lick my little pussy, no rush baby, I can afford all night if I want, I've got the money." At first Lucia licked slowly, but as she saw how her actions were affecting Desiree, she picked up the tempo.

"Fuck yeahh, you little slut, you sure you ain't been with a woman? You're a good little slut honey, eat me all up!" Lucia couldn't believe it, her own pussy was drenched, she was getting off on eating the cunt of this younger, black woman.

"Oh baby, that was amazing, did you like eating your first cunt?" Desiree said, running her hand down Lucia's back.

"You know I did, I can't believe it, can we do it some more?"

"Sure baby, but I want to try that little honey-pot of yours. Hold on for dear life girl, I know my way 'round a pussy!"

That was an understatement. The ebony Sex Goddess showed Lucia things she had never believed possible and Lucia took each lesson to heart and returned the favors ardently. It was just after 4 when they finished, Desiree offered her some wine and they talked for a few minutes.

"I want to see you again baby, would you like that?"

"Yes, very much," Lucia replied, surprised at how fast she answered in the affirmative.

"That's good baby, real good. Don't sweat the money, you were worth every penny and my Daddy, he can afford it." Desiree replied.

"Your FATHER paid for this?" Lucia said, shocked.

"Yeah. He's a real establishment type and doesn't want it getting out his little girl likes girls, so he makes discreet arrangements with Sandy." As an aside, she whispered to Lucia "I think he might also be taping this with hidden cameras. Daddy's a closet perv, too."

The ride home was mostly in silence, but Lucia knew she had found out something about her sexuality. She had no idea what Sandy intended next, she wasn't sure if she was anxious to find out or terrified.

She didn't have long to wait. The very next evening, Marlena was back. She had an evil grin on her face.

"The Miss says I may have 30 minutes with you, as a reward. Please, join me in the shower. Relax, I will do everything."

Marlena lathered Lucia from head to toe, pampered her, washed her hair, then ate her pussy and fondled her tits until she came. Lucia wanted to do something in return, but Marlena put up her hand.

"I am here to serve and you are beautiful, I enjoyed that. Perhaps some other time, we must get you ready."

They styled Lucia's hair a bit differently this time, dressed her in lacy white lingerie and an elegant, white gown. She was given a necklace and earrings that Lucia was certain were REAL diamonds and white stiletto heels. She felt like she was going to a Fancy-Dress Ball.

"You are, in a way," Sandy smiled as she kissed her mother's cheek. "Ah, here is Denise now."

A lovely Asian woman walked in, Sandy hugged her close. She was as elegantly dressed as Lucia, with her jet-black hair down to her back, a snug black dress hugging her slender body, with a high slit on one side. Her legs were slender and gorgeous and she had the most beautiful face. Sandy walked Denise over to Lucia and made the introductions.

Lucia liked Denise, she seemed to exude warmth. Denise held her hand the entire time they were in the car.

"Where are we going, if it's all right to ask?" Lucia finally spoke.

"Certainly, it is. We're going to an event that several of us have a few times a year. Our husbands and significant others think we go and discuss various charities, but really, what we do is have one massive lesbian party. We're married to our living with conventional men who would approve of our loving other women. Many of us have brought the same companion for years, I had one of Miss Sandra's other girls, but she chose to get married a few months back. So now, I'm taking you."

The event was elegant and held in a large, secluded Lodge that the women rented for just this event. There were around 100 women there, ranging in age from mid-20's to early 40's, most of them quite lovely. Lucia was told she could mingle, but to stay visible. There was food, drink and music, aside from the fact there were no men present, it was like many other parties Lucia had attended in her life.

Around 10 PM, Denise found Lucia and led her to a private room; she undressed Lucia and then herself. Denise was striking, with a taut, lean body and golden skin that glowed under the bedroom lights. She took Lucia into her arms, kissed her passionately, then began to make love to her. She undressed Lucia bit by bit, murmuring words in Korean Lucia didn't understand, but they didn't matter. Everywhere the beautiful young woman's lips touch, Lucia's skin trembled, her body ached with want. She found herself having an orgasm just from Denise's tongue alone.

Then she was asked, sweetly, to make love to Denise. Anxious to please the pretty client, she reciprocated, massaging her gorgeous tits, licking her legs, her pussy and finger-fucking Denise to a soft, sweet orgasm. She somehow sensed that Denise liked her female loving to be sweet and gentle. Denise sighed at the end of it all.

"That was marvelous Lucia, you're very skilled. Have you been making love with women a long time?" Denise asked.

Lucia shook her head. "You're my second."

Denise's eyebrows arched. "Really? Well, you weren't my second, but goodness, you certainly seemed to know what you were doing."

"Thank You. What do I do now?"

Denise sighed contentedly. "Well, you can get dressed ... although it's no longer mandatory at this point ..." She giggled " ... and go have something more to eat, you're free to indulge yourself with any of the others or you can sleep here and wait for me to return. I will want you again before evening's end."

"All right, I'll look for you, shall I?" Denise nodded. "I think I'd like to look around, see what's going on."

Lucia got dressed again and walked around the large room, several girls were there, in various states of dress. She found herself talking to a pretty, 19-year old blonde who was the long-time companion of an older, stunning woman in her late 30's. The girl's name was Brittany, her older companion was Austyn.

"You seem very comfortable here Brittany," Lucia observed.

"Oh yes, I love these parties. I'm in a good mood for weeks after I come to one of them. Would you like to go somewhere and have sex with me?" Brittany said in her soft, sweet voice.

Lucia was surprised to find herself agreeing. Once they'd found a room, Brittany was a voracious little tigress. The petite blonde licked and sucked Lucia, squeezing her tits, going down on her until Lucia lost count of how many orgasms she had. Then she wanted equal time from Lucia, insisting that Lucia "fuck me hard with your fingers, you gorgeous bitch." Lucia couldn't get over how wild the younger girl was and they stayed together for about an hour.

When they emerged, Brittany found her companion, introducing Lucia to Austyn. The curvy, auburn-haired Austyn was a long-time friend of Denise's. "I hope she brings you to the next party, I'd like to have some fun with you myself," Austyn said, just about the time Denise returned.

"I see you met Austyn and her niece, Brittany?" Denise smiled.

"Her NIECE?" Lucia said, stunned.

"Oh yes, Austyn and her sister are very bi. Austyn's sister is around here somewhere with Austyn's daughter, sometimes the Moms pair up and their girls pair up, other times it's the daughters with the Moms, but most often, it's Aunt-Niece."

Denise had one more session with Lucia, but then it was time to go, as they only had the Lodge until 3 AM and then the cleaning crew were set to arrive. Denise made sure Lucia got home safely and complimented Sandy on her selection.

"Lovely woman, she's very sensual in bed," Denise smiled, giving Lucia an extra hundred as a tip.

"Really? That's very nice to hear," Sandy smiled as Denise left. She turned to her mother and smiled. "Your debt is decreasing very nicely mother, good for you. At this rate, you'll be debt-free in a few months and then earning some money. Now go get some rest, you're going to need it ... I have a few more assignments lined up for you."

Lucia's body suddenly ached and she was very tired, sleep sounded marvelous. Yet she knew that if Sandy told her there was another woman ready to make her feel the way Desiree, Denise or Brittany had, she would have summoned up the energy she needed.

Lucia had no idea just what she was becoming or where life was taking her next, but she found herself looking forward to the journey ahead.

Sandy watched her mother going upstairs to her room, she took in the lush curves of her mother's body and saw how truly sensual Lucia was. Sandy had personally auditioned each one of the girls who worked for her, save for Lucia. "Perhaps it's time to change that?" Sandy thought.

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