tagTransgender & CrossdressersWho's the Bitch Now?

Who's the Bitch Now?


Disclaimer: This is a fantasy I have had for quite a while now. It involves forced/reluctant sex and mild bondage. If you are not an adult or cannot differentiate between fantasy and reality please stop reading now!

Well I was approaching the big Three-O in a couple months and dreading it. I am still in decent shape but the genetic roulette wheel has been a bit unkind since I have been loosing my hair since my early twenties but shave my head so it doesn't look bad.

On the other hand I have a good job even during this economy and life seemed to be going well even if I lived it alone. Things had just gotten better when my manager submitted his resignation, and I was promoted to his position.

Well after the promotion at work I was working longer hours so I had no time to start or even develop a relationship. Since I had more disposable income I figured it would be easier to visit an escort then picking someone up in a bar. In a bar there is always the chance of things not working out, last minute doubts, "cock-blocks", getting too drunk, etc. It also doesn't help when you don't look like a Grecian god.

I surfed the web for escorts in my state. After finding several sites and viewing the profiles I chose five that I would call, explain what I wanted/needed, get a sense of their personality, and also find out how much of a donation they would need.

When I called the first girl I could have sworn she was getting fucked wile she was talking to me. I then called Lana, she was very sweet and understood my needs. We setup a date for the coming weekend. I was a bit nervous but also excited.

Saturday night I arrived at her door, when she opened the door I was awestruck. She was dressed in a nice short skirt and see-through blouse even prettier then her pictures on the internet. The blood started flowing and I was growing.

She invited me inside and gave me a hug and kiss. I took off my shoes and she told me to have a seat on the couch. We sat on the couch for a bit and talked about life and such. She asked me if I wanted to move into the bedroom. I smiled so she took that as her cue, grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom.

I had her gift in an envelope in my pocket, so I took it out of my pocket and put it on the corner of her dresser. She had her back to me facing the bed so when she turned around, she just gave the envelope a quick glance, smiled and grabbed my hand dragging me to the bed.

I sat down next to her and we started kissing each other. I was fondling her tits while she rubbed my chest and legs, occasionally running her hand along the inside of my thigh to my growing cock. I figured it was safe to advance to that stage so I dropped one of my hands to her thigh and started rubbing.

She grabbed my hand and whispered, "No rush baby, slow down and let me make you feel good first."

She then started to unbutton my shirt, rubbing my chest all the while suckling on my neck. My shirt was off and she was kissing her way down my chest to my waist pushing on my chest to lie back on the bed. When she got to my waist she slowly began undoing my pants, occasionally brushing against my cock driving me nuts. A bit of a tease is nice I guess especially when you know there is relief at the end but I like it hard and fast so it was a bit frustrating.

She kneeled on the floor between my legs and pulled down my pants with my underwear, as I raised my head to watch what she is doing her head peaked back over the side of the bed. She gave me a quick smile and proceeded to roll a condom down my cock. As her hands were going down the shaft her mouth opened up and engulfed my cock.

"Oh my", I moaned. She is good I thought to myself. I couldn't believe it; if it weren't for the condom I probably would have exploded when she first took me in her mouth.

I was moaning my appreciation. She looked up and smiled with my cock still in her mouth and then dived to the base taking it all in after making eye contact with me.

Well as I mentioned before I like it hard and fast, I also like to be control. So I moved my hands down to her head and intertwined my fingers in her hair, applying just enough pressure to force her farther down on my cock. Eventually this turned into straight out face fucking as I started getting heated.

I figured what the fuck I'm paying good money for this whore. Getting caught up in the moment I start saying things like, "Suck my cock bitch!", and calling her a slut and whore while shoving her face into my crotch, her nose bumping my pelvic bone and my balls bouncing on her chin.

She was very good at using her hands and had been using them to stimulate me since we began so as I was fucking her mouth she wiggled one hand between my legs and stuck her finger up my ass.

"Ouch, careful baby I'm a virgin back there", I said wincing.

She mumbled something with my cock in her mouth but I couldn't quite make it out, something about "lucky night".

She took her finger out but didn't give up her attention on my asshole. She started rubbing it, after wetting her fingers with her saliva collecting at the base of my cock. Back and forth, collecting some spit and then rubbing it in my asshole, occasionally a tip of her finger would penetrate my ass but each time I would tense she would withdrawal and just rub some more.

It did start to feel good after a while and she stopped pulling her finger out except to rewet it. So here I am with my hands on the back of this girl's head, shoving my cock down her throat as she plays with my asshole. I let her up for a breath and my cock popped out her mouth.

"My turn now", she said as she smiled at me still jerking my cock.

"I love eating pussy, I eat pussy better then most lesbians", I replied licking my lips.

She told me that all guys say that but always wimp out, give her a couple licks and then want to go straight to fucking.

"Just so you don't wimp out on me I want to tie you down", she told me.

Well we never discussed this on the phone but I was horny and wanted to cum so I agreed to her request. She had me lie on my back on the bed with my hands over my head. While I have tied girls up before I myself had never been tied up before so this was a little new to me.

She tied my hands to the headboard and then moved down my body to my ankles. Securing my ankles to the end of the bed. She stood up and admired her handiwork smiling all the time. Then she put a pillow under my head lifting it up a bit.

"Oh, one more thing" she said, and took out a blindfold explaining to me if I'm such a good pussy eater it should be second nature to me. I was in no position to refuse so I didn't say anything as she slipped the blindfold on.

I heard her getting undressed, as each piece of clothing came off she ran in up and down my body teasing me before tossing it aside. I finally felt her panties touch my skin so I knew I didn't have to wait much longer. I felt her get up on the bed straddling my chest.

I heard her command, "Stick out your tongue", so I did and felt something hard but spongy, it didn't seem like a pussy so my tongue was a bit confused. As my tongue was wiggling around trying to figure out what it was touching she pulled off my blindfold.

"What the fuck!", I said as I pulled my tongue back into my mouth, there poised over my mouth was this huge, hard cock attached to Lana. It wasn't a strap-on, this girl was a shemale!

Laughing as she told me, "My turn bitch! Open your mouth and start sucking!"

I didn't say anything to avoid opening my mouth and was thinking how I would get out of this mess. She started slapping her hard cock on my face telling me to open my mouth. She pinched my nose waiting me out. I wasn't stupid, keeping my teeth clenched I opened my lips and to breathe through my teeth.

"Listen here bitch, you are going to suck my pussy-stick and I'm going to like it, I don't care if you like it but you can try to enjoy yourself if you want."

Suddenly her hand slapped my face and as I cried out she shoved half her cock into my mouth.

"You bite it bitch and I will have you gang fucked for the next three days!"

I resigned myself to this degradation and started sucking. Soon the same words I was saying before came out her mouth, calling me a slut and whore as tears were running down the side of my face both from the choking and humiliation. She was grabbing the back of my head pulling it hard into her crotch forcing her cock into my throat. She finally pulled out of my mouth and got off the bed leaving me there gasping for air. She pulled something out of her drawer but I couldn't see what it was.

She climbed back on the bed straddling my chest but facing towards my feet. She looked over her shoulder and down at me and said, "I want you to lick my ass real good, get it nice and wet. I like it nice and wet when fucking." Well while this wasn't what I was looking for I have always enjoyed ass fucking so I figured at least it would be getting better.

While I was licking her asshole she bent down and started playing with my cock and asshole again. Pulling her mouth off my cock I heard her say, "Well since you are a virgin I'm going to give you some relief before we get down to business."

I felt her fingers being removed and then I felt her pushing a smooth rounded object into my ass, it felt slimy so I figured she had lubed it up first, which I was thankful for.

"Now you have a butt plug up your ass to stretch you a bit", she told me.

I didn't ask why I needed to be stretched and I knew I didn't want to know either. She then sat up and moved back so now she was above my head looking down on me. She took the pillow that was under my head and placed it under my shoulders tilting my head back. This wasn't looking good and I feared the worse. The way my head was positioned she had a straight shot down my throat and just as I feared she took advantage of it.

She was pumping in and out of my mouth telling me I was a natural-born cocksucker. Occasionally bending over with her cock still in my mouth and reaching down to wiggle the butt plug in my ass. After a while she bored of fucking my mouth.

"Well baby it's time for me to pop your cherry."

"No, please don't I beg of you I could never take that cock up my ass", I cried.

I couldn't believe my own ears when I then said, "Please let me suck you off, I will do it really good."

She just laughed and said "There is plenty of time for that later but it is Cherry Time now!"

I was squirming trying to break my bonds but it was no use. She got off the bed and untied one ankle, grabbing it in both hands she lifted my leg up and retied my ankle to the headboard with the long rope, she then moved to the other side and did the same with my other leg, effectively bending my in half. She then slipped a pillow under my lower back as she kneeled between my legs rubbing her hard cock and slipping a condom on.

She reached between my legs and yanked the butt plug from my ass. "Ow, that hurts!'

She laughed and said, "You ain't felt nothing yet bitch. I like to watch little boy's faces when I pop their cherries so be really expressive for me."

She grabbed a bottle of lube rubbing the lube all over her hard dick. Wiping the excess on and in my ass. Dreading the worse I tensed up as she put her cock against my virgin ass.

She smiled and said, "It will feel better if you don't tense up, push out like you are taking a shit."

I didn't want to feel it period much less make it feel "better", she had a warped sense of better as I felt her cock pushing into my asshole.

"Please stop, please don't!" I screamed in pain.

"Oh you mean Please Don't Stop! Ok bitch here it comes!"

Staring into my eyes she shoved her dick into my ass and said, "I love cherry assholes, stretching them out and fucking them hard."

More tears were streaming down my face so she bent down licking them, all the while smiling at my discomfort. Finally it was all in, I felt so full and it hurt so badly.

"It's too big please pull it out", I cried.

After giving me a moment to adjust to her cock she started pulling it back out only to push it all the way back in, gradually picking up the pace. After maybe 20 or 30 thrusts the pain started turning to numbness and I felt a strange feeling sweeping my body making me warm all over.

As my tears stopped and my screams fell silent she looked down at me and said "Who's the bitch now?"

I didn't answer her but we both knew the answer. After fucking my ass for a while I hadn't even noticed that my hips started to move to meet hers and that I was really getting into the ass fucking.

She had noticed it and said "Ok now for my favorite position so I can really show you who the bitch is."

Reaching up she untied my ankles and hands. Then she pulled her cock out of my ass and told me to get up on all fours. Oh no she is going to fuck me doggie style.

"Ass up, face down, bitch!", as she slapped my ass for moving to slow.

Here I am thinking it was going to be a great night but instead I am on my hands and knees like a bitch waiting for a hard cock to be shoved up my ass. She got on the bed behind me and started pushing her cock back into my ass. This time it was going much deeper with the new position so she was opening up new territory again but it was starting to feel good.

I was getting into the rhythm pushing my ass back, "Yeah that's it bitch, you want to get fucked don't you?"

"Yes please", I silently whimpered.

"What was that bitch I couldn't hear you", as she slapped my ass.

This time in a loud voice I told her the truth, "Yes please fuck my ass!"

I was really getting into this ass fucking as she told me, "That's my bitch, you are natural-born slut."

She was pounding my ass fucking me harder and harder, spanking me with her hand occasionally. Reaching around my waist she grabbed my cock.

"I'm going to make you cum while I'm fucking you bitch, that way you will know for certain, who is the bitch."

After stroking my cock for a few minutes along with the stimulation of her hard cock pounding my asshole and rubbing my prostrate I came. She laughed at my humiliation. She pulled out of my ass with a pop, I couldn't believe it when I begged her to please put it back in.

"Well bitch I'm going to put it back in but I hate cumming in a condom and since you were so sincere about sucking me off earlier I have decided to reward you!"

I heard her pull off the condom, "Turn around bitch!" She grabbed my head and shoved her cock into my mouth, fucking my face just as hard as she was fucking my ass moments before.

"Oh yeah I'm cumming, take my hot cum bitch, sluts suck it all down!"

I felt her cock getting bigger and then I felt the ejaculation against the back of my throat. I was choking on her cum so she pulled out jerking it off on my face covering me in cum. When she was done she let go of my head as I slumped down on the bed.

She slapped my ass as she got off the bed and said "Get dressed bitch, I'm done with you!"

I had just spent $200 and gotten fucked, literally. As I got dressed I felt my sore ass wondering if I would ever recover.

The last thing I heard her say as I walked out the door. "Thanks for the fuck, you are my bitch now! When I want to fuck your sweet ass again I will e-mail you, and you better show up. We can watch the video tape of tonight, I forgot to mention the camera I had setup when you were blindfolded."

NOTE: This is a fantasy who knows what could happen, maybe she would keep me there for a second fuck or maybe a couple friends like her would show up and want a crack at my virgin ass. Heck even sub-in a female with a strap-on. If any shemales read this and are interested in making my fantasy come true just e-mail me and we can see what we work out. Thanks for reading

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