tagLoving WivesWho's The Boss?

Who's The Boss?


I'm your secretary, and I'm the reason you get out of bed every morning. Sure, your job is well-paid, and not too taxing, but could you handle sitting in that office everyday from 9 to 5 if it wasn't for my hot little body wandering around?

You certainly don't need me for the work - Our office is pretty small, and I'm not very good at typing. Sometimes I make so many mistakes you seriously consider letting me go. But then you look up, and see me sitting at my desk, immaculate hair and make-up, a tight white shirt stretched to its limits by my delicious tits. I stand and walk to the photocopier machine, your eyes transfixed on my long slender legs. Are they tights or stockings you wonder? I lean forward, reaching for something behind the machine. Your eyes move up my legs, over my tight little ass-hugging black skirt. You sit in your office imagining the feel of that ass in your hand, so smooth, so pert.

I turn and smile at you, you sit up, lulled from your daydream and smile back, embarrased. You curse silently as you remember I'm married. that's how I got the job, an acquience of yours said his wife needed work, you said yes without thinking. You sit and imagine what it must be like to have a woman like me come home everyday, watch me undress, get into bed. Damn! You have to get some work done!

Recently though, I've been kind of different haven't I? Not as friendly and bubbly as usual, alot quieter, almost sullen at times. You watch me in your office now at the end of the day, tidying up. There just isn't that spark that's usually there. I still look great, you're still desperate to fuck me, smell my hair up close, reach round and grab these heavenly tits from behind. What am I anyway, you wonder, 24-32-26? You've never been exactly sure what those numbers mean anyway, have you? But my tits are definately more than a handful.

You call my name as I'm about to leave.

"Oh, God, what is it this time." I snap.

Startled, you stare back at me, I've never got angry before, did I catch you looking?

Quickly the anger in my face melts away, my whole face drops into the saddest expression you've ever seen.

"Oh, I'm so sorry Mr.______, I really am." I sob. I drop down onto the sofa, head in my hands.


You come around your desk, stand over me, not sure what to do.

"What is it Emma?" You ask awkwardly, "What's wrong?"

I look up at you, and you concentrate on holding eye contact with me, as usual, a couple of my shirt buttons seem to have come undone.

"You don't want to hear my problems, it won't happen again, I...."

"Emmma" You interrrupt authoratively. I look up, a little surprised. "Tell me." you say gently.

So I sit and tell you about how things have been a little difficult of late. Greg, my husband, has lost his job, money is tight, and there's something else. You listen attentively to all this, hoping that I'll start crying again, so you'll have an excuse to put your arms around me.

"Something else?" You ask.

I talk around the subject for a while, feeling uncomfortable, but I have to tell someone. I make you promise not to breathe a word of this to anyone.

You stand directly above me, looking down at me, so small and delicate on the sofa. How old am I anyway? 22? 23? You never did find out.

"You can trust me Emma" you say, trying to visualise what my pussy might look like, imagining the sweet scent.

"Well..." I begin slowly, "What with all the stress and everything recently, Greg has been having, a few problems, he can't...well, he tries but he's finding it difficult to...you know..."

You look at me for a moment, I stare back. "Get hard." I whisper.

I talk a little faster, relieved to have revealed this secret to someone. It's been months since anything happened in the bedroom. It's affected Gregs whole personality, he doesn't even want to touch me anymore, it just reminds him of his inadequacy. You listen closely to everything, a deeply concerned look on your face. It's masking delight! What an idiot! To have this hot piece of pussy in your bed, dying to be fucked, and he can't even get hard? You check out my body discreetly as I talk, this divine beauty who's been so morose because she needs a good fucking.

"He won't look for work, he just sits at home, and I feel so useless. I feel like it's my fault."

I break down, sobbing, head in my hands again. You're not going to miss this opportunity, are you? You sit down next to me, put your arm around my shoulder, start to rub my back gently. You can feel the strap of my bra under the thin material of the shirt. You put your head against mine, whispering inanities about how things will be fine, your cock growing harder as you speak.

"It'll be ok," You whisper, kissing my hair delicately as you do. "Things'll be ok." Kiss. "It's not your fault." Kiss. "You've done nothing wrong." You're rubbing my shoulders, the back of my neck, your mouth is almost upon my ear.

"You're beautiful." You say, as your tongue darts out, licking the inside of my ear for the briefest of moments. It sends a shiver through my entire body. Your hand grips my shoulder as your head moves down over my neck, sucking on my lily white skin. My body is tense for a moment, half a moment, before i exhale, a low moan of pleasure. my body relaxes into yours. I feel your arm come around my waist, grab my side, move stealthily up over my breast. Mmmm, to feel a mans' hand there again, squeezing me, holding me.

This is so easy, you think, I'm gonna fuck this tight little bitch right here on the sofa. You squeeze my tit, your cock throbbing, as your tongue trails down my neck. Your other hand runs down my back, you're trying to push it under my skirt, but the skirt is too tight. No matter, I raise my ass up a little, your hand runs underneath, fondling my asscheeks through the skirt.

I turn to face you, pulling your head up, kissing you deeply on the lips, my hands on the back of your head. You push me down on the sofa, onto my back. I stare up at you, nervous, confused.

"I can't Mr.______, it wouldn't be right." I whisper.

"Emma, Emma," You whisper. You're trying to hide your panic, it would be a disaster to get so close and miss out. "Greg won't know, you'll just be getting rid of the tension."

You run your fingers over my thong, feeling my pussy underneath.

"You're such a beautiful woman, Emma," You say. "Let me help you."

I close my eyes as you finger me, you grin smugly. You finger me until I'm lost in pleasure, thinking only bad thoughts. Confident now, you rip open my shirt, buttons go flying, and you hungrily suck on my flat stomach, moving up over the crevice between my breasts. I'm under your control now, aren't I? I hold the back of your head there, my neck arched, feeling your tongue twirl over my skin, delving between my tits.

I open my legs wider, I can feel your cock prodding my thigh through your trousers, God, you must be big, i think, and so hard. I want it so bad, you tear down one of the cups of my bra, the sight of my engorged nipple drives you wild. This hot slut you've dreamed about so many times is lying here, panting, ready to be fucked! You suck on the nipple as your hand glides up my thigh.

They're stockings! They're stockings! You want to scream out in joy as you feel the edge of the stockings, and the cool, soft skin of the top of my thighs. You gently glide your fingers over my pussy.

"Oh, Mr._______, fuck me please" I whimper...I watch you tear off your jacket, and loosen your tie. You looking down at me, me looking up at you. The sound of my cell phone ringing on the floor distracts us both.

"It's Greg," I say absent-mindedly. "He must be wondering where I am."

"Answer it Emma", You growl, "While I take your panties off."

A naughty smile runs across my lips, it's been so long since a man talked to me like that, and my pussy needs that kind of action. You run your hand under my stomach, rolling me over like a ragdoll. I lie on my stomach, you straddling me, and answer the call.

"Hi Greg," You unclip my bra.

"Yeah, I know...I have to work late tonight."

You pull the zip down on the skirt, gently tugging it down over my ass. My delicious, tight little ass comes into view, the thong matching the bra. I wiggle my butt for you as you pull it down.

"Mr._____ says i may have to stay here for most of the night."

I look over my shoulder at you, grinning. You slap my ass gently. Your cock somewhere between ecstacsy and agony, desperate to penetrate me. There's a pause on the phone.

"Sure, you can speak to him if you like, but I think he'll say no."

I pass you the phone, you sit up on the sofa to take it, still facing me.

"Oh, hey Greg, how's it going?"

I sit up straight opposite you, my gorgeous tits in full view. I massage them with my hands. I stand up in front of you, toss my hair back, slowly, uncliping my suspender belt.

"Yeah, we're really snowed under here..."

I lean forward, slowly opening the buttons on your shirt, pulling it down over your shoulders, running my hands over your chest.

"I wish i could help you buddy, but I need your wife here right now."

I get down on all-fours in front of you, on the flor, eye level with your waist. Slowly opening your flies, pulling down your trousers. You stroke my long straight hair, gently rubbing my cheek, as my husband pleads with you.

"She's gonna be a few hours yet, I should think."

You look down, I'm smiling up at you. I pull down your boxer shorts, your cock bouncing out, inches from my face. You struggle to suppress a sigh of delight as I edge towards your cock, still looking into your eyes. My tongue darts out, the warmth of my tongue like electricity on the side of your shaft.

"Listen, you're wife's a great secretary, I need her here tonight."

You look down at me.

"I'll make sure she has fun tonight, and give her a little extra for the trouble."

Dumb fucker, you think to yourself, as my tongue trails down your shaft, over your big balls, lapping at them like a kitten.

"I gotta go Greg, see you around." You slam the phone shut, fling it across the room, and pull my head down over your cock.

I bet she sucks like a demon, you think.

God, I love the feel of your cock in my mouth, it's so hot, and thick. I feel like a rodeo rider, having to hold it at the base to stop it bucking around. You watch me take long slow sucks, taking you almost completely in and releashing, repeating it over and over.

"Good girl." you tell me, "God, your mouth feels so hot."

I release you. Leaning back, spreading my legs wide.

"My pussy feels even hotter," I breathe, my hair and make up messed up a little now, a dirty, horny look on my face.

I let you pull my thong down aggressively. You're like an animal now. You rub the thong over my soaking wet pussy, as i squeeze my tits together for you. Squeezing my nipples.

"You want a nice hard cock in you Emma?"

"Yes, so bad."

I'm staring at your rockhard member, precum glistening on the head.

"Fuck me Mr______, please."

You hold my legs up in the air by the calves, keeping them a good distance apart, as you drive your meat slowly into me. I'm gritting my teeth, stifling a scream as it powers into me like a powertool through plywood. You rock back and forth, teasing me, not giving me everything just yet. I start whimpering, almost sobbing, I need that meat so much.

You drop my legs, drop down on top of me, licking my cheeks, drooling over my neck, my soft tits pushing against your chest.

"Mmmmmmm, you're gonna be my little whore from now on aren't you?" You ask.

"God, yeah. Mmmm, I'm your whore...."

You drive into me harder, rocking the sofa.

"Yessssss, cum in me."

"You're gonna let me fuck you whenever I want, ain't you?" You moan.

"Mmmmmmm, God yes, you BIG-DICKED bastard, yes, come in me, fill me up please."

I'm gonna enjoy this little hotty, you think. You squeeze my tit as your juices shoot deep inside me, so much cum, drowning my insides. An animalistic wail of pure joy escapes your lips, as you cum and collapse on top of me.

My body full of lust, my pussy full of juice.

I knew getting him would be easy.....

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