tagBDSMWho's The Boss? Ch. 06

Who's The Boss? Ch. 06


Author's Note: Although you can enjoy the story as a stand-alone, I recommend reading the earlier chapters in order to get the context of this story.

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I awoke Monday morning feeling like the huge weight that had settled on me over the weekend was suddenly lifted. It was as if the cloud of nagging doubts that had been growing over the weeks since I took control of Adrienne were suddenly cleared away, and I was free to continue the use of my little slut completely unfettered by any long-term commitment on my part. She may not have preferred it that way, but if she was willing to just take whatever I gave her, who was I to argue?

I phoned Nikki to let her know I'd be in the office a little late and asked her to please inform Adrienne that I would have to reschedule our meeting to eleven o'clock. Five minutes later I got a text from Adrienne on my cell phone, "What meeting?" I sent back an ambiguous, "You'll see."

I called Adrienne's office just after leaving the local adult toyshop, where I'd stopped to pick up a gift for her, but Nikki answered, explaining that Adrienne was on a teleconference with a client. When I asked whether she'd be available for our rescheduled meeting, Nikki assured me that Adrienne would be free by then. But when I arrived at her office, Adrienne was still on the call, so I took a seat across from Nikki's desk, in the executive office waiting area.

"I'm sorry, Jason," Nikki apologized, "I really thought she'd wrap things up with the DyNet folks by now."

"No problem," I answered sincerely, "If you don't mind me waiting here for her to finish."

"Of course," she smiled. "Would you like me to let her know you're waiting?" It was a knowing smile, the kind of smile that says, "I know more than you think I know." And I wondered to myself if she'd begun to suspect something was going on between Adrienne and me. I thought we'd been very careful so far, but maybe I missed something. Or maybe Nikki was even sharper than I thought.

"No, that's OK. She's the boss. I can wait." I thought to myself, yeah right, at this moment she's the boss, but in a minute she's going to just be my little slut.

I flipped open my laptop as I waited and sent my slut an instant message: "I think Nikki might be onto us."

About fifteen seconds later she replied, "Sorry to keep you waiting, Sir. Big trouble with DyNet. Hopefully won't be long. Nikki - No problem."

"OK," I shot back.

I opened up a demographic analysis spreadsheet I'd been developing to pass the time. After a minute or so another message popped in from Adrienne, "Nikki knows everything. I told her this morning. It's all fine. I'll explain later."

A sudden panic shot through me as I pondered the implications that our secret was out. I was shocked, but also a little exhilarated that Nikki knew of our exploits. Everything? Really? Did she know that I was Adrienne's Master and she my sex slave? Did she know about all the exploits we'd shared in Adrienne's office, in the parking garage, in the third floor men's room? I caught Nikki looking at me several times, and wondered whether she was intrigued, offended or turned on by whatever she knew.

Just as I began entertaining a fleeting fantasy about having Nikki as my sex slave too, Adrienne's door opened and she stepped out looking extremely sexy in a short, tight black skirt and sleeveless blouse, both of which I had my hands inside of within seconds entering her office. We shared some intensely passionate kisses, with lots of frantic groping, before my curiosity about Nikki got the best of me.

"How'd she find out?" I asked, a little breathlessly.

"Can't I explain after I suck your cock, Sir?" Adrienne asked, as she eased down my zipper and slid her hand into my pants, squeezing my growing manhood. "I need your come, please!" She was practically begging.

"Sorry, my little slut, you'll just have to wait to have my come until I say it's time. Now, tell me about how Nikki discovered us."

Clearly disappointed and practically pouting, she released my cock and moved around behind her desk.

"Well, truthfully, she didn't discover us. I told her," she explained plainly.

"You what?" I was incredulous.

"Nikki has always known about my lovers, and she's been an essential ally in keeping my tracks covered, especially with my husband. She's set up meetings with them, made hotel reservations, bought gifts, made phone calls. She's really amazing."

"And she's never resented it or felt used?"

"Nikki and I have an understanding. Let's just say she is very well compensated for her services. We both appreciate the importance of what she does for me. She's never done anything to betray my trust or my confidence."

"But don't you think exposing an inter-office tryst is a lot riskier?" I asked bluntly.

"Frankly, Jason, if we're going to keep this up, we need her. And it was only a matter of time before she figured it out anyway. She's very sharp."

"I suppose you're right," I finally admitted.

"I'll prove it to you. Unlock the door," Adrienne said as she pressed her intercom button and summoned Nikki into her office.

Nikki entered, steno pad in hand, and I closed the door behind her.

"Jason's a little worried over what I told you about us this morning. Maybe you can help put his mind at ease."

"Yes, Mistress," Nikki answered. "As you wish."

I snapped my head around and stared at Adrienne, looking at her in disbelief and confusion over what I'd just heard. I stood speechless as Adrienne moved from behind her desk and walked over to Nikki, placed her hand on her shoulder, and guided her to her knees.

"Will you please lock the door, Sir?" Adrienne asked sweetly before turning back to the kneeling Nikki. "Do as I instructed you this morning, cunt."

"Yes, Mistress," Nikki demurred.

Slowly and deliberately Nikki unbuttoned her simple pink blouse and removed it, exposing a plain cotton bra. With her eyes fixed on the floor in front of her, she held out the blouse in front of her in her open palms.

"She wants you to take it," Adrienne told me. I walked over to Nikki and took the blouse from her hands and placed it on a nearby chair.

Next Nikki removed her bra, folded it, and held it out in the same fashion. I noticed, as I took the plain bra from her hands, that she had tiny barbells inserted into each of her pierced nipples.

"Tell him," Adrienne said sternly, slapping each of Nikki's breasts with her open hand such that they jiggled ferociously.

Nikki place her hands under her swaying breasts and spoke to me, though her eyes were still staring down at the floor. "These breasts belong to my Mistress. She chose to pierce them as a sign of her ownership of me. They are but symbols of that fact that my whole being was hers. She owned my body, as she did my mind and soul. I was her cunt and existed for her pleasure. My Mistress would like you to mark my breasts with your come, Sir, that you might claim me as yours and so you will believe in the sincerity of my obedience and my silence."

I looked at Adrienne and she nodded. "Nikki, or 'my cunt' as I call her, is yours to use as I am yours to use. She has been my sub, my slave, my cunt. Mark her and claim her as yours, Sir. I offer her to you. Take her, use her, enjoy her as you have me."

My head was swimming with a thousands thoughts and questions at once, but my body was immediately compelled to do as Adrienne had indicated. I took a step toward Nikki, and she reached up and unzipped my pants, skillfully working my cock free of my shorts. In seconds she had my manhood at complete attention, sucking me expertly, with eagerness and rapt attention.

"Don't feel the need to be delicate with the cunt. She likes it rough," Adrienne explained. "Don't you cunt?"

Nikki made half an attempt to nod and offered a meager, "uh-humph" in reply. In response I wrapped my fingers through the back of Nikki's silky black hair. I forced her face roughly onto my cock, but the hand she had wrapped around the base was limiting the depth of my penetration.

"Hands on those sweet tits, cunt," I barked out. "Pull those pretty piercings hard while I fuck your throat."

Her hands obediently went straight to cup her breasts with her thumb and index fingers pulling at the steel rods through each nipple. Immediately I started to fuck her throat harder and deeper, but Nikki never gagged or resisted in any way. Instead she eagerly opened her throat to my ardent invasion. I would have liked to toy with the cunt more, but the excitement of the unexpected scene was soon more than I could bear, and the point of no return was soon upon me.

I released her hair and ordered her to fuck me with her face and earn my come upon her. She responded by vigorously plunging her mouth up and down over my engorged manhood, no less so than when I'd been forcing my way in. I was astounded at the brutality she unleashed upon herself, including pulling harder on her nipples until they were extremely distended. In seconds my cock began to pulse, and the first jet of my hot jism spurted deeply into her throat. I quickly withdrew from her mouth and carefully aimed the subsequent flood toward her tits, which she kept stretched out before me by the nipples, as if offering me an eager receptacle. I emptied my balls all over them, moving back and forth, as huge streams of thick white goo dripped down the sides of each breast and between them.

I stepped back and observed Nikki, still kneeling obediently, still tugging on her nipples, waiting for her Mistress's next instruction, or mine, I wasn't sure.

Adrienne went to Nikki and took the spot before her where I had been standing. "My Master's come has marked and claimed you. You will obey him as you would me. You are his cunt now, and no longer mine. His pleasure, not mine, is your joy. He may have you at any time, and do with you as he wishes. He owns us both now. We are sisters in sexual slavery to him. Do you understand, cunt?"

"Yes, Mistress," Nikki replied. "I understand."

"You are no longer to address me as Mistress, and I no longer will call you my cunt. I am Adrienne, and you are Nikki. Your new Master may name you as he desires, cunt or otherwise. All the things we have discussed in detail, is all of it clear to you?

"Yes, Adrienne. It's clear."

"Then you should look at our Master, and tell him what you feel," Adrienne said.

Nikki looked up from the floor for the first time since Adrienne had directed her to her knees and starred into my eyes with her lovely dark ones, still tugging on her nipples as come dripped down her tits and over her abdomen. "I am yours, Sir. I hope to please you as I have my Mistress. I have not submitted to a man before, but I have heard what a wonderful Master you are, and I trust myself to you. I desire to learn to serve you well. I want to assure you that you do not need to worry in any way that anyone will know that she and I belong to you as we do. All secrets are safe with me, Sir. You have my oath and vow."

"And now, Sir," Adrienne said as she sank to her knees in front of Nikki, "your slut and your new slave will seal this vow by sharing our Master's precious come."

In a very slow and intensely seductive manner, Adrienne pulled Nikki to her feet and licked my come from her breasts, which were kept fully extended by the nipples until every drop was cleaned up and in Adrienne's mouth. At last Nikki released her nipples with a sigh as Adrienne's lips met hers. They kissed and passed my still-warm seed back and forth between them repeatedly, until at last they divided what remained between them and simultaneously swallowed it as they both looked into my eyes with a fiery lust.

- - - - - -

Nikki quickly dressed and was returned to her desk outside the office, and Adrienne and I move to her couch. I had so much swirling around in my head I hardly knew where to begin.

"I had no fucking idea," I stammered. "You tricky little slut. This was all just a big role-play scene to you?"

"No, not at all," Adrienne said, looking at me with offense in her eyes. "I'm sorry if all this comes as a shock to you. I know you were thinking I had no experience with Master/slave relationships, but I've been in the lifestyle for six years now. Until you I've always been a Domme, never as a slave. I've owned my cunt for three years."

"Have you only dominated women?" I asked.

"I've topped both men and women."

"Was Evan one of your boy toys?" I asked.


"Oh my god, I can't believe I fell for this." I felt like such a fool for trying to educate her about the ways of domination and submission.

"I'm not the conniving bitch you think I am," Adrienne defended herself. "I didn't plan things to happen like this. I didn't trap you into becoming my Dom. In fact, until you took control of me that first night in my office, I would have said I could never submit to anyone. You showed me something that I was missing all along, something I craved and needed, just like you said. I didn't even know I wanted this. I never would have admitted it had it not been suddenly forced upon me. You were exactly right."

"So all that resistance you put up was fake?" I asked.

"No way. I was scared and confused just like I said. That was completely sincere. I was afraid to let go of control. I was worried about you being my employee. I was worried about things getting out of hand, about us getting caught. I was worried I wouldn't be able to submit and worried I wouldn't be able to help it. You totally shook up my world, Jason, and turned it upside down. Literally."

"Why didn't you tell me you were experienced in the lifestyle when we first started all this?

"I don't know. I was floating along, loving everything you were doing, and I was afraid if I told you that you'd maybe back off or feel weird or change things, maybe even cut it off. I wanted to just go with what was happening and see where it went. Besides, I wasn't sure it would go anywhere, and if it didn't I couldn't very well have one of my employees knowing the intimacies of my sexual preferences, now could I?"

"I guess not, but it still kind of creeps me out. I mean, here I was thinking I was bringing all this revelation to your life about the lifestyle, educating you in the ways of submission, and all the time you are probably thinking, 'I could dom better than him' or something."

"Not true at all, Jason. If you weren't good I could never have surrendered to you so completely. You're the real deal, and believe me I know what the real deal is. If you hadn't completely bowled me over with your domination, it would never have worked. It took a very strong and sincere Dom to turn me. I know a poser when I see one."

"And all that shit about wanting more, about falling for me? Was that an act too?"

"That's not fair. I told you, this was never an act. No part of it. The feelings and emotions were and are very real, including discovering my submissive side, including me being scared about it all, including me wanting more of a relationship with you. I'm falling in love with you, Jason, and that's the truth as clear as I can make it."

Though there was still a huge part of me that believed I'd been played for a fool, there was something deep inside that told me Adrienne was being completely open and honest with me about it all. I decided to make every effort to forgo my offended sense of dignity and trust her.

"So, Nikki is mine, now?" I asked.

"Every bit as much as I am," Adrienne answered.

"And she is alright with it all?"

"She's been my slave for three years, and a very good one. She would do whatever I ask out of obedience, including being given over to someone else. But I made it clear to hear that the choice was hers. I explained to her all about what happened with us, how your domination had enraptured me to the point where I was no longer interested in owning anyone, but only in being owned. I also made it clear that the choice was hers. I would either assist her in finding another Domme, or we could become sisters in servitude to you. She though about it, we discussed in detail what it might look like and how it might work. She chose you, Sir, and I believe she is very excited by the prospect of all this."

"Is she in love with you?" I asked point blank.

"Yes she is. And I love her dearly too. I'm actually excited about this new turn in our relationship. It will allow our friendship to take on new dimensions."

"So she's bisexual?"

"Very. And through her I have discovered that I am as well," Adrienne answered. "Sorry I didn't tell you about that either. I guess it didn't really seem relevant at the time."

"I guess not." I continued my inquiry. "I'm sorry if I'm asking too many questions, but I've never had more than one sub at a time. Do I control your sexual relationship with her too, now?"

"That's really the reason I came to this decision. I couldn't fully submit to you sexually without turning over my relationship with Nikki to you too. I have to give it all or it wasn't going to be complete."

"So you're giving up your life as a Domme?"

"Yes, Sir. That is my wish. You have shown me who I really am."

"It's all a lot to take in, but I think it all has tremendous potential. It sounds a little confusing, but extremely hot," I said sincerely.

"I'd hoped you'd be pleased by it. You understand now why I had to wait until I was sure, until I knew things would go forward with us?"

"Sure, I understand, my little slut."

I leaned down and kissed possessively, and I could still taste the remnants of my semen on her sweet lips. It was an intensely erotic make-out session, slow yet fervent, as if we were communicating soul to soul. I slipped my hand into her blouse and under her bra, pinching her right nipple firmly between my knuckles.

"You'll pierce these for me," I whispered earnestly into her ear. "It is right that you should be marked in this way."

"Yes, Sir. I can't wait to bear the sign of your ownership."

I rose and walked over to her office door to lock it. "Raise your skirt and kneel over the back of the couch, slut," I ordered.

I was surprised that my cock recovered so quickly from the milking Nikki had given me, but pleased nonetheless, and eager to make use of the fact. I fucked Adrienne furiously for ten minutes over the back of her couch, alternating between slapping her ass and giving her orgasms with my cock and fingers. After her third I spilled my seed deeply into her pussy.

I slipped my spent cock from her engorged and sopping hole. "Don't move," I told her, as I pulled up my pants and fastened my belt. "You aren't to move until I release you."

I headed for the door of her office, when suddenly I remembered about the gift I'd bought that had been the original purpose of our meeting. "Oh, about our planned meeting this morning, I had bought you a gift. But now it seems I will need to go and buy a second one. We'll reschedule that for another time. For now I have other plans to make."

With Adrienne still draped over the couch, ass exposed and cunt dripping, I opened her door and made my exit, leaving the door just slightly ajar enough to test Adrienne's obedience to my command. I walked over to where Nikki was sitting still looking slightly flushed, and leaned down close to whisper my instructions.

"Your Mistress now has a very messy pussy and needs someone to come clean it out with their tongue. That someone is you, cunt. Once you've got her nice and clean you can tell her that her Master releases her from the position."

Nikki smiled at me and simply said, "Yes, Sir." She walked quickly into her boss's office, and I heard the lock on the door click behind her.

I thought to myself, "This is going to be good! Really good!"

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