tagLoving WivesWhose Fault Was It (Second Half) Ch. 05

Whose Fault Was It (Second Half) Ch. 05



After the dinner with Emma and Jeremy, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Parker headed home. It didn't take long for the newlyweds to be ready for bed. Mark was on his back and Janet sat on his middle.

"Mark it is good to have you home!" Janet said looking down at her husband.

Mark looked around and smiled, "Yes it is good to be back here with you in the house."

"Mark this house is not what I mean. You are inside me. You are truly home. It matters not what room we are in or the building. It is when you are inside me that I know you're home."

Mark reached to touch Janet, his hands finding her thighs on each side of his body. "I'm home then and I will never leave again, promise."

"Good, for my home fire is burning. I feel warm all over!" Janet moaned.

"And you light my fire too, baby. I'm yours for as long as you'll have me," Mark whispered.

Janet looked at Mark and with a twinkle in her eyes she repeated, "Till death do us part."

On Saturday morning Mark asked if they could ride together to 'The Manor'. Janet smiled and agreed. It was her day to visit Sarah. "I want to see Sarah today and tell her," Mark said. He at that point was thinking Janet visited another patient at the home. Janet on the other hand assumed that asking to ride together meant Mark knew it as Sarah she visited every Saturday. They took the Roadster and enjoyed the weather. Soon it would be too cold for the convertible.

In the lobby, after they had signed in, Mark smiled and said Janet could see her friend while he looked for Sarah. Janet looked at the CD player in her hand and realized Mark didn't know. She smiled. Mark headed into the main lobby. He saw Sarah. Her face lit up. Mark walked toward her and bent to kiss her cheek. Standing up he looked at her and was about to break the news when Sarah began a girlish giggle. Mark had never heard that sound from Sarah before. Looking into her eyes he saw Sarah was looking at someone behind him. Turning he saw Janet standing there. Mark turned back to look at Sarah. She was still giggling. Janet stepped to her side and kissed her cheek.

"Hi Sarah, see who I brought." Janet said.

Sarah giggled again, "eeeee ah toooodd uuuuddd seeee"

Janet smiled, "Sarah, you knew all along Mark was back in town didn't you?"

Sarah nodded her head as best she could and continued to smile. Janet kissed her again, "Sarah you are so special."

Mark realized Janet had been visiting Sarah when he saw her leave that Saturday. He had falsely assumed Janet knew another patient. If he had just come in that day and looked to see who Janet had come to visit. But he was too upset at that moment to think. And seeing Janet's wedding ring Mark would not have known what name to look for. But Janet was just leaving; she would have just singed out. Damn he felt dumb.

Mark had not recovered from the realization that Janet and Sarah were close when a nurse approached. "Sarah, I see your two friends have finally arrived at the same time. I wondered when that would happen. It took longer than I guessed. Now you be good and be ready to eat today. We're having your favorite." The nurse then smiled and left.

"Sarah, it sounds like they are having spaghetti today," Janet smiled. Sarah returned the smile.

Mark pushed Sarah to a private part of the garden. Janet started the music. The three enjoyed the weather, the music and just being together. Later Mark would watch Janet feed Sarah. That too was part of their time together. All that did was make Mark love Janet a little more and feel sorrow for all the lost years.

When Annabel Odom brought Cody back to her daughters home she was greeted at the door by Emma. "How was Oops mother?"

"Emma, you know I prefer to call my granddaughter by her given name Cody. And Cody was delightful. She kept us spell bound with her stories of school." That said stepped to kiss Emma's cheek. Annabel pulled back with a serious expression. Looking at her daughter she took her finger and wiped a drop of whitish fluid from Emma's cheek. "You seem to have something on your cheek dear."

Emma turned red and couldn't look her mom in the eye. Annabel saw her discomfort. "Guess you had best get Cody settled in. I need to have a word with Jeremy if I may."

Emma had even more discomfort but felt it was best to let her mother have her way. Annabel was an attractive woman of 70 plus. She refused to say her age for the last 10 years. She had dark hair with the aid of a lot of salon appointments. She could have passed for a woman in her 50's if she tried. She had a slender figure with nice breasts that were kept in form by the most expensive of braziers. She wore well fitting fashions and always was in heels. She was a woman to speak her mind but could do so with tact and charm.

Annabel went to find her son-in-law. Jeremy was in his study trying to act busy. Seeing his mother-in-law he stood to greet her. "Annabel how are you, you look lovely today."

Annabel smiled, "Don't try to charm me you devil." But Annabel was smiling as she walked toward Jeremy. When she approached her she kissed both of his cheeks. Stepping back, she had the evidence she needed. Not wanting to waste time she looked at Jeremy. Her son-in-law was trying to look innocent. "There was evidence on Emma that she had been servicing you just before I rang the door bell."

Jeremy didn't know what to say. Annabel went on, "And now I can tell you didn't seem to have reciprocated. Now I want to make sure my daughter is treated fairly. I will expect you to do the right thing. If you don't I will use the same tool I used those years ago."

Jeremy remembered exactly what Annabel was referring to. After less than 6 months of marriage Jeremy and Emma had engaged in a terrible fight. It lasted two days till Emma went home to her mother. Annabel was a woman that would not stand for that foolishness. She called Jeremy over and invited them both to the guest room where Emma was staying. Annabel began by telling both of them they were married and would have to work out their own problems, but since Emma had dragged her into it Annabel would settle this once and for all.

Stunned by Annabel's words they watched the woman produce a ridding crop. With the power of her personal persuasion she had the two naked bent over the bed. She said they were both to blame and proceeded to thrash both of their upturned backsides. When Annabel finished she left the two to make up in their own way. They did. Jeremy and Emma didn't come out of the room for two day. Annabel made sure there was a tray of food by the door on occasion. It always disappeared.

Annabel had only mentioned the event three other times since. Those three times were when Emma and Jeremy were at odds. Annabel's mention of intervention brought very special loving reconciliations between Emma and Jeremy. With the reminder today Jeremy realized just what a jewel Annabel was.

"I assure you that Emma will get her due Annabel. I will have her call you if you wish!" Jeremy smiled.

"If you wish, I know you are a man of honor, but it will be good to let Emma know I still have her best interests at heart. Now since you have stirred needs in me, I will go and put Henry to work." Annabel smiled then added, "If I wasn't married and you weren't my son-in-law I would make you take care of the problem!" To that they both laughed.

Later that evening after Oops was asleep Jeremy took Emma to bed. He positioned his wife comfortably with her back against the head board. He handed her the phone and told her to call her mother. Jeremy then climbed between her legs. Before the phone was ringing on the other end Jeremy was pleasing his wife orally. Emma had a slight tremble in her voice when she said hello to her mother. "Hello mother Jeremy said you needed to talk to me."

Annabel was in bed in almost the identical position. She was also enjoying the talent of her husband. "Yes dear I take it that Jeremy took my advice and offered you some retribution for all your previous efforts."

Emma began to get the idea. "Oh, what do you mean mother?"

"I smelled your husband on you this afternoon when I brought Cody home. And you had a little of him still on your cheek. I checked Jeremy and he didn't have evidence of fulfilling the same for you. I just suggested that if he didn't treat you right I might be forced to bend him over again."

"Mother you didn't. I mean that was a long time ago. And it is embarrassing for you to know all that happens between us."

"Oh dear it was you I was thinking of, well you and me. I hadn't enjoyed that in a while either. Your father is as busy as Jeremy is now I'll bet!"

"Mother, you mean you and father?"

"Well yes Emma, how do you think you came to be?" Annabel laughed then her voice became a moan.

"Mother how...shame on you!" Emma said and then a wave of pleasure hit her.

"Enjoy now Emma or I will bend you both over!" Annabel threatened.

"Mother, how will I ever look dad in the face again?"

"Emma don't worry this is just between us girls. I have your dad trapped with my thighs and besides his hearing aids are out. He can't hear a bomb without them! Now I will be getting back to business and I think you had best do the same." Annabel hung up happy with what she was enjoying and happy her daughter was also getting some pleasure.

Emma hung up the phone. Looking at Jeremy working, she smiled, "You know my dear husband, my mother does not approve of anal intercourse. If I told her what you did last night wonder what she might do?"

Jeremy rose up with a coating of juice from Emma's pussy on his face, "I don't know and I don't want to find out my dear wife. And she might do it to you too because I'll tell her you like it."

"Shame on you Jeremy, what would mother think of me if you said that?" Emma laughed. Jeremy went back to the business at hand.

The next weekend Mark and Janet drove to Dayton. Allison had been prepared but still both Mark and Janet were a little apprehensive. Mark had only seen his grandchildren twice, being out of his daughter's life for the last 9 years. But all went well. Janet was happy to have the grandchild and Allison accepted Janet as her stepmother. Janet made a real connection with Kate. Mark smiled as he thought of what it would mean. Grandmother's love to shop for granddaughters. Mark was sure that Janet would make up for lost time.

The weekend passed quickly and they headed home. They were driving Janet's Mercedes but still Janet leaned in close to Mark. He enjoyed her touch. "Mark I have a feeling there will be a lot of good come out of what we went thru."

Mark agreed and dove on toward Nashville. He smiled as Janet told him about his grandchildren, especially Kate

Three months later Jill Trenton brought her husband's Bentley for service. Jill would have preferred to take it to another location, but her husband had insisted. Raymond trusted the service at Mark's business. However Raymond had no idea of the connection between his wife Jill and Mark. If he had me might have changed his preference, but Jill was in no mood to confess to her husband. Raymond was the jealous type and had no reservation about divorce. Jill had been forced to sign a prenuptial and knew she would be out in the cold if it was even suspected she had been unfaithful. All her hopes were to outlive her husband. And that was a good possibility for Raymond Noel Trenton was 21 years older than Jill.

On that morning Raymond that taken Jill's Lexus and left her to have his auto serviced. It was with reservation that Jill drove into Specialty Lube & Service. She didn't see the yellow roadster that she had noticed Mark driving. Feeling a little safer she waited for the attendant to take her order before she surrendered the key and headed for the waiting room. Jill had just got seated when the Bentley was pulled into one of the many service bays. Relaxing just a bit Jill looked for something to read.

Just as Jill got interested in a magazine article she heard her named call. Looking up it was Mark. "Mrs. Trenton that's quite a car you got there."

Jill smiled at Mark. "It is actually my husbands. He had me bring it in. Raymond felt his golf was more important than brining it in himself. I wish he had not trusted me with the duty," Jill said with a sour tone.

"Mrs. Trenton I'm afraid we don't have the proper oil filter in stock. I'll have to pick it up. It'll take about 20 extra minutes. If you want you can bring it back another time and I'll be sure we have everything we need."

With just as sour of expression Jill sighed, "No go ahead, please. The 20 minutes will not be as much a problem as Raymond finding I have not gotten his pride and joy serviced."

Mark nodded and left. Jill watched as Mark climbed into a wildly pained up SUV and pull away. She didn't feel any better but Jill didn't feel worse either.

Just minutes later a black Mercedes pulled up. An attendant quickly arrived and took the key. The woman walked into the full waiting room. A man saw her standing and offered her his seat. The woman smiled and accepted after the man's offer. He had assured her his automobile would be out soon.

Jill had noticed the woman come in. She couldn't believe her eyes. It was Janet. Jill felt a trickle of sweat down the small of her back. It had been a long time, perhaps Janet wouldn't recognize her. She would just try to stay hidden behind the magazine. And damn if the man beside her didn't offer Janet his seat.

"Jill Stanley is that you?"

Jill looked up and tried to look surprised. "Yes, well not Stanley now. But I'm afraid I can't place you." Jill tried to look puzzled.

Janet smiled, "Then it is you Jill. Have I changed that much?"

Jill wanted to say yes but decided it would be useless. "Janet, is that you Janet?"

"Yes it is. How long has it been?"

"I guess it has been about 8 years or so. How have you been?"

"Oh I'm fine, got married, and I see you did too." Janet said as she held up her ring.

Jill looked at it and was not impressed. She held up her left hand as if to take Janet's hand in an embrace. The ring on Jill finger had a 3 carat as the main stone and had a total combined weight of over 5 carats. Janet's total weight could not have been even 2 ½ carats. At least Jill had something to brag about.

"How is married life with you Jill?" Janet asked.

"It's good. Raymond and I have a grandson now. His daughter had a little boy 6 weeks ago. Want to see a photo?" Jill asked.

"Sure, how does it feel to be a grandmother?" Janet asked.

"Makes me feel old, but then I guess that is the price for having grandchildren," Jill smiled.

As the Jill and Janet chatted Sally Rogers was getting nervous. She had been hired as the counter attendant and cashier by Mark Parker less than a month precious. She was a single woman with twins. Her boyfriend had deserted her as soon as he found she was with child. He even accused her of being unfaithful, saying the baby was most likely not even his. Sally had to move in with her invalid mother. A great woman with little means was Alice Rogers. She lived on a disability check resulting from an automobile crash caused by her drunken husband. He had been sent to jail and when released went to greener pastures. It was hard for them to make ends meet on the small amount with four mouths to feed but Alice loved her daughter and made due.

Sally was more than happy when she was hired. I meant that she could help support the family. The only problem with the job was the constant nag in Sally's mind that she would do something wrong and get fired. She was a cute girl, with some baby fat that made her look too heavy. She had red brown hair and big breasts. Some of the breasts were due to her feeding the twin girls. Sally however was short. One of the men that enjoyed wood work had build a 12" standing bench for Sally to put behind the counter. That helped her confidence.

Sally watched the men in the room continue to give up their seats for the ladies that came in. She had an idea. Starting with the man that had given up his seat for the boss's wife, she invited him behind the counter and into the employee's lounge. It was not hard to get him to come, for the lounge had a nice size flat screen TV and Tennessee was at Dallas. Sally had quickly tidied up the area before she invited all the men into the lounge. It was standing room only but the game was on. The game, fresh coffee and cold water on the counter helped too. No man wanted to complain.

Jill was getting antsy wanting to get out before Mark came into the waiting room. Especially when Janet mentioned this was her first trip to this business location. "You know when I got married I had the thoughts that he would handle the cars. It would be easy enough but it still falls on me. I now have learned places like this are just as good as the dealer and a lot cheaper. But as they say, 'the cobbler's children have no shoes'. But there are other benefits so I won't complain. I'm now a grandmother too. I have three!"

Just then Jill saw Mark's SUV drive up. Damn he's back she thought. Hopefully she could slip away and not be in the middle of a scene. If they could just finish with that damn Bentley, if the filter had been in stock, if, if Jill could just get away.

As Janet talked Jill saw Mark come back into the room. He was behind the counter and talking to the clerk. Mark looked the young girl up and down. He had a frown. It didn't look good and his anger might carry on over to her. Jill could tell that when she brought up Janet on the last visit that Mark still considered that a touchy subject. She feared she was about to be in the middle of a hornet's nest. Luckily Janet paid no attention to the scene that was going on behind the counter.

Mark had looked Sally up and down but it was not in anger. He was thinking he had found a good employee. "Sally why are there customers in the employee lounge?"

"I'm sorry Mr. Parker but we were so busy and the waiting room was full. A man got up and gave your wife his seat."

Mark looked over to see Janet talking with Jill. Jill had noticed his glance in her direction but he didn't seem to notice Janet.

"Then several other men were standing and we had the space and...and I turned on the game. Some are still standing but they can watch the game. I'm sorry if I did something wrong, I just wanted them to have something to do."

"Miss Rodgers I am sorry to say that your initiative has just cost you a promotion." Mark saw the fright in Sally's eyes. "What I mean is if you want the job. I need an assistant manager for this location. It will mean more responsibility and you will be on salary not by the hour. Plus you'll have more benefits. It's yours if you want it."

All Sally heard was a raise and more benefits. She wanted to cry and did get a couple of tears before controlling herself. "Don't cry Sally you don't have to take it." Mark smiled.

"No sir, I mean yes sir, I'll take the job, and thank you. It'll mean so much."

"That's settled. Now got to get some of these cars out. How long Janet been here?"

Sally looked at her watch and guessed about 30 minutes. Mark headed back to the bay to check on the Bentley and Janet's Mercedes.

Jill was really sweating. If she could have gotten her hands on Raymond at that moment she might have said things she would have regretted. As Mark headed back to the service bay, Jill relaxed just a little.

Mark made sure the Bentley was ready then checked on the Mercedes. Both were soon being pulled to the ready line. Walking back inside, Mark pickup the clip board and headed to Jill. Janet was still telling her about the grand children. Mark listened. Jill saw him and was like a deer caught in the head lights of a speeding car.

"Now I think they don't treat Kate fair. They are so interested in the boys and their sport programs my granddaughter is neglected. I think she needs piano lessons and dance class too. Kate is so sweet she calls me 'Grand MaMa' and I just love it. Sounds so much more formal then grandma!"

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