tagNon-EroticWhy I Love Black American Women

Why I Love Black American Women


Okay, here goes nothing. African-American guys like myself have a certain image in the eyes of the world. We're thought of as tougher, meaner and more athletic than the average guy. Also, people seem to think we gravitate toward either athletic pursuits or criminal endeavors, and nothing in between. Neither is exactly true for most Black men living in the United States of America. Just to prove to you how untrue these stereotypes are, take me for example. My name is Arnold Thompson. And I'm a big and tall young man who happens to be both BLACK and NERDY. There, I said it.

I graduated from the Computer Science program at Bay State College in the summer of 2011. Bay State College is a career institution in the City of Boston, Massachusetts. I performed so well that I was the valedictorian of my entire graduating class. And I received a scholarship offer from Carleton University, a school located in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Wow. I ran home and told my parents about this. My father, Ronald Thompson is as African-American as roast chicken ( his words, not mine) and hails from Brockton, Massachusetts. His family has been in America since the Old Days. As for my mother, Geraldine Saint-Thomas, she's originally from the City of Cap-Haitien in the Republic of Haiti. They met while attending Northeastern University in the early 1980s, got married and had little old me. On the first day of February 1989, I came into this world. And I've been kicking ass ever since.

My parents were ecstatic about my scholarship offer. They agreed, and we traveled to the Ontario region of Canada to visit Carleton University. It was a really nice place, and turned out to be far more diverse than I would have thought. There were lots of African, Chinese and Arab students on campus. I found that really cool. I enrolled as an international student, and began my courses in September 2011. I was living far away from home for the first time. And I must say it was both thrilling and scary. Canada is very different from the United States, man. There are similarities between both countries but there are huge differences as well. I did experience some culture shock there. Canadians weren't as friendly as Americans would like to believe. Especially in metropolitan Ottawa, where I ran into a lot of rude people.

When some of my fellow students at Carleton University find out that I'm American, they are often surprised by that. Apparently, they don't get a lot of Americans in the City of Ottawa. For the most part, Americans in Canada stay in the City of Toronto in Ontario and the City of Calgary in Alberta. Ottawa is kind of below the radar of most international visitors. Both Toronto and Calgary are more American-style cities in terms of population, culture and business interests. Ottawa is uniquely weird both as the Canadian capital and as an international town with a very village-like feel to it. Kind of an odd thing to say, I know.

Another thing that surprises my Canadian friends about me is that I'm actually a nice guy. All Canadians know about Americans, especially Black Americans, is that we love sports and guns, and we have a confusing political system. I wasn't into that at all. All I know about U.S. politics is that the Republicans are bad guys and El Presidente Barack Obama rocks. I almost always vote Democrat. I voted for my man President Obama back in 2008 and I'll happily do so come November 2012. Anyhow, my life in Canada was off to a fairly decent start. There were a lot of pretty ladies at Carleton University. I was especially fascinated by the ladies of the African Diaspora. Such an endless diversity of them. Hijab-wearing Somali ladies. Curvy Nigerian women. Tall and regal Ethiopian women. Feisty Jamaican women. Loud Haitian women. Sneaky Djibouti women. Stern Sudanese women. Lively Afro-Brazilian women. Black women from the Caribbean, Latin American and the Continent of Africa. A seemingly endless multitude of them, all here at Carleton University. Wow.

I decided to get to know them a bit. You must understand that us African-Americans are naturally curious about Black folks from other places. I wanted to get to know my 'brothers and sisters' from other nations. Unfortunately, somebody forgot to tell me that Black folks in Canada are nothing like African-Americans in America. Black folks in the United States of America for the most part have a shared history of struggle and triumph, that's why we stick together. Rich or poor, gay or straight, light-skinned or dark-skinned, all Black folks in America feel the sting of White racism. Even though we live in the twenty-first century, racism still prevails. White cops still get away with killing unarmed young Black men. Black folks in Canada seem to focus more on their differences than on what they got in common. Nigerians don't like Somalis. Kenyans don't like Ethiopians. South Africans don't like Zimbabweans. Jamaicans don't like Haitians.

You get the picture, right? Africans from the Continent of Africa don't consider themselves on the same level as Black folks from the Caribbean and Latin America. You'll meet Nigerians and Ethiopians who look down on Haitians, Afro-Brazilians and Jamaicans. Welcome to Canada. Black Canadians hate their own. Oh, we got problems in Black America but damn, ours pale in comparison to issues Black Canadians got with each other. In Black America, we say that Black is beautiful and most of us still believe in Black Love. In Canada, Black Love is a joke. And Black Canadians wonder why they can't be community leaders, political big-shots and corporate raiders. No one can rise alone. You need the help of others who share your beliefs and your struggle. Sorry, but Superman is pure fiction. Everybody needs friends.

I tried dating some of the African girls I met on the Carleton University campus. I quickly found out that Black Canadian women were nothing like African-American women. A lot of people in America say that Black American women have an attitude problem and they're mean as hell. Well, some of them are. However, I say that most Black women in America still care for the Black man and they still believe in Black relationships. Black women in Canada don't believe in Black men. Even worse, Black women in Canada don't believe in themselves. Let me explain. Black women in America fear no one. At all. If a racist White guy in America starts saying bigoted things about Black guys or Black women on a bus, Black American women will tell him to shut the hell up. Black Canadian women wouldn't dare stand up to a racist White guy. They only display their attitude when dealing with Black men. Do you see the difference?

After due consideration, I decided to only spend one year at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I will return to Boston, Massachusetts, in the summer of 2012. Maybe I'll transfer to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst instead. I know my parents will feel disappointed. I don't want to stay in Ottawa. A place where Black women hate Black men more than racist White folks do. A place where Black Love is dead and there is no sense of community or unity between people of African descent.

I will return to America, and kiss the ground that the Black AMERICAN woman walks on. We ( Black men in America) shouldn't take the bossy, loud, beautiful and feisty African-American female for granted. I've seen what Black women of other countries are like, and I don't want them if they're giving them away. Self-loathing ladies who don't believe in Black Love or Black Power. They got a colonial mentality and think everything White is divine and everything Black is disgusting and inferior. I'm proud to be an African-American. And when I complete my studies, I will marry a gorgeous, educated African-American lady and treat her like a Queen. Hopefully someday I'll forget everything that happened to me in Ottawa. I sure as heck am going to try!

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