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Why I Prefer Black Women



My views are based on my experiences with not just Black women, but White, Asian, and Hispanic women as well. If you don't share those views, then that is your right.

If you are a bigot or a racist, this is not for you. Or maybe it is, if you are willing to open your mind and accept what is written as truth. But if not, just move along.

I still hope everyone enjoys the ride. :)




It all started with my first sexual experience and giving my virginity to my best friend, who gave me hers at the same time. That Prom Night is one I will always remember, and when we finally crossed the line from best friends to best friends with benefits, it changed my life.

The sex was everything I imagined and more. She introduced me to eating pussy, which I loved instantly. I know some guys refuse to go down on their girlfriends/wives/whatever. To those men, I say you are missing out. Now, I'm not saying it's for everyone, but at least give it a try. No woman tastes exactly the same down there as another woman, and some of them taste downright bad. No, I won't name names. I at least act like a gentleman most of the time.

I was an equal opportunity dater back then, and didn't care about skin color when asking a girl out. All women can be beautiful. Beauty is beauty, no matter what color her skin is.

I will admit that our first time, I was overcome by "jungle fever", and as it was the early '90s, our relationship back then was met with curious glances at best, and outright disgust at worst. We dated for the summer following Graduation, then went back to being friends just before going into the Army.

While I was in the army, I dated a few White women, a couple Hispanic women, and an Asian woman. All were sexually satisfying in their own way, but the best thing to happen when I was in the first time was a threesome with two sexy sistas. Yes, I was awestruck. Now, my best friend had been assigned to Ft. Clayton in Panama while I was assigned to Ft. Kobbe, across the Bridge of the Americas from Ft. Clayton and Panama City. Her roommate was also sexy as hell, and one night after being at the club for a while, we all went back to their room. One thing led to another, and I'll just say that it was the time of my life. I left their room the next day with a pronounced limp and a huge grin on my face from ear to ear.

After that happened, I became involved with a white woman who was in my best friend's unit, and we actually came close to getting married. I was nervous, though. I was still in my early twenties, and not ready for that Big Commitment. The sex was amazing, and we never failed to satisfy each other. Unfortunately, relationships aren't built on sex alone, but that's life.

Over the years since then, I have been involved with only one other Black woman. I dated mostly White women and a couple Hispanic women during the years between my tours of military service. It wasn't any reason, just that I didn't care about skin color as a prerequisite for dating.

Some women won't date outside their race. Sometimes I would meet a Black woman or Hispanic woman, and they would turn me down since they "don't date white guys". I would smile, nod, and say "If you open your mind, maybe you'll find what you're looking for." I would leave it at that, with something for them to think about.


Black women are all "hoes": No. Not all Black women are "hoes", so to speak. I can honestly say that I've met more White women who were "hoes" in that regard. More open to cheating and becoming sluts. I don't like sluts, to be honest.

Black women are all dirty and smelly: No. That stereotype doesn't hold up, either. Of the three Black women I've dated, none of them had less than impeccable hygiene. While some of the White women I've been with had less than stellar hygienic habits.

Black women are all "ghetto": Umm, no. That stereotype is another one perpetuated by ignorant people who want to lump someone in based on skin color. It's nowhere near the truth. Granted, I like the "ghetto booty" since I've been an ass man all my life. I love the bubble butts that are mostly the purview of the Black woman. Notice I said mostly. I've also met some White women and Hispanic women with bubble butts, but not that many.

Black women all need big cock: Nope. Wrong again. I'm slightly better than average, but I've never had a problem satisfying a Black woman.

Black women all love Drama: Nope, as hard as that might be to believe. NOT all Black women love Drama. WOMEN love Drama, to a certain extent, if we're going to go there.

Black women all carry STDs: Not just no, but oh HELL NO! Get that out of your head right now. All women have the potential to carry STDs, but to single out Black women for that is ignorant.

Now that THAT's out of the way, having listed the stereotypes I've heard over the years, let me enumerate some of the many positives of being with a Black woman.


1. Passion. Very passionate in bed, in my experience, compared to White women. The three I've been with were very vocal, and shouted the roof down on numerous occasions. They also didn't believe in just laying there like a dead fish, but contributed to our lovemaking sessions with passion and enthusiasm.

2. Forthrightness. They let you know when you're fucking up. Mine have, anyway. If I screw up, I get taken to task for it. None of them have said "Nothing" when I ask what's wrong. I get told what's wrong in no uncertain terms. I may have dated some exceptions to the rule, but none of the White women, Hispanic women, or the Asian woman I dated did the same.

3. Beauty. Just that. The contrast in our skin tones is one of the most erotic things I've ever encountered in my life. Her full lush lips on mine, and on my body feel so good! Her dark chocolate nipples and beautiful chocolate covered strawberry clit taste heavenly to me. I guess you can say that I might have a permanent case of "jungle fever", but whatever. I know what I like.

4. Loving Tenderness. Yes, my fiancé is one of the most loving women I have ever met. When I'm hurt, she nurses me back to health. When I'm well, she loves me as only she can. She's also my best friend since we were kids.


There are quite a few celebrities in I/R Relationships, including Michael Fassbender and Nicole Beharie, who costarred with him in "Shame". David Bowie and Iman, Nichole Galicia and Trey Parker, Enuka Okuma from "Rookie Blue" and her husband Joe Gasparin, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez, Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery. Those are just to name a few. I would also include Heidi Klum and Seal, but they've split up.


Who cares what other people think? I won't lie and say that interracial relationships are as accepted as they should be in this day and age. Even today in 2013, with a Black President, interracial relationships are frowned upon by both Blacks and Whites in some circles. The KKK and neo-ratzis are some examples, but even those not in a right wing extremist group frown upon it. Granted, not all of them are as militant as Abel was in "Lakeview Terrace", but still. Samuel L. Jackson should have won an Oscar for that role, in my opinion. But I digress.

For those of us in an interracial relationship, all I can say is to ignore the taunts that come our way. Don't ignore the threats, but don't let those threats rule your lives, either. Now, if someone lays a hand on you or your significant other, I suggest self-defense on an elevated scale. But that's just me. I won't apologize for not turning the other cheek. I will defend myself and those I love to the best of my ability.

For those of you curious about being with someone of a different race, I advise you to go for it. Granted, I'm speaking from my own experiences here, and I understand that it isn't for everyone. I hope that people can get by their ingrained prejudices and open their minds to the possibilities open before all of us.

Thank you for reading.


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