tagNon-EroticWhy I Quit Men's Rights Movement

Why I Quit Men's Rights Movement


There are so many things wrong with the world today. Yet it's with great regret that I must retire from The Game. Samuel Xavier is my name. I'm many things. A writer, an adventurer, an activist and a college student. The truth is that I'm more than all of the above. A big and tall young black man of Haitian descent living in Brockton, Massachusetts. Troublemaking is the nature of my game. What is The Game? The madness in which a select group of men and women must live. We who were born different. We're a smart, resilient and highly adaptable breed of human. What separates us from ordinary humanity is a special ability we were blessed and cursed with. The ability to spot Sociopaths, those men and women born without anything resembling a conscience. They're the Super Predators who rule the world. And they're everywhere.

Who opposes them? We who were born with the unique genetic quirk which gave us the ability to spot them. Our special abilities don't make us popular. In fact, being one of us makes for a short, dangerous and often unhappy life. Being humanity's last line of defense against a subspecies of Super Predators is no joke. The same way we can spot the Sociopaths, they can spot us. I don't know why. Must be mother nature's way of keeping everything fair and balanced, I guess. A mongoose must battle snakes because that's what it is and what it does. My kind and I must battle Sociopaths because that's what we are and what we do.

All cultures have references about Sociopaths. Modern-day psychiatry identifies men and women with Antisocial Personality Disorder as the eternal troublemakers who shake things up. Native Americans called them the Wendigos. Ancient African tribes called them Abominations. We call them Sociopaths because that's the latest popular term. They're out to get us. Must be why there are so few of us and so many of them. People like us don't live together in one big place. We don't stick together. And that's our weakness. We're from all cultures, races and backgrounds. And even though we're a diverse bunch, we're quite isolated. We can spot the Sociopaths, but not each other. That's our main weakness. It takes us quite a long time to detect each other. So we don't get to band together to take on our natural enemies.

Sociopaths are solitary predators for the most part, operating usually alone or with one or more Familiars. What is a Familiar? A human being genetically designed to do whatever the Sociopaths ask of him or her. They're as stubborn as the mythical myrmidons, and just as loyal. The Familiar will do anything for the Sociopath, including risking their lives, possessions and their freedom. They're dedicated to protecting the cold, unfeeling monsters who make this world worse than it ought to be. I'm sure you've met many Sociopaths and their Familiars, you just didn't know what they were. Keep in mind that a Sociopath can be male or female, black or white, straight or gay, rich or poor. The Sociopath will most likely be a smart, confident, manipulative and cocky person who knows how to get things done. The Familiar will be the mousy, obedient and devoted follower of that supremely confident and extremely ruthless individual. The Familiar derives much satisfaction from obeying the Sociopath. Essentially, the Familiar is incomplete when he or she is all alone without a Sociopath to serve. The Sociopath knows how to spot a Familiar and seeks them out as accomplices, pawns and patsies. That's how their game is played.

I've battled many Sociopaths in my life. My father is one of them, as are my sister and my aunt. They're very charming, intelligent people who use others like pieces on a chess board. And they're very good at what they do. In the entire family, I'm the only one who sees them for what they are. And this has made me somewhat of an outcast. The thing about Sociopaths is that they're good at manipulating well-meaning but gullible people and uniting them against the person or persons whom they consider a genuine threat. I've repeatedly told members of my family that the Sociopaths in our family unit are not to be trusted. No one takes me seriously. Haitian families like ours are close-knit and keep to ourselves in the face of dire times. That's how my father, aunt and sister were able to isolate me from the others and make sure I lack the influence and power to stop their schemes. They're quite brilliant. And I was so new to the Game at the time.

My failure to save my own family from the devastating influence and predations of the Sociopaths made me turn my troubles outward. I decided that it wasn't enough that I had a genetically derived talent for spotting Sociopaths, I should be able to stop them and teach others to do the same. Thus, I became involved in a myriad social movements. I joined the Men's Rights Activists Network. They're a band of men ( and a few women ) fighting for the rights of men in the western world. Men don't have it easy in today's world, regardless of what feminists tell you. Family courts trample father's rights in the United States of America as well as Canada and much of Europe. That's why father's rights activists are fighting against the extreme gender bias in the courts. Unfortunately, the police and other social agencies aren't sympathetic to the plight of these men. Quite often, their cries go unheard. And this really sucks.

I went out there to help these men. I handed out flyers about father's rights and the rights of male victims of domestic abuse. Folks, I thought I was fighting the good fight. Taking on injustice and fighting for my fellow man. Hell, I even fought for issues such as men's health. Men afflicted with prostate cancer get far less care and attention than women afflicted with breast cancer. Title IX takes away the sports teams of male college athletes in an age where female athletes have far more sports teams available to them than the men ever did. Ordinary men are emotionally blackmailed into getting vasectomies by their controlling girlfriends and wives, thus forever ruining them for other women. Males are subjected to medical cruelties such as routine circumcisions even though those procedures are completely unnecessary and outdated in today's world. Yeah, I went out to fight for the rights of men. It was a lonely war. However, I did help hundreds of men. I provided hope for the hopeless. I let many men know that they mattered in the eyes of their fellow men, if not in the eyes of today's man-hating society.

Yes, folks. I fought the good fight. Hell, I even fought for the rights of animals. I think neutering is a cruel and outdated procedure that no pet should ever be subjected to. Leave dogs and cats alone, thank you very much. Yes, I was out to save the entire world. And I was in my early twenties, a Criminal Justice major at the University of Massachusetts in Boston. Life was good. Then one day, something happened. I lost my faith. How did I lose my faith? It wasn't merely one event. It was many. One day during the summer of 2007, I entered a video store to check out some of the adult movies. I really like movies featuring big beautiful black women doing the nasty with sexy black hunks. I was checking out the movies in the back of the store when I heard some commotion. I came out and one of the women in the store told me some white guy robbed the place and took off. The store clerk called the cops and took off after the robber. I shrugged, and decided to head home. I left the store empty-handed.

Two blocks and five minutes later, I was stopped by two police cars. Four white men in police uniforms came out. They surrounded me, cuffed me and put me on the back of a squad car. They drove me back to the video store while berating me the entire time. I kept my head high and my mouth shut. I watch Law & Order. I'm not saying jack. When we returned to the video store, the clerk was shocked to see me handcuffed. He explained to the policemen that I wasn't the culprit. They removed the cuffs, and I stood there talking to them. One of them took my name and address. While we were talking, a new police car came in. In handcuffs stood a white guy with red hair. He was bleeding from the lip, where the video store clerk had decked him. The clerk identified him as the criminal. He was the true culprit. How about that? A white man robs a video store and the cops, incorrigible racists that they are, try to pin it on a black man! They offered me a ride home but I refused. I walked home, feeling angry, annoyed and embarrassed. Just another example of racial profiling in America.

That incident shook my faith in the criminal justice system, but not my faith in men's rights activism. I saw modern men as prey to the man-haters in high places. I wasn't about to give up on my brethren simply because some white policemen refused to let go of their hatred of black males. I continued to speak up at school, on the bus, at the library and on the street about men's rights issues. From gender-based disparities in men's health to the fact that cops always assumed men were at fault in domestic disputes. I continued to get funny looks from white policemen and white policewomen simply because I'm a black man but I ignored these racists. As long as they didn't try to hurt me or take away my freedom, they could stare all they want. I had better things to do, like graduating college, publishing my books and getting pro-male work done.

I don't know when exactly I lost my faith but I decided to stop fighting for men's rights. Too many white guys in police uniforms were harassing innocent black men. A young black guy was tasered to death by white policemen in a town called Warren. An off-duty ( and innocent ) black policeman was shot and killed by white cops who thought he was a crook in New York City. It seems white guys in police uniforms were hunting black men as sport in America's cities. A racist with a badge can get away with anything, folks. As long as racist white men and racist white women were getting away with murdering and mistreating innocent black men, I wasn't about to fight for men's rights. Not if there's some chance one of these men I save might be a racist. Let the men's rights movement find itself another hero. I quit.

Since I quit, life has been away. I've learned to tune things out. Instead, I browse the news looking for justice. When a white policeman in Texas lost his job after harassing a black male professional football player who was on his way to visiting his dying mother-in-law at the hospital, I called it justice. Many white people hate black people. They hide their racism behind phony smiles. I could care less. I know something they don't. Nine out of ten times, when a couple can't conceive, they're white. Even in all-white European countries, the birthrates of white people are declining. Black people are suffering during the recession in America, yet our numbers are increasing. We're buying up foreclosed houses in formerly all-white towns by the droves. Call it reverse colonialism. Black people and other minorities are colonizing white towns. In a few years, whites will become minorities in America. And I see this as a sign of progress. In Europe, scores of African, Asian and Middle-Eastern people are rapidly making their presence known in these bastions of whiteness. Another sign of progress. It has been discovered that Africans possess greater genetic diversity than any other ethnic group among all humans. A sure sign of our strength and resilience. We've made a lot of progress economically and politically in America. Must be why racist white policemen and policewomen are harassing every black man they run into. They're afraid of black people. Our numbers are rising while theirs are declining. Mixed-race individuals with black ancestry usually consider themselves black, not white. A sign of their allegiance to their true community.

From now on, I will use my abilities to fight for my brothers. The black men of the world. We who are universally hated. We're more resilient than any other group of humans. We can endure things that women and men of other races can't even fathom. And we know how to carve an empire out of nothing. I think that in the long run, we'll be alright. Those who hate us are manipulative and treacherous, but we're on the side of justice and racial equality while they're racists and bigots. Evil will not prevail. In the end, the good guys will win. And the good guys in this case are black. I want my brothers to know that I love them, and will never give up on them. One brother to another. Peace.

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