tagFirst TimeWicked Game Ch. 14

Wicked Game Ch. 14


James used the key card in the lock and placed the card in Beverly's hand, stepping aside to let her enter her room. She turned the light on just inside the door and set her purse down on the table, turning back to him.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing." She said, then quickly backtracked. "I'm just embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? About what?"

"Crying so much. You must think I'm a flake."

James' smile was warm and considerate. "Not at all, Beverly. Do you know how lucky you are to be able to cry? Some people can't even do that."

"I guess." Suddenly, she felt shy around him and allowed him to take her hands in his. "Thank you for being a gentleman, James. It's nice to have a shoulder to cry on ... or to sob on, in my case."

"Beverly, please quit thanking me. I enjoy spending time with you." He pulled her closer, running his fingers through her hair. "And I don't want to feel like a gentleman right now."

Both James and Beverly would later say that they were surprised at James' actions and at Beverly's response. James pulled her mouth to his and crushed her against him, pressing his tongue into her mouth and sucking roughly on it. Beverly shrieked into his mouth and trembled at the onslaught of passion. She wrapped her arms around his neck and ground her large hips against the hardness she felt in his pants. The feeling made her head spin and the room suddenly felt hot and crowded, even though they were the only ones present.

James pulled back, gazing into her face. "Don't make me go home alone tonight, Beverly."

Beverly just smiled and reached for her purse. When she'd gone to the bathroom, the lady at the reception desk had chased her down, breathless when she caught her. She had an envelope that had been left with instructions that it was to reach her immediately. And no, she hadn't seen who delivered it. It was found on the desk with the instruction note attached.

Beverly had retreated back into the bathroom to read its message. "You and the other six members of your scavenger hunt team have proven to be perfection. This is your final task; an individual task chosen just for you. Your task, task number twelve, is to give your virginity to James Weathers. The reward will be $15,000 dollars for each of you. Proof will be not required. It is possible that you could lie to Nathan but your past efforts have proven your trustworthiness. And the fact that you are in love with Mr. Weathers will ensure completion. Enjoy your evening."

Now, she handed the envelope to James and watched the play of emotions on his handsome face, recalling her own feelings when she'd read it. First, excitement, then fear. Any girl would be excited to think that a handsome man was going to be her first but regardless of his attention, she worried that he wouldn't truly enjoy the experience because of her weight. She crossed her fingers behind her back and silently prayed. God, please!

James looked up into her eyes, his insides quivering like never before. A virgin! He had never made love to a virgin. But that wasn't why he was quivering. It was because it was Beverly. He suddenly felt inadequate. He so wanted to please her, to make it a great experience for her but ... even he knew that he was a rough lover. Some of his girlfriends had complained about his pinches and bites. Still more quickly left in tears after he'd plundered their assholes and even more departed after he'd revealed his proclivity for being pegged every once in a while. Yet all were paid well and his secrets had remained secret. What would Beverly think?

Beverly held her breath, her eyes on him. He refolded the sheaf of stationery and placed it back into the envelope. She noticed that his hands were shaking slightly as he gazed at her name elegantly calligraphed on the front. "James?"

"Beverly," He paused, wanting to select the correct words. "There would be no one more honored on this than me to be chosen as your first."

She leaned forward and cupped his cheek, craving the force of his tongue in her mouth again. "But?"

"The old James Weathers would have taken your gift without a second thought." James searched her eyes. "And without a conscience. But I'm not that person any more." He touched the raw silk of her skin, shivering at the warmth that spread through his fingers. "Especially not when it comes to you."

Beverly's heart skipped several beats at the sensation of his flesh against hers. And that wasn't the only thing that was making her heart skip. She was aware of a change occurring in him, a life change, a change of conscience. "Why, James?"

"When I came here, I was so tired. Tired of work, tired of play, tired of talking, of sleeping, of being alone. Just tired of everything." He paused. "And in these weeks of meeting you and being with you ... " Silvery tears filled his hard eyes. "I have never felt so alive!" He took several moments to compose himself. "I don't care that you're black. I don't care that you're fat. I don't care that you're a virgin. All I care about is that you love me and I don't think that I'm worthy of you."

"Worthy ...?" Beverly was shocked to hear those words from him. James Weathers was a celebrity, a high-profile news anchor, a pillar of the community and in the broadcasting world. To hear him say that he wasn't worthy of her, Beverly Johansson, an overweight, boutique owner with an overbearing mother, was just unreal. Was she really worth so much? Keeping her eyes on him, she reached behind her neck and untied the halter top of her new dress, letting the soft material caress every Rubenesque curve of her body and pool at her feet. "Prove it."

"Wha .. what?" He could barely speak past the lump in his throat, blinking the stinging tears back.

"You heard me." She grabbed the lapels of his sport jacket and yanked him into the room, slamming the door shut behind him. "I said, prove it." She put her hand behind his neck, pulling his mouth closer to hers. "Prove that you're not worthy of me."

James felt his heart slam in his chest when she aggressively kissed him, bruising his mouth and biting his bottom lip and his cock hardened to life in his pants. His hands slid all over her back, then moved to the front, searching for and cupping her large breasts, squeezing them roughly.

Beverly moaned, still fighting his tongue for oral supremacy and not relenting even when he pinched her nipples. Instead, she pressed her bulk more firmly against him, allowing her hand to snake down to the front of his pants, giving his prick a hard squeeze. She had never had control in her life and this excited her like nothing else, having the handsome white boy under her spell.

James groaned, his skin tingling and her hands encircling his waist and tugging his shirt out of his pants made his gasp with pleasure. Beverly was a natural, no doubt. She wasn't thinking about the act of having sex, she was reacting to the stimulus of his touch and his presence and that kind of thing couldn't be taught. Her natural response made him itch all the more to be inside her and to hear her cries as she came. Her hands found his bare skin under the A-shirt and glided over his back muscles, before moving downward, her nails grazing his skin.

Beverly heard his hiss and his entire body arched against her in response to her nails and his dark eyes connected with hers, leaving her breathless and hypnotized.

"So that's how you want it?"

She gave him a mischievous grin, a sensual smirk accompanied by an ear-warming sweep of eyes up and down his form, her tongue caught in her teeth. "Yeah, that's how I want it. Think you can give it to me?"

James ground his teeth together, fighting to contain himself. This black beauty was calling him out. She was saying that she wanted his roughness. "Oh, yeah. I can give it to you." He found himself following the sexy bounce of her loose breasts as she crawled onto the bed.

"Then quit talking." Beverly grasped his tie and pulled him down onto her. This time, he bit her lip, not hard enough to draw blood but hard enough to draw exquisite pain that radiated into her pussy. He ground his hips into her body, growling and biting her ear.

James lifted his head and kissed along the line of her jaw, then swiftly moved down to her breasts, taking one of the pinkie-sized nipples into his mouth. He let his tongue slide gently over it, looping around the tender flesh and sucking hard on them. Beverly responded with a healthy shout, her fingers weaved into his hair, grunting and hissing as his mouth brought her closer to the edge.

"Oh, James! I ... I ... "

"Cum for me, baby."

The insertion of his finger inside her made her feel as if she was Icarus and had flown too close to the sun. The sweetest sensation burst from her pussy, the muscles rippling around his finger and coating them with thick pussy cream. Through lust-slitted eyes, James watched her body's transformation; her back arching, her eyes closed and the breath whispering from her lips as she achieved her first orgasm with outside help. Her cries made his prick grow harder and he sawed two fingers into her clutching cunt, slowing only when he sensed that she had cooled down a bit.

"Oh, God, James! That was fantastic!"

"I haven't even begun yet, sweet Beverly." He took one of her nipples in his mouth again, suckling as hard as he could without injuring her and pulled the sweetest whimper he'd ever heard out of her. Her thighs squeezed together, crushing his hand in the process and driving his stiff fingers deeper into her wet snatch. She shivered at his penetration, quickly cumming a second time. "If I had you at home, sweet ... the things I would do to you."

"Like what?"

"Like this." He released her nipple and slid down, pushing her legs open. Her pussy was a gorgeous mass of quivering pink flesh and James couldn't help himself. He'd always been a big fan of eating cunt and as he let his tongue slowly slide up her sloppy slit, he knew he'd give his left nut to drink at her fountain again. She was so sweet.

"Oh, no!" Beverly tried to close her legs, but his strength won out.

"What's wrong?"

"Please, James. Don't do that."

"Why not?" James saw the change in her eyes. "It's your mother, isn't it? She told you something ... "

"She told me that girls who did things like that were whores."

"Beverly, are you a whore?"


"I didn't think so." He bent and gave her another long lick, seeing her war with her pleasure and her discomfit. "Beverly, I feel sorry for your mother. Sorry that she didn't have anyone to give her pleasure without thinking it was a sin. There are all kinds of things that a man and woman do together to give each other pleasure." He bent again, this time, pressing kisses along the insides of her thighs and slipping his tongue, snake-like, in the creases where her hips connected to her legs. "And I intend to give you as much pleasure as I can. Will you trust me?"

James' heartfelt words came with a playful nip to the underside of her stomach and Beverly shook with passion. I'm not gonna become my Momma! She didn't trust her voice so she gave him a sign by opening her legs wider. He didn't smile, as she thought he would. Instead, he commanded her attention by giving her a sly smirk, keeping his eyes locked with hers as he again bent and burrowed into her juicy cunt.


Beverly closed her eyes, feeling as if she were floating away on a cloud. She had never felt anything like this. Once, on a field trip to a farm, she had been licked by a cow. The cow's fat, rough tongue had first licked the palm of her hand, then licked the left side of her overalls, looking for a chunk of carrot that she'd been given to feed it. A tingle had traveled through her and her cheeks had erupted in flame. It had been the only time that she was happy that she wasn't white. She would have been so embarrassed to have blushed so hard.

This sensation wasn't unlike that, except that it was James and it became quickly obvious that he knew what he was doing. His wet tongue traced each outer and inner lip with such excruciating slowness that she came twice, before he'd even decided to visit her honey pot. Once he sank his tongue into her, she was lost. She came so hard that she didn't realize that she'd screamed out his name until he gave her that same wry smile, his nose, cheeks and lips glistening with her cunt juice.

"I can't wait any longer, Bev."

Still shaking from her last orgasm, Beverly sat up and pulled his mouth to hers, tasting her own essence and loving that it was on his tongue. It took her only a matter of moments to rid him of his shirt and pants. She looked down at him, naked and vulnerable, and gave him the same wry smile that he had graced her with, just seconds before her mouth covered the fat head of his aching cock.

"Oh, God!"

Every nerve ending in his body was on fire. James grabbed the sheets in an effort to keep himself from shoving more of his cock into her obliging mouth. Oh, so hot! Her mouth was so hot and wet, her tongue so lazy in its tour of his flesh. He felt the tip probe the wide piss slit, coaxing it open and laving the sensitive skin in gentle reverence. She tasted his slightly salty pre-cum and hummed in appreciation, not realizing that the vibrations would make him harder. She learned quickly, he noted, choosing a song to hum as she let her mouth slide further down his pole.

Her mother would probably tell her that she was going to Hell for what she was doing. Humming a church hymn while sucking on a guy's dick. James sure seemed to like it. He shook with pleasure and when added a touch of suction, she thought he'd jump off the bed. She was very surprised when he sat up and pushed her back, a desperate look in his eyes.

"You'd better stop."

"Why?" She grinned, pushing him back down. "Can't hold your nut, James?" She laughed at his expression. "I do watch porn on the Internet, you know!"

"You constantly surprise me, Beverly."

Beverly just gave him another smile and straddled him, taking his thick cock into her body and pausing as the head met her hymen. "Are you ready to be blooded, James?"

James answered with a thrust of his hips and rolled her over, nestling himself against her bulk and kissing her soft mouth until the pain passed. When he moved the first time, her delicious brown eyes flashed open, her mouth curled into an exclamation that never escaped. Her body did all the talking for her. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she allowed him to press them as far back as he could, giving him full access to her dripping snatch.


His name was a whisper on her lips, a word borne of joy and deliverance as her tongue met with his, matching the motion of their hips. In and out, in and out. His arms clasped her against him, her arms encircled his back, stroking and grasping, leaving deep marks in his white flesh. He couldn't hold on. He was trying but he was so turned on that it was impossible to control himself. His prick slid into her wet hole and he felt every inch of her heated flesh, every shudder and tremor that racked her lovely body.

"James." He met her eyes. "Please cum with me."

"My pleasure."

He flexed his hips again and again, driving them closer and closer until they finally tripped over the edge together, her cries mingling with his, his pearly spunk flooding her clasping canal, her cream coating his pumping cock. James rolled to the side, taking her with him in an effort to remain inside her, but she groaned as he slipped out.

"I'm sorry. I thought I would last a little longer."

"Is that all you're sorry for?"

James raised himself up, pushing a few sweaty tendrils of hair away from her forehead. "What else should I be sorry for?"

"You didn't prove it." She gave him a sleepy smile. "You didn't prove why you're not worthy of me."

James knew he was caught. He cuddled her against him and pulled the comforter over their bodies, loving the way she tucked herself into him and nuzzled her nose against his neck. And deep inside, he knew he'd found the one woman that he was worthy of and it had nothing to do with neither his celebrity nor his wealth, but with the depth of his heart.

* * * * *


Nathan set his Cuervo 1800 Margarita down and smiled at the young man. "Why, Mr. Marcus! Have a seat and let me buy you a drink."

"Uh, maybe tomorrow, Nathan. I ... I just want to ask you something."

"Sure. What can I help you with?"

Kevin thought for a moment. He had been practicing his speech the entire way down the elevator and the words had suddenly failed him. "Has anyone ever requested a task?"

Nathan's handsome face crumpled into deep thought. "No. I don't think that's ever happened."

"Well, I guess I'm going to be the first." Kevin laid several hundred dollar bills on the counter, aligning the edges neatly. "I would like you to call our benefactor and ask him or her if it would be possible if I could ... " His courage seemed to leave him "If I could ... sleep with Ashley. Or at least bring her comfort."

Nathan sat back and sipped his drink, staring at Kevin in interest. "That's an interesting request, Mr. Marcus. Does your sister know?"

Kevin's face reddened. "No. But I don't think she'd have a problem." He quickly added. "I just feel the need to give Ashley my love and to let her know that she's safe and that not all men are like that."

"Ashley's a grown woman, Mr. Marcus. I'm sure that she knows that all men are not created Matthew."

"But I want to show her. I want to replace those memories with good ones."

"Are you sure that that's your reason, Mr. Marcus?"

"Yes, Nathan." Kevin hesitated for a moment. "I also think I'm in love with her. Ashley and my sister."

"Makes things quite ... er ... homey, eh?" Nathan's hand closed over the money and it disappeared into his jacket pocket. "I will speak to the benefactor about your request. If it is approved, you will receive an offer in the usual way."

"Great." Kevin slid out of the chair, extending his hand. "Thank you, Nathan. Just in case I haven't said it in all these weeks, thank you very much."

"You're welcome, Mr. Marcus. Have a good night."

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