tagIllustratedA Mom-Daughter Swap: A Welcoming

A Mom-Daughter Swap: A Welcoming


Summary: A mom & daughter are initiated into a secret lesbian society.

This is a 2017 Holiday Season Contest Story so please vote.

Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, thor_p, BlackRand, Wayne, and Robert for editing this story.

PS: This was inspired by many stories I have read over the years, requests by fans, as well as a video series called Mother-Daughter Swap Club that I have always enjoyed despite being frustrated by the lack of a real plot (not that porn often has a good plot). So mixing this fantasy, with illustrations, nylons and my favourite season: Christmas I have begun my journey into the wild world of mother & daughter swapping. I hope you enjoy.


Jasmine was making dinner for her husband and daughter when the doorbell rang. She put the roast into the oven, took off her apron and went to answer the door.

She'd been working her ass off for almost three weeks to put her new home in order while her husband got accustomed to his new job as a CEO of a big oil corporation in the United States. Truth be told, she'd been a little overwhelmed. The move had come suddenly when Dave got the opportunity of a lifetime. Jasmine ended up reluctantly quitting her teaching job to follow him from Canada after working through her month's notice to give her school board time to find a qualified replacement. Sure, she missed teaching, especially interacting with the students, but she hoped to get on the substitution list in this new city during the new year. Not that she needed the money anymore, thanks to Dave's amazing new job, but she had a passion for teaching and nurturing young people as they transitioned through those challenging teen years from childhood to adulthood.

Jasmine reached the front door in her massive new house, three times the size of her moderately sized home back in Canada and looked through the peephole. It was Charlotte, one of her new neighbours a few doors down. She had greeted them on Dec 1st when they were still moving in, walking over in an all-white outfit with a welcoming package full of fancy food items that must have been incredibly expensive.

Jasmine opened the door, happy she was somewhat dressed up. Her husband had come home today after being gone for four days and nights at meetings, so she wanted to look cute on the outside and sexy underneath (she always wore nylons and almost always they were thigh highs as she liked giving her aggressive dominant husband easy access to her cunt and occasionally her ass, so after four days apart she was eager to be a three-hole fuck slut for him). "Hi, Charlotte."

"Hi, Jasmine," Charlotte greeted, her mouth already salivating about being the one chosen to add the newest family to the secret Mother-Daughter Swap Club that had grown greatly in this upscale community since Mistress Josie had started it a few years ago. Thanks to a strong neighborhood association (which in truth was no more than a front for the Club), these days, the only families allowed to move into the neighbourhood had to include a daughter of age (or close to reaching it) and a delicious looking MILF. The gated community looked idyllic and rich, kind of like Desperate Housewives (although in this community the only desperation was for young ripe pussy).

"What can I do for you?" Jasmine asked, looking at the pretty woman dressed way too fine again for just visiting a neighbour, especially the open-toed heels showcasing her nylon-clad toes.

Charlotte found Jasmine so deliciously cute dressed in her adorable Christmas outfit, with nylons, which was a bonus as these were expected to be worn by the women of Estate of the Crown, originally established as a mecca of high society over a century ago in the California sun belt. She chuckled, "Well, you might invite me in."

Jasmine laughed. "Um, sorry, of course, welcome," she said as she invited Charlotte in.

"The house is coming together nicely," Charlotte said, as she walked in.

"It's been a ton of work, but I hate living out of boxes," Jasmine said. Although all the furniture and appliances were brand new, everything else had come from Canada. In, of course, boxes. All of which needed to be unpacked by her, since her husband Dave was busily learning his new job almost 24/7, and her daughter, Ashley, was attending high school every day. When she got home she had tons of homework.

"I imagine so." Charlotte nodded sympathetically, looking at the fully decorated Christmas tree. "Nice tree."

"Thanks," Jasmine said, "Dave is a movie nut." The tree full of ornaments from movies like Vacation, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Grease, Back to the Future, just to name a few of the over fifty he'd collected over the years. She'd bought him a Guardians of the Galaxy ornament a few days ago, which she planned to give him this evening, but only after he'd given her a big present first.

"So I see," Charlotte nodded, before she pushed the conversation, "Yes thank you, I would love a mug of coffee."

Jasmine laughed again. "Sorry, I'm not used to having company."

"Oh? You'd better get used to it," Charlotte warned. "This community is very gregarious; you'll be hosting many women in your home. To kind of quote Annie, 'I think you're gonna like it here.'"

"I'll be hosting my neighbors?" Jasmine asked, not able to remember the last time she'd had a guest over to her house back in Canada, other than Halloween parties and a going away party, but just someone over for coffee? Years.

"And being hosted by them of course. Coffee is considered a daily thing," Charlotte said, as they walked into the kitchen. "Oh my," she added, as she saw a kitchen completely decorated in reds and greens.

"I really like Christmas," Jasmine explained, a little embarrassed by the look on the woman's face.

"Well, I'll have a special gift for you in a bit," Charlotte smiled, the present being an 18-year old sex kitten also known as her daughter. She also hoped to get her own early Christmas present when she seduced Jasmine's ripe 18-year-old daughter.

"You will?" Jasmine asked, surprised, as she started the coffee maker. She was not one to drink coffee after three, as it usually kept her up all night.

"Oh yeah," Charlotte nodded, as she assessed the sexy MILF, curious if she was a lesbian virgin.

Jasmine noticed the tone but couldn't read it, as the pretty blonde complimented, "You look so festive in that seasonal outfit."

"Like I said, I really like Christmas," Jasmine explained, She thought she needed to defend the short dress that she was realizing just now didn't hide the tops of her lace top thigh highs, so she added, "I was planning on surprising my husband."

"Looks like you're preparing to be a holiday treat," Charlotte said bluntly, looking forward to tasting her prey. This was the first time she'd ever been allowed to seduce a new community member after living here over three years, so she was very excited, and resisting the temptation to just dominate her as she often did the yummy teens who came over to serve her every day. She remembered the day she was added, along with her older daughter, Anastasia, over three years ago, not to mention finally getting to add Seraphina four months ago.

Jasmine blushed as she explained, "Dave's been gone for four days."

"It will be five," Charlotte revealed, knowing something Jasmine didn't yet know.

"What do you mean?"

"The boys are taking him to Vegas to celebrate his arrival into the community," Charlotte revealed, which was true. That was also why she was making the seduction today.

"Really?" Jasmine asked, deflated, knowing she would be settling for her rabbit vibrator again tonight. She asked, "Why didn't he call?"

"He doesn't know yet," Charlotte said, as they were taking the private plane like they always did, a perk of being excessively rich.

"How not?"

"Private plane," Charlotte answered, looking at the clock. "He should know soon, they should be landing any second."

"Well, I guess this meal is going to be way too much," Jasmine sighed. "Want to stay for supper?"

"I am quite hungry," Charlotte said, her tone full of innuendo.

Jasmine nodded, "Great. Ashley should be here in half an hour."

"Perfect," Charlotte said, timing everything, and already having taken Ashley's daily schedule into account and even modifying today's somewhat.

Jasmine poured two mugs of coffee just as her cell phone rang. "Well, that's him." She answered the phone and listened to a very apologetic husband explain he'd been kidnapped to Vegas and even as he spoke was being force-fed a margarita (yes, of course with lime and salt). Although she was disappointed, she wasn't going to let him know. She would just make sure he made it up to her with a good hard fucking when he returned tomorrow. Once she hung up, she said, "You were right."

"I usually am," Charlotte joked, as she sipped on her coffee.

"Good to know," Jasmine laughed, feeling comfortable with this woman. She felt completely alone and away from her family and friends and in need of someone to talk to, even terribly missing teaching the last few days.

"So, how are you going to take care of yourself now that your hubby isn't coming home to admire your stockings?" Charlotte asked, knowing she needed to start the seduction. Her own daughter was scheduled to be here in fifteen minutes, give or take.

Jasmine laughed, oddly not finding the question too awkward with this relative stranger, "My rabbit."

"Every girl needs a rabbit," Charlotte approved, the rabbit being one of a dozen sex toys she regularly used.

"It will be my going away to college present for Ashley," Jasmine confided, which she actually planned to do, having wished her mother would have had a good sex talk with her before she'd gone to college.

"She doesn't have one yet?" Charlotte mockingly gasped, before adding, "I bought Seraphina one for her sixteenth birthday."


"Yeah, I'd rather have her using a fake cock than a real one," Charlotte pointed out.

"Good point," Jasmine nodded, appreciating that logic. Her daughter was very pretty and she was constantly worried about her having sex or getting pregnant.

"Trust me, it's the best sixty bucks you'll ever spend," Charlotte reassured, not mentioning that the strap-on she'd bought for her daughter got even more use.

"Apparently I'm going shopping tomorrow," Jasmine said, not sure she would actually go tomorrow.

"I'll go with you," Charlotte offered. "I know a great place to buy sex toys."

"Great," Jasmine nodded. "I always find it awkward to shop at a sex toy store, especially alone."

"Trust me, one day with me and you'll be forever changed," Charlotte foreshadowed.

Again, Charlotte's tone sounded strange to Jasmine, as if her words had another meaning. Jasmine shrugged, "I've been experiencing lots of forever changing moments of late."

"Yeah, moving from Canada to California must be a pretty big change," Charlotte nodded.

"Well, I do like the lack of snow," Jasmine said as she looked out the window to a December afternoon that was almost eighty degrees.

"I bet," Charlotte said, having never seen real snow except in pictures.

"Yeah, I talked to my mother yesterday and they have six inches already," Jasmine said.

"I prefer at least eight," Charlotte playfully joked.

"At least," Jasmine played along, her husband being a good seven, although her biggest was a nine inch black cock she'd been fucked with for a couple months in her senior year. God she'd loved being used by a black stud, loved the interracial aspect of it, but alas he'd ended up banging one of her friends and she wouldn't fuck him after that.

"Horny now?" Charlotte bluntly asked.

"I plead the fifth," Jasmine countered, as she did notice she was a little wet, and wishing she was wearing panties;she'd left them in her dresser drawer in hopes of having an undelayed seven inches inside her later today.

Jasmine went to check the stove as Charlotte said, "You're not American, you don't get to plead the fifth."

Jasmine shrugged, "Just trying to fit in."

"Well, we all think you'll be a great addition to the community," Charlotte said.

"I hope so," Jasmine said.

"You were thoroughly vetted before you were approved, you know," Charlotte revealed.

"Really?" Jasmine asked, having wondered why it had taken so long for the purchase to be approved.

"Yes, we're very particular about who we allow into our community," Charlotte explained.

"I see," Jasmine said.

"But you and Ashley are perfect," Charlotte said.

"Not Dave?" Jasmine questioned with a smile.

"Oh he'll fit in fine with the boys," Charlotte said, imagining that before the night was over Dave would be the newest community cock sucker and bottom, the men having their own secret sex society... although it wasn't incestuous like the ladies', just a lot of gay sex, and their society was based solely on the hierarchy of arrival. Even though he was a CEO during the day, Dave would be the ultimate bottom on nights and weekends until another family moved in.

"I hope so," Jasmine said, knowing Dave hated Vegas, hated gambling.

"Oh, I imagine he's already fitting right in," Charlotte replied, although she imagined the boys were fitting in him.

Again, Jasmine noticed a tone, again, she felt as if she were missing something. "I hope so," she repeated. "He needs to have some friends."

"Do you need friends, too?" Charlotte asked, standing up.

"Definitely," Jasmine said, as she turned to her stove to lower the heat. "It's strange to be starting over in a new place at my age."

"Well, we ladies are very close here," Charlotte said, moving to her prey, knowing the time to go for the kill was now.

Jasmine turned around and was startled to see Charlotte standing right in front of her. She began to speak but was pushed against the wall and suddenly had a pair of lips on hers.

Charlotte took control, took both of the surprised MILF's hands and pressed her against the wall while she aggressively kissed her.

Jasmine was stunned by the sudden shift. She didn't break away as, dazed and confused, she felt a tongue slipping inside her mouth.

Charlotte kept kissing, happy to see she wasn't being pushed away instantly. This was going to be as easy as she'd hoped, even though Jasmine wasn't kissing her back.

Jasmine didn't know why she wasn't pushing Charlotte away, it had been almost two decades since she'd kissed a woman, two decades since she'd last been with a woman, a few weeks after she'd met her husband, but before they'd become exclusive. She also didn't know why she returned the kiss. Horniness? Loneliness? Curiosity? Whichever way, she slid her tongue past Charlotte's and returned the kiss.

A rush of adrenaline coursed through Charlotte when Jasmine returned the kiss. Although she was dominant more often with the teens of the community, she was enjoying the raw passion of seducing a new woman, especially a hot number like Jasmine.

Charlotte moved her hand under the dress and was surprised to feel only pussy and not panties. She smiled as she broke the kiss and purred, "You were expecting me?"

Jasmine was embarrassed to be found out as she explained, "I was expecting my husband to come home... needy."

"Now I'm expecting you to need to come," Charlotte playfully turned her words.

"We shouldn't do this," Jasmine said, even though she didn't try to stop her from molesting her wet pussy.

"Doing what?" Charlotte asked innocently, as she resumed kissing and fingering her.

Jasmine was bewildered and yet completely intoxicated by this situation, memories of wild college parties flooding back, kissing girls, eating girls, tribbing with girls, something she often missed, and the porn she watched or read on Literotica was always lesbian porn.

Breaking the kiss after another minute, Charlotte explained as she fingered her, "You see Jasmine, at Estate of the Crown all we ladies spend a lot of time without our men around, thus we find other ways to stay entertained."

"Really?" Jasmine moaned, the finger exploring inside her distracting her greatly.

"Oh yes," Charlotte whispered. "We are very, very close."

"Oh God," Jasmine moaned, "you've done this before," as Charlotte found her g-spot, something that had laid undiscovered for almost two decades.

"Many times. You're so wet, Jasmine," Charlotte acknowledged.

"Don't s-s-stop," Jasmine stammered, the tapping on the g-spot driving her crazy.

"Have you been with a woman before, Jasmine?" Charlotte asked, tapping her g-spot, but slowly, not wanting her to come yet.

"Yes," Jasmine admitted.



"Eaten pussy?"

"Yes," Jasmine moaned, the slow tapping driving her nuts.

"Gotten fucked by a strap-on?" Charlotte asked, knowing she had her prey completely wrapped around her finger.

"Once," Jasmine admitted, recalling being fucked in a dorm room by a large woman when she was completely drunk.

"Want to get fucked now?" Charlotte asked, looking at a huge candy cane stick on the table, although it was missing the hook.

"What?" Jasmine asked, startled by the question and the disappointing reality that Charlotte had just pulled her finger out of her fevered pussy, her orgasm building, but suddenly stalled.

"Go lie down on the kitchen counter," Charlotte ordered.

Jasmine was a natural submissive. Almost daily she had eaten her roommate's pussy during her senior year; she had once worn a load of cum all over her face at a frat party after her boyfriend of the time had shot a huge wad all over her face and ordered her to wear it with pride. Even now, she regularly submitted sexually to her husband in whatever way he wanted, she just loved to please. That said, she wasn't used to being pleased first. She looked at the clock and common sense came flooding back as she realized her daughter should be home any minute. "Ashley..."

"Not to worry; she's with Seraphina," Charlotte said, which was true, or at least it would be true. By now, Seraphina should be on her way here while some other girls were keeping Ashley away for a bit longer.

"Oh, but still, we shouldn't be doing this," Jasmine said, the fire inside beginning to die down now that there was no finger inside her.

"We should and we are," Charlotte said firmly, knowing Jasmine's resistance was as brittle and fragile as a Christmas globe. "Now get onto the counter, Jasmine."

"I shouldn't..." Jasmine began to repeat before she was interrupted.

"Now, Jasmine," Charlotte ordered.

Jasmine's inner submissive, mixed with her wet pussy, had her obeying, even though she knew she shouldn't.

Charlotte smiled to herself as she grabbed the huge candy cane and unwrapped it. "Now this is an impressive candy cane."

As Jasmine got onto her kitchen counter, she saw the big candy cane being unwrapped. "It's just for decoration."

"Oh, I think I can find another purpose," Charlotte smiled wickedly, making it clear what she had in mind.

"You can't be serious?" Jasmine asked, as she looked at the long, fat candy cane she had just bought yesterday.

"Definitely," Charlotte smiled, as she spread Jasmine's legs apart. "God, you have a delicious looking pussy."

"Uh, thanks," Jasmine replied to the strange compliment, as Charlotte bent down and kissed her again.

As they kissed, Charlotte stroked the massive candy cane up and down her pussy lips.

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