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I could always say it was the heat that first made me decide to take off my shirt as I worked in the garden. With the temperature hovering near one hundred degrees and the heat index at something like one hundred eight no one would think otherwise, but to tell the truth I did it for her. Sure the light breeze often felt good cooling the sweat that poured down my chest, but it was the faint glimpses I caught of her as the curtains in the upstairs window fluttered that inspired me.

She was the wife of my late employer, Weston Pierce, one of the richest men in the city. He was a man who enjoyed his garden whenever he could and apparently he was quite happy with how I cared for it because he left specific instructions with the head of his household staff that I was to remain and care for his garden after he died. So while some staff changes were contemplated, I was secure in my position.

During the years I had worked for Mr. Pierce I had never met any of his family, they all seemed happy to remain within the household only stepping outside when heading for a car to ride away from the estate. I might catch a glimpse of someone peeking out into the garden but I never really saw anymore of them until late one evening when Mrs. Pierce called out to her husband from the back door. I was nearby, behind a tall shrub but could see her clearly though the branches.

I was so mesmerized by the sight of her in just a nightgown, her body silhouetted by the light inside the house, it was only later that I placed any meaning to the conversation I overheard. My eyes followed the dark curve of her breast as she asked, "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what darling?" he replied as my eyes moved down her waist, curving out at her hips.

"I just talked to the doctor," I heard as I imagined running my hand along her thigh.

"Well, I didn't want to alarm you, he wanted to run some more tests, just to make certain," I glanced up to her face, her tears flickered in the dim light outside the door.

"The results are in apparently, surgery tomorrow?"

"That soon?" he replied, his voice cracking slightly.

She then turned and I caught one last glimpse of her perfect silhouette as they stepped into the house. Only then did that crack in Mr. Pierce's voice gain significance. Tearing my thoughts away from his wife, I replayed the conversation in my head.

The following day was quiet. Mr. Pierce's car was gone, they had left even before I stepped out to begin my work. The next morning Jerry, the head of the household staff told me my position was safe, told me about the instructions he received. I returned to work focusing on caring for the garden in the same manner that so pleased Mr. Pierce.

In the weeks that followed I kept the garden in pristine condition even though no one came out to enjoy it. Even though no one did come into the garden I continually felt as if I were being watched. I never really could see anyone looking at me, but I'd catch an odd movement at a window, see a strange flash of light at the corner of my eye.

As time passed I focused my attention to a single upstairs window where I could sense, no, I just knew she was watching though the sheer curtains. It was then that I decided to pull off my shirt. As I continued working I quickly became covered in sweat. The feeling of it running down my body gave me a pleasant tingling sensation, or was that because I felt her watching me.

It was several days later, when most of the staff was off and Jerry had gone into town to do some shopping that I dared to take it to another level. I waited until about two o'clock, during the hottest part of the day. Glancing up at the window, the slightest movement in the curtain confirmed to me she was there, watching. I moved into the sunlight, where the bright rays would reflect off the torrents of sweat pouring from me.

Without hesitation, I reached down, unfastened my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. I then paused, letting her see me, see my body, my unabashed erection. I could feel the rivulets of sweat rolled down into my pubic hair and then trickle out onto the base of my cock. I waited until the sweat had pooled slightly at my cock and then I slowly cupped my right hand and wrapped it around the shaft.

I reached down with my left hand and then slowly began massaging my balls as my right hand began moving out over the head of my cock. I moved my hips forward and let my cock slide through my hand, mimicking the motion I imagined I would make slipping my cock into the woman watching me. Slowly I increased the speed of my motion, stroking my cock while gazing up at the window, looking for the eyes hidden in the darkness.

The heat was brutal and I as I stroked I could feel the sweat running down my face. Beads of salty moisture dripped from my nose down onto my cock, lubricating it as I continued. Wanting to draw out the experience, I had to pause several times as I came to the very verge of coming, stopping just before the wave of pleasure covered me.

Waiting until the feeling subsided, I then began stroking again until I reached the very precipice of coming and then I'd stop again. Feeling slightly dizzy, I leaned back onto a rock wall to steady myself. I was about to begin again when I heard a sound at the door. It opened and I saw her step out into the garden.

She was naked and her dark skin almost immediately began to shimmer in the sunlight as the sweat formed on her. Quickly moving toward me, she stopped just in front of me and slowly reached her hand out, wrapping her nimble black fingers around my white cock. I reached out and touched a finger to her nipple, watching a bead of sweat fall from the spot I touched her.

I opened my mouth to speak, but she reached up with the hand not holding my cock and held a finger to my lips. Her head shook from side to side. She then pulled on my cock as she moved toward me. I reached down, grabbed her ass and lifted her as she spread her legs. With one hand on my shoulder for balance and one hand still firmly on my cock, she guided me into her.

It took a moment or two for her wetness to cover my cock, but quickly I was able to lean my hips forward and feel her open to me, the wet warmth of her enveloping me in pleasure. I leaned back against the wall as our bodies slithered together, the sweat oozing between us as my cock slipped deep into her pussy and then withdrew. Arching her back, she drove herself onto me, pushing against me as my cock plunged deeper and deeper into her.

Then, all too quickly I felt it surging, the pleasure intensifying. I grabbed her hips and tried to stop her, to slow her movement down so I could perhaps fight off the inevitable, but she didn't stop, instead he leaned her head forward and bit me lightly on the neck. The sunlight covered my face, blinding me in the brightness as I arched my back and came, spurting my cum into her pussy.

Only then did I feel the stinging pain in my neck. I moaned and then felt her release me, her body stepping back as I felt my knees buckle and I collapsed. Looking up at her I first saw it, the bright tattoo on the bottom side of her breast, a bright red glistening in her sweat. I reached my hand up and then everything went dark.

I awoke later to a high pitched sound. I tried to move but found myself strapped down, strapped down to a bed or something. There was an odd red flashing and I felt like I was moving, as I could hear bits of a conversation nearby.

"Yeah, they found him tangled in some sort of web."


"Well, his pants at his ankles, but more or less."

"So what about..."

"It's a bite or sting of some sort. I've seen reactions like this to a bee sting, but not a spider."

"You gave him..."

"Benadryl, but it didn't touch him."

"We're still ten minutes out."

"Yeah, I'm trying here. Wish we had some anti-venom."

"Do they even have it for spiders?"

"I'm not sure, I trying to fight the symptoms here, keep the airway open, but damn."

My mind slipped away from the conversation, back, back, back to the garden. The woman, Mrs. Pierce, her body, so beautiful, full breasts, hard firm nipples, her flat stomach and dark patch of kinky pubic hair and the beautiful pink that peeked from her dark lips. I remembered her, standing above me, the white frothy cum dripping from her pussy, running down her leg, the sweat dripping from her breasts and her tattoo, yes bright red, the bright red hourglass against her dark skin.

Voices again, "I'm losing him."

"Still five minutes..."

"Not gonna make it, if only we'd gotten there sooner. Damn it, damn it."

"Why didn't they call us sooner?"

"No one was there, the staff was off and the family had moved out the week before. He'd been working alone in the garden and it wasn't until the head of the household staff came back that he found him."

"Okay, just a couple of blocks now."

"No, no, it's no good, no good he's gone, he's... "

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