tagAnalWife Agrees to Anal

Wife Agrees to Anal


"Come on Marge, I swear you're just like Ralph, you know you're going to give in eventually, lets save some time and you say OK now."

I knew my sister was right she always gets her way but I didn't want to give in too easily. Besides, I really didn't want to go with her, but in the end just as she said, I agreed. Gloria wanted me to accompany her to of all things, a sex shop so she could buy some kind of toy. When she picked me up, the first thing I asked was what she just had to have from a prono shop.

"Honey we're not going to a dirty book store, we're going to 'The Sex Boutique' down on Ventura, it's all upscale and nice it caters mainly to women. Marge I'm telling you it'll be fun, just wait, you'll see."

"Gloria you still haven't told me what you looking for."

"It's going to be a surprise for Ralph; he's been begging me to do anal..."

"Tell me you're not going to let him do that to you."

"Would you let me finish, last night I told him I was interested and if wanted to try it he'd have to do some things for me first. He's so naive; he thinks I want him to take me to fancy place for dinner first. The thing I neglected to mention to him was that I'm interested in doing him analy not him doing me. So you see I need to get a strap on so I can take my hubby's cherry."

"Oh my god Gloria you are just too funny, I'd love to see the look on his face when he finds out he's going to be catching instead of pitching."

The store was not too sleazy, of course, still too garish for my tastes but at least I didn't feel the need to wash with bleach after we left. The saleslady helped Gloria pick out a harness and it almost felt like bra shopping. She also bought a bottle of Maximus lube at the suggestion of the clerk. We went to her house and I had to help her try it on and adjust all the straps. I teased her about her new cock and I told her she already had more balls than her husband did and now she had a larger penis too. I said I sure wish I could be a fly on the wall and Gloria said,

Why not, what if you hide in the closet you could look through the slats and then if he gets too grumpy you could come to my rescue."

"That'd mean I'd have to spend the night in there..."

"No, no when I'm done with him I'll make him take a shower and then you can scoot out the front door."

With a giggle, I said OK and she told me to be back before five so I could be hidden before Ralph came home.

On the way home, I got to thinking about my own failed marriage and that if I was even half as nervy as my sister was I might still have my husband. My marriage ended because when my husband strayed I just kicked him out but when Gloria had the same problem, she forgave him and now keeps him on a short leash. Once home I hoped into a hot bath and as I lay there I keep thinking about my husband and how exciting it would be to have him on his knees kissing my plastic cock sticking obscenely out in front of my groin. I put my hand between my legs and fantasized about playing with myself in front of my ex, while denying him the pleasure of pleasing me orally. These thoughts gave me a fantastic orgasm and breathless, I lay in the tub until the water turned cold.

I parked around the block from Gloria's so Ralph wouldn't notice my car. Inside, I told her I was nervous and I wondered if I was doing the right thing.

"Marjorie, everything will be fine and honey I need you here for moral support."

She told me she would turn on some music so he wouldn't notice if I made a sudden noise. Then she handed me a bottle of wine and a glass, I filled her glass and mine then we toasted her success in taking her husband's cherry. She opened the closet and showed me the beach chair she put in there for my comfort. When she closed the door, I noticed I had a perfect view of their bedroom and particularly their big king size bed.

I heard talking in the other room and knew he was home. I asked myself, what in the hell was I doing and just how embarrassing it would be for Ralph to catch me spying on him and his wife having sex. The first thing I noticed when they came in the room was Ralph was about half drunk. Gloria instructed him to take his clothes off and get on the bed while she got ready in the bathroom. He did as she told him and then as he lay there he started playing with himself. I was thinking about how nice his hard on looked when Gloria came out with her strap-on in place and I could tell she was locked and loaded. Ralph looked up at her and as soon as he saw her extra equipment, he shriveled like a little boy.

When she told him of her intentions, he turned belligerent and told her no way. He sat on the end of the bed as she stood before him stroking her toy in front of his face as she stroked his ego with her voice.

"Come on Ralphy, be nice, just kiss it, you know you want to. Ah, that's just the way I want it, go ahead now kiss it again. See how easy that was, oh what a good boy you're being"

She was combing her fingers through his hair as she cooed encouragement to him. I was beginning to feel sorry for Ralph, I mean he was such a schlep, and then I saw that his cock was hard again. That bastard wanted to do this and now I knew how Gloria kept him under control, it was what he wanted. She must have noticed his hard-on as well for the cooing stopped and she next commanded him to 'assume the position'.

It was so hot to see my brother-in-law meekly climb on the bed and take the classic 'doggy-style' position. I already had my finger on my clit, rubbing myself but when Ralph asked his wife to please be gentle, I came, soaking my panties with my juices. I watched Gloria as she began to lube up her husband's back door and as she massaged his sphincter with her Maximus coated finger, I heard him moan. At first, I thought he was in pain but then I noticed he was pushing back and was actually trying to get Gloria's digit deeper inside him. She stepped up behind him and put the tip of her lady dick to the entrance of his man pussy. Next, she grabbed Ralph's ass in both hands spreading his cheeks apart and instructed him to insert her inside with his hand. He held her new member steady with one hand and as he impaled himself on her mighty phallus, he rubbed his cock at the same time.

Gloria turned her head and winked at me and then she began to fuck her husband with vigor as she held his balls in her hand.

"Baby, is my cock filling you up, can you feel how deep inside you I am? Oh yes, I know you like this, I can feel you nuts filling up with cum."

I watched as Ralph ejaculated, shooting ropes of sperm all over their bed. Then it was over and Gloria slowly withdrew as she told her husband how excited he had made her. He turned over and my sister came over and sat on his mouth as she faced his soft cock. I quietly opened the closet door to watch, I held my wine glass up to her in a toast , and as she rode her husband's face to orgasm, I rubbed myself, and we came together. It was only after I climaxed that I noticed she had made Ralph lay in the wet spot he made on the bed.

When she finally felt sated, she led him by his cock to the bathroom to take a shower. I snuck out of the house and went home with my hand between my legs the whole way. I kept going over the scene again and again, I couldn't get it out of my head. I kept seeing my sister standing there with her hands on her hips and her strap-on sticking out in front of her, ready to fuck. I knew right then, somehow I had to talk her into taking my backdoor cherry.

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