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Wife Helps a Friend


Hello, I am Rakesh, I live in Baroda India, by profession I am a exporter of garments and woollen rugs. I got married to Megha (my wife) a year back. She is tall 5’5” dark hair, 34-24-34 and really fair. I have always fantasized of my wife pleasing another man until it really happened one day.

Last year in June we decided to have a second honeymoon trip to Shimla, a hill station. When we arrived there it was really cold and chilly, a perfect weather for making love. We checked in a hotel, and spent 3 days almost in bed, seldom going out for a sightseeing trip. On our fourth day we were having a walk by the main road, when I received a call on my cell phone from one of my friend in Casablanca, Morocco. His name is Hamid, he is young guy of 26, 6ft. tall and with dark hair. I was sad to know that he lost his wife last month in an accident, which also left him with a major backbone problem. He told me that he was landing in India the next day to have a break from his recent losses. We both agreed to ask him to join us in Shimla and have a little bit of relaxed time and peace. In almost 30 hours from then we met him in the lobby of our hotel. Megha was impressed to see his personality and built, and I noticed this very well.

He checked in our hotel only and joined me and Megha for some drinks in my room, between drinks I saw him ogling Megha’s shapely breasts through the silk gown she was wearing. He told us that after he lost his wife 2 months back he is very sad and feeling lost and secondly he is feeling to deprived of sex, as he can’t perform because of his back problem. After another round of drinks he confessed to me that he has lately turned as a Voyeur and enjoys watching people or sex movies, and masturbating in the end. I wanted to help him and asked my wife if she would mind being little exhibitionist for him. Though reluctant at first, she agreed to let him view our love making, but only at a condition that he won’t indulge. On that fateful night she dressed in a very skimpy dress, and it really made Hamid ogle at her with gaping eyes. Slowly I put her on bed after some drinks when Hamid joined in, she blushed and closed her eyes, seeing another man in our room. Hamid sat on a chair and lighted a cigarette, with a drink in his hands, while I continued to kiss and fondle Megha and suck her lips to the full as Hamid continued to watch.

After a lot of cuddling and caressing, I proceeded to remove her top which exposed her pink areola and bullet sized nipples, this was a jolt to Hamid as he never saw a live performance before, Megha all the time kept her eyes closed, Hamid by now had lighted another cigarette and moved his chair a little closer to have a look on Megha’s face. I proceeded to disrobe my wife completely, My God! I was hot as hell too!

Megha gasped as I pulled down her pink lacy panties, and Hamid got his first view of an Indian pussy. “Wow! She is so shapely and Sexy …” he exclaimed. Megha was by now wet and I could see her pussy was shining already. I then disrobed myself and positioned my cock at her entrance…Hamid meantime moved very close to the bed and got a perfect view of my prick entering my wife’s vagina. She gasped “ Oh…Oh..” and I pushed further…and I heard a moan from Hamid and I could see him opening his fly and taking out his cock, Hell it was big and thick like anything and he began wanking it, seeing my wife’s shapely body gyrating under me. Megha opened her eyes and saw his penis and her eyes literally gleamed with excitement. I increased the pace and announced that I was close to Cumming…

To my disbelief Hamid grabbed Megha’s one of the toes which was circling my waist and began sucking on her toes, this left my wife let out a long moan ……”Oh yes…..There you are “….. He kept on sucking her toes until I shot my seed deep inside her…. and when I pulled out Hamid left my wife’s leg and I could see his cock rock hard, but he didn't come all this time. I saw towards Megha, who was in throes of her orgasm still, and helped Hamid to lie on bed next to her, Megha when recovered from her orgasm was surprised and shocked to see him there, but she was too excited by the presence of this hunky male next to her. Hamid asked her to suck him, and she looked towards me, and I gave my nod.

There was my wife first time taking down another man’s organ in her mouth. She began sucking on that for all she was worth, while Hamid mauled her breasts and pinched on her nips. She was now hot as hell again, Hamid announced that he was about to come and suddenly she left his cock and mounted him, which was a shock to me, he was also surprised at the reaction but soon he was deep inside my beautiful wife’s pussy, and she started to ride him with her breasts on his chest and him chewing her lips for all he was worth.

Hamid after 10 minutes of riding shot his sperm deep inside Megha’s pussy , which ran out on his prick, she orgasmed twice during this and fell on top of him kissing each other heavily. Hamid since that day stayed with us for one more week and everyday My lovely and beautiful wife, helped him by giving herself fully every night. First she would suck him and then ride his organ like anything. Hamid for next seven days stayed in our room only while I slept in his room , and heard their moans as they both helped each other in having mind boggling sex. She became pregnant as a result of constant and regular love making sessions, and I believe that it is Hamid’s child in her womb, and we decide to give him birth as Hamid has lost his wife, but Megha was very happy after getting fucked by such a beautiful and thick cock, while I contented that she helped my friend.

Hamid left for Morocco after a week, and sucked Megha’s vagina for the first time a night before, which she has not forgotten till now. He asked us to drop in Morocco at his place where he would like to introduce my wife to one of his cousins…I can’t wait to see my lovely wife again riding that gorgeous dick, and so does she.

I want readers to comment to my experience. I will be more than willing to write back to them.

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