tagAnalWife Tries Something New Ch. 03

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 03


I’m just starting to wake up. I had thought it was all a dream but the dried cum on my face brought me back to reality. It was true. Paula did fuck my ass and she made me eat my own cum off that dick.

She was on the phone talking to her sister. She was laughing in her teasing, seductive tone and I heard her say “Yeah, I did it. I asked him to suck his own cum off a fake dick and he did it. You should have seen how much he loved it. Oh wait a minute I have pictures, you can see. He looked just like a pro.” Then she laughed again. She said to her sister “hold on, I’ll ask him. Honey, Vicki wants to know if you will suck a real dick?” She started laughing again. “Well, will you?”

“No” I shot back at her. “Aw what’s the matter? Last night you loved it.” “Shut up Paula, this isn‘t funny.” Even though she never had a harsh tone to her voice what she was saying was killing me. She always spoke sweetly and teasingly.

“Wait Vicki, listen to this.” She put the phone down. “Don’t you want me to fuck your ass again? Here I’ll just lube this big dick and slide it in your ass.” She pulled out that big dick and started to coat it with lube by stroking it in her hand. A small groan escaped my lips.

“Oh yeah Vicki he’s starting to come around.” “Stop it” I yelled. She turned to me and said while rubbing the head of that cock over my ass, “if you want to suck a real dick you will ask me to fuck your ass.” With that she turned the vibrator on. It was an incredible feeling. The vibrations just opened my ass up.

I asked “how is that connected?” “It’s connected,” she said, “because both show what a horny slut you are and if you’re willing to have your ass fucked you’re willing to suck dick.”

She continued you rub that vibrating dick over my ass. It felt so good. My balls ached and worst of all my dick was starting to get hard. Paula yells in the phone, “Vicki, he’s getting hard. All I’m doing is rubbing his ass with this vibrator and he is getting hard.”

“Oh yeah he’s going to do it for us. Aren’t you honey? Aren’t you going to suck cock for us?”

The sensation was getting too much. I was horny as hell and couldn’t do anything about it. Paula could tell by my labored breathing I was beyond horny. I just moaned to her question. She told her sister “he’s getting close; he’s going to be begging for it soon. And do you know why? He wants to be humiliated.”

What was she saying? I don’t want to be humiliated. But why did I suck that cock last night? Why did I eat my cum off that cock? Oh my God, is it true?

“I’m rubbing his ass and even getting a little bit of the head inside him and he’s thinking about what it would feel like to be fucked. He’s imaging a big juicy dick pushing its way past his lips.” I wasn’t thinking about those things but by her talking about them forced those thoughts and images into my head.

“Please stop, Paula,” I pleaded. And she said “ok, I’ll stop. All you have to do is tell me you don’t want your ass fucked ever again and you don’t ever want to suck cock.” With that she eased that cock in my ass with one smooth motion.

I moaned my consent at what she had done. I lost all control of my body. It was like I was looking down on someone else watching what was transpiring. “So tell me honey do you want your ass fucked?”

“Yes”, I said loud enough for her sister to hear on the phone. “Yes what,” Paula replied? “Please fuck my ass. I want my ass fucked. I want to suck big cum filled dicks for you.”

“DICKS? As in more than one?” “No” I shouted back hoping she would believe me. She didn’t seem to buy it. “Oh I heard you loud and clear and so did Vicki. You want to be a cock sucking whore don’t you? You want to feel a real dick in your mouth. You want to feel the heat of a dick, the veins and it throbbing in your mouth. You want to feel a man’s hands on the back of your head pushing you down on his dick. You want to feel load after load of thick cum shoot down your throat. Well we will have to see what we can do to fulfill your dream.”

I started to speak but as I opened my mouth I felt more and more of the dick in my ass enter me. She was making me take more of that dick. This made me yell in pleasure. My wife loved it. She picked up the phone and started talking to her sister again.

“Vicki, you won’t believe this. I was telling him about having him suck lots of cock and instead of protesting, his ass pulled that entire big dick in. I wasn’t even touching it.”

“No, I didn’t. You pushed it in,” I protested. “Let’s just see, then.” She eased the dick half way out of my ass. My dick throbbed as she did this. Then she started in on me.

“Ok, you’ve got this big vein covered dick in your ass. You’re begging me to fuck you with it until you cum. My sister is on the phone hearing everything that’s going on and you’re dreaming of the chance to suck dick after dick; to have your face fucked by all those strange men…..Ooops, there it goes.

It’s disappearing in your ass. Was it something I said?”

It was true; my ass just pulled that dick in all by itself. Paula told her sister “we have got to get this sweet little fuck toy some cock. He just sucked the vibrator in his ass and cum is leaking out of his dick. I’ll talk to you later to see what we can come up with for my little cum slut. I’ll tell him.” And with that she hung up the phone. “Vicki wanted me to tell you she can’t wait to see how good of a cock sucker you are.”

With that she disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower. When she came out I still had the vibrator in my ass. “Oh my god, I thought you would take that out of your ass while I was gone.” I don’t know why I didn’t do it. Fucking my own ass when no one was around was so degrading. I don’t know what’s happening to me. Paula has trained me to love cock, to crave it in my ass.

Paula walked over to me laughing. She took the vibrator in her hand and said “since you love this in your ass so much, you might as well get a real good fucking out of it.” With that she proceeded to fuck me in and out with that cock. My body went into convulsions. I was nearing as orgasm but no one had touched my dick. She continued her fucking and teasing. Saying how much I loved it and how good I looked with a dick in my ass. All this was too much and I shot three or four thick streams of cum. The first two landed on my face, the rest on my chest and stomach.

With that the door bell rang. Paula said I would have to get it since she just got out of the shower. She threw me some sweat pants. I told her I couldn’t go to the door like this. My dick was still hard and it was hanging lewdly in front of me. I had cum on my stomach, chest and face. She told me “too bad.” “You should have thought about that before you shot off all over the place.”

I started to the door and Paula yelled, “Oh it’s Jennifer. Today’s her birthday and I told her to come over and get her present. She’s 18 today” What? The neighbor’s teenage daughter. She was so hot. Her tits were so big and her ass was to die for. I had wanted to fuck her for years but couldn’t even entertain such thoughts but now she was legal.

I opened the door and my mouth dropped open. There she stood in tiny little shorts that didn’t cover her ass and a thin tank top with no bra. That is my favorite outfit. Her nipples were rock hard. She looked at me. She saw what was covering my body and she stared at my hard dick and a slight smirk escaped her lips.

She looked up at me and said “nice dick.” She reached out and scooped some cum off my face and said “here you missed some” and fed it to me. She left her finger in my mouth until I sucked it all up.

She brushed passed me with her tits rubbing against my chest. God I had waited for this for so long. I wish I could just grab her and fuck her brains out.

Jennifer walked in the house and said “Paula said you had a present for me.” She stopped and turned toward the family room and spotted a wrapped boxed. She bent over at the waist to pick up the box. She paused and lingered for a while knowing I could see her ass.

She picked up her gift and started to walk out when Paula appeared wearing the same thing she had on last night; cut off jeans which showed her ass and a tank top cut off so that you could see the bottom of her tits. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I wanted to fuck both of them.

Paula said “Jenny you must open your gift here.” I tried to excuse myself and get out of sight with my cum covered body and my hard on sticking straight out. Paula stopped me “no, you have to stay here and see what you got for her.”

We all sat down and Jennifer started to open her gift when Paula stopped her, “let me tell you a little bit about your gift.” That forced me to sit there with them covered in cum. I have no idea what Paula said about the gift but when Jennifer opened it she looked inside and said “Oh this is great. Do you really think this will work?”

She reached in the box and pulled out a strap on cock. What kind of gift is that? Paula began to describe it for her. “It’s 11 inches long and only an inch and a half thick so it should fit in his ass just right.” HIS ASS? “Go ahead and put it on.” Jennifer slowly wiggled in to the harness.

Paula turned to me. “What do you think honey?” “What do I think? Why should I care?” “Well first of all I notice how you were staring at it when she first pulled it out. Then how your mouth fell open and finally the bulge in your pants is getting bigger. So I know you care but you should also care because she is going to fuck you with this.”

“She came to me about a month ago and said how she wanted to have sex with you. Well I took her request and thought it would be fun to see if I could get you to take her in your ass.”

Jennifer spoke up “what do you think?” She had it on and the cock hung down in front of her. It was vulgar looking it was so big. She had it in her hand and was slowly stroking it. I started to sweat because I knew what they had in mind.

Paula came over to me and whispered in my ear for me to take my pants off. I slid them off and stood before those two beautiful women with nothing but a hard on. She pushed me towards Jennifer. I took her in my arms and kissed her deeply. Her strap on was pressed up against my dick. It was a most odd feeling

Paula then began pushing me to my knees. I stopped at Jennifer tits and sucked them through her tank top. Her nipples became hard in my mouth. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled me tightly to her chest.

She threw her head back and reveled in the feeling. My wife continued to push me down until I was eye to eye with that cock. Paula began to talk me through what she wanted done.

“Take it in your hand; feel it, see how big it is; how think.” Slowly I brought my hand up and wrapped my hand around the shaft of the strap on. “Very good. You look great on your knees with that big dick in your hands.”

Without a word I started to stroke the cock. They both moaned when they saw me take the initiative and begin to stroke it.

“My God,” Paula began, “look at that. He’s stroking it. He loves it.” I was in a trance. I was all consumed with the cock in front of me. “Suck it” Paula asked.

I brought my other hand up and now had both hands wrapped around that strap on dick. I then guided that huge cock to my lips and slipped it into my mouth. I sucked that big dick up and down. I licked it up one side and down the other. I began to fuck that cock with my mouth.

The women loved it. Their hands were all over me. Jennifer was rubbing my head as I sucked her cock. My wife was on her knees kissing my neck and rubbing my chest. He hand went down to my cock, which was rock hard, and began to stroke it.

It was the oddest thing. The control they wanted to have over me seemed to turn around on them. They were in a daze. They were overcome with lust and desire due to my actions.

Jennifer was getting weak kneed from the pressure I was exerting on her pussy through the strap on. Paula couldn’t get enough of my cock. She was forcing me to one side so that she could get my dick in her mouth.

Jennifer began to cum. She started humping my mouth with her strap on until her orgasm crashed over her. She had to sit down or else she would have fallen.

Paula was out of control. She was sucking my cock for all she was worth. She brought me to the brink of cumming when she stopped.

Regardless of her lust she didn’t forget what she really wanted. She took my dick out of her mouth. She stood up and went over to Jennifer and pulled the harness off of her.

Paula pulled it up her hips and it was in place. My God she looked so incredibly hot; her outfit, her strap on. She began to lube up that monster cock. I knew what was coming next.

She turned to me “you want this cock in your ass?” I didn’t hesitate, “yes”. I lowered my head to the floor and put my ass in the air. She came up behind me and began to work that cock in my ass. Eventually the head of the cock made it into my ass.

From there it was easy for more and more of that cock to disappear in my ass. She got about 7 inches of it in me when I couldn’t take anymore.

This wasn’t good enough for her. She was so horny she had to get it all in. She thought she would try to get me to open up more of my ass to her.

“Oh honey you look so good with this cock in your ass. Please take more. What kind of cock whore are you if you can’t even take a dick in your ass? You’re a good little ass fuck, surely you can get more. Or is the problem that this is a fake dick?”

I moaned when she said that. That’s all she needed to continue this line of thought. “Oh that’s the problem. You want a real dick in your ass, don’t you?” All I could do was moan. “Yeah, that’s it. But don’t worry if you get all this in your ass I will get you a nice big, thick juicy and vein covered dick for you to suck and fuck.”

“Noooo” I replied weakly. “Don’t say things like that. I know what you’re trying to do. You think the hornier you make me the more I will take in my ass.”

“No honey I don’t think that. I know that.”

“You’re wrong Paula. It won’t work. It’s just too big.”

“Well, if that’s the truth then why is all of it in your ass?” What did she say? It was true she had it all in and she was fucking me faster and faster. “You’re the biggest whore I’ve ever seen. You love to be fucked. You can’t wait until you have a hot dick in you. Maybe I’ll just hire you out as my own personal fuck toy.”

I hate my body. It betrays me over and over again. I have no desire to have a real dick but when she said that I started to cum and cum and cum. It must have lasted 30 seconds.

She was so pleased with herself. “Well honey a deal is a deal. You got the whole thing in your ass and I promised you if you did I would get you a real dick to suck and fuck.”

“Please don’t,” I begged.

She only laughed.

I knew the final chapter was yet to come.

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