tagFetishWife Tries Something New Ch. 04

Wife Tries Something New Ch. 04


The next three weeks were spent with Paula lovingly teasing my cock. Her finger never penetrated my ass during this time. Neither did her cock shaped vibrator. When she first started fucking my ass and making me suck my cum off the vibrator I hated it. I felt so humiliated. Then the power and control she had over me was overwhelming, intoxicating.

She had taken me to the point where I wanted to have my ass fucked; where I wanted to not only suck my cum off her vibrator but a real dick, too.

All she did now was slowly and gently stroke the head of my dick until I was out of my mind. While she stroked my cock she would whisper in my ear about having my ass fucked; filling it with big hot cock. She would tell me in vivid detail how she wanted me to suck dick. In no time I would be fucking into her hand; trying to get release from her torturous cock teasing.

As I started fucking her hand she would moan and say "Oh you must love the idea of sucking cock. You fuck my hand harder and faster when I talk about it." She would barely touch the head of my dick and slowly stroke up and down. Cum was starting to leak out of my dick. "Is that what you want to do for me? Suck a big thick dick?"

I didn't answer. I could only moan into my pillow. She gently giggled and said "I love when I make you feel so good that you moan like that. And to think it's all because I have you begging to suck a juicy dick for me. It makes me so wet to know I make you want to suck cock this badly. Poor little thing. I'm just going to have to get you a real dick to fulfill your lurid desires. I think you would you rather suck cock than fuck a pussy. And I'm going to get you so horny you will love every second or should I say every drop of it."

She laughed so sweetly, "you're going to be such a cock sucking slut. I can't wait to see a fat dick stuffed in your mouth." All I could do was whimper and yell in tortured lust. I was trying to deny the fact that I really did want to suck cock but my cries and leaking dick told her what she was saying was exactly right.

My balls tightened, my cocked swelled. I could feel the cum deep inside me begin to be ripped from my dick when Paula stopped. I was in agony. I wanted to cum so badly. I begged her to let me cum but she refused.

"When you admit to me that you really want to suck cock I will let you cum." She always had such a sweet sound to her voice. She was never harsh or mean sounding. I was going crazy. I hadn't cum in three weeks but on top of that she had been teasing my dick and me in this manner every night. Worst of all she knew what she was doing to me but she wanted to hear me say it, no plead for it.

I went through every minute of the day hard because of her teasing. Then one night she emerged from our bedroom dressed very sexy; tight short shorts that didn't cover her beautiful ass and a thin white tank top. Her nipples were hard and protruded from the taut, thin material.

She said she wanted to go for a ride like we used to do when we were younger. I would drive while she stroked and sucked my dick. This was always so hot and I never failed to shoot an enormous load of hot sticky cum down her throat.

I eagerly agreed. We jumped in the car and I started to drive. She had her head on my shoulder and her hand was rubbing my thighs and crotch. After a while she slid her hand up my shorts leg and pulled out my hard dick. She began to stroke the entire length of my dick, not just the head.

It felt so good to have my dick properly stroked instead of being teased. As she stroked my dick she started to say how sorry she was for teasing my cock for so long and not giving me what I wanted.

"Tonight I am going to let your little dick cum all it wants to." With that she went down on my lap and gagged on my dick it was so far down her throat. It felt incredible. I thought I was going to cum right then.

She slowly sucked her way back up to the head of my dick and let it fall from her lips. I let out a satisfied moan. "Did you like that?" she said in her little girl voice. I told her I loved it and wanted her to do it more.

Then she said "let's go to the adult bookstore on Freedom Drive and pick you out a nice toy for your ass. One that is not too big or too small. Then I'll take you home and fuck your eyes out."

Yes, finally. She was going to suck me, fuck me and let me cum. She made me need these things and then she wouldn't let me have them and now my wishes were finally coming true.

We pulled in to the parking lot. By this time it was a little after midnight. I was surprised how many cars were in the parking lot at that hour. There must have been 10 cars there.

Before I got out she said I should go into the mini theater and go in booth 6. I should put $5 in the machine and wait for her. I thought that sounded very wicked. I might even get her to blow me in the booth.

I quizzed her on why she wanted to do this and she replied "I thought I would join you and let your big dick pump some of that built up cum out." I liked the sound of that. I climbed out of the car and went straight to the peep shows. It was pitch black in there but I eventually found booth 6 and went in.

I pulled a bill out of my wallet and put it in the slot. It was so dark I had no idea what I had put in. The movies started. The image of a big dick jumped on the screen. It was long, hard and dripping cum from the end. Then the face of a man appeared and took the big dick in his mouth. He started licking and sucking and tonguing it like he truly enjoyed it; like he was savoring every drop. I was spellbound that he was getting into it so much.

Those images pulled my mind to the prospect of sucking dick. I noticed that somehow my dick was in my hand. I had unwittingly pulled my dick out and was slowly stroking it. I expected Paula to show up at any moment so I changed the channel. I didn't want her to catch me stroking my dick to a man sucking cock.

The next film had a man pleading not to be fucked in the ass. Another man stood over him with a ten inch dick. He proceeds to fuck that man's ass until he gets every bit of it in. As the last bit of the oversized cock disappears into his ass the man being fucked cums over and over and over again. He had 4 or 5 streams of cum which he shot out of his dick. Just having his ass filled made him cum.

This reminded me of myself when Paula took the strap on to me. I was getting hornier and hornier by the minute. I kept changing channels but every one was of a man getting fuck in the ass, having his dick sucked or sucking a dick himself.

I was wondering where Paula was. I wanted to go look for her but I also wanted to stay and watch. I found out later what had taken her so long. She was in the store with those little shorts on and her tight little tank top stretched against her braless tits wiggling up and down the aisles.

She would bend over and look at the merchandise, her tits and ass exposed for all to see. She would handle the dildos and run her hand up and down their shafts like she was jacking it off. She had every man in that place as hard as a rock. She would brush by men that were in the same aisle as she was when she passed. She made sure everyone noticed her.

Finally after several minutes of this she went to the front desk and asked for change for a $20 and disappeared into the theater. Every man knew where she was going.

I hear a gentle knock on the door and it was Paula. I opened the door and let her in. I asked her where she had been. She told me she was working up the courage to come inside dressed like this.

On the screen was a woman sucking a man's dick. She had deep throated the entire cock. Paula remarked "that looks so good. Do you think you could get that much dick in your mouth?" Not wanting to talk about it I simply said "I don't know."

She slid her hand down my chest until she reached my dick which was hanging out. "Oooo aren't you the horny little boy. Not only is your dick out but it is hard and dripping wet. Let's see what you have been watching." She started the film rotation over to see what scenes I had to go through in order to get where I was.

Of course

I heard the door open and close in the booth next to us. I was a little uncomfortable that someone was so close and my dick was out.

She started to stroke my cock which took my mind off the person in the other booth. With her other hand she changed channels. This film had a man sucking another man's dick. She loved that. She said "oh look, you're a much better cock sucker than he is, aren't you baby?"

I was so horny I didn't care and I said "yes, I am." Paula said "please show me." And she started to pull me down toward my knees. She then took another cock in her hand. The man in the next booth had his dick sticking through a glory hole. I had forgotten all about those things. I thought the police had made all the bookstores fill those in years ago.

She stood there stroking the strange dick and gently teasing my dick, one in each hand. She began to taunt me. "Look at that big dick. Isn't it beautiful? Don't you just want to suck that big thing? Come on you know you want to feel it in your mouth. You know you want to have your mouth fucked like a pussy."

She was driving me crazy. Her hand was so teasing yet it felt so great. She had been talking about me sucking dick for weeks and I had sucked the vibrator for her. Now here was a real dick only inches from my mouth.

Slowly I started to open my mouth. I moved closer and closer until I did it. I slid that smooth dick into my mouth. Paula gently giggled and said "that's my good little cock sucker." She was still stroking my dick as I did this, just teasing the head until it was a deep purple. My balls ached and the head of my dick was in pain from her cock teasing. I started sucking harder and faster in response to her hand. I was taking more and more if it in my mouth as she whispered encouragement to me; "yeah, suck that big dick. Show me how much you love it. Deep throat that piece of meat. Let me see you make that hot dick cum. Make it shoot in your mouth, all over your face. Show me what kind of whore you are."

He started to fuck into my mouth faster and faster. I knew he was close. Paula simply said "ooo you are a good little cock sucker. Now finish him off but not for me. Do it because you want to feel his cum in your mouth. Do it because you want to taste another man's cum." With that I put as much of that dick in my mouth as I could. I was so horny and she had me out of control. I was sucking like a mad man to get that cum out of him. I heard a long loud groan and felt the hot creamy load of his cum shoot into my mouth.

There was so much I couldn't keep it all in my mouth. Cum was leaking from the corners of my mouth. As he withdrew his dick from my mouth I licked the last drops off my lips and chin. I savored his creamy load. I loved it. I wanted more.

A voice on the other side of the wall said "man you are one horny bitch. That was the best blow job I ever got. Damn, you are such a fucking whore that was incredible." He thought I was Paula.

Not only did I just suck his dick but I was so good at it he thought I was a woman. But the things he said shot through me like a bolt of lightening. For Paula to say those things about me was just talk to tease me. But he was saying it because it was true. I was his horny bitch; his fucking whore.

I was stunned at what I had done. I was humiliated by what he had said. Paula started laughing. "Horny bitch, fucking whore, cock sucking cum whore. That's what you are. You loved it didn't you? I told you you would be sucking a real dick. But I thought you would do it for me but you are doing it for you."

That brought me back to reality. I was sitting there on the floor with my head against the wall where the dick had just disappeared into. Ok, I sucked a dick. Just one and I did it for Paula; because she had teased my dick so much my dick was in control of me. That's all it was. Now it's time to get out of here and go home.

As I said that another dick appeared through the hole in the wall. Paula began teasing my dick again and whispering to me. "Oh, look there's another one. Don't you just want o slip that past your lips?" This one was bigger and the veins more pronounced. The head was big and purple. "It looks so juicy, doesn't it?" Paula said.

God it did look juicy. I was so big and thick. The veins were just throbbing. That cock was bouncing up and down with the heartbeat.

I looked past the cock and into Paula's eyes and told her "I'm not going to suck this dick." It was right there next to my mouth. I could feel the heat of it on my face. I just closed my eyes so I wouldn't see it.

That didn't change the fact that I was right next to that hot, throbbing cum filled dick. The more I thought of it the harder I got. I imagined pre-cum just leaking out of it in anticipation of me wrapping my mouth around that thick piece of meat.

I opened my mouth slowly. Paula let out a soft moan. She then told me in a hushed tone "that's it do it. Suck that big dick. It wants you to so badly; you want to suck it just as much as it wants to be sucked."

I just opened my mouth all the way and swallowed it. My face was pressing against the wall as hard as it could; trying to get every inch of that dick in my mouth. I sucked it like a mad man. I wanted it. I needed it. So I took every bit of it. I sucked, licked and sucked again. I was fucking my mouth on that cock. In no time at all he was bucking and thrashing around until he pumped my mouth full of this sweet creamy cum.

I willingly sucked every last drop off his dick and sent him on his way. He, too, commented as he was leaving on what an outstanding cock sucker I was.

Paula just loved what was going on in front of her. She opened the door to the booth to find a line of men waiting to get into the booth next to us. She herded the group into our booth and said "there he is boys, he's the one that's been doing such a good job of sucking dick. He's all yours."

With that they pulled out their dicks and circled around me. I hungrily sucked cock after cock, wanting more cum; wanting the next cock. I moved from dick to dick never finishing anyone off. I wanted them to cum one after another. I didn't take long before the first cock started to swell and spewed its sticky contents all over my face.

I moved to the next and he took the back of my head and started fucking my face until he splashed the back of my throat with his jizz.

Then the flood gates opened and they started cumming in rapid succession. My mouth moved from cock to cock not wanting to waste even a drop of cum. I was such a slut and every man knew it. They were calling all sorts of degrading names and I loved it.

When they were finished using my mouth as their cum reservoir, the crowd parted to leave. Behind them was one last man. It was an enormous black man. He was tall. He had broad shoulders and muscled arms.

Everyone fell silent. I began to get afraid of what was going to happen. With a booming voice he called out "you like sucking cock?" I nodded my head yes. "Well, then you're going to be my little bitch now."

He pulled his dick out. It was the biggest of the bunch. I was staring at it and seemingly unknowingly moving toward it.

He said "yeah that's it, come and get it you fucking slut." When I got to him he grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick into my mouth. I gagged on it he pushed it so far inside my mouth. He fucked my mouth mercilessly and laughed all the while. "You little cock sucking bitch. Take my cock you little faggot." He fucked me for what seemed like a lifetime.

"Beg for it." He shouted. "Please, please" was all I could get out.

With that he pulled his dick out of my totally fucked mouth and held it in front of my face and he unloaded more cum than I had ever seen. My face was totally coated in his cum. Everyone stood there laughing at me and my face full of cum including Paula.

She fell to her knees and sucked the last of his cum off his dick. She smiled and thanked him for what he had done and for letting her clean his dick.

I slowly picked myself up. Paula led me out of the store and into our car with my face still covered in cum. When we got in to our car Paula started stroking my cock and she asked me "did you enjoy your evening? Would you like to do this again?"

I answered her "no". She started stroking my dick faster. I had been so hard for so long my dick hurt. I was beyond horny and here she was making matters worse. I no longer had control of myself or my body.

"Oh, come on; didn't you just love sucking all those dicks and getting a face full of cum?" That little statement coupled with her stroking my dick was all it took to send me over the edge. I just screamed out "yeeessss" as I unleashed my first orgasm in weeks. It was the most incredible orgasm of my life. It was everywhere it coated her petite hand.

She continued to gently stroke my dick and giggled "we are definitely going to have to do this again. I've never seen you cum like this before. You must have really loved it. Tell me the truth. Did you love sucking cock?"

I was ashamed of my answer but I told her the truth. I couldn't raise my head. I just sat there looking into my lap, my cum covered lap and meekly said "yes, I liked it."

"I didn't ask you that." Paula replied. "I asked you if you loved sucking cock."

"Yes." Was all I could say. Paula persisted, "yes what?"

"Yes, I loved sucking those hard dicks and drinking their cum."

Paula laughed. "Would you like to do it again?"

"Yes, please let me suck cock again, please." I begged.

"Don't you worry I've got a lot in store for you. We'll see just how much you can handle."

I loved the feel of hot cum all over my face. She scooped up some cum off my face, fed it to me and whispered in my ear, "take me home and fuck the shit out of me."

Did she really mean it or was she just starting teasing me to get me ready for the next trip out?

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