tagLoving WivesWife's Older Men Experience Ch. 02

Wife's Older Men Experience Ch. 02


A few weeks after Jim and I had enjoyed our weekend adventure up in Gatlinburg, TN I had not gotten around to writing Jim that long letter I had promised him detailing my experiences with Mr. Harris, my landlord in Miami.

I guess the suspense was driving him crazy and that Saturday morning before he left to play golf with his friends told me to be ready to leave the house around 5:30PM that evening. We would be going out to dinner and maybe dancing. Once home, he wanted to hear more about Mr. Harris.

Well, while cleaning the house and then shopping, I tried jogging my memory, thinking of as many naughty details to tell Jim as I possibly could muster up. I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to tell him the truth or clean it up a bit. But, I knew the nastier the better for Jim and decided to tell all.

Jim got back to the house around 4:00PM and took a shower and got dressed for our evening out. I had already had my bath and was dressing in Jim’s favorite attire while he showered.

I wore a sexy lacy black garter, panty and bra set underneath along with hose and a medium length flimsy pink dress that buttoned up the front. I slipped on my heels and applied a little bit of makeup.

I was ready when Jim came downstairs and we left. We dined at a very nice, romantic restaurant and had a great time laughing and joking.

“Hope you’re ready to tell me a story tonight,” Jim mused as we ate. “I have been horny all week just thinking about you and Mr. Harris.”

“Oh yea, just what kinds of things have you been thinking about?” I teased.

“Well, just the naughty things,” he smiled. “I pictured you, a young beautiful 19 year old woman sucking a dirty ole’ man’s cock!” “I’ve seen pictures of you when you were 19 and you were drop-dead gorgeous.”

I laughed and thanked him. Now in my mid forties I didn’t look quite so drop-dead but still considered myself to be in good shape and tried to keep myself up. My tits were till fairly firm, my waist line still slender and my ass still stuck out enough to attract looks from men of all ages!

“I pictured him eating your sweet little pussy and most of all, pictured his big cock stretching your tight honey pot.” Jim went on to tell me.

His face was a little flushed when he talked about Mr. Harris and I knew it was turning him on. Reaching underneath the table, I grabbed the bulge in his pants to see how turned on he was!

His dick was already hard as a rock. I gave him a wicked smile and giggled telling him, “My, my big boy, you really are a horny old fucker,” giving his cock a hard squeeze before letting it go.

He grinned and said, “Well, you keep my that way by being so sexy all the time.”

We finished our meal and left to go dancing. We wound up at a local lounge and had a few drinks while dancing every once in a while. I could tell Jim’s mind was not on dancing however and after a couple hours leaned over and whispered, “Come on baby, we can have more fun at home!”

I knew he was raring to go and we left right away. It was a short drive home and Jim drove in nervous anticipation. Teasingly, I gave his cock a couple of hard squeezes while he drove.

Once home, we made ourselves a drink and relaxed on the sofa. Jim sat at one end and me on the other. We were both relaxed and I knew he was ready to be teased and excited by my story.

“Okay sweetie,” I began, “I told you about Mr. Harris and the arrangement we had made about my rent.” Jim looked at me and nodded. “Well, after that first time, Mr. Harris would call me the day before coming up to my apartment to “collect” his rent.”

“The first time he came up, he just wanted a quick blow job,” I explained. “He had me on my knees in front of him, he pulled his cock out and I just sucked on it while pumping with my hand until he shot off in my mouth.”

“Before leaving, he told me that from then on he would prefer me to be naked when he came up.” “He was a very busy man and I guess it was to save time.”

“Anyhow, that’s about the way it happened, I mean, he would call the day before, I would be waiting on him with just a towel wrapped around me when answering the door,” I went on to explain. “Once in the apartment I would get rid of the towel.”

“He liked fucking me from behind and as I remember, that’s the way he would do it.” “He would bend me over the sofa, chair or just have me bend over in the middle of the room and grab my ankles.” “He wouldn’t even take his pants down, just pull his cock out, shove it up my pussy and fuck me hard and fast until he jerked out and blew his load all over my back and ass.”

“You mean he never wanted any foreplay or teasing?” Jim asked looking somewhat puzzled.

“No, just a quick fuck and he was gone.” I replied. “This went on for about six months.” “I had made up my mind that the next time Mr. Harris called I would tell him that since I was finishing the course I was taking, would be moving out in a couple months.”

“What happened then?” Jim asked.

“Well, he called the next month but before I could say anything he began by making me another proposition.” “He told me about a couple business associates of his and that if I would agree to entertain them, he would consider my rent paid in full for the next three months.”

“By entertain; I assume he meant fuck them!” Jim interrupted.

“Well, yes without saying as much I understood what he meant and I told him that I would have to think about it and to call me back later that day.”

“I’m guessing you accepted his offer.” Jim concluded.

“Well, since I only needed the apartment for a couple more months and since I had already fucked Mr. Harris for the rent, I figured why not?” “When Mr. Harris called back I told him that I would accept his offer.”

“I guess he arranged everything for you?” Jim asked.

“Yes, he told me that he would make the arrangements and escort me to the place his friends had instructed.” “It was Thursday and he had set the meeting for that Saturday.”

“Did you ask him just how many “friends” you were supposed to entertain?” Jim asked.

“Well, I really didn’t think about it,” I went on to tell Jim. “I guessed by the way he talked it would just be a couple of his friends.”

“Anyhow, Saturday rolled around and I was told to be ready around 6:00PM.”

“What did you wear?” Jim was really getting curious now.

“I figured I may as well dress as slutty as possible so I wore a pair of white see-thru panties, white bra that pushed my tits up and a pair of black silk hose with the elasticized stay-up tops.”

“I then slipped on a short light-pink sun dress that buttoned from top to waist and a pair of heels.” “I was ready when Mr. Harris called and told me to meet him down stairs in the parking lot.”

“I guess you were just a little nervous about the whole thing weren’t you?” Jim asked.

“I was a nervous wreck, are you kidding?” I snapped back. “I was scared and didn’t know what to expect.”

“Anyhow, I met him in the parking lot and he instructed me to follow him.” “I got in my car and he in his and I followed him heading north toward Boca Raton.”

“After a while we finally reached a very swank resort complex.” “I followed Mr. Harris into the parking area and after parking our cars, he led me up to the top floor of this very fancy condominium building.”

“He walked up to one of the doors and rang the bell.” “I think this was when I was the most nervous and scared.” “It took a lot of will power to keep me from backing out of the deal,” I told Jim.

Jim was still sitting at the other end of the sofa listening intently to every thing I was telling him while sipping a beer.

“A man answered, greeted us warmly and ushered us into a very big and luxurious apartment.” “Another man was sitting in a big chair holding a drink. Seeing us, he got up and greeted us with a big smile.”

“Yes, before you ask, both men looked to be in their mid to late sixties,” I anticipated Jim’s next question.

“They were both very gracious and acted like perfect gentlemen.” “Mr. Harris talked to them for a few minutes and then excused himself to leave.” “Before leaving he called me over to the door and whispered into my ear that I should relax and that his friends would treat me nice and not hurt me.”

“I think that did more to calm my nerves than anything else,” I explained. “Mr. Harris left and the two men asked me to sit down and offered me a drink.” “They introduced themselves as Mr. Thompson and Mr. James but that I should call them Sam and Fred.”

“Sam and Fred sat on a huge sofa with me sitting in a big lounge chair opposite them with a long coffee table in between us.” “For a while we just sat around sipping our drinks and talking.”

“Sam and Fred talked to me as if knowing I was nervous and they did their best to make me feel at ease,” I told Jim.

“What kinds of things did you talk about?” he asked.

“Oh, just general conversation, things like how long I had known Mr. Harris, how long had I been living in Miami, just things like that,” I explained to Jim.

“I have to tell you that Mr. Harris didn’t lie when he told us about you!” Fred told me.

“Oh, and just what did Mr. Harris tell you about me?” I asked them in a concerned voice.

“Oh, nothing bad, believe me,” Fred was almost apologetic; “He just told us that you were a very beautiful and well educated young woman.”

“I just giggled and thanked them for their compliments.” “Teasingly I smiled and said that I hoped they approved.”

“Okay, are you going to tell me what they looked like?” Jim asked looking at me in anticipation.

“OHHH, you just want to know if they had big cocks or not, I know what you want to hear,” I teased Jim. “Fred was 68, silver hair, a good tan and though a little paunchy around the middle, in fairly decent shape for his age.”

“Sam was taller, I guessed about 6’4”, had grey hair but balding on top, bright blue eyes with a mustache and a good tan as well.” “I found out these guys were successful businessmen in the Miami area and spent a lot of time at country clubs and golf courses.”

“Both men seemed very distinguished and cultured with perfect manners,” I described from memory the best I could.

“How old was Sam?” Jim asked.

“Sam was 70 years old, though he didn’t look it,” I told Jim.

“Okay, go on,” Jim was satisfied with my answer and was getting more curious and horny by the minute. I noticed a bulge begin to grow in his lap.

“I finished my drink and right away Fred offered to make me another one,” I continued. I then said, “You guys wouldn’t be trying to get me drunk so you can take of advantage of me?” I meant it to be a joke to get things going.

“I told Fred that I would like another drink but with a little less alcohol in this one.” “He mixed the drink and brought it to me.”

“I took a sip and decided that I better get things moving along, I mean, I had already been there over an hour and neither of them had made a move.”

“Standing up, I walked around the dimly light room to admire the luxurious furnishings and peeking out of the glass doors in the back of the huge living room to a beautiful view of the ocean below.”

“What did they do then?” Jim asked his face blushed red in anticipation.

“Well, nothing yet, I could feel their eyes watching me as I moved around the room but they were just telling me that the condo belonged to Sam and that they used it a couple times of the year themselves leasing it out the rest of the time.”

“I really think they were a little on the shy and bashful side and were trying to build up the courage to approach me,” I laughed. “I thought of just walking over and grabbing their cocks but didn’t want to appear to be too big of a whore!”

“But, I figured that if I got closer to them they may get things started so I had decided to sit on the sofa between the two men.” “However, when I passed Fred sitting on the end of the sofa, he reached out and taking my hand pulled me down onto his lap.”

“I kind of giggled a little as he wrapped his arms around my waist.” “He began kissing my neck, then my cheek working his way up to my mouth.” “His mouth found mine, his tongue parting my lips to enter and swirl around.”

“I then felt a hand begin to rub my legs and up my thighs underneath my dress while he kept kissing me.” “I just held him around his neck while he kissed and I kissed him back.”

“You mean you stuck your tongue in his mouth too?” Jim asked in excitement.

“Well, yea!” I quipped. “I knew that’s what he wanted so I did.”

I continued, “I sat in Fred’s lap for probably about five minutes while he kissed me and rubbed the naked flesh of my thighs above my stocking tops.”

“What about me?” I heard Sam say. “I pulled my mouth off of Fred’s and whispered in his ear that I better give Sam a kiss too.” “I got off of Fred and sat in Sam’s lap to let him kiss me and fondle whatever he wanted.”

“Sam glued his mouth to mine and kissed me long and passionately, exploring my mouth with his tongue.” “I felt his hand rub up my dress as well.”

“I was sitting in Sam’s lap facing Fred with both high-heeled feet dangling off of Sam’s lap.” “While Sam’s hand was rubbing the bare flesh of my thigh, I slowly spread my legs apart causing my dress to ride up and hoping to give Fred a shot of my pussy.”

“Sam taking that as a sign immediately let his hand run all the way up my dress and began rubbing my crotch thru my panties.” “I heard Fred let out a gasp under his breath as he had evidently watched Sam’s hand rub my pussy.”

“Sam just moaned into my mouth when he felt the moist crotch of my panties while rubbing the lips of my hot little cunt.”

“I could feel Sam’s hard-on thru his tennis shorts and wriggled my ass around in his lap teasing him.” “Fred slid over a little closer and reaching out started undoing the buttons on my dress.” “He got them all undone and with my help, pulled it down around my waist.”

“Fred then started squeezing and fondling my breasts while Sam kept kissing me.” “My bra was still on as Fred kneaded my tits pinching my nipples thru the material.” “He finally noticed that it clasped in the front and wasted no time in taking it off.”

“I then felt Sam use a finger to push the crotch of my panties aside, stick a finger up my wet hole and start to finger fuck me.” “Fred leaned over and began sucking my nipples while massaging my tits.”

“Sam finally pulled his tongue out of my mouth and stopped kissing me.” “His face was contorted in lust as he was busy feeling my young 20 year old pussy.” “I moaned softly as his finger expertly swirled around inside my pussy lips seeking out my sensitive clit.” I kept up my narration of what happened though had to insert some details to make it juicier for Jim!

“My moaning just got both men more excited as I felt Fred suck and squeeze harder on my nipples and tits.” “Wait guys, I then told them grabbing the waistbands of their shorts telling them to get these off.”

“I slid off of Sam’s lap so he could shuck his clothes.” “Both men took off their shoes, socks, shorts and under shorts leaving them only in their shirts.”

“I stared down at their cocks which were hard as rocks and jutting out in front of them.” “Yes,” I anticipated Jim’s next question, “Both guys were fairly well hung.” “Just the right size for sucking and fucking!” I giggled while telling Jim,

“I enjoy sucking a man’s cock, feeling the velvety soft head pressing against the back of my throat and especially love the feel of a cock when it suddenly grows rock hard expanding in my mouth before starting to throb and pulse while shooting its hot cum down my throat!”

“Does mine do that?” Jim asked with a smile.

“Oh, you know it does,” I replied.

“Well, I wouldn’t know seeing as how I’ve never sucked a dick!” Jim said with a tinge of sarcasm.

I let out a big laugh and then shocked him with, “Now that I would like to see!”

“You serious?” he shot back.

“Well, you’ve always had a fantasy of wanting to watch me eat another woman’s pussy haven’t you?” “Why should it be any different for me?”

“Well, forget it!” Jim said slightly agitated. “I’ll stick to pussy and you stick to sucking cocks and we’ll forget the fantasy!”

I laughed and excused myself to go the restroom and then made us another drink before sitting back down. While in the bathroom I had removed my panties to give Jim a view of my pussy while telling him about my experience.

“Okay, back to the story,” I told him when sitting down. “The two men were naked from the waist down and I stood in front of them naked from the waist up.”

“They sat back down on the sofa and I sat between them and reaching out, took a hard cock in each hand.” “I gently stroked and pumped their cocks while they just flopped their heads against the back of the sofa and moaned with pleasure.”

“After a few minutes I got up on my knees and leaning down took Sam’s dick in my mouth and began to suck.” “Fred pulled my dress up over my ass and started rubbing my ass thru my see-thru panties.”

“I heard him mumble what a beautiful ass I had and felt him rub and squeeze my ass cheeks before gently rubbing my crack.” “He rubbed the entire length of my slit before slowly pushing the crotch of my panties aside to stick in a finger.”

“Fred slowly finger fucked me while I greedily sucked on Sam’s cock.” “I reached between his legs and cupping his bloated ball sac began to gently squeeze and pull on them feeling his body tense and listening to him moan in lust.”

“I then felt Fred’s hot breath against my ass and felt a tongue slide up and down my crack before feeling it worm its way past my pussy lips as far as it would reach.” “He licked and slurped on my wet pussy moaning about how sweet it tasted and how he wanted to eat it.”

“Did it make you hot?” Jim asked though he knew that it did.

“You bet it did,” I said, “You know I love to have my pussy licked and eaten and you do the best job,” I added.

“Oh sure!” Jim laughed, “Well yea, I’m your husband; you would have to say that!”

I giggled and resumed my story. “After a while we traded places with Sam licking my pussy from behind while I sucked Fred’s hard dick.” “Sam did tell Fred while they were trading places that he was going to love the way I sucked cock!”

“Not wanting to disappoint Sam, I sucked Fred’s cock the best I knew how, pumping on the shaft while swirling my tongue around the big purple knob and squeezing his cum filled balls.” “He moaned loudly, eyes shut tight, his head thrown against the sofa back.”

“I felt Sam get on the sofa behind me and felt pressure against my wet pussy lips before feeling the shaft slide up my hot cunt.” “He gasped when his cock was buried up my hole and he felt the walls of my wet pussy grip it tightly.”

“He started a slow fucking rhythm rocking back and forth as his cock slid in and out of my hole.” “I kept sucking Fred’s cock while pumping and squeezing his balls.”

“So Sam hadn’t bothered to take your panties off huh?” Jim said excitedly.

“No, he just shoved his cock in while holding the crotch of my panties to one side,” I explained to Jim. “I think my see-thru panties turned them on because they didn’t bother taking them off for quite a while.”

“Sam fucked me for a while from behind and then the two men swapped places again.” “Fred got his cock in and I began sucking Sam once more.”

“Did they get really nasty and say dirty things to you or what?” Jim inquired.

“Not really, I mean neither of them got very verbal.” “They would tell me what a nice ass I had, what a tight pussy I had, how good I made them feel but really didn’t talk too nasty.” “Mostly they just moaned and groaned and when they did cum, they got real loud by moaning, groaning and grunting!”

“It’s almost as if they were concentrating on nothing but the pleasure of the moment and not wasting time on a lot of vocabulary!” I said laughing.

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