tagBDSMWild College Days Ch. 07

Wild College Days Ch. 07


The shower sprayed water down. Liz sighed as the water pounded against her naked skin, soothing her aching body. She scrubbed at her face, washing away the sticky mass of dried semen. She could feel it gumming her hair and sticking to her breasts and thighs.

Liz opened her bloodshot eyes to see Becky standing with her in the shower. The shower sprayed a gentle dew of water over the tall blonde's pert breasts and curvy belly. Becky's soft hands rubbed soap over Liz's body, gently washing the cum from her. Liz sighed again as Becky rubbed her breasts, her soapy fingers squeezing and caressing Liz's mounds, teasing her nipples. Becky's hands rubbed firmly down Liz's taut belly and sides, sliding over her hips. Becky's fingers scrubbed at the sticky mess that stained Liz's thighs and grazed gently upward. Suddenly Liz jerked back, giving an involuntary pained gasp as Becky's touch brushed against her abused pussy.

"Oh god," Becky said, her voice heavy, "I'm sorry, Lizzy."

"It's OK," Liz whispered, "just a little sore after everything tonight."

"No, Lizzy," Becky said firmly, looking in her eyes. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault. If I hadn't left you like that, those men wouldn't have..." She broke off with a choked sob.

"I'm ok," Liz said steadily, sliding her hands along Becky's bare arms.

It wasn't strictly true. Liz's pussy, ass and throat all ached from repeated battery. She'd been ready and willing to be gang-banged by Kevin, Brad and Gary, just like Becky had planned. Liz hadn't been ready to take all comers. (She groaned inwardly at her own unintended, unpleasant pun.) With a stomach churning shock, she realized she had no clear memory of how many penises had entered each of her openings. Things had definitely gotten wildly out of hand. Still, Liz felt it would have been much worse if Becky hadn't intervened.

"Lizzy," Becky started again huskily.

"I'm OK," Liz repeated.

Liz leaned close to Becky, looking slightly upward and wondering at the difference in their heights. The warm water of the shower pounded over them. Liz could feel the warmth of Becky's skin. Liz felt her breath quickening. Her full, round soapy breasts heaved and bumped against Becky's smaller, perky mounds. Becky gasped, looking down at their breasts rubbing together. Suddenly she laughed, a deep, embarrassed giggle overwhelming her.

Becky's laugher washed over her and Liz started giggling with her. Grabbing the blonde's shoulders, the busty brunette shook her soapy chest, rubbing her breasts against Becky's body while the two wet, soapy, naked coeds laughed uncontrollably.

Slowly their laughter died away, leaving the two women holding each other under the warm spray of the shower.

On impulse, Liz leaned up and kissed Becky's lips. Becky went suddenly still, looking down into Liz's bright blue eyes. Liz realized that she had never kissed Becky on the lips before. Not those lips anyway. Becky smiled slowly. The two coeds slid together, kissing slowly at first, then with growing passion.

Becky broke the kiss, smiling down at Liz for a moment before leaning down to kiss the busty brunette's neck. Liz moaned, her hands tangling in Becky's hair as the blonde kissed her way down Liz's neck and across her chest. Liz gasped and moaned as the younger woman's tongue slid over Liz's breasts. She yelped as Becky took a nipple firmly between her teeth, flicking it with her tongue. Becky nipped and sucked adamantly on each of Liz's breasts, then slowly licked her way further down.

"Becky," Liz said huskily as the blonde lowered herself to her knees. Liz had gone down on Becky a couple of times, but the younger coed had never done the same for her.

"Hush," Becky purred. Laughing softly she added, "It's my turn... lezzie Lizzy."

Becky slid her face between Liz's legs and brushed her tongue against Liz's pussy. Liz whimpered and moaned. She was still sore and suddenly worried about the stranger's spunk that was still oozing from her pussy. Becky's tongue probed her gently, teasing apart Liz's swollen pussy lips and flicking softly against her clit.

Liz moaned as Becky's seeking tongue sparked pleasure and pain. Her breath quickened to ragged gasps as feelings spread like fire from between her legs. Liz's hand shot out, pressing against the water-slicked wall of the shower stall as her knees grew weak. Becky's hands teased Liz's thighs and pressed against her ass. Liz moaned more loudly as her pleasure mounted. Becky's fingers gently parted Liz's swollen, sore pussy and her tongue fluttered against Liz's clit. Liz whimpered, shoving her hand into her mouth to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her body shook as her orgasm washed over her.

Knees buckling, Liz sank down to floor to kneel next to Becky. The water poured over them like rain.

"Oh," Liz sighed.

"You liked that," Becky smiled, trying to hide the hint of a question in her voice. "I've never done that before."

"Oh gods," Liz laughed softly, "I think I love you."


Standing in the bathroom doorway, Becky watched Liz, still unabashedly naked, walk to the bed and lay down. The busty brunette wrapped a blanket around herself and closed her eyes, seeming to fall quickly asleep. Becky stood and watched her for a long time, her emotions tangled and confused. A week ago she'd passionately hated the older coed for stealing her then boyfriend. Now, she felt stirrings of emotion she'd never experienced for another person and never expected to feel for a woman.

Sighing, Becky wrapped a terrycloth robe around herself. Liz may be completely comfortable in her skin, but Becky wasn't. She also knew they weren't alone.. Liz's apartment was a large single room studio, with the bathroom set to one side. The bed was set on the far side of the space from the apartment's small kitchenette and dining table.

Sure enough, the man who had brought them here from the party was sitting quietly at that table. In the dark, all Becky could clearly see was the pale skin of his face and hands. Dressed in dark clothes, with dark hair and dark eyes, he seemed to fade unnaturally into the shadows of the room.

She didn't know what to make of him. He had helped them, in a way, but at the same time there was something about it, a dangerous strength of will, now carefully contained. Becky shook herself. She didn't know what this guy's deal was, but she wasn't going to attribute it to supernatural powers. Not quite anyway. Warily, she stalked across the room and lowered herself stiffly into the chair opposite him, carefully holding her robe closed.

"I suppose I should thank you or something," she said after a time.

"I didn't really do so much, Becky," the dark man answered. "You're the one who rescued her in the end."

"My responsibility, right?"

He nodded, then quietly set a business card on the table between them. "If either of you need someone to talk to, I know a good shrink."

"You do this a lot?" Becky snapped. "This a typical Friday night for you?"

"No," he answered softly, "I just know a lot of people with demons. Hell, in the circles I run in it's practically trendy." He sounded suddenly weary.

"Right," Becky muttered, "You know, I don't even know your name."

"Derrick," the man answered gently.

"So what's your deal, Derrick," Becky sighed, "You want some kind of reward? Is that it? You want a fuck?"

"No offense Becky, but you aren't really my type," Derrick smiled. "Liz could be, under other circumstances, but even then I wouldn't poach your sub without permission."

"I'm sorry... poach my what?" Becky stared at him. "Did you just use words that make sense to someone?"

"Your sub," Derrick answered. "Gods below, you're new to this, aren't you."

"New to what?" Becky continued to stare.

"BDSM," Derrick said, "Dominance and submission, Master and slave... or Mistress in your case."

"You mean like whips and chains," Becky said incredulously, "and freaky leather hoods."

Derrick smiled, "Whips and chains, leather hoods and handcuffs, nipple clamps, needles..."

Becky cringed, wrapping her arms tightly around her breasts to protect them, "I'm not into that."

Derrick chuckled a moment.

"It's all just window dressing," he said. "It's not about pain or power, though those are part of it. What is important is the relationship, which you said quite plainly before. Liz is yours. She will do whatever you say, when you say. She will do it because she accepts your dominance over her. She trusts you to exercise that dominance properly. You failed in that tonight, but I think you know that... and I don't think you will again."

Derrick paused. Becky was staring at him, still incredulous. He smiled again then stood up slowly.

"This is a lot for one night," Derrick said softly. "I wrote my number and email on the pad by the phone. If you want to talk more, get in touch with me. Or don't. The choice is yours. Good night, Becky."

With that Derrick turned and walked quietly out the door, pausing only to add, "Good night, Liz."

Becky looked over at the bed. Liz lay quietly but her eyes were open, shining in the dark as she watched Becky.

"Mistress," Liz whispered slowly, as if savoring the taste of the word. Slowly, with a surprisingly liquid motion, Liz slid from the bed, dropping to her knees on the floor.

"My Mistress," she purred.

Sinuously, like a cat, Liz crawled across the floor toward Becky. Becky's breath caught in her throat as she watched Liz's lithe, curving body slinking toward her. Almost involuntarily, her legs fell open, parting the terrycloth robe. Liz crawled up between Becky's legs, her long fingered hands gliding along Becky's thighs.

"My Mistress," Liz sighed, leaning down to kiss Becky's foot. Becky gave a shuddering sigh as Liz slowly kissed her way up Becky's leg.

"Oh god Lizzy," Becky moaned in surprised pleasure as Liz's tongue touched the back of her knee. Liz's lips grazed slowly up her thigh. "Yes, Lizzy. Yes."

"My Mistress," Liz sighed, her warm breath blowing against Becky's moist pussy.

"Yes, Lizzy," Becky moaned, her fingers tangling themselves in Liz's dark, curly hair. "My Lizzy."

Liz's tongue darted out, parting Becky's wet folds. Pulling the brunette's face harder, Becky ground her pussy into Liz's face.

"That's it," Becky moaned, "just like that. It feels so good. Oh god, Lizzy... my lezzie Lizzy... my fucking lezzie slave... eat me!"

Liz's fingers parted Becky's folds. Her tongue teased and fluttered over Becky's clit. Slowly, she slid two fingers into Becky's warm pussy, gently touching her inside.

"Oh god," Becky moaned, "Oh yes... Lizzy, yes... don't stop... my fucking slave...don't stop... I'm... I'm... I'm coming!"

Becky spasmed, arching back against the chair as her whole body tensing with the power of her orgasm. Slowly, it faded away, then suddenly she spasmed again. Liz's tongue continued to flick against Becky's clit, sending little sparks of pleasure that coursed through her body.

"Enough," Becky moaned, "enough."

Liz rocked back on her heels, smiling up at Becky from between her legs.

"Whatever you want, Mistress," Liz grinned, "whatever you want."

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