tagGroup SexWild College Days Ch. 10

Wild College Days Ch. 10


"Oh hi, Liz," Gary smiled. "Is Becky here?"

Liz leaned against the door to the small apartment she now shared with Becky, looking up at Gary with a slight smile that would have worried the younger man had he been paying attention.

"No, she's not," Liz replied. "She had to go to the library to work on a group project for one her classes. Last minute thing."

"Oh," Gary sagged, clearly disappointed. "We were gonna go out..."

"I know," Liz smiled. "She told me to tell you she wasn't breaking your date. She's just going to be a little late. She also told me not to let you leave. So come on in. I'm supposed to make sure you stay here and keep you entertained until she gets back."

"Uh, ok," Gary looked confused and a little concerned.

Liz's smile widened. She knew what he was thinking. Her reputation and Gary's experiences with her both suggested her idea of keeping a guy entertained wasn't exactly the sort of thing a fellow was supposed to do while waiting for a date with another woman. The thought was exciting. She'd seen him check her out as soon as she'd opened the door. She knew he'd appreciated the way the short sundress she wore emphasized the full curves of her breasts and barely covered her shapely legs. Liz loved the fact that guys found her attractive and the thrill of someone giving in to their desire. Of course, she also had specific instruction from Becky, and she wasn't about to let her lover down.

"So come on in," Liz added, when it became clear that Gray was still hovering at the door. She wrapped her hand around his muscular arm and pulled him into the apartment.

The apartment was a large single room studio, with the bathroom set to one side. A bed was set on the wall next to the door, and the apartment's small kitchenette and dining table occupied the far side. Since Becky had moved in at the start of the new semester, the once open space in the middle of the room had become filled with Becky's dresser, shelves and modest entertainment center.

"Have a seat," Liz said brightly, pushing Gary toward the large, heavy frame bed. "I'll put in a movie."

"Uh, should I sit on the bed?" Gary asked, looking around.

"It's the only place there is," Liz replied over her shoulder. "At least, the only place with a view of the TV."

As Gary settled himself on the large bed, Liz turned to the entertainment center. Unseen by Gary, her smile turned wicked as she bent over to set up a movie. The hem of the sundress, she knew, had slid smoothly up her hips. As a rule, she only wore this particular dress on those occasions where she planned to, or at least didn't mind, flashing her panties at anyone nearby. The effect was even more interesting on days, like today, when she neglected to wear panties.

After taking an unnecessarily long time fiddling with the player, Liz got the movie started. She straightened and tossed a smile at Gary. She caught him turning away quickly, his face slightly flushed. She wondered if Gary had been thinking about last semester and the gang-bang. Smiling, she sauntered over the bed. With a long stretch, she crawled across the mattress and settled herself against Gary's side. The young man stoically fixed his attention on the opening credits of the movie.

After a few minutes, Gary started to relax. He was clearly enjoying the opening gun battle of the action movie Liz had chosen. Liz smiled and leaned against him. She knew was being obvious enough without resorting to just putting in a porno.

"So," Gary said into a break in the cinematic action on screen. "Becky lives here too?"

"Yeah, she moved in at the start of the semester." Liz replied, looking up into his face. "After... everything... that happened, it just seemed like the right thing to do."

"She's got another room?" Gary asked, looking around.

"No, silly," Liz chided. "It's a studio. What you see is what you get."

"Where does she..." Gary started, then flushed.

"Sleep?" Liz purred. Arching her back slightly, she dragged her breast against Gary's powerful arm. "Right here... with me."

"With... you," Gary repeated, his eyes sliding down Liz's body.

"With... me," Liz said in a breathy whisper.

Liz drew her leg up across his, pressing her breasts against his arm as she leaned closer. Her lips brushed his lightly. She felt him shudder under her. Her tongue flicked out to part his lips. With a groan, Gary pushed himself against her, kissing her hungrily. His hand grabbed her neck, holding her against him. His other arm wrapped itself around her waist, roughly grabbed her thigh and squeezing her ass. Liz moaned and threw herself into the desperate kiss, reveling in Gary's desire for her.

Panting, Gary broke their kiss. His hands continued to wander over Liz's body, while he stared at her. Smiling, Liz grabbed the straps of her dress and pulled it down to reveal her full, round breasts and already hard nipples. Gary groaned and practically lunged forward. His mouth locked down on her firm round flesh. Liz moaned in pleasure.

Gary's hands wandered over Liz's body, squeezing her ass, caressing her hips and finally sliding up between her thighs. Liz sighed as her legs fell open. Gary's fingers danced across Liz's wet folds. She moaned and arched her hips, pushing herself against his searching hand. A finger pushed between her folds, entering her. She groaned. His thumb slid along her, brushing her clit, and her hips bucked in response. Two more fingers penetrated her, filling her, and she gasped.

Liz moaned and writhed. Gary's weight was on top of her now. His fingers pushed into her pussy, thrusting in and out while his thumb brushed against her clit. His mouth devoured her breasts, his tongue swirling over her nipples. Her fingers tangled in his hair, pulling his head firmly against her chest. His teeth grazed her nipple and she whimpered. His fingers thrust deep into her pussy, filling her. Her back arched and she moaned wildly. He bit down, his teeth crushing her sensitive flesh. Liz screamed. Her body shook. His thumb rubbed relentlessly against her clit. Pleasure and pain blurred together. Liz's body convulsed and, with a wild cry, she came.

The door slammed shut.

Gary jumped. Liz quivered as his motion sparked new surges of pleasure through her. Over Gary's shoulder, Liz saw Becky, her room-mate and lover and Gary's date, tossing her book bag onto the floor. The tall blonde coed, in her usual study attire of ratty t-shirt and sweats, looked down at the pair on the bed.

"Becky," Gary gasped, "I... we... it..."

Liz wondered what exactly Gary was trying to say. With her sundress bunched around her waist, her naked breasts slick with saliva and Gary's fingers buried to the last knuckle in her stretched pussy: it isn't what it looks like, just didn't seem sensible. Fortunately, Becky really didn't care.

"Shut up," Becky said firmly.

"Becky," Gary stammered.

He pulled his hand out of Liz and she moaned again. Distantly she wondered if he planned to reach out to Becky with a hand slick with Liz's juices. She suppressed a giggle. This was simply too much fun.

"I said shut up," Becky repeated.

"Don't torture him," Liz chided lazily.

"Why not?" Becky snarled, then suddenly smiled. "It's fun."

With one quick motion, Becky pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it aside, revealing her perky, bare breasts. Before Gary could react, Becky leapt onto the bed and straddled him. She groaned as she settled her hips down over his thighs, grinding herself into the hard bulge in his jeans. Odd, Liz thought, Gary looked no less terrified now than he had a few moments ago.

"What are you waiting for?" Becky snarled. She leaned down, grabbing Gary's head between her hands and kissed him hungrily.

"What the hell's going on?" Gary demanded when she finally released him.

"I told Liz to entertain you," Becky replied. Grinding her hips against Gary's hard dick, she continued, "I can tell that she did just as she was told."

"I try to please my mistress," Liz purred, sitting up and brushing her lips against Becky's shoulder.

"You're fuckin' with me," Gary growled.

"Not yet," Becky replied, writhing on top of him. She stopped suddenly, glaring down at him. "If you don't want to play, you can leave."

"Or," Liz countered, kneeling beside Becky, her fingers caressing the blonde coed's perky breasts. "You could stay... and play."

"Fuck me," Gary swore in stunned disbelief.

"That's the idea," Becky purred, leaning down and kissing him passionately.

As Becky lay herself down on top of Gary, her mouth glued to his, Liz pulled her lover's sweats down, carefully maneuvering them off. Becky and Gary moved against her other, hands caressing each other. If Gary was surprised to find himself squeezing Becky's naked ass, Liz didn't see any sign of it. Maybe they had already pushed him past surprise, Liz mused.

Becky moaned and rolled off Gary. She smiled up at Liz.

"I think Gary's overdressed," Liz suggested, her memory briefly flickering back to another time, another man and another blonde coed. She pushed the thought away, forgetting it completely as she reached out to help Becky pull Gary's jeans off. Gary squirmed and kicked to hasten the process, while desperately pulling his t-shirt off.

For a moment, the three lay naked together on the bed: Liz, with her wavy dark hair, full breasts, curving figure, taut belly and shaven pussy, Becky, taller, with her short, straight blonde hair, small, perky breasts and trimmed blonde bush, and Gary, athletically built, with a fresh tattoo on his muscular arm and a long, hard shaft straining between his powerful legs. They smiled at each other, each admiring the others' bodies.

Finally, Becky and Liz exchanged a knowing glance. Together, they sank down on either side of Gary's hips. Liz glanced up at Gary's face, his eyes wide and lips split in a lunatic grin, as she settled herself down and kissed his hard shaft. Becky lay down beside her, running her own tongue up and down the length of Gary's dick. Gary moaned desperately as the two coeds kissed each other across the tip of his shaft, their tongues dueling over the swollen head, tasting his salty pre-cum. They separated. Liz kissed her way down, nuzzling Gary's balls while Becky sank her lips around his shaft, bobbing her head up and down on his hard flesh.

Liz kissed her way further downward, her lips moving down Gary's thigh, across to Becky's belly and downward still. Liz lifted her room-mate's leg and lowered her face between Becky's thighs. As Liz's tongue parted Becky's wet folds, Becky moaned, her voice muffled by the length of hard dick filling her mouth. Expertly, Liz licked and sucked Becky's pussy, her tongue flicking over her lover's clit. Becky moaned and grunted, inarticulate sounds escaping her lips around Gary's hard shaft.

"Oh god, Liz!" Becky cried as, with a wet pop, she pulled her mouth off Gary's dick. "Ooooh god... lick me..."

"Fuck," Gary moaned. Liz wondered distantly if he was disappointed that Becky had stopped sucking him, awed by the sight of Liz eating his date's pussy, or just making a request. It hardly mattered.

"Liz... oh god, Liz," Becky moaned, pleading "oh god... stop... Liz, stop... stop."

Defiant, Liz swirled her tongue in a savage assault on her lover's clit then sat back, stopping as abruptly as possible. Becky lay, panting. She smiled down at her lover and the two exchanged a glance heavy with meaning. Then Becky turned to look up at Gary and they both smiled at him.

With a quick motion, Becky pulled herself up and straddled Gary again. She lowered herself onto him as she had before, but this time no fabric separated them. Becky groaned as Gary's hard shaft slid across her wet folds.

Liz watched as the two rocked their hips together, Gary's hands on Becky's waist. She watched Becky's eyes go wide as Gary's shaft found its way between her folds. Gary thrust with his hips and Becky gasped as he penetrated her. Fascinated, Liz saw Gary's hard shaft disappearing into her lover's pussy.

"Ooooooh," Becky groaned. "Oh, god... oh... my... god... that feels... so... good!"

Liz stared as Gary's dick slid down, sticky with Becky's juices, and then disappeared up inside her again.

"Oh yes," Becky cried. "Oh god, yes... that's so... that's so good... oh, god."

Liz's fingers slid down between her thighs, teasing her clit as she watched her lover bounce up and down on Gary's hard shaft.

"Ooooh... ooooh... ooohhh, yes," Becky yelled.

Becky's hands wrapped around Gary's head, pulling him against her chest. His mouth latched onto her perky beasts, sucking and nipping as he continued to thrust into her. Liz's fingers worked furiously as she watched.

"Oh god... that's it... don't stop," Becky moaned. "don't stop... harder... don't stop... oh... oh... oh... god!"

Becky spasmed. Her body arched, closing fiercely around Gary's as her orgasm surged through her. Gary continued to thrust wildly into her. Becky's cry became a scream as her body tensed harder, quivering uncontrollably with each thrust. Gary gave a wild cry, driving into Becky with a powerful thrust. His arms crushed her against him as he too came. Liz closed her eyes and whimpered as her own orgasm rolled over her.

When Liz looked again, Becky had rolled off Gary and was laying beside him. Liz could see the slow trickle of thick white cum oozing from her lover's swollen pussy. Gary lay panting, his hard, slick member softening.

"Wow," said Gary, looking at Becky and then at Liz. "Wow!"

"Oh, thank you," Becky purred toward the ceiling. "I really needed that."

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