tagErotic CouplingsWilmington Woman's Club Ch. 70

Wilmington Woman's Club Ch. 70

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 69
Katy Meets Conrad

Wednesday night, nine-thirty, and Katy was dressed in one of her two bar outfits. This one a red spandex dress, hem at mid-thigh. It was so tight she looked as if she'd been dipped in warm blood. To the dress she had added black boots and earrings made of green stones that clicked when she turned her head.

The country band was finishing a set when she walked into the lounge at the Blockade Runner on the ocean in Wrightsville Beach with her two best friends, which some people still call tits.

As she made her way across the empty dance floor heads turned, and male voices fell into that low rumbling sex warble men used when sizing up a good looking woman. To Katy it sounded like they were coming to rather favorable conclusions about her and her outfit.

She walked the length of the bar until she came to two men sitting at the bar with an empty stool between them. Politely, she asked if the stool was taken. Both men promptly made room for her. Katy quickly dismissed the one on her left as too coarse for her tastes. The one to her right appeared to be a decent enough prospect. After all, all Katy wanted was to get properly laid. Invariably, she needed a hard cock in her after spending a day or two making love to another woman. And while Natalie had certainly gotten her off, ever since her first relationship with a woman, she had always had an overwhelming desire to have a nice dick between her legs by the following night.

Katy perched herself up on the wooden stool, looked across at her reflection in the mirrors behind the bar and snapped her head to the right, clicking the green stones hanging from her ears. The lady bartender eased in front of her, gave the two men an eye roll, and then asked to see Katy's ID.

"Hey, thanks," Katy said with a broad grin. "I'm thirty years old."

"I need to look at it, honey."

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine," Katy replied, turning the grin into a wide smile.

"Yeah, said the male Katy had already rejected, "Let's see yours, Daisy."

The bartender held her hand out for the identification, so Katy reached into her purse, and produced her driver's license. After scrutinizing the license for longer than necessary, Daisy asked what Katy wanted to have.

"Whatever he's drinking," she said, pointing to the man to her right.

"Whoa," said the man to her left, "I done struck out already," and he farted deliberately.

"Now that wasn't nice," the other man said.

"Tough shit," the other responded.

"No fighting in here, guys," Daisy worriedly called out, already thinking of the potential damage the two could cause.

"Wait right here," the man to the right of Katy said to her; getting up and grabbing the other man by his wrist, and twisting it behind his back.

"Ow!" He bellowed, even as the aggressive man moved him quickly and efficiently to the side entrance, and then out into the parking lot.

"I think you just set the record," the bartender said to Katy, feeling relief over not having to contend with a brawl so early in the evening.

"What do you mean?" Katy asked.

"You're only in the place ... what, maybe a minute and the guys are fighting over you."

"Must be the dress," Katy said, picking up her drink, a scotch and soda.

The bartender laughed. "I guess. I wore something that tight ... no offense, now, but a dress that tight I'd expect to be getting laid for sure."

"Those are my expectations, but don't tell the guys, eh."

Both women laughed, and Daisy refilled Katy's drink, and after patting her affectionately on the arm, said, "That one's on the house."

Just then the side door opened and the man Katy had picked sauntered back into the lounge.

"Any trouble?" Katy inquired innocently.

"No, did you expect any?"

"I wasn't sure. After you led him out, I didn't think you'd be the one with a problem." She looked up at him over the rim of her glass.

"Conrad Gentner," he said. "Friends call me Rad."

"For Radical?"

He laughed, and his eyes took in her body under the skintight material.

"No, but that's a good one, I'll have to remember it. Actually it's short for Conrad."

"I don't think I've ever met a Conrad before. Oh, my name's Katy, Katy Dide. And, please, no stupid remarks on the name. My parents punished me enough, thank you."

Katy could see the heat growing in his eyes as he all but devoured her. She let her mouth come open a crack. Moved her tongue around inside her mouth just a little, exploring her teeth. Conrad adjusted his breathing.

"Um, you from around here?"

"Yes," she said, "Born and raised here."

"I haven't seen you here before."

"Till tonight I hadn't sunk this low."

Conrad smiled, and Katy smiled back.

"You do anything to that guy?"

"I did, as a matter of fact."

Katy hummed her appreciation. "Hurt him bad?"

"He needs to get his ass to a dentist," Conrad said calmly.

Katy laughed. "Hurt your hand?"

"Not so's you'd notice," he replied, holding up his right hand for her examination. It had slight scratches across the knuckles, nothing serious.

"So what kinda things do you enjoy, Rad?"

Conrad dropped his hand to her knee.

Katy placed her hand on his and moved it up her thigh.

"I asked you a question, Rad."

"I like lots of things," he said, and forgot about offering her a taste of the cocaine back in his hotel room, thinking he wouldn't need it with this hot number.

"Name one."

He took a long sip of his scotch; brought his voice down low. "Something I do to her, or maybe something she does to me." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

"Maybe something she does for you." Katy gave him her lewdest grin, and added, "Something none of the other girls will do for you."

"You want me to pay you?" he asked, the irritation of doing so obvious in the timbre of his voice.

"No, no, Rad," Katy protested, drawing in a patient breath. "Are you that hard up, you'd be willing to pay someone?"

"I haven't paid for it since I was twenty. And that was a mistake," Even in the dim lighting, Katy noted his face and neck glowing red in anger.

"So tell me, Rad, what do you want Miss Hypothetical to do?"

He swallowed; looked around to see where Daisy, the bartender was. Finding her at the other end of the bar engaged in conversation with another customer, he turned back to Katy, and through half-slitted eyes, husked, "She could put her finger ... you know ... wiggle it around some."

Katy studied him for a moment. Conrad began to get nervous. He now began to worry that sharing such information had made him vulnerable. 'But Jesus,' he thought, 'this broad had him hotter then any woman in memory.'

"So, you want a finger ... up your ass? That about right?"

He swallowed, found his throat was dry. "If you're fucking with me ...."

"But I'm not, Rad, baby, I'm deadly serious."

"You'd better not ...."

"Touch me, Rad. See if I'm wearing any underwear."

Slowly, Conrad sent his hand under the tight dress. The bulge of his hand under the tight material could easily have been mistaken for an erection. Reaching the junction between her thighs, he found her true to her word. She wore nothing beneath the tight red sheath.

He sent a finger into her wetness.

"You've got a nice touch, Rad," Katy said, huskily, as she slid a finger back and forth between the fingers of his hand on the bar. "Why don't we get out of here? My place is only five blocks away."


The door banged open against the bedroom wall, and Katy found herself being hoisted against its hard wood. She wrapped her legs around Conrad, her tight red dress already up around her waist, as they kissed with uninhibited abandon.

He pushed harder against her, opened her thighs and pressed his dick into her. He cupped her panty-less ass in his rough palms and squeezed. The sensation thrilled her, and she kissed him deeper, as her heart continued to hammer wildly.

Suddenly, he lifted her up and whirled her toward the bed, and Katy squealed delightedly, clinging tightly to his shoulders.

"You like?"

"Damn, yes, I like!" She replied as she fell backward onto the soft white comforter, opening her arms like a snow angel's. Conrad stood between her knees at the end of the bed, laughing and breathing hard. He had all but carried her from the car and up the flight of stairs to her apartment. He unbuttoned his shirt and let it drop. A dim light from the hall just outside the bedroom window silhouetted the muscles in his shoulders and back.

Katy couldn't wait any longer; and with great effort, wrenched the tight fitting spandex dress over her head, wriggled free of it, letting it fall to the floor next to his shirt. Conrad's belt buckle jingled, the leather belt flipped to the side, and as soon as Katy saw him unzipping his slacks, she reached for him.

"Oh, Rad, you've got a nice one," she whispered a second before she began rubbing it against her face.

"You've got a great body, Katy," he said, using his arm to wipe some spittle from his mouth as he peered down at her.

"I could say the same for you," she replied. Her lust for him was evident in her tone. Her large nipples stood straight out from her breasts. They were almost as thick as his little finger; and both of them wanted them in his mouth.

He lowered his mouth to the nearest one and sucked it slowly, softly into his mouth.

Katy threw her head back and a rush of breath escaped her throat even as her nipple thickened a little more. She thought he'd never leave her tits alone; didn't want him to leave them, but knew even more pleasure lay elsewhere. And so, when he abandoned them to lick her navel, she didn't complain, but urged him lower with her hands.

Conrad found himself staring at her cunt. It was a little different from most in that this one had almost no lips hanging out; just a sort of swelling that opened up. And the opening already had droplets of her excitement trickling along the ravine of her ass.

She had not bothered to trim the brown pubic hair. Two thin, wrinkled flaps framed the entrance. The opening was just that, a narrow slit, Conrad placed his hands on either side of Katy's inner thighs, drew them outward so her pussy opened even more. He took a deep breath and inhaled the fragrance of her.

Katy shuddered. He was going to be good. Maybe even a great lay. She plucked at a nipple and moaned, for at the same time, Conrad's mouth closed down upon her clit and sucked. And when his tongue lashed the pea-sized pleasure point, Katy moaned indecipherable words, or at least, he couldn't hear them for her thighs had slammed shut around his ears, and her hips jerked spasmodically while she reaped the benefits of his mouth on her.

Conrad lost himself in her cunt. She was about as juicy a woman as he'd ever tasted. But just as he was readying himself to tongue her clit and finger her to an orgasm, Katy grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face away.

"What the fuck!" he sputtered.

"Sorry, I know you were getting your jollies eating me out. And you were doing a bang up job of it. But I want to get laid, Rad. Really I do. I had a woman eat me out through next Saturday last night. Now I want... check that. I need to get good and laid. Are you up for it?"

She didn't give him time to think about it; seizing his cock in one hand, she brought it to her entrance and stuffed him inside.

"Let's ride, cowboy!" she hooted a second before throwing her hips into gear and absorbing more than half of his mast. Conrad was a fast study, and didn't take more than a few seconds to get up to speed. That meant bottoming out in her well lubricated snatch, while she wiggled her hips up and down causing his cock to rub against as much as possible of her slippery cunt.

Conrad laughed and this surprised Katy. "Something funny?" she inquired.

"Yeah," he responded with a gasp. "Your twat's tighter than I thought it would be; a lot tighter."

"I'll take that as a compliment, now fuck me, and make it good!"

"You're a demanding bitch, ain't you?"

"I guess. Want a refund?"

"No. I'm going to fuck your brains out."

"A girl can't ask for more than that, Cowboy, let's get her going!"

Conrad began to slam it to her, first placing both her legs on his shoulders, and then kneeling between her legs. He was proud of his stamina in this regard, and slammed it into her for over a minute before slowing to catch his breath.

"Oh, my god, I'm so hot! Oh, yes, don't cum yet, wait . . . wait, I've got so much coming!"

"I can hold off a while, baby," he rasped. But he was tiring and went to long, slow thrusts.

"I'm gonna cum! Oh, yeah... Feel me!"

And he did. Katy's twat danced around his cock, spasming with each successive orgasm. Conrad held himself still, letting Katy do all the work, only thrusting when she slowed to an occasional squeeze of her tight cunt. And when she began to tire, she resorted to using the muscles of her cunt to milk him to a sensational cum that he would remember the rest of his life.

Conrad collapsed on top of her and lay there panting. He kissed the nook between her throat and her shoulder. Her hand returned the compliment, stroking his hair as they enjoyed the aftermath of their short, but intense fuck.

A few minutes later, Katy stirred and asked, "You, um ... you aren't one of them one and done guys are you, Rad?"

"I thought in all the excitement you forgot my name," he said with a smile.

"No, it's Conrad. Conrad Gentner, Rad for short, right?"

Right, but why call me Cowboy in the middle of our..."

"Our fuck?"

"Yeah, our fuck."

"I guess in the heat of the moment..."

"And there was plenty of that," he said interrupting.

"... I wanted you to ride me hard, and Cowboy's do that."

"Well look at what's come up?" he quipped, pointing to his new found erection.

"I want more," she whispered. "Don't you?"

"Oh, yes! Much more!"

"Good, then give it to me again."

She inhaled his cock again; only this time he felt her small finger probing at his ass. He smiled and didn't tell her to stop. In under a minute she had two fingers plunging into his back door as he moaned appreciatively.

Suddenly Katy brought everything to a halt, hopped off the bed, while holding her hand up in a 'just a minute' sign. Conrad watched as her lithe body seemed to skim across the room to a large dresser. Katy pulled open the second drawer from the top and held up a fairly large dildo for him to see.

He gave her a hard look and said, "You are certainly prepared."

"Well, to tell the truth, I use it on myself mostly, but not to worry, I clean it good after each use."

She reached down and took hold of his cock.


She pinched the head lightly, not painfully, just enough to get his erection to throb. "Will you roll over so I can see what you look like back there?"

He hesitated, and she followed with, "Don't worry; I won't try anything on you."

Conrad didn't reply. But his mind was racing.

"Please," she said. "Jut let me have this moment."

"Alright," he said grudgingly, but the reality was he couldn't wait for her to penetrate him back there.

Katy sent her middle finger into him. He moaned and her finger began an in and out rhythm, speeding up as soon as he opened his legs a little wider. A minute later she withdrew the finger, and said, "Do you know how long I've waited for something like this?"

Conrad blanched as he felt something else start to penetrate his anus. He knew it was her dildo. And it hurt.


"What's the matter?"

"Lube the fucker!"

"Oh, I forgot. I'm sorry!" Katy extracted the dildo and went to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom, found a tube of KY-Jelly and applied a liberal dosage to the surface of the dildo and then walked back to the bed and did the same to Conrad's ass.

"I'm so sorry. I forgot that when I use it on myself I'm already good and wet. It didn't occur to me ...I've never done it to a man before."

Satisfied that he was now prepared for the dildo, he presented his ass to her and almost purred as it eased its way into his rectum.

"I'm fucking you now. You know that?" Katy said.

"Of course I know it," he said sounding irritated at her comment.

"Shhh," she said. "Listen."

Then he heard it, the wet sound of the dildo sliding in and out of his ass.

"Can you hear it?" she asked.

"I hear it," he said and moaned with a satisfaction she had not heard from him earlier. He also heard her spitting, adding additional lubrication to the process. The sound seemed to be amplified as time passed by and her pace increased.

She hit the spot deep inside him. The one that felt like it was connected straight to his balls. It made him think he had to piss, but he knew otherwise and soon shockwaves of pleasure were coursing through his cock.

"I'm gonna cum!"

"Oh, my God!" Katy shrieked. "That must be the spot. Your G-spot!"

"It is! Oh, Christ... fuck me right there!"

"Like this?"

"Yeah ...only harder and faster!" He was humping back at her driving hand.


A wave of pleasure descended through Conrad's body. He pressed his face into the mattress and grunted repeatedly in time with his spasms. His ass contracted around the dildo with each pump of his balls. He thought he would never stop coming and was now oblivious to everything but the waves of pleasure sweeping over him.

When he came down from his climax, Katy was lying on his back, kissing it. She had removed the dildo from his ass and had it pressed against his thigh. His ass hurt, but he knew they would do this again if he had the chance.



"Have you ever bedded two women at a time?"

"Yes," he answered quickly, although he hadn't.

Katy knew he was lying, but his interest level indicated he might be up for what she had in mind.

"I have a friend. She's... new to this type of sex. I mean, bi-sexual and threesomes."


"She wants to try it."

"Go on."

"Her name is Natalie. I've only this week introduced her to having sex with me. She has an aptitude for it, and I wondered if she might like fucking me with a man in our bed; namely, you, Rad."

"Is she good looking?"

"Better than me, Rad."

"That's hard to believe."

"Flatterer! Anyway, if you're not doing anything special tomorrow night I can have her meet you."

"You have that kind of control over her that she'll meet anyone you tell her to?"

"No. But I can get her to meet a handsome gentleman. That would be you, Rad."

"Will she fuck right off?"

"That would be up to you, sweetie. It might take a second meeting. Nat is the shy type, but a hellcat in bed."

"Where would we meet?"

"Give me a number. I'll set things in motion. I'll send her out to meet you. A bar in town, maybe?"

"What about you and me?" Conrad inquired.

"You fuck Natalie and I'll gladly hop into the sack with you again. Of course, she'll be there too."

"Sounds like a plan," he said and began to dress.

Katy was delighted with herself. Poor Nat, she won't know what hit her.

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