tagNonHumanWindswept Ch. 07

Windswept Ch. 07


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Angel woke with a gasp as she was jostled roughly. She immediately realized that her hands were tied behind her back, and when she tried to swear aloud, she discovered she was gagged, as well. She could hear voices, and feel a pair of arms carrying her, but she couldn't see. It took her a minute to realize she was blindfolded too.

She groaned, and whoever was carrying her stopped. "The minx is awake!" he shouted, and dumped Angel unceremoniously on the ground, knocking the breath from her. She breathed hard, but the gag prevented her getting a full breath in. She started to panic, thrashing in her bonds.

"Aw, fuck."

The gag was torn from her mouth, and she sucked in a long, deep breath. "Let me go," she hissed.

The man, who by his voice she now recognized as Harlem, laughed. "Why would I do that? You were enough trouble to get down here." He paused. "Give her one to herself. I don't want her touched."

Another pair of hands hauled her to her feet. Angel stumbled forward, and then she heard the unmistakable sound of a metal door being slammed closed. "Fuck you, Harlem!" she shouted. "Ryder's going to murder you!"

She heard him murmur, and someone laughed. "You'll be able to soon enough, Angel," he laughed. "As for your concern for my state of health, I'm very touched. I assure you I'm very safe. Ryder isn't going to find me, and he most definitely will not find you. Now, try to get some sleep. It won't do for you to have dark circles under your eyes during your auction."

His last word sent a tremor through Angel's body. Auction? She was going to be sold? She swallowed a cry of despair that rose in her throat. Ryder would rescue her. He had to. She forced her trembling limbs to still. "Ryder," she whispered, "Ryder, I need you."


Ryder's head was still foggy from the chloroform. His eyes would cross themselves from time to time, and if he wasn't careful, the whole world would spin and he'd almost pass out again. Even with all of that, he was up on his feet, beginning to search every possible place that damned girl could be. He had no qualms about what he would do to Rey when he found her. It was going to be long and painful.


He slammed a closet door closed in frustration. Rey was doing a good job of staying hidden, and it was fucking annoying him. She knew what Harlem was up to, and she knew he needed that information. She'd be fucking lucky if he didn't rip her wings right out of her back.

Turning, he saw Tenner walk around the corner. The younger man shrugged. "Not hide, nor hair," he said despondently. He let out a frustrated sound. "She's still here. I can feel her. But we can't find her!"

Ryder rubbed his eyes, and Tenner's face changed. "You haven't slept since Angel went missing, Blondie. You can't keep this up."

As much as Ryder didn't want to admit it, Tenner was right. The older angel sighed, running a hand through his hair. "Two hours. Come wake me up in two hours, ok?"

Tenner nodded, and Ryder walked off to his room. In the three days since Harlem had kidnapped Jenna, he hadn't entered that room. All it did was remind him that she wasn't in his bed with him at night. But Tenner had been right. If he was going to be any good at finding anybody, he needed to get some rest.

As soon as his body hit the mattress, he was unconscious.


Angel was pissed off. When someone finally came to collect her, days after she'd been put in the cell, she front-kicked him in the balls, whipping the handcuffs around his neck and cuffing him to the bars of her cell door. "Fucking idiot," she said in his face. "I'm from New York."

She walked away from the cell and stopped. "Harlem, now. Get your ass down here."

When the placid-looking man appeared in front of her, she lashed out with a back fist, breaking his nose. While he clutched his face, she said, "You better hope to God that Ryder or I never get our hands on you. I'd say I'd kill you, but I'm afraid death would be too fucking easy." She breathed deeply as three daemons appeared behind Harlem. "Your backup's here."

Harlem waved them off, pushing his nose back into place. He shook himself, standing up straight and wiping his bloody hands on his shirt. "Your point is crystal clear, Jenna," he said calmly, sounding only slightly nasal. "I regret to be the one to tell you that you will belong to one of us very shortly. Anyway, it's been three days. Shouldn't your prince have come for you by now?"

She didn't show it, but his words cut her deep. She did wonder why Ryder hadn't come for her yet, but she assumed he had a good reason. She lifted her head proudly. "Keep deluding yourself, Hell-Boy. It will make it that much easier to take you."

Harlem laughed, and Angel allowed him to grab her arm, leading her away from the cells. For the first time, she got a good look at her surroundings, which, she considered, was Hell.

The walls were smooth and black, almost glossy, and the floor was tiled with alternating shades of red tile. It was less spacious than Heaven. Apparently, daemons dealt better with small spaces.

Harlem led her through a series of hallways, finally coming to stop in a large room, almost like an auditorium. The stage was to the left, filled with people milling about. Angel swallowed. Every one of them had red-tinted skin, fangs, and a tail. She was cruelly outnumbered.

He pushed her up the stairs onto the stage and through the crowd to a room offstage. There were three other girls in the room, cowered in a corner. One was sobbing quietly. With quiet relief, Angel realized that they were all human.

"Stay here," Harlem muttered, and closed the door behind him, locking her inside. As she looked over the girls, she realized that they were wearing only the skimpiest of clothes that barely covered their breasts and pubic areas. She felt uncomfortably overdressed, as she still wore the long blue dress she'd gone to see Michael in.

She knelt next to one of the girls who wasn't crying, holding out her hand. "I'm Angel," she said, smiling in a friendly way. The girl eyed her uncertainly, and then shook her hand.

"Tara," she said in a small voice. She motioned at the other two girls. "This is Taylor and McKenzie."

"Tara, do you know why they have us in here?"

At Angel's words, McKenzie broke into a fresh bout of tears. Tara bit her lip. "Yeah. We're going to be sold. Auctioned off to become slaves," she added helpfully. Angel nodded slowly, sinking against the wall.

Ryder, she thought, Ryder, please, I need you.


She stroked his face, looking down at him with those big deep blue eyes full of lust. "I missed you," she murmured. Ryder sat up and wrapped his arms around her, pulling her close against him. He sighed deeply against her neck. He realized he was dreaming... but it was too good to have Jenna back in his arms.

He kissed her mouth, gently nibbling on her lip. In response, she curled her legs around his waist. "Please," she whispered, "Please baby, fuck me."

Ryder growled, whipping her around so that he was on top of her. Paying little attention to her clothes, he tore them away, leaving her perfect little body bare to his blazing eyes. She smiled up at him and spread her legs. Ryder didn't need another hint. With another almost feral growl, he thrust forward, completely encasing his hard shaft inside her. She barely had time to cry out before he was pounding into her. He threw inhibition to the wind, allowing himself to use her in a way he would never dare to in a state of consciousness.

His hands grabbed her breasts, squeezing them almost painfully as he felt his cock swell inside her. "I'm going to fucking cum inside you," he hissed. She was beyond words, her eyes almost rolling into the back of her head. At his words, though, she locked her legs behind his back and met one of his thrusts.

With a loud cry, Ryder came. She bucked underneath him as her own orgasm swept through her, intensified by his hot cum spurting into her womb.

As his pleasure receded, Ryder collapsed next to her, kissing her mouth. "Thank you," he whispered huskily. She just smiled and got to her feet. She started walking to the door, and then stopped. Ryder's eyes were already closing as he turned to get one last glance at her, but what he saw made him sit bolt upright.

"You bitch," he hissed. Rey just smiled.

"You forgot my power over the unconscious mind? Hmm. That's too bad."

Naked as he was, Ryder leapt up from the bed and stalked over to her, slamming her against the wall. He realized that he was very awake. His hand encircled her small throat and squeezed. "Where is she?"

Rey struggled for air. Her mouth opened. "Can't... tell..."

He relaxed his grip slightly. "Tell me. Now. And I might not break your neck."

"Hell," Rey whimpered. Her eyes were big and scared. She hadn't expected that Ryder would actually wake up. She swallowed. Well, at least this time she had a plan.

Tenner burst through the door unceremoniously. "I heard you yell..." he began, and then saw Rey. His face hardened.


Angel remained mute as a daemon entered the room and gave her a once-over. He shook his head. "Take it off," he said, motioning at her dress.

Far beyond large outward signs of defiance, Angel held his gaze while she undressed, glowering as he smirked at the sight of her naked form. He tossed her some clothing similar to what the other three girls were wearing, a red tube that barely covered her breasts and a matching pair of lacy panties. Then he motioned for them all to get up.

"Show's on," he said, his fangs flashing. He led them back through the hallway to a place backstage. "You four, stay here. Got that?"

They nodded silently. Angel kept her face emotionless, but her stomach was fluttering. She was beyond scared. Her terror snuck into her very bones and seeded itself deep inside in her mind. She was going to be sold to a daemon and...

"I'm going to die," the girl called McKenzie groaned. She slid down against the wall, hugging her knees to her chest. Angel opened her mouth to comfort her, but at that moment sounds started coming from the stage.

"I don't do introductions boys, so without any fucking small-talk, our first girl. Taylor?"

Taylor turned white and stopped breathing. A daemon woman grabbed her arm and pushed her out onto the stage. "Get out there! They called you!"

Angel heard cheers and whistles, and then the announcer said, "Let's start off with four for her!"

The price, though what they were using for money, Angel had no idea, quickly rose to twelve and stopped there, and Taylor was sold to number 386.

McKenzie, the sobbing girl, went next. She sold for eight to a number 777.

"This one's a real riot, boys. Angel, honey, come out and give us a show."

Angel swallowed. Tara gave her a reassuring look as she walked out onto the stage. The lights blinded her at first, but she could hear the catcalls and whoops quite clearly. The announcer, a daemon with a long, flicking red tail, beckoned her over.

"That's a doll. Fucking look at her! She even looks like an Angel! Can we start her out at seven?"

Her price almost immediately rose to thirteen, and then steadily climbed to eighteen. With a start Angel realized that one of the daemons bidding for her was the same one she'd handcuffed to her cell door. Oh gods, she thought, please, please not him.


The crowd fell silent, and the announcer scanned the faces. "Forty-six? Who said that? Show yourself if you're serious, man!"

Angel searched the crowd too, until she saw a daemon holding up a sign with 914 written on it. She couldn't see his face very well, but the announcer seemed satisfied. "Sold, for forty-six years!"

Had she heard him correctly? Years? Angel was taken off the stage in a haze, barely seeing where she was going. The stagehand finally led her to a room with two doors and one chair. "There you go, Angel. Enjoy." He winked, and then he was gone.

Not too long after, one of the doors opened, and the daemon with the number 914 came in.

He was mostly in human form. Only his long red tail, whisking across the floor slowly behind him, betrayed his real heritage. His face was angular and clean-cut, with a five o'clock shadow that matched the color of his charcoal hair. He stood tall, taller than six feet. Angel felt her hope beginning to fade.

The daemon held out his hand. "Don't be scared of me, please," he said softly. "I'm not going to hurt you." He waited until she had steeled herself enough to shake his hand. A small smile turned the corners of his lips. "Nice to meet you, Angel. I'm Faust."

With his name, Angel caught a wave of his thoughts. Curiosity mixed in with shards of regret and traces of adrenaline. She met his eyes, confused.

"Come with me. I'll explain."

Angel barely had time to register that his lips hadn't moved before he had slipped an arm around her waist and was leading her down another set of hallways. His hand felt hot on the bare skin of her stomach, making her press against him. If he noticed, he didn't seem to mind.

"Where are we?" Faust ignored her question.

They stopped in front of a door which Faust opened, ushering Angel inside. There were two rooms, a small bedroom with a bed and a desk, and a bathroom with a shower. He closed the door and turned toward her. Angel took a step back, suddenly very aware that she was very alone with him.

He stopped moving and waved a hand. "Relax. I don't want that from you. I lean the other way." He watched her until he knew she understood.

"But... why did you buy me?"

Faust motioned to the bed. "Have a seat."

She did, but he stayed standing. "I'm a telepath, like you. There aren't many of us, but I can feel one from miles away. Your thoughts are going off like radar pings. Which, by the way, you'll need to fix. This guy Ryder isn't going to hear them, and they're driving me bat-shit." He barely paused. "Don't look surprised. Don't even think about it. Just accept it."

"Ryder will come for me," Angel said, though it sounded more like a hiss.

Faust waved his hand again as he started pacing. "Yeah, I know. He's already on his way. It takes a while to get from the Bronx to Las Vegas." He looked at her out of the corner of his eye. "You really don't know much, do you?"

Angel just shrugged helplessly.

"This guy is going to bust you out. He's just pissed off enough that he actually might. When he gets here... if he does, I want out too."

Just as Angel started forming the her thoughts about his selfish character, he added, "And frankly, Angel, the rest of them would tear you apart, knowing whose you are. I don't have much of a conscience left, but letting them do that would weigh heavily on it."

"Thank you," was all Angel could manage to say.


"Are you sure this was a good idea?"

Harlem waved his hand. "She'll be lost in the crowd, Michael. He'll never find her."

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