tagLesbian SexWith Strings Attached Ch. 08

With Strings Attached Ch. 08


Alice did a final look around her room before turning to leave. After losing her virginity and the way she felt while doing it, she just didn't want to spend any more time than necessary in her bedroom as she tried to deal with what happened. Now, after finishing her chores she headed for the living room. She needed to take time and process everything that happened. She had just spent half the day cleaning her house, per Nicole's instruction's, dressed in a French maid's uniform and her feet and back were killing her. It wasn't just having to clean while wearing high heels but from having to do it while looking sexy, as Alice knew Nicole was watching her through the cameras.

Alice had been imagining the moment she would loose her virginity since the seventh grade; first to her husband after a romantic wedding then to a gorgeous movie actor after he had professed his love for her. The fantasy evolved from there as she matured. Yes she still fantasized about actors but she also had dreams about princes, pirates, and sports heroes. But the one common thread was they were all male. Looking back to last night, the reality could not have been farther off. Yes, she looked incredible, better than she had ever looked in her life, but the person who took her virginity was a girl. To make it worse, her first time was also filmed and Alice shuddered to think how it looked. Would she look scared or reluctant or worse like she was truly enjoying the experience?

As her bare ass came into contact with the cushion of the sofa Alice was reminded of the shortness of her skirt and the dress code that Nicole had set for her. Taking a deep breath, Alice looked down at her nylon covered thighs as they disappeared under the skirt accented by its pink petticoats and apron. She couldn't believe that Nicole had forbid her from wearing white because, in her words, she was no longer a virgin. Having to dress like an exhibitionist was bad enough but now she had to stop wearing a color so people would not mistake her as pure. And what about her school uniform. Yes the school allowed for grey and cream blouses to be worn instead of white but most of the students simply wore white. Wearing any other color would really make her stand out.

Her personal review was stopped by the sound of a car pulling into Alice's driveway. Her mistress had returned. Nervously Alice stood up and walked to the door to let her girlfriend in, but Nicole opened the door before Alice could reach it and walked confidently through carrying her camera bag and a large white box.

"Shouldn't a proper maid curtsy when her mistress enters the house," asked Nicole with a smirk, "or do we need to increase your level of training?"

Alice, already nervous from the presence of her mistress and now lover simply curtsied and took the large white box Nicole held out in her hands. Nicole had a way of making her uneasy and every time Nicole arrived Alice would worry what that kinky girl had planned for her. So Alice felt a bit of relief when she found the box empty. Not knowing Nicole's the next move; she simply stood in place and looked at her mistress.

Wearing a pair of black strap stilettos, a pair of faded black jeans and a gold cami under her trademark leather jacket, Nicole looked every bit the rocker chick. Her hair and makeup looked perfect and Alice could not help but notice that Nicole's finger nail polish matched her lipstick perfectly as her left hand slowly played with the strange necklace around her neck.

The necklace had a pendant that looked like some sort of teardrop bottle with an ornate gold cap that hung between her breasts on a thin gold chain. The bottle contained a dark red liquid that matched Nicole's nail's and lips and she wondered to herself if the bottle was meant to be filled with different colors to match one's makeup.

Nicole slowly walked beside Alice her free hand moving to Alice's waist and remained anchored in position as she spun around and pressed herself into Alice's back, her other hand releasing the bottle and slid down from Alice's shoulder and coming to rest at the top of her ass. Alice couldn't stop Nicole since her hands were occupied with the white box and so she simply stood at attention during the assault.

"Last night was wonderful puppet," whispered Nicole, her mouth next to Alice's ear. "I could not have asked for a better partner and your performance was truly extraordinary. You looked perfect in every scene and every frame. You did look a little nervous at the beginning of the bedroom scene, but that only added to the mood, making it so much more believable."

"Thank you mistress," crooked Alice as she felt Nicole hands move to the front of her waist as she gently caressed Alice's stomach.

"Don't mention it puppet," continued Nicole as she released Alice and walk before her. "I enjoyed taking your virginity and as you can see I intend to keep it close to my heart."

Confused Alice took a closer look at the elaborate bottle hanging between Nicole's breasts and its contents.

"After you passed out last night from sexual pleasure, I collected some of your blood and hymen and encased it in this bottle," stated Nicole as she lifted the necklace. "It is a replica of a middle age poison dispenser but I converted it into something more useful."

"That's my virginity?" squeaked Alice. A chill running through her as she looked at the jar hanging from Nicole's neck; now fully understanding its contents, Nicole had not only taken her virginity but was wearing it around her neck as some trophy.

"That's a good way to look at it puppet," giggle Nicole. "So I guess as long as I'm wearing this necklace I'm a virgin."

"I guess so," answered Alice still trying to comprehend what was happening.

"And to help preserve your memories I got you that remembrance box," stated Nicole pointing to the large box in Alice's hands. "My mother has one for her wedding dress. It's kind of weird actually. The body lace of the dress slips over an enclosed plastic torso and is displayed through clear lid of the box. The end result is what looks like a window to a coffin. I thought it would be the perfect container for the outfit you wore last night. This way you will have it as a constant reminder of your big day, and the only item of white clothing you will be allowed to keep."

Alice could only look down at the box in her hands. Loosing your virginity is a major event on a young person's life and Nicole had taken full control of it. Most girls simply cherish the memory of there first time but Nicole turned the experience into a porno shoot, making the outfit that she wore into a symbol of her becoming a woman and claiming her virginity as a prize to be displayed around her neck.

Nicole could not help but smile. Alice was the perfect girlfriend. She was so innocent and yet so perverted, if given the proper direction. That is why Nicole had set up the no white rule. Yes, she enjoyed making Alice obey her commands but she wanted to make sure that Alice knew she was no longer a virgin. Even with everything they had done in the past week Alice was still a novice when it came to sex and intimacy, the fact that she had professed her love in only a matter of days was evidence of that. Not being allowed to wear white, seeing the necklace and the remembrance box would be physical reminders that even though she had never had sex with a boy she did have sex and she did loose her virginity. A point that Nicole intended to drive home as they watched the video she had made of the big event.

"Now, since you are dressed for it, why don't you start preparing dinner," commanded Nicole, "and while it's cooking we can watch the video I put together. Afterwards you can clean up and we can place your outfit from yesterday into the box and squeeze some lessons in before we go visit your sister."

Alice simply nodded her head in agreement and turned to strut her way to the kitchen knowing there was no sense in trying to negotiate with her mistress.

Alice felt humiliated as she slowly climbed off of the bed and walked hesitantly over to her vanity, her naked body covered with sweat from their earlier activities. For Alice, the whole evening was one uncomfortable event after another. First she was forced to watch the DVD Nicole had made of her loosing her virginity. Her fears about how the video would look were heightened when the disc started up showing her walking down the hall dressed all in white heading towards her bedroom her ass swaying seductively as her heels click on the floor. As she stopped and turned into her room the title "Virgin to lesbian: The story of Alice" appeared on the screen with a menu selection below. Alice was shocked as Nicole went through each of the selections and discussed what was on the screen

The first menu item was entitle "First Kiss" and was a short video of Alice strutting towards Nicole at the party where they first met. Nicole must have had someone film the event and she had to watch the recording her approaching Nicole with a sexy strut and a smile on her face only to have Nicole stand up and give her, the very first kiss of her life. The rest of the video's followed suit covering the first time she was French kissed and the first time she ate out a girl and was eaten out. Their was even a montage to the song "First Kiss" covering her make-out sessions with Nicole, Vicky, April and the girls at the movie theater.

By the time Nicole started the actual movie, Alice had lost all hope that she would look like an unwilling participant. In fact, thanks to the multiple takes Nicole had done Alice could not see any sign that she was not fully involved in the production. The bathroom scene introduced a very erotic, virginal looking girl, albeit a little nervous, but what girl wouldn't be before having sex for the first time. With her appearance and the quality of her lines it looked like she was willingly making this statement as a testament to her love and her willingness to surrender her virginity to Nicole.

While Alice felt like she was going to her execution as she walked from the bathroom to her bedroom, the final product looked like a seductress strutting to meet her lover. Her foreword staring eyes, looking straight at the camera, and her concentration on her movements came off as if she was trying to seduce the camera as she approached. Additionally the camera placed on the bathroom floor did a perfect job capturing her walk and the sway of her ass as she moved down the hall.

The bedroom scene opened with a nervous virgin standing in the doorway, presenting herself to her lover, her hands moving across her body and her legs rubbing against each other in anticipation, actions she did not remember doing. Alice could not believe how aroused, how willing she looked as she approached Nicole. She even had to admit that the image of the two of them standing in the middle of her bedroom dressed as they were looked very erotic and the level of desire was very obvious in their eyes.

The perceived level of participation embarrassed Alice as she watched the make-out session. Her hands flowed and groped both her own body and Nicole's as they went at it hot and heavy. When Nicole pushed the dildo down between Alice's legs it looked like she jumped in excitement and slowly began to rub herself against the object that was to take her virginity. Alice felt she looked so eager as Nicole slowly backed her towards the bed. If Alice did not know any better she would assume that she was not only being directed by Nicole but held back as she strained to get to the bed as fast as possible.

Alice knew no one would believe that she did not want to give her virginity as the love scene began. Alice could see the lust in her own eyes as Nicole played with her clitoris and the soft moans and begging coming from her lips made Alice shudder as she knew at that moment she wanted Nicole to consummate the relationship, to take her virginity. As Nicole started to slowly penetrate her Alice saw the look of pain on her face that sadly was not from the act being forced upon her but the tearing of her hymen, a look that quickly was replaced by the lust that she had shown earlier.

Afterwards Nicole announced an end to the afternoon activities and ordered Alice to make herself beautiful for the trip to the club and April's seduction. Not wanting to give Nicole an excuse to keep her in the room any longer she quickly strutted towards the bedroom door.


Alice held the lapel of her black trench coat tightly to keep it from opening as she tried to keep up with Nicole and the hostess. Even though it was her third time coming to sideshow Alice still felt very uncomfortable about being in a strip club and her clothing, or lack of, did not help either. Dressed only in a pair of knee high boots and a trench coat she felt like she was naked in a room full of people paying to see naked women. Her only other article of clothing, if it could even be called that, was the harness of the strap-on that Nicole had securely locked on, keeping the two appendages filling her orifices firmly in place and the little studs pressed into her mound and clitoris. Every step she took caused the two intruders to move about within her, there slight buzzing keeping her on edge, the rubbing of the knobs against her clitoris sending very unwelcome sensations throughout her body.

Upon reaching the booth Nicole took off her coat glancing at Alice and daring her to do the same before settling comfortably into the seat. However Nicole's subtle taunt did not affect Alice as she simply wanted to hide behind the table and stop the wicked appendages from affecting her body. Keeping hold of her coat lapels Alice quickly turned and maneuvered into the booth letting out a load gasp as her butt made contact with the bench, the plug pushing deeper into her rectum.

Alice sat in a daze as she squirmed in her seat, no matter which way she moved the plugs kept demanding her attention and Nicole's manipulation of the speed of the vibrators made watching the girls dance before her all the more difficult. Nicole normally kept the vibrators at their lowest setting when nothing was happening and slightly revved them up as a new stripper went on stage, the arousal building up within her coming off as lust for the strippers.

Even with everything going on Alice was still worried about her upcoming encounter with April, aka Ruby, who seemed to have taken an erotic liking to the idea of a little sister. The thought brought her back to her seduction of Vicky on Wednesday. After sitting naked in the restaurant booth Alice was ordered to follow Vicky to the women's bathroom where she performed oral sex on the sexy waitress. So complete was the seduction that Vicky was willing to do anything to curry favor with Nicole and be granted time with her.

Alice remembered completing the photo shoots with the new Hooters uniforms and having to fix her makeup and hair while still wearing the black uniform. Holding back the tears Alice carefully inspected herself in the mirror not believing that she was making herself look sexy for another woman.

As Vicky's car pulled into her driveway Nicole took Alice by the hand and led her to the front door, she could see the look of desire on Vicky's face as she strutted to the entrance still dressed in her own uniform. Vicky didn't say a word as she walked up to the frightened teen and gently cupped her face in her hands while leaning in for a passionate kiss, a kiss that Alice returned as she had been taught to do. Her own hands reaching up to encircle Vicky's waist as Vicky lowered one hand to secure the back of Alice's head while the other roamed over Alice's back. The kiss continued for several minutes before Vicky finally pulled back and took in the image before her.

"She does make for one sexy Hooter's girl," announced Vicky finally turning her attention to Nicole.

"Indeed she does," agreed Nicole. "Why don't you come in and make yourself comfortable? I'm sure our waitress will be more than happy to take your drink order and perhaps you can try some of our off the menu items."

After making a quick stop to the bathroom to fix her lipstick Alice returned with the drinks and took her place next to Vicky on the loveseat. For the next hour she sat next to her amorous suitor as Vicky fondled and explored her body. All under Nicole's approving eyes and ever-present camera, finally Nicole suggested that they move to Alice's bedroom.

However a rapid increase in the intensity of the vibrators jerked Alice back to the present and alerted her that the target was approaching. Alice gasped at the image of the sultry vixen approaching her.

"Doesn't Ruby look lovely tonight?" whispered Nicole as she gently played with Alice's hair.

"Yes mistress," answered Alice, still trying to shake the memory of Vicky from her mind and absorb the image of her pretend sister making her way towards their table.

April did indeed look beautiful in a sexy way, more like and exotic dancer at a gentleman's club then a stripper dancing only for money. Still following the slave girl theme April wore a pair of purple stilettos, the straps wrapping around her bare caves all the way to her knees. The short strips of purple chiffon making up her skirt, danced back and forth as her hips moved from side to side and the rhinestones on her bra sparkled in the light. Even the sweat that covered her body added to her image of lust. She was out to seduce and Alice knew that she was the target of her sister's desires.

As April walked across the club the excitement built within her. Normally April would never even consider the idea of coming on to someone she met at the club and in fact given up dating for the most part. Being a stripper made it hard to have a normal relationship. Most men loved to watch strippers and were more than willing to have sex with them but were unwilling to have a relationship with them. And while April loved having sex she did not want to become emotionally attached to someone who not only used her body but used her as a meal ticket or have issues with her stripping for other men. That is why she mainly dated other strippers or married men, they satisfied her physical needs and did not try and take advantage of her.

But with Alice she saw the potential of something different. Alice had an innocence about her, a beautiful young girl who saw her as a sex object and liked the idea of her being a stripper; a girl who was already in a kinky relationship and was open to being with other women. With Alice, April could have her cake and eat it too, sex with a person who wanted her sexually, who liked the idea that she was a stripper and was willing to play a very kinky game.

April knew she had to have her sister and as she came to a stop in front of Alice she placed her hands on her hips and pushed out her chest to give her sister a good look. She had always been good at flirting, a skill that served her well as a stripper. But tonight her goal was not to separate men from there money and the costume she choose was not the best for stripping but it did look very good on her and she was more interested in enticing Alice than appealing to the male patrons of the club, not that they seemed to mind.

After a few moments of displaying herself before her target April bent at the waist to give Alice a good view of the top of her cleavage and softly caressed Alice's hair and gently kissed Alice on the mouth, a kiss that was much more sexual than one would normally give there sister.

"Hello little sis," stated April in a sultry voice her hands touching Alice's hair and neck and then down to her shoulders and breasts. "I'm happy you came to watch me tonight."

"Hi Ruby," crooked Alice, trying not to focus on Aprils touch or the breasts hanging just before her eyes. "I'm happy to see you too." All of the stimulation she was getting was playing havoc with her body and emotions. She only used to feel this way when she fantasized about some star she seen in a movie or on TV. Now with Nicole's constant manipulation she was starting to associate these feelings with women and hated herself for making that association with another female.

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