With Strings Attached Ch. 08


"Yes I can see that," purred Alice as she maneuvered into the seat sandwiching Alice in between Nicole and herself, her hand caressing Alice's hardened nipple.

Alice could only gasp from the added stimulation. The vibrators had been steadily increasing her arousal levels and now pressed between Nicole's and Aprils' thighs she could only close her eyes and bite her lip as her body once again took control pulling her mind along.

"Yes Alice is very excited about coming back to see you and the other girls perform," interjected Nicole. "She even has a special surprise for you, isn't that right puppet."

"Uh ha," was all Alice could say. She was lost in her arousal and just wanted it to continue. She did not want to think about the fact that she was receiving it from her girlfriend and a stripper in the middle of a strip club. Her mind wanted to ignore where she was and what was happening and just let her body get what it wanted.

"I love surprises," giggle April. "I will just leave you two alone to enjoy the show. Just remember to save the last dance for me." And with that she gave Alice a kiss on the cheek and stood up and strutted across the room.

Alice instantly snapped out of her sexual haze as the intruders that were bringing her so close to climax suddenly stopped and began their gentle vibration. Taking a deep breath Alice was a whirlwind of emotion. She felt humiliated by the fact that she gave up control of her body and almost climaxed in a strip club. To Alice it was bad enough to allow her body to become aroused by the stimulation it was getting but she surrendered to the idea of having an orgasm and just as it was about to happen to stimulation was abruptly stopped now her body demanded one. Gasping for air she turned to face Nicole the frustration oblivious in her eyes.

"Don't worry puppet," stated Nicole as she brushed some of the hair away from Alice's face. "Just obey the rules and by the end of the night you will get your orgasm. From the looks of it I do not think it will be very hard for you to pick up our sister tonight."

Alice closed her eyes and shivered. Her body ached for the touch of her pretend sister and the return of the stimulation of the vibrators under the control of her girlfriend. With her level of arousal and Nicole's demands running through her head her body wanted April to return as fast as possible. The rational part of her brain did not want this to happen, she did not want her pussy dictating her actions particularly with it under the control of her girlfriend. But she knew that she had little choice in the matter she had to please Nicole and Nicole wanted her to desire other women.

The night continued with Alice in a constant state of arousal thanks to Nicole's touch and her expert control of the vibrators. Every time a stripper came on stage Alice had to engage Nicole in conversation about what she liked most about her and whether she would like to eat her out or be eaten out by her. Which one she would love to use a strap-on with and which one she would like to mount with a strap-on. Even which one she would like to take up the ass.

The initial nervousness she had coming to a strip club without any cloths had completely vanished. Replaced with the arousal Nicole had forced upon her body and Nicole's insistence she look and think about the women around her as Alice's mind become more comfortable with her surroundings and her emotions did not seem to bother her.

It was at this time that Alice turned her head and spotted a stripper approaching, her eyes focused on olive-skinned beauty. Unconsciously Alice studied the woman's athletic form. Dressed in knee-high boots, shorts, bra and fingerless gloves all in black leather made her look formidable and did more to highlight the flesh that was exposed then conceal. Despite her minds preference for not ogling other woman Alice could not stop from staring at the sexy Amazon, not noticing that she had stopped before her.

"Enjoying the view?" barked the woman in an authoritative voice.

Alice snapped out of her gaze and her mind was brought back to the reality that she was sexually eying another female and in a very lewd manner. Dropping her eyes Alice could only stare at the floor in embarrassment.

"Well are you going to answer me, my shy flower," purred the woman as she brushed her finger against Alice's cheek, "or are you going to look just at my feet?"

Alice let out a loud gasp as Nicole increased the speed of the vibrators and looked up into the stripper's eyes.

"Go on answer the woman, puppet,' teased Nicole.

"Puppet, a very fitting name" giggled the woman as her figure rested below Alice's chin ensuring Alice kept eye contact with her suitor and turning her attention to Nicole. "My name is La Cuero Rosa.

"Hello," stated Nicole, "my I say on behalf of myself and my little puppet flower it is a pleasure to meet you,"

"The pleasure is all mine," continued La Cuero Rosa, turning her attention back to Alice. "So do you like what you see or do I have to punish you for not answering me?"

"Yes," blurted Alice, shivering at the thought of being punished by the formidable woman standing before her.

A smile crept across the woman's lips as she took a step back to give Alice a better look at her body. "Well which is it little puppet?" demanded La Cuero Rosa, "Do you like what you see? Or do you want to be punished?" she growled as she grabbed hold of Alice's hair.

"I like what I see," whimpered Alice, taken aback by the strippers aggressive action. While Alice had become accustomed to watching the strippers perform and discuss them with Nicole as was still very uncomfortable having to talk with them or when they performed a lap dance for her and Nicole. She wanted to remain hidden and in the background, something that was very hard for a woman to do in a strip club to begin with and now this stripper was not only interacting with her but was doing it in a very forceful manner that Alice knew would draw attention to her.

"So you think I'm pretty?" questioned La Cuero Rosa.

"Yes, yes I think you are very pretty," answered Alice on the verge of tears.

"And you like looking at my body," continued La Cuero Rosa.

"Yes I like looking at your body," stated Alice now just going along with the questioning.

"But I don't believe you just want to look at my body," stated La Cuero Rosa as her hold of Alice's hair turned into a caress. "I think you want to do things to it. Tell me I'm right little puppet."

"Yes, yes I do," whimpered Alice, now very worried about were this was going.

"Yes I thought so," purred La Cuero Rosa. "However I do not believe you are the one I need to ask."

"How about it?" asked La Cuero Rosa, turning her attention to Nicole "Do you want to go in back for a little puppet show?"

"I would like nothing more," replied Nicole standing up to follow the stripper.

Alice knew the drill all too well. Strippers would give you a lap dance at your table for a certain price. They would dance in front of you and generally titillate you. If you are willing for pay more you got to go to a back room where stripper was allowed to touch you but you are not allowed to touch them. Each of these will last for one song, no matter if the song was already playing or just started. However, if the patron is willing to pay even more they are taken to the private room that was bigger and offered the most privacy. All of this was information that Alice did not want to know but, given Nicole's constant discussions about the strippers and the strippers desire to give her free dances, she had unwillingly become an expert in the inner workings of a strip club.

Upon entering the private room Nicole took a seat in the recliner furthest from the door and discreetly pulled out her video camera while La Cuero Rosa sat on the other seat. Confused Alice simply stood in front of the stripper waiting for her next command.

"Since you have already seen my body I think it is only fair that I get to see yours," demanded La Cuero Rosa. "So we are going to switch roles and you are going to be the stripper and dance for me, the customer."

Alice simply gasped as her eyes darted between the two smiling women now seated before her and waiting for her to begin her strip routine. For Alice this was a new low. While she loved to dance she hated being the center of attention, she liked to be the anonymous person in the crowd, just one of many doing the same thing, not standing out and critiqued by everyone around her.

"Time to start puppet," ordered La Cuero Rosa, as Brittnay Spears 'I am A Slave for U' started to play through the speakers, "Or do I have to call Betty?"

Alice began to awkwardly dance to the song she knew her pretend sister was dancing to on stage. Not having much clothing with which to tease her customer, Alice nervously opened her coat and blushed as La Cuero Rosa giggled at discovering her secret. The song seemed to go on and on as Alice wiggled her butt, slid her hands all over her body and touched her breasts as she played the part of the stripper. Finally the song ended with Alice kneeling before La Cuero Rosa looking up at her leather encased breasts.

"Not bad for a first time," stated La Cuero Rosa, as her fingers traced the outside of her bra keeping Alice's eyes fixated on her breasts. "But you have a lot to learn, especially if you want to work the private room. Perhaps you should ask your sister to teach you the proper way to dance and seduce."

"An excellent idea," stated Nicole. "Alice promised Ruby that she would have the last dance and I will make sure she convinces Ruby to give her some private tutoring. And I promise you the next time puppet her dances for you, you'll not be able to keep your hands off of her."

"Oh, I already cannot keep my hands off of her," laughed La Cuero Rosa as she pulled on the front of her shorts snapping the buttons holding the sides together. "Now it is time to show me how much you like my body," continued La Cuero Rosa as she wrapped her hands around Alice's head and began to push her towards her hot and wet sex.

Alice held firm and stared at the moist pussy before her. Even though Nicole had been teaching her how to eat pussy for the past week and she had spent to better part of Wednesday night with her mouth on Vicky's pussy she still hated having to eat out other girls. She had no choice but face the fact that she was pleasuring another girl. No matter what was happening to her body she could not block that from her mind.

"Start licking, slut," barked La Cuero Rosa, her voice full of impatience.

Alice knew she had no choice and decided that it was best to get started and get it over as quickly as possible. Alice closed her eyes and slowly moved her face forward until pubic hairs began to tickle her face. Sticking out her tongue Alice gave La Cuero Rosa's pussy an exploratory lick and gently nibbled her swollen clit.

"Yes, yes that is very good," groaned La Cuero Rosa as her hands loosened their grip on Alice's hair and slowly began to move her hips side to side.

La Cuero Rosa moaned in delight with the occasional gasp for air as Alice continued lick and suck at her clit and pussy. Alice was still grossed out by having to perform oral sex on a woman and wanted to get La Cuero Rosa off as quickly as possible and get out of this humiliating position. However, the increase in intensity from the twin vibrator's made it impossible for Alice to ignore her own body as she rubbed her crotch against the carpet in an attempt to push the vibrators deeper into her orifices. Her body needed release but no matter how she moved he body she could not get enough stimulation to take her over the edge. In a battle with her subconscious Alice stopped her hands from reaching down and playing with her nipples and instead wrapped them around La Cuero Rosa's thighs, anchoring herself to the stripper. La Cuero Rosa used this change in Alice's position to lift her ass off the chair and grind her pussy against Alice's face.

Alice accommodated by moving her body in sync with La Cuero Rosa's. She was coming close to the crest and Alice wanted to finish off La Cuero Rosa before her own orgasm took over her body. Her mouth slurping up La Cuero Rosa's juice as Alice's deep breathing caused her nostrils to fill with La Cuero Rosa's aroma. The beautiful stripper's movements suddenly stopped as she let out a loud moan and her body began to convulse as if hit by an electrical charge. Alice continued to lap up the juices that were coming all over her face as she snuck one of her hands down to her groin to increase the pressure from the vibrator in an attempt to being about her own orgasm.

However, just as Alice was about to crest, the vibrators suddenly stopped, causing her to let out a groan of frustration. It was more than Alice could take both emotionally and physically and she released La Cuero Rosa and dropped her head to the floor. Eyes closed, Alice could only wimpier softly as her body grudgingly settled down from its pre-orgasmic peek and her mind processed what she had just done. Alice was embarrassed and humiliated by the fact that she had gotten sexually aroused while performing oral sex on a female stripper. She could not believe that her body had convinced her that it needed an orgasm so badly that she was willing to degrade herself as payment.

"That was fantastic my little bee," breathed La Cuero Rosa. Normally she would never do anything with a customer, especially in the club, as at the very least it could get her fired or, worse, arrested. But she had always gotten a sexual high bossing people around and this situation was unique. Alice was Ruby's sister, not someone who would rat her out to the police, and most important she was not a paying customer. Both Alice and her keeper got in for free and neither had given her any money for her services. No this girl was a little honey bee that would eat from her flower and she was determined to get it as often as she could. "Tell me did you enjoy sucking the nectar from my flower?"

"Yes, ma'am, it was very good" breathed Alice still looking at the floor. The revulsion and humiliation from having to make such a statement made her unable the think or move, all she wanted was for it to be over; the prolonged exposure to the vibrators had made her extremely horny and Nicole still had the controls.

"Then it's settled," boasted La Cuero Rosa as she stood up and but her shorts back on, "you will strip for me and drink my nectar whenever I see you at the club. I'll tell your sister you are ready for the last dance. Make sure you watch and learn my little honey bee and be sure to ask her to help you with your stripping. I want to see a much better performance next time."

"My, my, she is a demanding lover," giggled Nicole as she turned her video phone to face the prone teen. "Tell me puppet, are you as horny as you look?"

Alice cringed at the statement. She did not like the term lover being attached to the stripper she had just been forced to dance for and to bring off in the back of a strip club. The act was more dirty and degrading and had nothing to do with love and yet her body was still very much aroused and yearning for the vibrators to rev up again in the hopes of reaching the orgasm it demanded so much.

"Yes mistress, I'm very horny," whispered Alice unable to lie, "Please let me cum."

"Of course I will let you cum puppet," stated Nicole helping Alice to her feet. "But first we need to clean you up and get you ready for your sister. Remember you must look your best."

Alice had to laugh at the order. Here she was, practically naked in the back of a strip club, her face covered in the juices of the stripper she had just pleasured and her girlfriend wants her to clean her face so she could look good to seduce another stripper who wants to play her sister.

Nicole could not help but smile as she watched Alice remove her make-up and wash her face with the small wet-nap. The video she shot of Alice dancing and pleasuring the stripper may not be the best quality but it was still hot. Nicole could not believe how eager Alice was to orally pleasure the stripper and the way she tried to grind her pussy against the floor really showed how horny the teen was. To Nicole, Alice was the perfect playmate and she was eager to use her to her full potential.

"Very good puppet", stated Nicole as Alice finished her make-up job, "however one important piece is missing."

Alice gasped as she saw the red version of the dildo Nicole used to take her virginity. Nicole not only wanted her to have sex with April, but she wanted her to fuck April in the back of a strip club.

Meanwhile, April hurried off stage as fast as she could. Ever since she had laid eyes on the sexy red head girl she could not get her out of her head. All week the fantasy of the two of them being sisters burned and evolved in her head until her thoughts had gotten truly perverse. She did not just want to have sex with her sister she wanted a relationship with her. Yes she wanted everyone to know she was doing her sister but she also wanted a secret affair with her and her mind did not stop there: after all, if she could have an affair with her sister, why not have one with her sister's girlfriend as well. All week she fantasized a twisted plot with her being the other woman to both girls. The more she thought about it the hotter she became and she realized that there was more to be had, why just stop at her sister when there was also mom and dad to think about! However April first had to quench her desire for her little sister and so she put aside her other fantasies as she approached the door.

As she entered the room, April as surprised to see Alice sitting naked but what really caught her attention was the strange appendage attached to her groin. "Why little sister what a big bone you have!" purred April in a sultry voice as she sauntered into the room.

Alice felt too embarrassed to answer and simply smiled back nervously. Her hands slowly stroked the red dildo like a boy would, just as Nicole had directed.

"I'm glad that you are as excited to be with me as I am to be with you," continued April, bending before Alice. Her hands gently covered Alice's as they slowly moved up and down the strap-on.

"So am I," crooked Alice as the vibrators suddenly came back to life. She couldn't help looking over the exotic beauty before her, the sheen of sweat covering April's body glistened and the body sparkles covering her tinkled in the light. Bending at the hips April's large breasts were hanging right before Alice's face pressed, together by April's arms, and she could not help but stare at the way they hung down, so full, so soft. Embarrassed to realize she was staring, Alice quickly switched her gaze to April's face as the stripper straddled her lap and began to run her hands along the sides of Alice's body, sending shivers up her spine. Her flawless makeup accentuating her lush lips and lust filled eyes.

"Mmmm," cooed April as she began to rub her groin against the dildo attached to Alice's hips, her hands moving up to cup each of Alice's breasts her fingers gently pinching Alice's already hardened nipples.

Alice could only gasp as her sensitized nipples sent shock waves throughout her body. She was struggling to keep control of the situation as her hands moved up to April's shoulders, her body moving in sync with her sexy suitor. As if by instinct, Alice closed her eyes as April pulled her in for a kiss, an incestuous kiss full of passion and perverted desire.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you sis?" breathed April as she pulled away from Alice's lips.

"Yes," moaned Alice as she felt April hands return to her breasts.

"You love my body, don't you sis?" continued April.

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