With Strings Attached Ch. 08


"Yes I do," replied Alice hypnotically.

"And you want nothing more than to fuck me, right sis?" continued April as she kissed Alice's lips, neck, shoulders and nipples.

"Yes I want to fuck you," hissed Alice ashamed that her body was so willing.

"Your wish is my desire," whispered April as she kiss her way down to Alice's navel and then dropped her mouth down to suck Alice's cock.

Stunned Alice placed her hands on each side of April's head as she looked down into April's eyes. She was actually getting a blowjob from a stripper in the back of a strip club. Out of all the things she had done in the past week this was both the strangest and least revolting. With April working her strap-on, Alice wasn't actually doing anything directly with another girl. She wasn't sexually touching another girl and for the most part one wasn't touching her, just the unyielding vibration from the dildos imbedded in her pussy and ass.

"But first I think I'm a little overdressed," giggled April, a nod to the fact that Alice was naked and she still wore her stripper costume.

Alice's eyes unconsciously focused on April's body as she pulled away from her and began an erotic strip-tease. Despite her desire not to ogle, Alice could not tear her eyes away from the sexy feminine curves moving before her; her eyes drifting up and down the beautiful body being unveiled. As her own arousal took over Alice slowly moved her hands to her breasts. The effect was electric as Alice pinched and pulled her nipples and allowed her eyes to be lead by the vixen dancing before her. Alice knew she was breathing in short breaths, panting, as her arousal at the girl dancing before her won control. Her rational mind meekly retreated to the fact that she was being forced and her body wanted it anyway.

April could not help but smile at the effect she was having on the target of her desires. Now down to only her very wet thong, April leaned over and placed her mouth right next to Alice's ear.

"You made me so wet and horny little sis," purred April as she pulled Alice's hand from her breast and ran it over her soaked panty gusset.

Alice could only stare as April stood back up and slowly pulled her panties off. With a slight flick of her wrist the sopping wet undergarment went flying towards Nicole, landing with a very resounding splat. With a lustful look on her face April moved forward, the inside of her legs brushing against the outside of Alice's as she straddled her conquest. Still unable to take her eyes off her suitor Alice got a close up view of April's large breasts. There was a smile forming on April's face as she place one hand on Alice's shoulder and reached down to grab the tip of the dildo with the other.

Applying slight pressure, April slowly lowered herself on the latex cock, a slight slurping sound accompanying the act. Alice could feel the pressure of the dildo as it pushed against April's pussy, gently opening her vaginal lips, the pressure easing as it penetrated and slid into April's lubricated love channel. Alice became lost in the sensation as the pressure pushed the harness against her clit, granting her the stimulation she had previously sought by grinding against the floor.

Placing her other hand on Alice's shoulder April, continued her descent until the dildo was firmly embedded in her pussy. Then, taking Alice's head in her hands she leaned in for a deep, passionate kiss as she wiggled and rotated herself against the phallus imbedded with her. Alice simply returned the kiss, her own intruders giving her new stimulation with every move of April's hips. Alice lifted her hands to encircle April's back and pulled their bodies into a tight embrace. April's breasts were pressed firmly against hers, which heightened the weird but erotic feeling of having two soft orbs pressed against her as they kissed.

Breaking from the kiss, April lifted her pelvis up and pushed down impaling herself on the dildo and began repeating the process over and over, gradually picking up the pace until she had a reasonable rhythm with the slight slurping sound still audible between her moans. Dropping her hands she began to pinch and pull Alice's hardened and sensitive nipples with her long nails.

The effect on Alice was absolutely electric as her heart began to race and her own hands moved subconsciously towards April's breasts. Even though she was the one wearing the penis she was not the aggressor, she was the one being fucked. Instead of the one doing the fucking and she just followed April's lead as she began to grope at the stripper's breasts.

All Alice wanted was for the pressure against her clit to continue. All thoughts about what she was doing and with whom were swept from her mind as she concentrated on one thing: orgasm. What she was doing no longer seemed distasteful. Her body was excited that it was nearing the release it had craved for so long. That craving became so great that she lowered her hands to Aprils hips and actively pushed her down on her pelvis as she pushed up with her hips. The added stimulation was enough to push both over the edge.

"That was so hot!" announced Nicole as she put down the video camera and began to clap, "beyond a doubt the best show I have ever seen." The sight of her girlfriend getting fucked by the stripper was almost too much for her. Her body tingled with excitement. She wanted desperately to join the fun, but she knew she had to wait until she got the two beautiful sisters to Alice's home and the cameras.

"Thank you," breathed April as she looked into Alice's eyes. "I must say that my sister really inspired me, like we were meant to be." With that she leaned in for another kiss pushing her tongue into Alice's mouth.

With April sitting on top of her there was nothing Alice could do but accept the kiss. A lustful aggressive kiss being forced on her by a naked stripper who was still impaled on the strap-on attached to her groin. The arousal that had clouded her mind had receded after her orgasm, clearing her mind and leaving her humiliated once again by what she had just done. With the deed done, all Alice wanted was for it to be over, but while her desires had been satisfied it seemed that April's had just been fanned. Not only that but her statement deeply worried Alice.

As the kiss broke Alice turned to a smiling Nicole, "It was enjoyable for me too" stated Alice gasping for breath. "But I'm already in a relationship and have no desire to leave my girlfriend."

"Well just because you are in a relationship doesn't mean you can't spend time with family," added April as she slowly pulled herself from the dildo. Her feet still shaky, she fell to the floor and proceeded to giggle.

"You may be family," stated Nicole in a firm voice, "but remember she's my girlfriend and I don't intend to let her go anytime soon."

"I would never dream of breaking the two of you up," answered April as she got back on her feet. She continued with a sly smile, "But getting between the two of you is something I'd definitely dream of!"

Alice just sat and listened to the banter taking place before her. Here she was, sitting naked in the back of a strip club as a stripper not only wanted to pretend to be her sister but also wanted a pretend incestuous relationship. And even though Alice did not want to be in a relationship with any girl she was relieved that Nicole wanted to continue their relationship. But she was nervous about April's intentions and how it would play out for her. All she wanted to do was put her coat on and leave but that changed with Nicole's next comment. "That sounds like a very good idea - how about I head back to your sister's house and get everything ready for us there. Then, when your shift is over you can give Alice a ride and we can continue from where we left off."

Alice really didn't like the predatory smile on April's face and was beginning to regret remaining quiet during the bizarre conversation that had just taken place. As much as she did not like spending time with Nicole, she was nervous about April's intentions and didn't like the idea of being at her mercy.

"Couldn't I go back home with you mistress?" stuttered Alice, immediately regretting her statement as soon as she saw the expression. Alice cowered as Nicole strode over and pulled her close by her hair.

"No, you may not puppet," growled Nicole as she pinned Alice against a wall, placing her mouth next to Alice's ear. "I want you to be a good little sister and wait for her here. Ask her to take you in the back so you can fix your make-up while she finishes her shift; make yourself beautiful for her. I want you to keep her interested and make sure she is more than willing to do what we ask. Remember that you need to get her to agree to teach you how to strip and seduce women. When she is ready, let her take you home and I will be waiting for you there. Make sure she is hot and horny when you walk through the door! Promise her whatever she wants. Got it?"

"Yes mistress, sorry mistress," babbled Alice hoping, to placate Nicole. Alice felt she had no choice but to go along with Nicole's plan. Here she was, naked in a strip club and her girlfriend is about to leave her with a stripper who wants to play her sister. All she wanted at that point was to get out of the mess, get home and wait for her parents to return tomorrow but now her only avenue seemed to be hitching a ride with a girl who had very oblivious intentions towards her.

"That's what I want to hear," smiled Nicole as caressed Alice's cheek with her finger and pushed her hair away from her big blue eyes. "You do know how to make a girl horny, don't you?" continued Nicole as she turned the twin dildos back on.

"Yes mistress, I know how to make a girl horny," squeaked Alice.

Nicole could only smile at her lover. She had always had a thing for girls. Watching woman flirt, kiss and be intimate with each other was the ultimate aphrodisiac for her. Ever since she started looking at pictures of woman together she imagined that they were performing for her and as she matured, that morphed into a desire to watch and take her own images of woman. She got an even bigger thrill seeing them in different scenarios, acting for her pleasure. That is why she liked Alice so much. She was a sexy puppet that Nicole could dress and control and feed her voyeur, costume and bondage fetishes and who was willing to act out the fantasies she was placed in. She was the character that would bring her fantasies to life and she had several months to make them happen. She just needed to make sure Alice went with her plans, even if she needed a little prodding.

"April, your sister will wait for you in back and when your shift is done will ride home with you and was can play a little more," commanded Nicole as she gathered her things and prepared to leave.

Alice paced nervously back and forth in the dressing room feeling very alone and vulnerable. She felt her life was totally out of her control and saw no way out of it. Here she was a girl trapped in the back of a strip club naked except for a pair of knee high boots and worse yet having the strap-on still secured to her hips. She had no way home and no one to call. Her parents were not due back until tomorrow and there was no one she could call for help. The easy solution to this problem was to just go along with the plan, it wasn'tt very appealing to her, it was her only hope. Lacking any other option, she paced and waited for her pretend sister to finish her shift to take her home where Nicole would film them being intimate together. Hopefully by tomorrow all this would be behind her.

Upon hearing the door to the dressing room open Alice breathed a sigh of relief to see that it was April returning with her coat in hand. Her feeling of relief had gotten the better of her as she dropped her arms that were covering her breasts as rushed over to the stripper and gave her a big hug.

Alice simply returned the hug as she smiled at Alice's action. Even after receiving one of the best fucks she had ever received in her life she was still aroused by Alice and the fantasy she had created around her new sister. She could not help but feel a quiver in her loins from the fact that Alice seemed to feel the same. Her mind filled with the image of her going down on Alice as she talked to Nicole on the phone, knowing that after she finished with her sister she would be going to her sister's girlfriend for yet another secret encounter.

"I see you're still very excited to see me," giggle April as she pulled back and dropped one hand to the phallus still sticking out of Alice's groin.

"I'm just glad you're back," said Alice looking shyly into April's lust filled eyes. "I was getting a little nervous being back here looking like this."

"Well, I happen to like the way you look," stated April as she began the stroke the dildo.

Breaking free from April, Alice once again covered her breasts. "Thank you but I'm just not as comfortable doing it as you are." Alice did not want to flirt with April and wanted to slow the whole thing down but she also knew that she had to ask April to teach her how to strip and get her to take her home.

"It's just you are so beautiful, so confidant, so sensual," continued Alice, looking down clearly embarrassed from her statement.

"So you think I'm beautiful," asked April closing the distance Alice created between them.

"Yes I do and I'd like you to teach me to dance like you do, to be erotic like you," stated Alice as she fought the urge to step back yet again.

"So you like to watch your sister dance and what to be just like her," inquired April with a smile on her face.

"Yes, will you teach me? I know Nicole would really like it,' answered Alice hoping April will get the hint that she was not that interested in a relationship with the stripper.

"Yes, I'm sure she will," purred April moving in and placing her hands on Alice's hips and letting them glide around, coming to rest on her ass as she pulled her into a tight embrace, "but I would like it as well."

Alice nervously placed her hands on April's hips just as her training told her and not on April's shoulders as her mind wanted. "I'm sure Nicole like you to see it as well, but it is really up to her, since she is my girlfriend," stated Alice nervously.

"But I'm your sister," whined April in a playful manner, "and I want to be more, much more. Nicole doesn't even need to know, it will be a family secret. I will teach you all I know about dancing for women, about seducing them and in return you can be my paramour. How about it? Shall we seal out agreement with a kiss?"

Alice did not like the tone of April's voice and her hint of being more, much more but April had agreed to teach her to strip and all she had to do was be April's "paramour", which she hoped meant student. Unable to answer, but feeling compelled to, Alice simply nodded her head and closed her eyes as April leaned in for a kiss.

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