tagErotic HorrorWithin the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 07

Within the Shadows Pt. 02 Ep. 07


Episode Seven, The Breaking

The evening was encroaching fast upon the survivors as they maintained their steady march south of their original campsite. Johnny and Jenna hadn't had to work hard at convincing the others that the site was no longer safe to stay in since the strange demon that called himself their king had left. He had promised the return of his minions on the very next night.

The group inevitably decided that their safety and freedom from the encroaching monsters was far more important than food and clothing. Johnny had made the comment that they had no idea what was in the food that would be delivered in the first place. For all they knew the food could have been contaminated with something that could make them all sick or maybe even a drug to knock them out, making their capture all the easier.

Brian's legs felt like they were made of led as he pulled on his half of the door which held the limp body of the man Adam had stabbed and left to die. The group debated over Adam and Sheri's disappearance as well but decided that the issue of chasing the two down was the last thing they needed on a priority list after the attack. Brian did wonder if the vanishing of the two had anything to do with the sudden ambush. After all, Sheri had known of this place before she even got on the ship, to begin with. Who could be blamed for thinking Adam could have been in on it with her the entire time.

"You look like you need to rest for a bit," Carolyn told him in a low tone.

Brian looked to his side to see the beautiful Carolyn walking next to him with concern painted on her face. Her large eyes glanced his way before looking back ahead. Sweat beaded down her chest and ran in lines between her large breasts as she made long steps to stay at the same pace with his long legs.

"You look pretty tired yourself," Brian stated, trying to make his tone playful. "Johnny will take a turn in a few more miles."

The three men had been taking turns pulling on the door. Two men pulling the door behind as the third walked along to rest from the weight of the drag. Johnny's legs seemed to be hurting him as much as his own. Jeff wobbled a step causing Brian to almost lose his grip on the corner of the door.

"Are you okay," Brian asked Jeff.

"I'll be fine," Jeff stated, shrugging. After a moment, Jeff looked to see Brian's concern and continued. "My muscles aren't quite back to normal yet since I've been out for so long without moving."

"It's almost dark," Carolyn said. Brian looked up to see the dark gray sky turn the tops of the trees into black outlines.

"We'll need to stop under shelter soon," Brian agreed. "Those monsters will be heading toward the camp soon."

"The camp is miles behind us," Carolyn said. "Do you think they'll be able to find us tonight?"

"I don't know," Brian answered honestly. "Who knows how they are able to find us."

Johnny and Jenna seemed to be slowing their pace and looking around as they held their heads close in a discussion. The two women that had been taking care of the wounded were looking back at the door and frowning. The manner of which the door was bumping around as it was being dragged made the two on edge.

"Alright, everyone," Jenna called as she stopped and turned to face them. "We're going to have to stop for the night. We need to stay below the cover of the trees and be as silent as possible. Absolutely no fires."

Brian gestured toward a low, bushy tree with his head and Jeff nodded in understanding. They dragged Sam toward the tree and gently lowered the door the ground. Brian stretched his back and pressed a hand against the tree to take some weight off. He was afraid that if he tried to set down, he wouldn't be able to get back up.

"Let's loosen the ropes on him," one of the women that had been treating him said as she approached. Rebecca, he thought her name was.

"We can't," Brian said solemnly. "I'm sorry, but if we have to run, we'll need him secured so we can drag him along.

Rebecca frowned but gave no argument. She bent down and lifted the large leaf from his stomach to inspect the wound. She claimed the leaf held properties similar to what an antibiotic would be able to do, but was unable to force feed him a concentrated version of the leaf and therefore a surface treatment was the only method available. She acted as though the treatment was merely buying a bit more time for the man.

"If we are attacked," Rebecca started before shaking her head. She paused for a moment before continuing. "If we are attacked, you must leave him behind. I know it sounds harsh, but he's dying. There's nothing I can do. He's still bleeding. We were able to slow it, but a gut wound is very difficult to treat even with proper supplies."

"He deserves to die anyway," Brian heard another woman say and turned to see the two women that Adam had returned from the ship with walk away. One of the women was looking over her shoulder as they stepped into the growing shadows of the forest floor.

"If what they said was true," Carolyn whispered, looking at the women walk away. "They are right in their thoughts. I don't like the idea of murder, but we must survive and can't afford to have someone who would do something like that with us."

"Aren't we doing the same thing to him by leaving him," Jeff asked before he plopped down on the ground and leaned his back against the tree.

"I don't know," Brian said, frowning. "I'm hungry. Let's go see what supplies we have left from the berries and mushrooms that we found before leaving this morning."

Brian's legs wobbled from exhaustion and Carolyn placed her hand over his chest. He looked at her to see the concern in her eyes again.

"I'll get us some," she offered with a pleading expression. "Just set down and rest."

Brian wanted to argue, but his body was so tired that he didn't have the energy for a debate and did as she asked. His legs gave out and he fell the last few feet to the forest floor before leaning back on his elbows and looking across the area to see the shadows begin to cover all the forms of the survivors.

"I've done all I can for now," Rebecca explained as she turned to walk away. "Please take care of yourself. Exhaustion can be just as dangerous as anything out here."

Brian watched the woman disappear into the shadows as she returned to her friend. He felt an immense amount of sorrow for the woman. She had seen her mother the night before. Or at least the shell of her mother. Some kind of mind control seemed to have taken over her mother and the woman hadn't even noticed her own daughter.

Another shadow turned into Carolyn as she returned with a small bowl made out of weaved grass. Carolyn sat down next to him and pinched her fingers into the bowl. She pulled out a small berry and held it to his lips. He opened his mouth and accepted it. He bit down and closed his eyes as he tasted the juices of the sweet berry flow over his tongue.

"Tell me Daisy's okay," she whispered in a distant voice. "Tell me I'll get my Daisy back."

"She's going to be fine," Brian stated, trying to make his voice sound as he were certain about anything. "That monster said that the people he took would be fine."

"So I've heard," Carolyn said, a hint of anger in her tone. "The last thing I remember is getting pounding on the head by one of those things."

"I'm sorry," Brian said, taking another pinch of berries from Carolyn.

"There was nothing you could have done," Carolyn stated. "I should have stopped fighting when that thing warned me, but I couldn't help myself. I don't know what I was thinking."

"You are the bravest person that I've ever met," Brian said as he lied on his back and stared into the blackening sky. "We could all use some of that."

Carolyn sniffed in dismissal. "You can see what bravery gets you."

"A lump on the head," Brian asked with a slight chuckle. Carolyn laughed quietly as she laid down next to him and chewed on a few berries from the bowl.

A form stepped from the shadows and Brian looked up to see the other woman who had taken the job of mending wounds step up.

"Hey, Janet," Jeff's voice called from a few feet away.

Brian had completely forgotten about the man.

"Hey Jeff," Janet called back in a quiet voice. "How are you feeling?"

"Exhausted, but healthy," Jeff answered. Leaves rustled as he pushed himself up into a sitting position.

"Lie back down," Janet told him as she knelt by his side. "You need rest. I wish we didn't have to move so quickly after your recovery."

"I'm still not sure what that woman did to me," Jeff grunted. "This place and its rules are very strange."

"I can't argue with you on that," Janet said, forcing a small laugh in an attempt to make her tone sound light. "I'm just worried about you. You will let me know if something changes, right?"

"Of course," the exhaustion in Jeff's voice left no room for denial.

Feint screeching sounded off in the distance, and Brian felt Carolyn tense up next to him. He reached out and took her hand in his. She gripped tightly as a roar echoed off the trees around them. The origin of the roar was from so far away that Brian assumed it had to have been where their camp was, but his fear still caused his heart to begin to race.

"Are they coming this way," Brian heard a woman cry out from the darkness. He couldn't tell who had asked, but he winced at the sound. Even though the sounds were coming from too far away for human ears to even have a chance of hearing, he wasn't sure how well the monsters could hear.

"Melanie, You have to be quiet," he heard another female's voice whisper.

Another screech called out from a bit closer and Brian could feel Carolyn's hand fumble with the button of his pants. He released her hand and he soon felt the open air touch his penis as his pants became unzipped.

"Just in case," she whispered so quietly that Brian could barely hear her.

Carolyn's soft fingers glided up the back of his dick as she wiggled her hips while pulling on the waistline of her tiny black shorts. His erection began to swell as he felt her warm breath rush over him.

Someone in the camp let out a stifled shout as another screech sounded off even closer. The wildlife suddenly went silent and Brian could feel chills run up his spine from the eeriness of the silence.

"They know where we are," Carolyn whispered. Brian could feel her soft lips press against his cock, followed by sounds of her wet lips smacking against his soft flesh. "I don't know how they know, but they definitely know."

Brian couldn't argue with her on the matter. He looked up into the now black sky as the warmth of Carolyn's mouth washed over the top half of his cock. He reached his hand down and rubbed his fingers through her hair.

"Just lie still," Janet whispered to his side.

Brian looked over his side to see Janet kicking her pants off of one leg as she rubbed her ass back and forth on Jeff's lap. As he tried to set up. She reached back and pushed him on his back with ease as she reached her free hand down between her legs.

Another screech sounded off so loudly that it caused Carolyn to jump and nibble on Brian's cock as she twitched. Movement darted through the sky above them and Brian thought for a fleeting moment that the monster might have missed them.

Another screech from the creature was answered by a series of roars that grew louder as the beasts gained ground. Carolyn pulled Brian's cock from her mouth and crawled up his body. She looked down into his eyes as he felt her pussy surround him.

"They're almost here," she whispered in horror as the entirety of her cunt surrounded him. He could feel her rapid heartbeat causing the walls of her cunt to throb tightly around him. She pressed her body firmly against his, and he wrapped his arms around her for comfort.

The ground rumbled as sounds of hooves thumping on the ground replaced the roars. From the shadows emerged at least five minotaur-looking creatures as they stopped long enough to sniff. One made a short barking noise just before the beasts charged forward.

Screams sounded off but were drowned out by the loud roars as the beasts charged the survivors in the shadows. Brian couldn't see what was happening but from the shadows, he could make out that the group had split up and were being chased off into different directions. The monsters continued their pursuits until Brian couldn't hear the screams any longer.

Carolyn was laying still as she held her face pressed into his chest and Brian began working his hips back and forth. Sounds of moans caught his attention and he looked over to see the shadow of Janet bouncing up and down on Jeff close by.

"Keep it up," Brian whispered toward them.

"He fell asleep," Janet whispered with panic in her voice. "He just passed out. His body was too tired."

A beast stomped toward them, and Brian looked over to see one of the monsters approaching. Janet screamed as she tried to shake Jeff awake but the man seemed to be out cold no matter what was happening around him.

"Run," Brian shouted but the monster was already upon the two.

Janet let out a scream as the monster reached down to her. Jeff suddenly shouted and grabbed Janet. Carylon moaned and jerked her body wildly in orgasm and Brian felt his cock explode into her at the same time. He hadn't even noticed that he was close to his own orgasm.

The beast standing over Janet roared in frustration, and in a fit of anger, it picked up the door that Sam was strapped to and slung it through the air. The door smashed into the tree and fell hard in a meaty thud as the beast turned to look at Brian and Carolyn. He swallowed hard as the creature stomped the few feet toward them until it was staring down at them and snorting.

"I think we need to run," Brian called to Carolyn. She turned to look at the thing above them and gasped in shock.

"I thought we had time after we finished," she whispered.

"I did too," Brian admitted. "But it seems as though they have changed the rules."

Carolyn jumped up and Brian followed. The two held hands as they sprinted into the night as fast as they could. They tripped over fallen trees and branches but managed to help each other up and start off again. The creature followed in a chase but wasn't gaining ground.

"I can't see a damned thing," Brian called out through panting.

"Just run," Carolyn cried out, looking over her shoulder.

Carolyn fell over something and pulled Brian down with her. The two rolled down a steep hill bouncing off of trees in their downhill ride as they went. Finally, Brian's decent stopped abruptly when his body smashed against a large stone at the bottom of the hill. Carolyn rolled into them, and the two lied there on the ground catching their breath and waiting for the creature to come to get them.

It didn't follow.

The sounds of the survivors and monsters faded as Sam blinked. His breath was shallow and his body felt broken. The feeling of his body had completely left him but he smiled, for the pain had left with it.

The ground started moving and Sam blinked in surprise. Was this what death was like? Did he deserve this? All he wanted was the love of his Sheri. He would have done anything for her. That fool, Adam had made him look bad in her eyes. He saw the way she looked at him. He couldn't have allowed it. She was his after all.

None of that mattered now, he thought. He could feel the breath of death upon him and he didn't mind. He was being dragged. Maybe he was being dragged to hell. Maybe he didn't even deserve something like that.

Women's giggles caused him to blink in surprise. Cold hands touched his shoulders and arms as he was flipped onto his back on the now broken door. Women with white glowing skin looked down at him and smiled.

Their eyes...

They had no pupils. The women seemed empty as if they're being was so unlike human that he couldn't possibly relate to them. Their cold hands rubbed all over his body and he could hear tearing noises.

The door slid out from under him, and Sam was suddenly submerged in water. The giggling sounded muffled as he felt those cold hands rub over his groin. Shock took over as he realized he was growing an erection. He worried that he would drown and then almost laughed as he thought about the state his body was in anyway.

He felt a sensation around his erection that Sam could only describe as electric. It wasn't warm and yet the cold felt... right. One of the giggling apparitions closed her hollowed eyes and bit her lower lip as he felt the electric sensation intensify through his body. His arms twitched and he could feel strength return to him. Was he being healed?

The spirit's eyes shot open wide as a smile spread across his face. He had returned his body from death. His thoughts seemed to spin in circles as his own maniacal laughter echoed within his skull.

The thing that was once Sam gripped the Siren's leg. He knew these things were a spirit only known to these lands. They were sirens. They pulled men down and had sex with them, absorbing their souls as a feast. Well, they could have his soul. He didn't need such a thing anyway. It only got in the way.

The siren's giggle turned into a scream as Sam lifted himself up from the water, spun her to face away from him and shoved her head under the water as her ass stuck up from the shallow pond.

Bubbles rose from the water as Sam shoved his throbbing cock of insanity deep into her asshole in one hard and fluid motion. The other spirits shied away from him, but he managed to grab one by the arm and jerked her toward him. He slammed her back against the back of the other spirit and pulled his dick out with a low-pitched 'plop'.

He stared down into the terrified eyes of the second siren and smiled a toothy grin just before ramming his cock into her pussy, drawing a harmonic scream from the ghostly woman.

He rammed his dick in and out of each siren until he felt his balls tighten and laughed as he pulled out and stood up. He gripped the one on top with both hands and pulled her head so quick and hard that the siren gagged as his spunk bubbled out the sides of her mouth.

Once the last drop of his cum dripped from the tip of his dick, Sam released the siren and she fell off of the other one and splashed in the water coughing up his cum. The first siren remain bent over with her head in the water. Was she dead? He didn't think sirens could die. He shrugged. It didn't really matter.

He stepped a few feet through the water and heard the first siren slowly stand and turned to see her staring back at him in horror. A smile spread across his face as the laughter in his head grew louder.

He would find the others and make them his. For he was something else. He was something new. He would make them all his but most importantly, Sheri would be by his side and he would take great pleasure in the death of that man.

They would all bow down before the creature that was once dead.

Sam stepped out of the Pool of the Sirens and ran through the night as the laughter echoed.

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by Happytimeshappy02/14/19

If referring to Sam

If you are referring to Sam’s change from the sirens then they are not a part of the working kingdom necessarily. The sirens devour men who travel too closely to them, but do not work within the samemore...

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by gregsjln02/14/19


Just wondering how this could be since he might be competition for the king and queen.

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